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ERICSSON Interview Experience - SVCE BANGLORE / 15/03/2017

Posted By : Ishwar N T Rating : +165, -3
Hi guys!! Hope you going good with your aptitude preparation. My first tip to you guys is that never stop practicing aptitude section. This is first round for most of the companies. And believe in you. I am sure one day you will get placed, don't stop updating urself. One more tip always your target is to clear sectional cut off as well as overall cut off. In most companies cut off will be 60%. I am going to take little extra time sorry about that. But it will help you people. Coming to story, first day there was PPT and aptitude test by Ericsson on 15/03/17 in Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering Bangalore. I am from Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology.  It was pool campus.

There were three colleges 1) SVCE, 2) NMIT, 3) BMSIT.

Aptitude consists of 3 sections (quants, verbal and English) 15 questions each with total 45 minutes time. It was conducted by Co-cubes.

I am sorry, I don't remember topic wise questions. But in Quants there will be 1 bar graph or table or pie chart question, around 3-5 questions will be asked related to that bar graph or pie chart (IndiaBix and R.S. Aggarwal enough to clear apti). In English section, there was a passage and 5 questions on that. In logical, there was a seating arrangement problem and 5 questions were on that (please guys practice this, it will be of easy level. I had practiced moderate level so it was really easy for me, I scored 5 marks here). Instead of seating arrangement question some of them had got puzzle type question, 5 questions on this puzzle. And around 5 questions from number series (guys number series will be little tough as I couldn't solve some of them here, you guys please practice). And 1 question from coding-decoding and 2-3 questions on algorithm and flow chart based question.

Result announced that day evening around 100 (approx) cleared out of around 300 (approx). I was one of them. From Nitte around 35-40 cleared. Next day on 16/03/2017 there was Technical interview followed by HR interview.

Guys never worry about number of students. Do your best you will clear everything.

My technical interview was around 25-35 minutes.

He said hi and told me to take my seat. I said thank you.

I: How are you Ishwar?
Me: I am good, how you?
I: Good.

I: Tell me something about urself.
Me: Told.

(Guys I couldn't answer this question properly in my college for SLK company I was rejected LOL. Please be prepared).

Then he asked some questions like how far your place is? when was your last visit to your place? What does your dad do? Since I was from Bagalkot (North Karnataka).

Guys one more tip never get nervous or upset while giving interviews.

I was so happy and I was so high while giving my tech interview. And interviewer from Ericsson was soo awesome. Actually, interviewers from Ericsson will be super cool, they never let you go nervous.

After some formal questions.

I: Draw symbols of diode and transistor.
Me: Done.

I: Types of transistors and draw them.
Me: Done. I did a mistake in putting arrows, he helped me out here.

After that, he asked questions on Data communications and Networking. Questions like,
- Layers of OSI,
- Functions of Each layer (for me it was on data link and transport layer), TCP and UDP.
- What is router and switch,  I answered for router and told him that I don't about switch but told him that switch is similar to router.

Then he asked questions from Analog communication. Questions like,
- What is modulation, AM, FM, PM.
- And he asked, what is amplifier, repeater.
- And he asked about sampling also. In sampling sampler, quantizer and encoder.
I answered them all.

Then he asked me questions on digital communications. Like,
- What is spread spectrum?
- Why do you need? It's types.
- What is coding (line). Polar, unipolar, bipolar.
I answered them Since I had revised that previous day.


Then he asked me questions from Wireless communication. Like,
- How GSM works, 3G etc.

I: He showed his cell phone and asked me which technology it is using?
Me: Sir, 3G (smilingly).

I: No, I am asking about technology.
Me: Sir, GSM and WCDMA.

Then He asked me about my mini and major projects.

I: What are your strengths?
Me: Told.

I: What are your weaknesses?
Me: I was thinking.

I: So, you don't have any weaknesses or lying.
Me: No sir. I have some, but I am not getting those.

(NOTE: He didn't ask me any questions related to C and C++, but I had mentioned in my resume that I know C and C++. But for others in other panels they were asking)

I: Ok Ishwar we are done here. Do you any questions for me?
Me: How was your experience with Ericsson?

I: Told about his experience. (He was working from last 10 years in Ericsson)


After 10-15 minutes result came. I was selected for HR.

HR was lady. She was around 35 to 40 years old. She was sooo beautiful, smiling face . When I saw her I felt really happy. Even she was happy too.

HR: She gave me handshake. She was about to say something, but I asked her How you?

HR: I am good. Hw you?
Me: I am good but bit excited with smiling face :P :D :D :D..

HR: Of course, you will feel excited at this stage.

In HR every questions related to my project, extra-curricular activities, hobbies were asked. It was around 15-20 minutes.
In my resume I had mentioned that I am member of NSS NMIT, questions were asked on this.

Hobbies: Football player, learning new things, fishing.
She asked me everything on football, she asked me like tell me one new thing you learnt in last 3 months, and about fishing, how you do, where do you go etc etc. I told her everything with confidence and always smiling face.

She was really Impressed (LOL) :D :D :D
Then she asked about relocation, location preference, profile etc etc.

HR: That's all Ishwar. Do you have any questions for me?
Me: How do you train freshers?
HR: Explained.

Again 1+ Tip : When they ask you like do you any questions for me? Always ask some questions,  it shows them you are interested. (In resume don't put unwanted things, don't lie, don't put things that you actually don't do. DON'T SAY NEGATIVE ANSWERS IN HR).

I finished with my both interviews around 1'o clock. Results were out around 5-30. Finally, 53 were shortlisted. In that 24 were from NMIT. In that 12 were from ECE. In that, I was one (LOL).

I was sooo happy.. :D :D :D One happiest moment of my life.
Ericsson was 12th or 14th company for me. Starting I didn't clear apti for 6 to 7 companies. I had been till HR in L&T Infotech but didn't let me for HR due to history of my backlogs. I had 4 backlogs history (cleared them in supply, 0 backlogs while giving interview ). They were asking for max. 2 history of backlogs.

So don't loose hope.

Believe in God. Keep updating urself.

The reason why I am writing this story is that the day before my aptitude and interview I was reading stories here. They helped a lot. So I decided to write my own story.

Thank You so much guys for reading my story. Thank You IndiaBix. If there are any mistakes kindly excuse. I am also a human being. I am writing this on 19-03-17 (Sunday).


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