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IBM Campus Placement Paper (Technical)
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Paper: IBM Campus Placement Paper (Technical)
1. An attribute in a table that is related with primary key of the another table is called...
Ans : Foreign key
2. The scope of the static variable is...
Ans : function
3. Which of the following has the function scope?
A. Automatic
B. Static
C. Global
D. Goto label
E. All the above
Ans : E.
4. Which one of the following is not related with files?
A. fopen
B. fclose
C. freopn
D. fftell
E. none
Ans: D
5. Which one of the following is not a keyword?
A. volatile
B. inc
C. sizeof
D. default
E. none
Ans : B
6. Rom is
Ans : non Volatile, cannot be changed and it contains boot up program.
7. How many different binary trees can be formed by 4 nodes?
Ans : 12 Note:(2 power n) " n
Jagan- ans: 14 (quetion 25 in 191 page)
For 3 nodes ans is 5.
8. char *p = (char *)10 means
A.It points to the value at address 10.
B.It returns the character whose ASCII value is 10.
Ans : A
9. Running time of a function f(n)=8T(n/2)+qn for n>1, where q is a constant...
Ans : n power 3. (Check the answer)-correct
10. Order of Bubble sort
Ans : O(n power 2)
11. Writing comments
A. Increases .exe file size.
B. Is a good programming practice.
c. Takes more compilation time.
Ans : B.Is a good programming practice.
12. Convert the following decimal number into Hex number... 10767
Ans : 2A0Fh
13. Vector processing means
Ans : Processing the column vector elements parallelly.
14. Constant member function can be loaded with
A. Constant member function.
B. Static member function.
C. Cannot be overloaded.
Ans : C. Cannot be overloaded.
15. By using which of the following functions, we can access the members of the two instances of a same class
A. Member function.
B. Friend function
C. Both A and B.
D. Neither A nor B.
E. none.
Ans : C.
16. Exception specification is in c++ to provide
A. Documentation
B. Object oriented ness
C. Error handling
Ans : c
17. Which one of the following is a parse generator?
B. Lex
C. Vi
D. Emac
E. none
Ans : YaCC
18. In a communication model, we can communicate in both directions, but only one at a time. So the system is called
A. Simplex
B. Half duplex
C. Full duplex
D. none.
Ans : Half duplex

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