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Infosys Interview Experience - Hyderabad, 8th feb 2014
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Hello EVeryone. HOpe this might help some people. It was an Off campus Drive. Initial process was Written Test.

Logical Reasoning : 25Q- 60 min.

Verbal Ability : 40 Q - 35 min.


Theme Detection - 5Q : Logical Deduction. Statement A: are two triangles congruent?

Statement B : Opposite sides are equal etc.

Be careful and pay attention while solving this pattern.

Syllogisms (Type 3) - 5Q : Refer TIME Institute Reasoning Book. If you follow shortcuts like universal qualifiers and elimination rule, One can Save Lot of Time In this portion.

Seating Arrangements Related Ques- 5 Q.

Others -5Q : One puzzle+ One Probability Question + One series Question +One Question based on number system+ One CryptArithmetic Problem (world+trade = Center what is c+e+n+t+e+r).

Data Interpretation--- Very tough--Use Trial and error method if time is not sufficient or solve it lately.


PRactice Lot of Online Mock Tests. DON'T SOLVE PASSAGES FIRST. DO IT (3 Passages) in the last because it is very easy once you get time and peace to read and understand. FInd the diff betwen had/have/has Would/Will etc. Question are tricky and lengthy but don't read every sentence, just use eye contact and concentration in the underlined words. THey try to take off your time. So verbal it depends on his'/her own ability.

NOTE :- This is very important. Keep waiting for Mail from the off campus team. I got in the early morning 4 27 AM intimating me that interview was on 9 am sunday (I given written test on saturday). I didn't sleep all the night checking my mail. SO YOu can get mail anytime including late midnights or early mornings too.

THe HR interview was as simple as a normal conversation without including technical topics. They say that result of the interview will be communicated via email within a week. Waiting for the selection/offer letter.

Written : HR = 90: 10 ratio in case of infosys recruitment.

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