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Infosys - Gooty, Anantapuram 12-1-2012
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Hi friends,

    I attend the infosys recruitment held on 12-1-2012 at gates engineering college, anantapuram dist(through jkc)

There are two rounds
1. Written test
2. HR interview

   total 850 members attend the recruitment drive only 20 members are selected.
one interesting  thing about infosys is once you go through written test you almost placed in infosys.

out of 850  20 members  shortlisted for hr interview and final selection also 20
(no elimination in hr)

coming to written test

There are 2 papers

1. Analytical reasoning
2. Verbal

Reasoning paper:

30 questions (40 min)

1.picture series (we got odd man out series, concentration required   5 ques)

2.cube problem(practice from rs agarwal  verbal and nonverbal book   5 ques) sufficency questions(will give quantative questions, practice cat material   5 ques) interpretation(we got table , practice time material         5 ques)

5.logical puzzle(time material,dont prepare rs agarwal for this section it will kill u   5 ques)

6. syllogism(easy practice from indiabix or rs agarwal , use venn diagrams    5 ques)


40 questions(35 min)

1. identifying correct sentence (8 ques)

2.improving sentence by replacing underline part(8 ques)

3.fill in the blanks (8 ques)

4.theme detection(6 ques)

5. 2 rc's(10 ques)

          all are easy  just grammer knowledge and  moderate vocabulary required

time management plays a crucial role in both should be fast and accurate.

for english practice from any grammer book  or  time material

prepare well for written test  , in hr interview they only check your communication skills.  high fluency is not required.  you should be  able to communicate with hr in good manner thats enough.

that all from my side guyz, prepare well  and i hope this will help you .

        all the best guyz...!

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