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Mindtree - Sinhgad Institutes - 29th Sept 2017

Posted By : Shubham Karanjkar Rating : +434, -8
Shubham Karanjkar,
Computer Engineering,
Sinhgad College of Engineering, Pune.

MindTree came to our college on 29th Sept 2017 for campus recruitment. Before that AMCAT test was conducted on 25th Sept 2017. 766 students gave this AMCAT aptitude test.

AMCAT test included 3 sections:

1.    Quantitative.
2.    English.
3.    Logical reasoning.

R.S. Aggrawal and IndiaBix is sufficient to crack this test. Time management and speed is very important for solving this. Practice previous AMCAT question papers for this as passages are very lengthy and confusing. Then around 250 students were shortlisted for coding round. This was also conducted by AMCAT. In which we were given 2 functions that was to be defined in 60 minutes. There were three language options C, C++ and Java. First was problem statement based on permutations. I didn't get the question so I skipped this. Next Question was to print pattern. void Pattern (int a, int b).


where a =2 & b=4

This was to be coded using 2 for loops otherwise it was giving error "time ran out". I took around 56 minutes to code this with full efficiency (i.e. all pass satisfied). Saved this code. After that I switched to previous question of permutations. I observed outputs, then realized that it is just a question that is having factorial of number of elements minus 1. I coded it as fast as possible and included the hint in my code. Then after compiling I completed 6 out 11 passes, at this moment only 12 sec left. I just saved this code and recompiled next code. I didn't able to save the code this time. Then I was very worried. Then AMCAT coordinator told it is auto saving the code. Many of friends who were able to complete at least one code were also shortlisted. Just remember if you attempt one complete question and attempt other one with few pass or write loops, declare variables, include hints then also it is fine. If you are not able to complete all passes even of one question but few passes of both, then you are in much better position.

Most of friends got questions based on pattern printing, string manipulation, pointers, factorial. Codes were based on basic logic. Doesn't include much programming knowledge i.e. of class, inheritance, structures, abstract type. Only code includes If, else, loops, string, functions. Then on 27th Sept we got list of shortlisted candidates. I was also shortlisted for next round. We were told that there is going to be technical interview followed by HR interview on 29th Sept. On 29th Sept we had Q&A session with HR and technical person of MindTree. They first asked all of us, tell about MindTree? What do you know about MindTree? Do you have any more questions related to MindTree? We all asked questions about bond, salary, technologies, domains, Training Centre, salary hike, branches of MindTree in India, expectation from fresher's, etc.

Then after this they started taking our technical interview. There were 5-6 technical interview parallel going on in different rooms. At same time technical interviewers were telling to co-coordinator that this candidate is shortlisted for HR round or not. I was in third batch, student of first batch were waiting for results. Coordinators announced results and HR interview of shortlisted candidate began. When I was entering for technical interview that time only one candidate came out smiling and dancing from HR interview room. I entered into Technical Interview room.

ME: Good morning sir.

Interviewer: Good morning, please have a sit. So. Tell me about yourself, your family, your schooling?
ME: I am Shubham Karanjkar, in my family I have my dad, my mom and me. I am a single child. We belong to middle class family. I did my schooling in Indore from CBSE school.

Interviewer: Tell me more about your family?
ME: My dad is accountant in private company in Indore and my mom is homemaker she lives with me in Pune.

Interviewer: Okay, you have written photography as your hobby?
ME: Yes, sir.

Interviewer: What is recent picture you shot?
ME: I shot a picture of car in raining weather.

Interviewer: What type of photography you do?
ME: Sir, I usually take pictures of natural scenes and still photography.

Interviewer: Which camera are you using?
Me: Sir, I don't have camera. I use to take pictures from my mobile itself.

Interviewer: Okay, now tell me about your third year project?
ME: TOLD. (as much as possible but he was not convinced)

Interviewer: Tell me one more time.
ME: (explained once again)

Interviewer: What is the use of your project?
Me: Explained (but I was not satisfied with my answer and stammered a lot).

Interviewer: Okay, which principle you used in your MySQL TABLE
Me: Primary key.

Interviewer: What is normalization?
Me: Told.

Interviewer: Did you used normalization in your project?
Me: No sir, at that point of time we were not taught normalization. So I didn't used it in my project.

Interviewer: Shall I ask some mathematical question?
Me: Yes, sir.

Interviewer: Suppose two trains are coming in opposite direction on same track one with speed of 50 km/h and other with 70 km/h. Distance between trains at this point is 100 km. There is honeybee in between. It is moving with speed of 40 km/h toward 70 km/h train. If honeybee touches the train and come back to other train and continues till both trains meet each other. What would be the distance travelled by honeybee?
Me: Sir please tell the position of honeybee?

Interviewer: Good (with positive impression) Consider the honeybee's position same as the position of 50 km/h train.
Me: Sir if speed of train is 50 km/h and speed of honeybee is 40 km/h then train will overtake the bee. So distance travelled by honeybee will be 0.

Interviewer: Great, now tell me something about binary tree?

Interviewer: What is your aspiration from this company?
Me: Sir at this point of time I want to learn and grow. I want to get deployed on latest IT TECHNOLOGY.

Interviewer: Tell Me something about Cloud Computing?
Me: Told basic of cloud computing that it has three division IaaS, SaaS, PaaS. Work can be done from remote places. Storing data, using software from various places is possible. Distributed programming is possible.

Interviewer: Shall I give you a code to write?
Me: Sure sir.

