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Hi Friends

This is Dixit Mannan... currently studying In BCET Gurdaspur doing ECE (6th sem) and placed in L&T Infotech... for all those people who r preparing for L&t infotech i think this information will b helpful for u... it was 21st of Jan when i went for my first placement exam.. it was Sant Baba Bhag Singh College of Jalandhar...the reporting time was 10 am and the exam started at about 12...

Round 1: written Aptitude exam...
SHORT LISTED : 190 in written aptitude there were 3 sections....

Section A : it was quantitative aptitude test...there were 30 questions. I think R.S. Aggarwal is more than enough for the test...this part was quiet easy. the important chapters of RS aggarwal for this part are: Numbers, Time And Distance, Probability, P&C, Boats & Streams, Problems On Trains, Average, Ratio Proportion And Graphs And Pie Charts... these topics are more than enough to clear the quantitative. TIME MANAGEMENT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING..

Section B: this part was verbal non- verbal reasoning... this part was very confusing... in earlier exams i saw there were some similar type of ques. like if there is ODD MAN OUT then there will b 5 ques. under that topic but in our exam I saw all the ques. were of different type... so prepare well for dis part...cover all types from the book... I THINK THIS PORTION MADE THE DIFFERENCE..  

Section C : this portion was English... English was also easy...i think anybody who has cleared 12th exam in English medium can do it,,, only challenging part was Antonyms and Synonyms. the words were like totally unknown... prepare for antonyms and synonyms. In the end there was a passage...It was also ok.. I havnt followed any book for English... I think there is no need ...jus go for Quant and Verbal Non Verbal... The trick for doing apti is go for the ques. which hav multiple for one passage u have 5 ques. or some other type...

We had total of 90 ques. and 90 mins to solve them...12 TO 1:30..TIME MANAGEMENT IS VERY IMP. Dont jus get stuck to one part only..First try to attempt 20-20 ques of each part as there was sectional cut-off...So be careful abt time so i consider myself lucky that i was among those 190

At about 6:30 the result for apti was announced. the different groups for GD were announced.. I was in 16th group... I was very much affraid of GD but my suggestion will b "Be casual.." Just b urself...they r jus luking for Confidence and team work..dont overpower anybody..jus b cool and calm...give ur points at equal intervals...dont try to b oversmart... Topics were very easy...jus go thru the current affairs,,,like benazir bhutto, Nano car, india aussie cricket match topic was India australia sydney test... So i was quiet confident... use SIMPLE need to go for hard words, be polite and mannered.. It was for 15 about 9:30 pm we were given the result of gd and forms were distributed... that form was like required ur overall performance...about ur family,school,college...all semesters...extra cullicular acivities etc etc..fill tht form shoul match ur resume.. out of 190 students 100 were shortlisted for interview next day...

i came back home as i belong to was a long long night,,,i was really very tense..coz after clearing those two rounds nobody wants to lose...i woke up at 5 in morning... studied some basics of C++ and java and assembly language prog.... I reached there at 10 and interviews started at about 10:30 and my name was at 3rd in the list for inteview.. i was really very nervous for interview... it was the final time now..

ME: Knocked the door...may i come in sir>>??
SIR: yes plz..
ME: Gudmrng Sir..
SIR: A very gudmrng..
ME : can i hav a seat??
SIR: ya ya sure buddy ,..plzzz..
SIR: So Mr. Mannan dixit how r u???
ME: Sir m totally fine but u plz correct this it not Mannan Dixit my name is Dixit Mannan...
SIR: is dis possible??? havnt u heard abt Madhuri Dixit?? Dixit is a sir name..
ME: yes sir but in my case it is my name...and dont talk abt Madhuri,,,she created a lot of probs for me..
ME: Since childhood every teacher is confused whether its DIXIT or MANNAN...

SIR: So DIXIT ... Y L&T??
ME: sir since 11th standard i am linked wid technical field and since tht time i hav come through some of the reputed companies and out of them one is L&T...Moreover L&T is a very renowned comapny and its giving me the first chance to enter into this dynamic world and i think wat hav heard tht it gives the best scope for growth of engineers...

SIR: in ur age does the reputation matter or the package???
ME: Sir i think package matters upto some extent but more than package its the company reputation as it give more scope  for technical growth

SIR: Ok so if someother highly reputed company offers u a higher package then u will leave L&T???
ME: No sir definitely not ... coz emotionally m linked with L&T as it is the first company tht is offering me job and more over i think L&T is best for my growth

SIR: So Dixit wat is ur aim for future???
ME: Sir if U ask me for immediate future then my aim is to get employed in L&T and for long term i think i want to hav a dynmic carrer in this technically developing world...(as wriiten in resume)}

SIR: So Dixit tell me something about Dixit..Wat dixit is all abt???
ME: Well sir Dixit is a very fun loving guy..always trying to live his life to the fullest..trying to make best out of every second of life and always smiling as its a magical sunshine...(try to be brief)

SIR: Any weaknesness???
ME: (this is the most crucial ques. dont show ur weakness) Sir i think i m over punctual...m very very particular about time...this sometimes creates problems in my teamwork as everybody doesnot understand the importance of time...
SIR: do u follow ur punctuality in friendship also.. I mean if ur frnds break ur puntuality then wat do u do??
ME: Sir nothing very casual in friendship...its not tht serious in friendship...
SIR: OK !!! I give u situaton.. U and ur best friend are selected in L&T and both of U r sharing the same room...U got up early got ready   by 8 and he is still sleeping,...So will U wait for him or u will leave him if ur comapny time is 8:30..
ME: Sir i can compromise upto some for 1 or 2 days i will jus tell him to get up early and will try to leave at time...
SIR: OK,,,If ur project manager asks u to be there at 8 and ur friend is still sleeping then wat???
ME : Sir then i will definitely go by my project manager as he is the person who is paying me for my job... m more dutyfull towards him and in my professional life frindship is a part... This is my friend who should understand tht bcoz of him m facing some prob...
SIR: OKKK...So if I hav to select 90 out of 100 then wat extr feature do u hav to get selected???
ME: Sir my organizing skills are more better than others..I hav organised various events in cultural and tech fest in college...
SIR: OK was nice talking to u...

Interviews ended at about 7 in the evening... then there was a pre placement talk.. After that they announced the names and distributed the job letters to those who cleared the 75 out of 100 were selected...I was among those lucky 75...

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