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Robert Bosch off campus Chennai
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PAPER : Robert Bosch off campus Chennai

Type : Fresher, Job Interview

Hi guys! I attended a off campus drive for RobertBosch, India on 13-AUG,2008 in S.A Engg College, Chennai and I had been short listed for the Technical & HR interview on next month (SEP-2009).

I am very happy and proud to convey the pattern of their written test It Comprises of 60 qs, to be solved in 60 minutes. For Correct Answer: +2 marks For Wrong Answer: -0.5 marks There will be different question paper for different disciplines. I am here present their CS&IT pattern

Technical : 35 qs Quantitative Apti: 13 qs
 English: 12 qs (I think there may be No sectional Cutoff ,,,,, ! )
 Technical Section: C, C++, DataStructure, Networks and Operating Systems Aptitude section: Profit&Loss, Time & Work, Time & Distance, Percentage, A.P, G.P, Average and general maths qs

English Section: Error Correction, Jumbled Sentences, Inference from the passage

These are the questions that I remember.
 1. main()
 int const *p = 10;
 printf("%d, ++(*p));
 Ans: Compilation Error

 2. main()
 int I;
 char *a = "man;
i++) printf("%c%c%c%c
 Ans: mmm aaa nnn

 extern int i = 10;
 Ans: Runtime error

 float f= 1.1;
 double d = 1.1;
 if ( f == d) printf("I LOVE U);
 else printf("I HATE U);
 Ans: I HATE U

5.How many queues are required to implement Priority queue
 Ans: Two

6.A Binary tree is given and asked to write post order traversal

7.No of Nodes of Perfect Binary Tree :
 Ans: 2n-1

8.Which DataStructure is efficient to implement Trees
 Ans: Linked List

9. Heterogeneous Linked List is implemented using
 Ans: Void pointers

10. #include void main()
 int i = 15;
 int const & j = i;
 cout << i << j << endl;
 i = 9;
 cout << i << j << endl
 ANS: 15 15 9 9

11. which of the following function is used to display a character in console
 ANS: put

13. To use manipulators we have to include the header file..
 ANS: iomanip.h

14. Virtual memory consist of main memory and
 ANS: swap files

15. Command used to partition the disk
 ANS: fdisk

16. A question from MS-DOS 17. A question from power management

18. A problem in Paging (Given Main and Secondary memory access time, and Hit Ratio)

19. Which of the following is a network layer protocol
 b) FTP Sorry I forget the remaining

20. A question from class addressing

21. A question from routing algorithm

22. Profit & Loss problem

23. Percentage problem

24. General Maths problem

25. Surface area

26. Time & Distance

27. Time & Work

28. A.P

29. G.P

30. Jumbled Sentences " 3 qs

31. Error Correction " 3 qs

32. Inference from paragraph " 2 qs

TIPS: I answered only 48 qs. I skipped 2 qs in English , 3 qs in Apti, 2 qs in C++, 3 qs in Networks and 2 qs in OS. Among these 48 qs that I answered, I am sure that all of them are right. So if u answered more than 45 qs U almost get through Time is not a problem here.

You can solve technical qs within 20 mins if u r sound in it For C: Follow EXPLORING C by Yashwant Kanitkar
For Aps: Its fully quantitative so Quantitative Aptitude By Agarwal is more than enough For
OS: Concentrate on Paging, Segmentation, Commands in  UNIX & MS-DOS I referred Silberschatz book For  Networks:  Concentrate on Duties of Each Layers as well as Protocols used in each layer, Class Addressing, Routing & its algorithms Forouzan Book will be handy For  DataStructure:  Prepare on Trees, Graphs, Stacks, queues, Linked List.. I refered Wicikipedia articles for all the DataStructure topics. For English: Its all depend on ur English knowledge & some common sense.. For me it's a cake walk.

So , The Bottom-Line is if u are sound in Technical and having a average problem solving skill and some common sense u can easily get through the Robert Bosch Written Test. All The Best Guys!!!!!!!!!!

No of Rounds : Aptitude Test

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