Interviewer: Suppose there is system in which, we have to take two numbers as input. Everyday new user will come and give input. Suppose I/p are 10, 20 o/p should be 200, next day user will enter I/p 20, 45 o/p should be 900 next day user will enter I/p 90, 5 then o/p should be 450 if user enter I/p 20, 45 then it should not multiply the numbers it should just print previously computed value that i.e. 900. So how will you do it.?
Me : Sir I will write the I/p and o/p in excel file and every time as user enters I/p I will first check in this file till eof, if found it will print as it is, if not, then compute result, store the i/p and o/p in file and then print results.

Interviewer : Good, Suppose if I give you opportunity to choose your favourite domain then what will you choose?
Me : Data analytics.

Interviewer : Why so ?
Me : Sir because I think I have good analytical skills so I want implement these skills into coding.

Interviewer(gone through my resume once again ) : What is finite automata ? Do you know something about it?
Me : Told (confidently as I mentioned Seminar of THEORY OF COMPUTATION in my resume).

Interviewer : Give me real life example of that ?
Me: SMTP (Simple mail transfer Protocol) explained.

Interviewer: I am done from my side do you have any questions?
ME: (Asked about current going on projects and clients of MindTree)

Interviewer: Told about his projects and many clients of MindTree.
Me: (Rubbed my palm with trousers silently and initiated for handshake): It was nice talking to your sir, have a great day ahead.

Interviewer (Shook the hand): You too.

I was not at all confident of being shortlisted for HR round because my face was full of sweat, I stammered many times, I was not confident during project explanation. Then after few minutes AMCAT coordinator came and took name of some students. He didn't take my name. Then after some time they had lunch break I was worried about selection. I asked coordinator that I'm shortlisted or not? He asked my name and went into HR interview room. He came out with smile and said yes you are shortlisted for HR but your name is at the last. I said okay thanks. After 1-hour coordinator called my name. I went inside HR interview room.

Me: Good afternoon sir.

Interviewer: Good afternoon Shubham have a sit.
Me: Hello sir, how are you?

Interviewer: I'm fine how are you?
Me: I'm fine sir.

Interviewer: Did you had your lunch?
Me: Yes, sir, my friend brought it for me and I shared with him.

Interviewer: Did he shared with you or you shared with him.
Me: Sir, he brought the lunch and we both shared it.

Interviewer: Why did he brought it for you?
Me: Sir, he is my college colleague so he brought it for me.

Interviewer: Didn't he gave interview today?
Me: No sir, he didn't able to crack aptitude and coding round.

Interviewer: Where he lives?
Me: Near to college campus.
(Whatever I said was complete lie but said everything with confidence).

Interviewer: cool down, cool down, be calm
Me (Why is he saying this): Okay sir (acted as relaxed).

Interviewer: Okay Shubham, you are from Indore?
Me: Yes, sir.

Interviewer: Why did you went to Indore?
Me: Sir, my dad had transfer so we all also shifted to Indore.

Interviewer: Aapke paapa kya karte hai?
Me: My dad, Sorry!!!! mere papa accountant hai.

Interviewer: kaha par?
Me: Private company mein accountant hai.

Interviewer (ACTED): Speak in English.
Me: Sure sir.

Interviewer: What your mom do?
Me: She is homemaker.

Interviewer: Are you single child?
ME: Yes, sir.

Interviewer: Means you want to rule on your dad's property?
Me: No sir, I want establish my own and want them to enjoy my property.

Interviewer: yeh sab toh kehne ki baat hai (being friendly)
Me: Sir, he had worked really hard and he doesn't have much, he spent everything on my education.

Interviewer: What were your 10th marks?
Me: Told.

Interviewer: What were your 12th marks?
Me: Told.

Interviewer: Good!! what are your BE scores?
Me: 61.77%.

Interviewer: Here you missed it!!! We are expecting students who scored more than 65%?
Me: Sir, I don't think marks can justify my skills. It is just a number.

Interviewer: Okay Shubham . . . . . (he spoke about bond, salary, hike, training location, job location).
Me: (Agreed everything as it was known to me from previous students.)

Interviewer  : Okay Shubham, tell me about Narendra Modi?
Me : He is Honourable prime minister of our country. He was elected in 2014, He was won the election in Varanasi. Before PM he was chief minister of Gujrat.

Interviewer : hmm go on.
Me : He visits many countries and did deals which were benefited for them as well as for us.

Interviewer : Do you stammer ?
Me : Yes sir.

Interviewer : When do you stammer ?
Me : Sir, when I'm nervous or when I speak to stranger.

Interviewer: Is this from your birth?
Me: Yes, sir, this is from my birth.

Interviewer: It's okay, I select you for MindTree, we will contact your TPO after your declaration of BE result.


Me: Sure sir, thank you, it was pleasure talking with your sir.
Interviewer: Same here.

I came out of HR interview room smiling and dancing.
Three days' later college announced it officially that I'm selected for MindTree.

TIPS: Always think "Why he asked me? (many answers are in this question only), always stay positive, don't be isolated before interview, talk with your friends about movies, sports news, etc. Before going for interview always think "They came here to give me job" and "Whatever I had studied till now is more than sufficient for this interview". Just enjoy the occasion, if you are technically strong and good in aptitude then it's for sure that you are in. Communication skills does not matter a lot. Ask questions to them. Don't prepare answers from Internet, keep it dynamic. If Interviewer asks to ask questions, ask him questions based on conversation you had. Be positive and keep your backbone straight during interview. All the best
Everyone is going to get job, just day differs.

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