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Infosys Interview Experience - Chandigarh, September 08, 2011
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Hi All,

I attended the Infosys Placement process and following is my experience.

The exam was scheduled to start at 9:00 am so we were seated by 8:00 am nervous for the task ahead. By 8:15 we were distributed Infosys forms. (Make sure to fill up these details very carefully) The form requires basic info like your 10th and 12th marks details, details of marks in each semester. So, better keep these figures ready.

The exam finally started at 12 noon. So, be prepared to wait for long periods of time. Since, we were not prepared for it, it was quite frustrating. But, the only good thing that happened while waiting was that we got so tired that we forgot about our nervousness.

Don't forget to take a watch along. Time management in the paper is very important. Infosys Logical Reasoning paper is usually very basic. Make sure u spare last 10 mins to revise. Many people were left behind because of silly mistakes.

The LR paper was for 40 mins(30 questions).
>>5 figure questions
>>5 questions- Incomplete data table was given and we had to find the values of a,b,c, etc. which usually came out by adding or subtracting the given values.
>>5 questions- "LADDU" question, certain amount of Laddus were distributed amongst 6 people and various conditions were given on how they were distributed and 5 questions followed.
>>5 questions- Data Sufficiency
>>5 questions- Syllogisms
>>5 questions- 6 persons play 6 sports etc.
Then the Verbal paper was distributed side by side (40 questions-35 mins).
>>Sentence Correction
>>Fill in the blanks
>>Reading comprehension
>>Choose correct sentence
Make sure you do the reading comprehension at the end. Concentrate on the rest first.

Then again after hours of waiting the result of aptitude came around 7pm followed by an HR interview.

The HR firstly noticed the way I was dressed.  Be very confident on whatever you answer to his questions.

Firstly he asked "Tell me about yourself and your family!" then "Are u a day scholar or a hosteller?!" when I told him I was a day scholar he was intrigued and wanted to know how  I manage 12 hrs in college and then back home, studies and stuff. I told him, "I come home, rest for a while and then prepare for the next day’s assignments"

Then he asked me about my project, how I "planned" it. He gave me an example of how we "plan" the location of rooms in a house first and then call the architect and then he makes a map.

So I explained bout the project (a website), how I went about it, from the scratch.

Then he asked me about the sports I play. Lastly, since I had written in my resume that I sing, he asked me a few questions about singing. Finally I was asked to leave.

The result came at 4:00 am

I was selected  :)

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