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Infosys Placement Paper - P A College of engineering, Manglore. Oct 3, 2013
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Hi Guys, Infosys visited our campus on 3rd & 4th of October.

We had an online test on quantitative and verbal ability on first day. Around 730 students from 5 different colleges attended the test only 100 were short listed for next round.

Quant: 30 questions 40 minutes. Analytical reasoning was given more priority (10 questions, 5 each. One was very easy) , data interpretation (bar graph, 5 questions medium) , puzzles (5 questions easy) , data sufficiency (5 questions tricky) , syllogism (5 questions easy).

Verbal: 40 questions 35 minutes. 2 passages for 10 marks. Error spotting 5 questions. Sentence correction around 10 questions. Sentence completion around 10 questions. Conclusion from the information given 5 questions.

Both sections have separate cut offs. Many have cleared quant but verbal. By practicing above mentioned topics and having some basic mathematics anybody can clear quant.

To clear verbal you need to be good at grammar, vocabulary, understanding things etc.

My suggestion is don't go to answer passages first. In sentence correction don't go to verify each and every answer without understanding the sentence as answers are lengthy it will take more time. In sentence completion don't waste time if you don't know the meaning, hope luck will work in your favour. If you are not left with enough time, don't try to read passage fully just read partially and understand the theme and use your sense while answering. You may not get all the answers right but 6-7 out of 10.

Once if you clear first round your job is almost 90 percent done.

The next day I had technical and hr both together. The person was very friendly.

I took permission and went inside and wished him. He told to sit, I thanked him. He introduced himself.

Int: Tell me about yourself.
Me: Told.

Int: Tell me about your project.
Me: Told.  (both are common questions).

Then I had some simple questions from C, C++.

He asked me about my favourite subject.

Problems faced how solved it. What makes you different from others. Are you ready for relocation? (always Yes).

97 out of 100 got placed. So this is not an elimination round. Here they just wanna check your confidence level, communication skill and basic knowledge. That's it.

So be confident and crack it!

Good luck.

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