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L & T Constructions Interview Experience - Gitam University, Visakhapatnam, September 11th 2014

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One fine day, I got a call from our placement coordinator who informed me that L&T constructions was coming for recruitment on 20th August 2014.

I still remember, it was 14th August 2014 and I was preparing for mid exams when I got call. Immediately after call, I checked the mail and saw the following things:

1. L&T constructions is coming for Campus Drive on 20th August.
2. Eligibility criteria is Top-5 from EIE dept., Top-25 from Mechanical, and EEE and Top-30 from Civil.
3. Mode of recruitment: Online aptitude test followed by interview for the selected candidates.
4. Compensation: 5 LPA during training period.

On 11th September 2014.

I entered the examination hall for my online written test. There were 85 members in total who were appearing for drive [30 from civil, 25 from EEE, 25 from Mech. And 5 from EIE].

The exam started with general instructions. There were 50 questions consisting of only quant and logical and the time provided was 50 minutes.

Main topics covered in quant were, heights and distances, time and work, speed time and distance, numbers, probability and statistics, P&C, Mensuration, profit and Loss, percentages etc. Logical part involved questions from clocks and calendars, data interpretation and arrangement and data sufficiency, blood relations, ages. The questions were tough and also took more time for calculations. Not even a single person got the same question even in jumbled order.

After the Quant and logical test, there was a separate section for verbal consisting of 54 questions to be answered only in 10 minutes. This part is of utmost importance and difficult. The contents of this section were Error correction in sentences, Synonyms and antonyms of few words which were too difficult to pronounce too.

Somehow I put options for all questions as there was NO negative scoring.

After the test, everyone was in the same feeling that they won't be qualified. None wrote the written test well. I was ready to go back home. Then after 1 and half hour, we got a list of 60 members qualified for interview out of 85 students.

I was at 32nd position of the names called. After the HR announced the names, he asked us to wait in a hall along with 10th class original certificate and latest grade card of previous semester. Certificate verification was done by 12:30 and interviews started immediately after it.

The moment I entered into the interview hall, I was shivering. 8 panels were there and the interview was one to one. The person who interviewed me looked weird but spoke very pleasantly. He was from Chennai and was unable to speak English properly. He offered me chair to sit.

Me: wished him "Happy Afternoon sir." He did not reply.

TR: Tell me something about yourself.

Me: started the same old story which I prepared for TCS but here, nowhere I mentioned about interest towards Software Company. I emphasized that I wanted to be a part of a good core company.

TR: What according to you is a Good Core Company?

Me: Core Company is that wherein there is an opportunity to work in an environment to apply at least few of the concepts that we have studied in these 4 year undergraduate program.

TR: So, do you think, L&T is a good Core Company?

Me: Yes sir, obviously. It is one of the leading companies throughout the world and have several sectors.

TR: Okay. What is a transducer?

Me: A transducer is a device which converts a non-electrical parameter (Physical) into an electrical quantity.

TR: Name some Industrial transducers.

Me: Thermocouple, strain gauge etc.

TR: What is the difference between microprocessor and microcontroller?

Me: Microprocessor is a CPU of a microcomputer which performs arithmetic and logical operations. It has no built in RAM, ROM, I/O Ports etc. Whereas, a microcontroller is an highly integrated on chip device which consists of RAM, ROM, I/O ports, serial communication ports, timers and counter etc.

TR: Suppose if Reliance Company is offering you better opportunity than L&T, will you apply for it?

Me: No sir. I will not apply because, I have no idea about Reliance Company. My seniors and relatives have guided me regarding L&T and they motivated me to join this company right from I started B-Tech in EIE. Actually, I was so passionated about L&T because one of my seniors got placed in L&T when I was in 2nd year and from then on, I always dreamt only about working in L&T and set it as my goal to get recruited in this company. With that dedication only, I have cleared my written test and am here now.

TR: So, where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Me: Sir, I have an excellent growth in Academics. As you can see from my grade sheets, my CGPA have always been a linear graph. So, I believe strongly that wherever I am, I find myself in a good position where I can attain my goals showing linearity in my performance.

TR: Which one do you like to have? Good position or more salary or job satisfaction?

Me: Of course Job satisfaction sir. I being an instrumentation engineer, there is no point of going to a software company and working on the computer. I will get job satisfaction only if I work in a field which is suitable to my profile. Also, if I work for job satisfaction in a company for more years, automatically I will be in a good position and ultimately earn good salary too.

TR: Explain me about your project?

Me: We have been assigned into project batches just a few weeks back sir. I have done literature survey and undertaken a project on "Water level control using PLC". I am going to use a capacitive transducer for the measurement of level and if the level is reached to a set-point, it automatically closes the valve and the flow of water is controlled. This project can be implemented for household or industrial applications too.

TR: What do you mean by SCADA?

Me: Sir, it is Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition.

TR: What is the difference between SCADA and DCS?

Me. Sir, I heard about DCS [Distributed Control Systems] but it is not yet covered in our academics. We might be studying about it in this year sir.

TR: [He offered me some ground nuts to eat] Take this.

Me: No sir, thank you.

TR: No problem, take.

Me: [I took] Thank you sir.

TR: So, how will you manage to work in Chennai when you do not know Tamil?

Me: I know English, Hindi and Telugu sir. I can speak, write and read these languages fluently.

TR: But people over there know only Tamil. They won't talk in these languages.

Me: I am a quick learner sir. I will learn Tamil before I get joined in the company.

TR: Good. Nice talking to you. [Offered me right hand for a handshake].

Me: [I stood up, transferred the ground nuts in my right hand to left hand, then gave him an hand shake] Thank you so much sir.

There ends my interview. Actually, interview was done hardly for 15 minutes. I kept on talking continuously. That is why it extended till 15 minutes. All others came out within 10 minutes. Everyone felt that they have done their interview well as they were not asking anything difficult. Though it was a technical interview, he asked me more HR questions and hardly 4-5 core related basic questions.

On 10th October 2014, the results were announced in which 14 members were selected out of those 60 members. All those 14 members were from CIVIL department. No other person from other dept. Was selected.

I was disappointed not that I was disqualified but because I have wasted many days to prepare for aptitude. Anyways, I was satisfied with TCS.

Suddenly out of my surprise on 10th November 2014, I got a call from my friend informing that I was selected for L&T constructions from EIE dept. Only my name was additionally sent in conjunction with those already selected 14.

I felt as if I am blessed and felt very happy. Hope to see some of my juniors working with me in L&T constructions in the coming years.

All the best juniors. First try to improve CGPA. Trust me, it matters a lot. I would not have achieved 2 jobs if I had less CGPA.

Hope this experience gave you an idea of how to shape your future.

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