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IBM GBS Interview Pattern - National Institute of Technology Calicut, 9-Jan-2012
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Hi Friends....

Today IBM - Global Services came for the recruitment at NIT Calicut.

They started with announcing that cut off is 65% or 6.5 CGPA. It is a strict rule. Even my friends who has 6.49 also not eligible. So be careful regarding this.

Then they started with an online test consists of Aptitude questions and Number series questions. They gave enough time for the test.

Next there is a written communication test. They may ask to write a letter to your customer regarding any issue. Just see the pattern how to write a letter. They won't check it. But write in a polite manner.

They selected 58 out 68 appeared.

Day1 is over.
They started GD on 2nd day at 9AM.

Then there is a Group discussion. It is not actually a GD. They ask to speak on a topic for 2 mins. Don't worry. Speak fluently. They check communication skills.

Next round in Technical HR.
They asked what algorithm is used in Google search. Actually they too don't know but they check your knowledge regarding searching algorithms. If they want they may take HR also.

Finally they took 35 students.

Communication is the key point and they prefer girls because it is a service based company. Be confident on whatever you say. You can definitely crack it.

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