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MindTree Interview Process - Hyderbad, 5th Oct 2016

Posted By : Bethapudi Leela Koteswari Rating : +271, -8
Hi friends, I am Leela belonging to ECE stream.

MINDTREE conducted written exam in our college even though we have already taken the AMCAT exam.

Around 262 students were shortlisted for the programming round and I am one in that.
Coming to programming round there are two coding questions which can be solved in either C language or C++ and time allotted for this round is 1 hour.

Programming questions:

1) Print all the prime numbers which are below the given number separated by comma.

2) Remove all the vowels from a given string using pointers concept

I have attempted both the questions, each question has two test cases. I got only one test case correct.

Only 62 members got selected for an interview which was conducted in CVR College, Hyderabad  on 5th Oct 2016.

It was around 10:45 am and I am about to attend the technical round. They called out my name. From my experience, I can say that this round mostly requires the confidence levels, coding skills and communication skills. In this round, I was questioned only on C, C++ and the programs that were asked in the programming round.

I came to know that they will surely ask the explanation for the code we wrote in programming round and also they expect us to answer why we didn't attempt  or if we have attempted the question how the execution takes place? so guys if u are about to attend the interview make sure of the code u have written and be confident.

Luckily TR was a lady and she was very beautiful and always wearing a smile on her face so, I just felt as I am explaining a concept to my friend rather than I am participating in an interview.this round took around 30 min and here is the conversation.

ME: May I get in mam.

TR: Ya, please get in.
ME: Good Morning Mam.

TR: Good Morning. Take your seat.
ME: Thank you, Mam.

TR: Would you introduce about urself?
ME: Sure mam. firstly thank you for giving me an opportunity to introduce myself. I continued saying my name, native, one line introduction about my parents, current pursuing degree, college and schooling.

I told my hobbies, achievements, curricular and extracurricular activities. Still, she is expecting me to say more and more so I continued saying about my projects and internship then I started saying my strength "I am not self-centered or selfish whenever I know a concept regarding studies I share with others because I feel knowledge increases by sharing but not by saving". I think she got impressed and immediately she questioned me what is your weakness?

TR: What is your weakness?
ME: I am a bit lazy but I do not think it is my weakness as it always helps me to manage my time.

TR Laughed and said though you see it as a weakness it does not really do.

TR: What are your goals?
ME: Told.

TR: What are the coding languages you know?
Me: As I am from ECE background I know only C, OOPS.

TR: What is OOPS?
ME: Explained.

TR: What is an object?
ME: Explained.

TR: What is a class?
ME: Explained.

TR: What is inheritance?
ME: Explained.

TR: Explain the concept of inheritance using any program.
ME: Written a program and explained.

TR: Any real time example of inheritance.
ME: Registration of vehicles based on light motor, heavy motor, gear motor and explained in detail.

TR: Do you know DBMS?
ME: NO mam, as I am from ECE background we are not having that subject as a part of our course.

TR: Tell me something about your company.
ME: Told about 3 minutes.

TR: I think you know more about the company.

TR: Are you willing to learn if are supposed to learn DBMS?

ME: Sure mam, because each and every time I am curious to learn new things for example before joining B.Tech I don't know that we are going to have C, C++ as a part of our course but I learned those two languages of my own interest.

TR: Are you willing to relocate?
ME: Yes mam, as I already said, traveling is one of my hobbies I like to travel to new places so that each and every second I learn something new.

TR: What is an array?
ME: Explained. (also explained disadvantages like a bit difficult to insert and delete an element)

TR: How can you overcome the disadvantages of arrays?
ME: Using linked list and explained the concept of linked list.

TR: So, I think you know data structures also let me ask you one question.
ME: Yes mam.

TR: Difference between bubble sort and insertion sort.
ME: Explained the logic behind the sorting techniques by considering few examples and had written the code for both the sortings.

TR: Written her name and asked me to print only consonants and delete vowels.
ME: Wrote the code and explained.

TR: Showed me the code I had written in the programming round and asked me "%d" what is this?
ME: Explained.

TR: What is the difference between printf() and scanf()?
ME: Explained.

TR: Okay Leela, I had done my part and nice to meet you.
ME: Thank you, mam.

I just came out and sat and I am very sure that I am going to attend the HR round within no time they called out my name to attend the HR round.

ME: May I get in mam.

HR: Yes, please get in.
ME: Good Morning Mam.

HR: It's already 12, so I think it's good afternoon.
ME: Sorry mam I am in excitement so I didn't even noticed the time.(then I saw my watch it's 11:45)

HR: No problem. (she is having a glance at my resume), popped out two of my achievements.
HR: Have you attended any other interviews before?
ME: Yes mam, I have attended Wipro HR round and also attended CTS technical round.

HR: Did you got selected in any one of the companies?
ME: No mam.

HR: Do you know the reason?
ME: Actually, I am sure that I will be selected in HR round for Wipro but unfortunately I was rejected.

Coming to CTS it was my own fault, as I did not revise the topics Thermodynamics subject which was covered in my 2-1 and they asked me on those topics, so I got rejected.

HR: Did you rectified your mistakes?
ME: Yes mam, I revised all the subjects after attending the TR round of CTS.

HR: What is SAMYAK (which I mentioned in resume)
ME: It is a national level technical fest conducted in our university and I worked as organizer through which I learned to manage the team and allot the work among my teammates.

HR: What is your family background?
ME: Explained.

HR: What are your strengths?
ME: Told.

HR: Tell me something about MINDTREE.
ME: Said.

ME: Said.

HR: How much is this job important to you?
ME: Said.

HR: Okay you may stay outside and wait for a while.
ME: Okay mam, thank you.

No sooner I came to know that I was selected and on the spot they even gave us the call letter.

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