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INAUTIX Placement Paper and Interview Experinece - 17 JAN 2011
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My experience was amazing , there where 4 rounds ,1st apti , 2nd GD,3rd technical ,4th HR.

1st round APTITUDE:

For apti cutoff was of 35 ( no -ve marking) ,apti having 50 ques of 4 subject , 15 ques from  RS agrawal , 10 English , 10 on 'C'  ( program snippets) and 10 ques on networking .
125 students appear for test and 78 cleared the aptitude.

2nd round GD:

TOPIC - "nervousness during interview ". 10 students in each group ., from my group 8 students got selected for next round .
from 78 student 30 selected for technical interview .
3rd round - technical interview:

I dont know why they directly send me to HR..

1st question- tell me some thing interesting about you .
ans-     I am from branch IT . interested in painting and      working                    on cutting edge technologies , i had cleared 2 state level exams in painting with good grade ( @ this  point they where impress ) and i am working on web application under founder of dim dim technology and patni  head . and i work as a head for  painting section for college consecutive 2 years successfully. i had completed a German language course before a couple of month ago . even i had done a 3 year course ( same as diploma syllabus)   form yc university    before 10th .And recently i cracked  an ARMY interview n got selected from all over pune university among the 34 student .
                                                   after this HR said wait for 2 min and he went out of the cabin . i was wondering what happen !!  after 15 miin he came back n said we had arrange an technical panel for you , you may proceed there .

    there was a lady who was the training  head of inautix technology ( that i came to know after my interview)  she took my interview for 30 min .
   1st question :-
                       what is time complexity ?
                       - i started the answering it she stop me suddenly and asked what does that ' O ' in time complexity represent ? i answered : number of time the the statements executed .( that was the wrong ans .. ANS WAS:  NUMBER OF statements in program )
    2nd question:-
                        write an code for dynamic allocation of array.
                          - i wrote the code but she was not satisfied, she told me to make some changes so that it will become more optimize. i tried by adding few more lines . no +ve response  from  mam .
  3rd question - write an code and optimize yourself .
                      -  i wrote the code and show few optimizing techniques . this time she was impress .
   then she asked me many more question from data structures. like malloc, calloc etc .
question :-
                 after 10 to 15 min . she asked me about my project . ( this was the key ques , i was waiting for )  i ex-plane my project for 10 min nonstop full of technical view and implementation strategy . she was quit impress .

question :- tell me what you are good  at ?
             :-  i told i m good at painting and same skill i apply at my project work .. to add more simplicity to website and make it user friendly and more attractive . i gave 2/3 example.
question :- what subject you are bad ?
            :- i replied MATHS . (  she was degree holder   in mathematics).
question: why your marks are very low?
           :-  mam, i am from marathi background . and my presentation skills are not good .
               but i am continuously improving myself , my graph is ascending in engineering . and i had cleared army interview and 2 more companies interview so my english is at up to the mark  . and right now you only judge  my communication skill during group discussion.

question:-  what if you do not get the same work you are expecting to work on  ?
            :-  mam . right now your company is working on the many projects on web . so i am having more chances of getting it , if i don't then its ok , i will work on the projects you are having cause learning new things at industry  very important for an fresher to build a good carrier .

question :- do you have any  problem if we offered you a job an chennai .
            :- no , i am not having any problem regarding it .

i opened my folder to show my certificates and mark sheet . but they already collected the mark information and all other stuff from placement office. so they said its ok .
the mam said best of luck and i came out of the cabin after 45 min interview .

                     after all the interview completion the result was announce  at lobby .  yes my name was there at 7th position .

From 30 they selected 21 students !! and  i was placed  in inautix technolgy !!

All the best guys!

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