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About the Written Test        
         The written test consists of aptitude and technical questions. The          current pattern contains 20 questions to be done in 50 minutes and there          is negative marking. Earlier the pattern was of  4 to 5 sections with          questions of MCQ type. The sections were divided into analytical ,verbal          , assertion and reasoning and data sufficiency. The former pattern is          more commonly used in the tests.

About the Interview

         The interview is preceded by a group discussion where the topics given          are very general in kind.In the interview more stress is placed on HR,          though technical questions (primarily on C/C++) and puzzles too are to          be expected. We would suggest that you take a look at the Interview          section. to get a better idea and view some useful tips for taking          interviews
         Profile of the Company
         Patni Computer Systems (PCS) is an international software and          applications outsourcing specialist, with over 20 years of experience.          Founded in 1978, PCS now offers a wide range of services, including:          application development / maintenance, ERP implementation & related          services, E-Commerce & Web enabling solutions, Euro conversion, staff          augmentation and offshore development.  
         PCS currently employs over 3400 software professionals at our primary          development facilities in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Pune, Gandhinagar,          Chennai and NOIDA (India).
         PCS provides services to a varied field including Airlines, Automotive,          Financial Services, Electronics, Healthcare, Hospitality, Manufacturing,          Products, and Utilities.
         PCS usually tests the candidates selected on the basis of the written          paper through a group discussion session. The stress here is to test the          ability of the candidate to think logically and present these thoughts          in a lucid manner. The candidates are given a scenario and conditions          applying to it and have to reach a decision according to the data. They          will then be asked to explain their respective decisions.
         Here are a couple of sample

GD topics
          1. In space ship 5 people are going in a spacecraft to another planet to          start a cicilization.
             These are:
         Male doctor who is a drug addict Lady lawyer who has committed murder          Lady teacher who is emotionally imbalanced 18 year old brilliant          aeronautical engineer Male Noble prize winner
         Suddenly some thing happens and oxygen is available to only three people          to use. Which three would you choose Hint :
         1. You need atleast 1 lady to have future generations.
         2. Aeruonautical engineer can be a female
         3. Doctor is necessary to deal with new diseases.
         2. In 2050 a nuclear disaster has ocurred and 50 persons are saved.          These are of age above 15. Among them these people know 5 subjects and          you have to choose only 3 of five subjects so that resticted resorces          can used for future.The subjects are:
         Enggineering Medicine Law Social Sciences Life Sciences
         many problems on percentage and profit/loss from rs agarwal.
         Pattern:(All are elimination Rounds)
         1) Screening Test --> out of 750, 450 been selected for Aptitude.
         2) Aptitude Test --> 50 questions in 1 hour.
         3) Technical --> 50 question on Java/Jsp in 40 min. JSP was bit easy.
         4) GD --> It was bit easy, was on general topic.
         5) Tech/Per Interview --> All about Your Project which u mentioned in ur          resume and on JSP.
         2.SWAP TWO NUMBERS WITHOUT USING A TEMP VARIABLE. or Aptitude test,          there were 40 questions to be solved in 60 minutes. Questions were based          on geometry, profit and loss, percentages and arithmetic.
         For Group Discussion, they divided us into groups of 10, gave us a          topic, and we had to discuss for 20 minutes. At the end of the it, the          instructor would select 1 person who should summarize the entire          discussion.
         For Personal Interview, They made us fill up a form, and then generally          asked us about our answers which we had given. Questions include :          Strengths/ weaknesses, career goals, about being transferred to another          location etc.
         Moreover, I was also asked about the type of books i read and current          affairs. They also go through the resume in detail and asked about          extra-curricular activities. Well, i am glad that i made it. As for the          experience, i feel, any one can make it. The only thing that should be          kept in mind is, i guess, one should be prepared. I don't mean that one          has to do extensive preparation, but just brushing up of important          topics in maths, revising concepts of C, learnt earlier should be          enough. As for GD/PI, confidence is important.
         1.what is the angle between teo hands of a clock when time is 8-30          ans:75(appro
         2.a student is ranked 13th from right and 8th from many are          there(similer) 3.a,b,c,d,e,f are arranged in a circle b is to right of c          and so on(rs aggrewal)
         4.chain rule (work&time)
         5.puzzle test. some data is given and he asked three qustions below.          based on data we have to answer.
         6.six questions on venn diagrams.
         7.5 years ago sum of ages of father and son ans:40,10
         8.assertion and reasoning 1.clouds city of developed corentira          ansfor both is :a walks east & from turns to right & from to left &then 45degrees to          right. in which direction he went ns:north west
         11.96,85,..(a series with diff 11),3,15,45,..,total 3 questions are          given on series
         12.a student got 70% in one subject,80% in get overall 75% how          much he should get in third subject.
         12.a news pwper must have b.advertizements 3.editor          5.paper
         13.if clouds are air, air are water and so on where birds fly?,cinema,tv ans:mass media
         15.3 qustions on rs aggrewal relations i.e first few chapters of          aggrewal (english)
         16.a man showed to a woman sitting in a pack & told to his friend. she          is the daughter of my grand mother only son ans:daughter
         group discussion topic
         1.if you become municipal corporate what steps you take to develop your          area.
         2.if you become administrative officer of this university what steps you          take to improve standards.
         3.tell what are the seven problems in Calcutta and solutions to          problems?
         4.abortion is legal or illegal the following two topics are important          they asked the same topics to many
         students by changing the numbers
         interview here they asked only personal. relating to what you have          written in psychometric test and some puzzles one puzzle is 10 machines          are there only one is defective teams are coming out how to do you find          out which is defective second: * * * how do you reverse this in two          transitions * * * * * * *

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