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Microsoft Interview Pattern (Page-4)

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Interview : Microsoft Interview Questions (Part - 4):

What     is the difference between an Applet and an Application?        
What     are java beans?        
What     is RMI?        
What     gives java it's "write once and run anywhere" nature?        
What     are native methods? How do you use them?        
How     does Java inheritance wor?k        
How     many different types of JDBC drivers are present? Discuss them.        
Access     specifiers "public", "protected", "private",     nothing?        
What     does the "final" keyword mean in front of a variable? A method? A     class?        
Does     Java have "goto"?        
Why     "bytecode"? Can you reverse-engineer the code from bytecode?        
How     does exception handling work in Java?        
Does     Java have destructors?  

What     are two methods of retrieving SQL?        
What     cursor type do you use to retrieve multiple recordsets?        
What     action do you have to perform before retrieving data from the next result     set of a stored procedure?        
What     is the basic form of a SQL statement to read data out of a table?        
What     structure can you have the database make to speed up table reads?        
What     is a "join"?        
What     is a "constraint"?        
What     is a "primary key"?        
What     is a "functional dependency"? How does it relate to database table     design?        
What     is a "trigger"?        
What     is "index covering" of a query?        
What     is a SQL view?  

Algorithms & Coding
Write     a function to print the Fibonacci numbers.        
Give     a one-line C expression to test whether a number is a power of 2. Now     implement it without using loops.        
Implement     an algorithm to sort a linked list.        
Reverse     a string.        
Given     a linked list which is sorted, how will you insert in sorted way.        
Implement     an algorithm to insert in a sorted list.        
Delete     an element from a doubly linked list.        
Implement     an algorithm to sort an array.        
Given     a sequence of characters, how will you convert the lower case characters to     upper case characters?        
Write     a routine that prints out a 2-D array in spiral order.        
Give     a fast way to multiply a number by 7.        
Write     a function that takes in a string parameter and checks to see whether or not     it is an integer, and if it is then return the integer value.        
How     would you print out the data in a binary tree, level by level, starting at     the top?        
Write     a routine to draw a circle given a center coordiante (x,y) and a radius (r)     without making use of any floating point computations.        
Implement     a TIC-TAC-TOE game assuming Computer as one of the player. Optimize it for     fast computer play time and space. Do some analysis on memory and processing     requirements .        
You     are given two strings S1 and S2. Delete from S2 all those characters which     occur in S1 also and create a clean S2 with the relevant characters deleted.            
Write     a small lexical analyzer for expressions like "a*b" etc.        
Given     an array t[100] which contains numbers between 1 and 99. Return the     duplicated value. Try both O(n) and O(n-square).        
Write     efficient code for extracting unique elements from a sorted list of array.        
Print     an integer using only putchar. Try doing it without using extra storage.        
Write     a function that allocates memory for a two-dimensional array of given     size(parameter x & y)        
How     would you do conditional compilation ?        
Write     an algorithm to draw a 3D pie chart ?        
Write     a funtion that finds repeating characters in a string.        
Write     a routine to reverse a series of numbers without using an array.        
Write     a function to find the nth item from the end of a linked list in a single     pass.        
Write     a function to compute the factorial of a given integer.        
Give     me an algorithm for telling me the number I didn't give you in a given range     of numbers. (Numbers are given at random).        
Write     a function that finds the last instance of a character in a string.        
You     have b boxes and n dollars. If I want any amount of money from 0 to n     dollars, you must be able to hand me 0 to b boxes so that I get exactly what     I request." The two questions were "What are the restrictions on b     and n, and how is money distributed among the boxes?        
What     is the sum of the numbers from 1 to 1000?        
You     are an employer. You have ten employees. Each month, each one of your ten     employees gives you ten bags of gold. Each bag of gold has ten pieces of     gold in it. Each piece of gold weighs one pound. One of your employees is     cheating you by only putting nine pieces of gold in each of his ten bags of     gold.
    You have a scale (not a balance, a scale), and you can only take one     measurement from the scale, only one (1) reading.        
How     can you tell which of the ten employees is cheating you by using this scale     and only taking one measurement?        
How     many points are there on the globe where by walking one mile south, one mile     east and one mile north you reach the place where you started.        
How     would go about finding out where to look for a book in a library? (You do     not know how the books are organized beforehand)
Imagine     you are standing in front of a mirror, facing it. Raise your left hand.     Raise your right hand. Look at your reflection. When you raise your left     hand your reflection raises what appears to be his right hand. But when you     tilt your head up, your reflection does too, and does not appear to tilt     his/her head down. Why is it that the mirror appears to reverse left and     right, but not up and down?        
You     have a bucket of jelly beans. Some are red, some are blue, and some green.     With your eyes closed, pick out 2 of a like color. How many do you have to     grab to be sure you have 2 of the same?        
You     are given a scale which you are to use to measure eight balls. Seven of     these balls have the same weight: the eigth ball is heavier than the rest.     What is the minimum number of weighs you could perform to find the heaviest     of the eight balls?. Remmber it's a scale not a balance. (i.e. It can just     tell you if one side is heavier than the other it can't give you the exact     weight).        
How     would you design a toaster?        
How     would you design an universal remote control?        
How     would you design a clock for a blind person?        
How     many miles of road are there in the US?        
There     are n couples attending a party. Each one shakes hands with the persons he     doesn't know. (Assuming each person knows his/her partner) Mary and John are     a couple. John asked the rest of the party-attenders how many times he has     shaken hands. Each one gives a unique answer. How many times does Mary shake     hands?  


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