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HP Latest Fresher job Interview Placement Paper Pattern (Technical And Aptitude)
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HP Latest Fresher job Interview Placement Paper Pattern  (Technical And Aptitude)

Company Name : HP
Type : Fresher, Job Interview
1. Programming Ability
2. Reasoning
3. OS & Networks
4. Data structures
5. C/C++/Java (of our choice)
6. Email Writing

Programming ability :
1. Trace the output of the flowchart
2. Find the program which gives the specified output
3. Trace the output of the program

In this section you needn't work out the entire program since some looping  and conditional statements don't satisfy the given condition and only a part of  the statements will be executed ,and is easy to trace. Don't get scared by  seeing the size of the program. A logical approach will help you for sure!

Reasoning :
1. Encoding , Decoding
2. Figure series
I remember only these questions. Very easy part! You can crack every question!

OS & Networks :
1. This section consisted of only theory questions.
2. No questions from UNIX
3. Some questions from networks were :
    1. Expand SSL - Secure Sockets Layer
    2. Application of Class D addressing " multicast.

"Cracking the IT interview "can be used to solve such questions.  Conceptual understanding of these subjects will help you!

Data Structures :
1. Time complexity of sorting algorithm " one question.
2. This section was also simple.
3. Some simple c questions using pointers was there.

C Language:
1. I remember the following questions :

1. main( )
static int a[ ] = {0,1,2,3,4};
int *p[ ] = {a,a+1,a+2,a+3,a+4};
int **ptr = p;
%d %d %d, ptr-p, *ptr-a, **ptr);
%d %d %d, ptr-p, *ptr-a, **ptr);
%d %d %d, ptr-p, *ptr-a, **ptr);
%d %d %d, ptr-p, *ptr-a, **ptr);

A question similar to this type was asked.

2. A question with function call nesting and token pasting was asked.

2. This section was little tough. Again logical way of eliminating the  options helped me a lot. "pointers in c and "exploring in c will help you a  lot.

The following situation was given to write an email : |
You are the owner of a shop. You get a request from your most privileged  customer to take back some purchased goods. But you don't take back the goods  from the customer after a particular duration of time. Amidst retaining the  customer, how will you reject the purchase returns? Write an email to the  customer.

1. Technical
2. HR

Technical Interview : "If you have a good project! You are sure to  clear this round!

1. Self Introduction:
Not all the panels asked us to introduce ourselves. If you had the Luck, try  to pull his attention into your projects and achievements. I spoke about my  project for about 45 minutes. I had few questions related to my project. Like  "Write the algorithm used! Etc.

2. Technical questions:
1. Where are the global variables stored?
2. Difference between semaphore and mutex.
3. Why do we need inter process communication?
4. Give a real time example of stack
5. Write a code to achieve inter processor communication (mutual exclusion  implementation pseudo code)?
6. Why are local variables stored in stack?
7. Advantages of switch-case over if else?
8. Why do we need threads?
9. Some questions from resume, about my projects and hobbies.

Don't worry if you don't know any question, Just give a logical and an  acceptable answer! That pushed me to the next round.

HR Interview:
1. Self introduction.
2. Some questions related to aptitude- "which section did you do well?
3. "Why do you want to join HP? " I told them that the variety of domains I  could work and the job enhancement opportunities like pursuing higher education  through the degree assistance program in BITS and some Californian universities  persuaded me to join HP!

4. Some questions from resume and about my family. GOD's grace fetched me the  job ! GOOD LUCK!

No of Rounds : Aptitude Test, Technical Round-1

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