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IBM Interview Experience - Chennai, Jan 22, 2014
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Hi Folks.

So ready for IBM. I want to share my experience with you. I completed my B-Tech (2013 Batch) with specialization in ECE.

To come to the point you guys are looking for, let me tell you one advice. Be thorough with the series of all previous year ibm papers. Start solving all of them because there were repeated questions. And make sure you get the hold of solving these series. My suggestion would be to start solving two days before the test and keep doing so till your test. It ll help you to stay in touch with the series and you can easily recognise them and hit the right choice once you see them on screen without even giving it a second thought.

There are 36 aptitude questions that are timed in a way 2.15mins FOR EACH question. The first 18 are series and you can't skip any question. Just go for it because there is no negative marking. Also YOU CAN USE SYSTEM CALCULATOR :). The last 18 questions will be a cakewalk if you know basic aptitude like percentage, profit and loss, time speed and distance, ratio proportion. Don't break your heads with Permutation probability, etc.

Once you clear this round, the next round is english assessment where they test your basic english skills on grammar, proper sentence formation and punctuation. For eg. Clara my friend bought me this present. The correct punctuation will be Clara, my best friend, bought me this present. Then Be thorough with the format for business mail and formal letters. Salutations, attachments etc. This round has 22 questions with a total time of 20 mins.

By God's grace I have cleared both the rounds and waiting for the call for interview.

All the best guys :).

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