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There were 75 questions in all with no negative marking and time duration of 75 min.

3 Sections were there but no sectional cut off, only overall cut off was there. Sections were also subdivided into parts.

Section1 (Analytic Reasoning):

Part 1:

1. 6 movies A B C D E F have to be shown to students in a certain order.
Some conditions like:
A should be shown before D.
B should be shown before F.
E should be at last.
And 6 questions related to this puzzle.

2. One more puzzle was there having 5 questions.

Part 2: 9 questions based on Data Sufficiency were there.

Section 2 (Quantitative  Aptitude):

Part 3:
30 questions from this section were there.
Questions mainly from Average, Percentage, Profit and Loss, Series Completion, Problems on Numbers were there.

Section 3 (Verbal Ability):

Part 4:
A passage was there on 'Mankind and Nuclear Weapons' and 5 ques were asked based on that..

Part 5:
20 questions of Antonyms were there including some words like: Turpitude, Apposite, Insolvent etc...

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