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MindTree - 29th and 31st of September 2018, Global Academy of Technology

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Hey I am Sahana from Bangalore! I am going to share the best experience of my life till date.

Mindtree visited our campus on 29th Sept, we were informed about this 4 days in advance.

The process had 4 rounds.

1. Aptitude.
2. Coding.
3. Technical interview.
4. HR Interview.

1. Aptitude:

This round lasted for 2 hours. The test consisted of 3 sections and were based on AMCAT pattern.

Verbal: It had around 25 questions, very simple questions on spotting errors, paragraph forming, antonyms, synonyms etc.

Logical: This section also had around 25 questions.The difficulty level was moderate. Questions from directions, seating arrangements, letter coding, syllogisms. A bit of thinking is sufficient to clear this section.

Quants: This was always a difficult section for me, but the questions were not that hard and we also had enough time for each question. Problems were on Profit and Loss, percentages, interest, hcf and lcm, partnership, number system, time and work and probability.

There was no negative marking and ample time was given to solve the questions.

2. Coding:

In this round we had to code 2 problems, in an hour
The programs were basic and like the previous round enough time was given.

My problems were:
1. Given two array and their length, print only the numbers not common to either,
2. Print a trapezium pattern.

I first started with Array problem as I wasn't confident with the other.

Initially I wrote my code on my rough paper and then I coded with 2 errors. It took me 5 minutes to correct it( it was just a typing mistake!!) and get all the 13 test cases passed!!! I was sure that I will be into further rounds ;).

I just tried with the other but I was sure  wasn't correct with the logic.

The results of these rounds were announced in 3 hours and 7 students were shortlisted in this round.

The shortlisted students had to give an interview on 31st, at the Mindtree office.

On the day of  interview there were around 80 students shortlisted from different parts of the city.

The process started around 9:30. My turn came around 12:15.

3. Technical Interview.

Once I entered the room we both greeted with a smile and he offered me a seat.

The round started with questions like:
Introduce yourself.

And I had mentioned that cooking is my favourite hobby so he asked me what do you like to cook I told him any vegetarian food! That was the ice breaker he gave me a warm smile !!!

The technical questions were:

1. How would you print the first row of a table in dbms without using Select statement?
2. What is cardinality.?
3.What is subnetting?
4, What is deadlock? Mention any algorithm to prevent it
5. What is inheritence ? Does java support multiple inheritence? why and why not?
6.What is outer join? Real time example, venn diagram
7.What do you mean by scope of a variable?

He was impressed since I explained most of my answers with examples. I was also confident while answering and told him politely that i didn't know the answer for 2 questions.

At last he asked me how were you interested in Cricket? (looking at my resume)  I proudly told him that my dad is a big fan of  Sachin Tendulkar and I was influenced by him. This question made him to put me into the next round.

I came out of the room around 1:10 within 5 mins I was told that I was selected for the HR round and I had to come back by 1 30

4. HR interview:

Just your confidence!!!!

The HR asked the basic questions like,

Introduce yourself, strength, weakness, what do you know about Mindtree, Why do u think we  can hire you , Do you know what is the ctc we are offering?

I answered all the questions with utmost confidence and later he explained me about the training program and the salary.

Thats all! Before I left he told 'I really had a good time with you Thank you so much!' This really made me happy.

As soon as I came out I was told to leave for the day as I would be informed through mail.

I got the offer letter on 6th November ! The happiest moment.

Just be confident and listen to them with maximum attention.
Hoping that my experience would help you, I wish you all the very best.

Remember, everything happens for good :).

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