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Robert Bosch Engineering and Business solutions - 29 August 2017 , 04 September 2017 , Sikkim Manipal institute of technology

Posted By : Rohit Kumar Agarwal Rating : +110, -8
Hello guys this is Rohit Kumar Agarwal from Jalpaiguri government engineering college , West Bengal. I just want to share my full experience of aptitude and interview with you all.

It was god's grace that something like this happened ..It was 19 August when we recieved a mail from the training and placement officer of Siliguri institute of technology that a pool campus drive is going to be organised and they invited most of North    eastern colleges like NIT SIKKIM ,NIT Meghalaya , Kaziranga University , Siliguri institute of technology.

This time it was fornutate enough that our training and placement officer have us a chance to appear for the pool drive. So this was the first time that our college (JGEC) participated for the BOSCH pool drive. And the journey starts from here.

The Aptitude examination was scheduled for 29 August 2017 and only four department students were allowed to sit ..ECE/EE/CSE/IT sat for the aptitude exams and there was a criterion of 70 percent throughout with not a single history of backlog. So we were ready for the aptitude round. Around 113 students sat from our college and a total 250 students appear for the aptitude on 29 August .

Coming to Aptitude round.

Am at conducted the exam and EE/ ECE were not asked any programming questions but CSE/IT did have a separate coding round .

I am from. ECE the test comprised of four rounds including very basic quantative analysis question ( @14 questions 15 minutes) we have to attempt all questions cahd no negative marking in the exam , next section was logical Reasoning ( 16 questions approx 15 minutes ) , next Verbal section ( 22 quest ions 16 minutes ) the above three sections was quite easy and anyone can attempt these questions if they study a bit but time was one of the major factor the last section was Technical section which comprised of 18 question to be solved in 20 minutes this was toughest and a very few of the guts could attempt this section properly so this was the main elimination round and so we clear the test and ended up ...the teachnicsl section comprised questions from analog Electronics and digital electronics , Microprocessor and high level embedded programming , Circuit theory.

The next day 30 August 2017  round about at 11:30 am we recieved the list of selected students for the interview out of 234 who sat for examination 52 were shortlisted for the final technical interview .

The technical interview was scheduled on 4 September 2017 at Sikkim Manipal institute of technology ( SMIT) , we all visited and after a lot of tension we appeared ...A pre placement talk was arranged on 04 September at 9 am were a short ppt and video related to BOSCH were shared give your full attention to the pre placement talk as many a times questions are asked from three ...Then came the interview round 4 panels were set and we were called one by one advice if they tell at random whoever can come for interview please don't hesitate and go through it.

I gone in the middle of interview period ..I gone in the room first of all  I greeted the interviewer and he told me to sit ...please prepare your CV properly and don't try to overshow too much in your CV ..whatever you write in your CV be confident to tackle questions from it's your CV which play a vital role ...then they gone through my CV first they told me introduce myself and asked me about my family background and then I told everything properly tell slowly and be confident and smile a bit while u speak ...then he hobe through my CV and then he asked me do I know C language , then I the yes then he told what do you know about C .

First alof all I explained in general details about the need of writing C programs and it's real life implementation ..after which I told bit about the data types and told the sizes of various data types and told that they are all compiler dependent ...Next they asked me about structure , array , and union part a lot of questions from these three sections ...I answered one by one coming to Department subject he askedy subject of interest I told digital electronics and control system , he asked me about latch , flip flops , DAC ADC , explain sampling , quantisation , with diagram and next he told me to draw a counter a stared to draw mod 3 counter with jk flip flop as because it was taking a lot of time he asked I could I optimise it I told by using either D or T FLIp flop next they asked me about timers and then they told do I know embedded c , as I don't know it I frankly told no suggestion if you don't know anything don't bluff frankly speak that I don't know otherwise you will be trapped.

Next they asked me about final year project be prepared for it and explain with block diagram and try to explain it in easy language by giving real life examples ....prepare questions from project properly.

Guys don't ever think the CV which you are handling to the interviewer he will read your while CV , try to tell him your achievements by yourself at random so that he gets an idea about you try whatever you write in CV to speak it out if you get a chance ...then he asked me why Bosch I was prepared for this question vfir early try to google it history of Bosch and the areas of its working and the product of Bosch which product do you like and why .... Thus this was my last question in technical interview the answer to above question quite impressed the interviewer and he then handed me a hr form and told to proceed to HR panel ...I greeted him and was out of room.

I filled the form properly and then proceed to HR panel in this interview they adked me whether is this my first campus interview I told yes in this round they do have general chat. Your strength , weakness your projext ,your family background , your residence ... everything like ...why only Bosch and what thing do you like about today confident and whatever you speak don't revert back and have accompanying proof and examples to it ...this is a round but don't take it for granted as many are rejected in hr round too give your best.

Next day 05 September 2017 , with the blessing of God and fellow friends and seniors and my parents and family results were declared at 5pm out of 52 appeared for interview 25 finally selected and I was on of them ..15  from my college and 10 from rest.

Thank you God for giving wings to my dream.

Finally I am a Boschler - Rohit Kumar Agarwal.

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