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SAP Labs Interview Pattern - SJCE, Mysore -- 21 January 2012
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SAP Labs came to hire 2012 Passouts on 21 Jan 2012 at NIE, Mysore. SJCE and NIE were pooled together and the branches allowed are CS and IS.

Selection Procedure :

1) Online Aptitude+Technical Round.
2) Technical Interview Round.
3) Managerial Round ( HR ) .

Online aptitude was easy, it constituted of Analytical, English. All were Simple Questions. There were Questions from C,C++, DBMS and ADA in the technical Apti.
Total 130 students wrote the test. Out of which only 33 were shortlisted.

Technical interview round was taken by technical experts of SAP Labs. Question were based on mainly DBMS. They asked questions from OS, C++ and C. But they mainly  concentrated on DBMS. Some puzzles were also asked. Totally 13 got cleared this round.

Managerial round was taken Vice - President of SAP Labs. For some students they asked management questions like management of hospital, ERP, CRM, SCM. For me they asked only about my final year project. If your resume is good, it will impress them.

Totally 7 got placed to SAP Labs. 4 from SJCE and 3 from NIE. Package is 6.5 Lakhs with an internship offer.

All the best guys!

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