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Hi Friends

My name is Vinay. I attended Infosys off campus on 13th January 2008 at hyderabad. Interview was on 14th January. I felt the paper was very easy. There was no mathematical number crunching or calculation work even in Aptitude paper. I was surprised by it.

The interview too was quite well. It did not have the usual questions like "tell me about yourrself", "why Infosys", "what u know about the company " and all that. Nothing of this sort.


I) First it was aptitude paper and the time allotted was 40 mins.

II) Next it was English paper and it was for 35 mins.

Aptitude Paper:

1) The first 5 questions were very simple.. Roman numerals were given and we had to find the decimal equivalent of that and vice versa.

2) 6-10 were find the next picture in the series.

3) 11-15 were like data sufficiency type of questions

4) 21-25 Data Interpretation-Two bar charts were given and there were question on them. This was the only thing which had some calculations to do. But in these also in few you did not even had to solve as the questions were tricky and most answers were like cannot be determined. If you identify the flaw in the question then you need not even solve it.

5) 26-30 was a puzzle test under RS aggarwal verbal and non verbal reasoning. The question was like 7 students A, B, C, D, E, F, G study in 3 different colleges P, Q, R each doing a course in either Arts, Commerce or Science. A series of conditions were given based on which we have to answer questions on who studies in which college and does which course and who are men and who are women in the group.

English Paper:

There were no syllogisms.

1) 1-10 were 2 RCs..very very lengthy passages. Breeze through the passages once. Do not read it in detailed manner initially. Then read the question and find the corresponding bit in the passage.

2) 11-18 was find the correct statement in the following. Each question had 4 statements and we have to find the grammatically correct one among those. All statements in a question are same statement but different grammar wise and sentence construction wise.

3) 19-23 Here a sentence was given and part of the sentence would be underlined. Below there will be 4 options (fragments of the sentence) which could replace the underlined part in the sentence. We have to find the correct option that could replace the underlined part of the statement.

4) 24-28 - These were fill in the blanks

5) 29-30 - these were theme detection... A passage will be give and u have to determine its theme

6) 31-35 - I do not remember these

7) 36-40 Here every question had a statement. And below there were 4 conclusions given based on the statement A,B,C,D . Then 4 options were given like 1:AD 2:BC 3:AC 4:DB. We have to determine which pair of conclusions logically follow from the statement given

Results were announced after 4 hours. They picked 65 candidates from about 600. The interview was scheduled for the next day at the Infosys campus.

HR Interview:

The interview panel consisted of 2 elderly men. They both seemed quite free. The first question that the interviewer asked was "why did u not shave for the interview?". I said that I had shaved just a day back as I had expected the interview to be on the same day as the written exam. He then gave me a total of 4 puzzles to solve. I solved 3 but couldn't solve 1.

1) There are 8 ball each of same weight except one which is heavier than the rest. You are given a weight balance and 2 measuring chances to determine the heavier ball. I did it. First place 3 on one side and 3 on the other side of the balance. If they are equal then the heavier ball is from the remaining 2 balls. If not then the heavier ball is among the 3 balls that were heavier than the other 3 on the weight balance. Of  the 3 put 1 on each side of the balance and if they are equal then the 3rd ball is the heavier one . Else the heavier of the two on the weight balance is the heavier one.

HE asked me if I knew this one already. I told him that I had solved a similar problem years back. He said reading books like shakuntala Devi is a good thing and there is nothing wrong in that. I smiled and agreed with him.

2) This too was easy. A kid stays on the 8th floor of a building. Every morning he gets down 8 floors by lift. But after coming back from school he goes up only to 5th floor by lift and climbs the remaining 3 floors by stairs. Why?  The reason the boy's height only permits him to reach up to the 5th floor button and so cannot reach for the 8th floor button.

He asked me what if the buttons are in reverse order and he can reach for the 8th floor button and still does this. I told him that probably the kid wanted to climb 3 floors daily. He laughed and said ok.

3) There is a bulb in a room and there are 3 switches outside. Only 1 of the switches turns on the bulb. Find the switch if you are allowed one chance to enter the room to check if the bulb is glowing or not. I could not answer this one then. But now I think the answer could have been that the room is glass room and u can easily see through it to check if the bulb is glowing or not even without entering the room.

4) A matrix of the following form was given and I had to find the missing number making our own rules.

5      90      9

7      56      4

2      ?      12

5*9*2=90;7*4*2=56:so 2*12*2=48;

He then asked me about my family and my father and his job. He asked me my EAMCET rank and I said 39,000. He then had a good look at my resume, reading out loud each line. As I had written "Team facilitator" in my strengths, he asked me to say 4 qualities of a team leader or 4 important responsibilities of a leader when you are doing a project. I said that a team leader should be able to involve everyone into the project. He should first distribute various modules to each member of the team and make sure that they are comfortable with the work that they have been assigned. Then the team leader should make sure that the project is going on as per the schedule. If any of the team members has an idea then we should discuss it. If there is any dispute among the team members then the team leader should be able to resolve them harmoniously. He seemed very impressed and said very good answer.

Then he asked me what would you do if you came to know that u are behind schedule by 1 month and you only have 15 days to the project completion scheduled date. I said that I would not let it leave off till such a late time in the project but if it happens I would determine the module which is holding us back and then reassign the work to remaining members of the team and we will work extra shifts to get back on track. He said that you could also get a 1 month extension for the project and you may very well get that. I told him that it won't be that good an idea and it should be only used as a last resort and not as the only solution. He again said very good answer Vinay.

He then gave me a piece of paper and asked me to read whatever was written on it. I was reading casually but when I ended reading I was shocked as it was a question and I had to answer it reading only once. He pulled away the paper and asked me to answer. The paper read as follows "One morning you are going to your college and inside your campus you see that a branch of a tree is about to fall on the road beneath, which had heavy traffic on it. What would u do?". I said that I will stop the traffic on the road first and then get help of my fellow students to bring down the branch if we can or else we would call the municipal corporation people to get the work done. He said ok.

He asked me to say one mistake that I had done in my life and for which I repent. I told him that my biggest mistake was opting for IIT in inter which also ruined my EAMCET.

At last he asked me to say 1 weakness in me tat I would like to overcome. I told him that till my inter I had intense stage fear. But I am already in the process of over coming it as I had anchored fresher and farewell parties. So in future I would like to overcome it completely.

He then said "thank you Vinay" U can leave. They said results will be out in 3 weeks.

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