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Ericsson Interview Experience - NIT Jalandhar, Feb 11, 2014

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Hi All, I appeared in Ericsson (or Ericsson India Global Service Pvt. Ltd. ) 's recruitment Test conducted at NIT Jalandhar. It visited my college in even so very less no. Of students appeared for written Test. Mainly they recruit from ECE, CSE, and IT. So in my CSE and ECE were to appear for the test (because we don't have IT here in 2010 batch).

Total appeared students in Test: 22 (ECE) +16 (CSE).

So whole process of the day was as follows:

1. PPT:

Started at Time: 10:30 AM.

They introduced themselves. Then they told about many innovations, patents, branches, and much more related to Ericsson.

Starting Package: 3.45 LPA and.

Training: for 6 months.

Agreement Sign: for 18 months.

2. Test:

Started at Time: 11:45 AM.

45 questions/45 Minutes. 1 question = 1 Mark.

No Negative Marking*.

Total 3 sections viz. :

Quantitative Aptitude (15 Questions).
Logical and Verbal Reasoning (15 Questions).
Verbal Aptitude (15 Questions).

QA: Questions on train, avg. , profit and loss, percentage, simplification (tough) , one 4 in 1 question (Ex. 5 people standing in a row. A and B are not together, C is not at any of the extremes and all) , Data Interpretation and water tank and bucket.

Key to Clear this Section: Practice all these topics on Indiabix, be Quick and accurate.

VR: Questions on Analogy, Number Series, Letter series, and some other topic that I do not remember.

Key to clear this Section: Practice all these topics on Indiabix, be very accurate.

VA: This section was to check our English skills. This section contained questions on paragraph, sentence correction, Tenses, articles, prepositions and some other English questions.

Key to Clear this Section: Practice all these topics (not the paragraph because on indiabix paragraphs are very short and there you will not find such a small paragraph) on Indiabix, be Quick and move very fast.

Announcement of the Result at 2 PM.

Total shortlisted: 16 (ECE) , 10 (CSE).***.

3. GD: GD is the part of the selection process but they didn't conduct GD in our college just because the students were too less otherwise they were talking about conducting GD if needed.

4. Technical Interview: there were 3 panels where 1 person was conducting TI at each of the panels.

Some of the questions asked to me were as follows:.

1. What does communication mean? for my branch is ECE.


2. Why your CG (6. 46) is too less?


3. What is Modulation?


4. Write down your subjects names of last semester.

In seventh semester we were taught DCS (digital communication system) also. So he started asking me questions related to DCS.

5. Tell me the types of Modulation.

MY Answer: 1. Analog --a. AM b. PM and c. FM.

2. Digital --a. AM b. PM and c. FM and further their types like ASK, BPSK, QPSK, MPSK and PCM and DPCM.

6. What is your favourite subject?


7. What do you mean by Operating System?


8. Why should we recruit you?

I answered - Because in Ericsson 6 innovations take place per day and I think I\'m very innovative person.

9. So what does innovation mean according to you?


10. What is such special in Modulation so that by applying it we are able to send any signal up to larger distance?

I tried to think but couldn't find its answer so said "I'm not confident about its answer sir".

Then he explained me the answer.

11. Why same noise will affect more to analog signal as compared to that to Digital signal?


12. Importance of modulation?

My Answer: 1. By using it we can send the signal up to larger distance.

And 2. Height on antenna= lambda/4, means as we do modulation.  (f increases, lambda decreases) , height of antenna used decreases.

13. If earth rotates around its axis then how will you find its rotating speed?

Answer: v=d/t. D=2*pi*are, t= 24 hours.

14. Tell me about your family.


Finally he hand shook with me and said "God bless you arvind" and I said "thank you Sir".

And I left the Interview Room.

They were announcing the results after 2-3, 2-3 interviews and then shortlisted students were sent for HR Interview.

Total short listed student for HR interview: 10 (ECE) , 5 (CSE) ***.


1. All formalities from both sides.

2. Why do you think that Ericsson should recruit you?

3. Tell me your 3 attributes that make you different from others?

Never tell them 3 attributes like I'm hard working and all because these are told by everyone.

4. Are you sure you will be able to sustain yourself at Ericsson?

5. Are you sure about that? And then how will you be able to?

6. Okay arvind thank you.

I thanked HR and left the Interview Room.

***Final Results announcement:.

Total 15.

ECE: 10 (And I was one among them).

CSE: 5.

No one was eliminated in HR round but it doesn't mean that in your case same will happen so prepare very well and you will definitely get fruit for that.

ALL OVER you remember for Selection is :.

1. See topics as per I mentioned above and prepare nicely for written.

2. Never leave up at cheating on all because at my time no one got chance for cheating.

3. For technical.

***ECE students prepare Modulation and its types[.

1. Analog -- a. AM b. PM and c. FM.

2. Digital -- a. AM b. PM and c. FM and further their types like ASK, BPSK, QPSK, MPSK and PCM (only if you have time to do) and DPCM (only if you have time to do). ],

Favourite subject,

1G, 2G, 3G (only if you have time) , 4G (only if you have time) , and edge (only if you have time).


***CSE students prepare mainly UDP, OSI Model{and all of its 7 layers (very imp. ) }, TCP, Palindrome program, fibonacci program and about network Theory if you were taught.

4. Also for technical be very confident and answer the questions confidently (either you know nor not. If not then you may say "Sir I'm not confident about it") and make the interviewer convinced that you really want to be a part of ERICSSON.

5. For HR be very confident and make them feel like you really have that guts which their company watches in an engineer.

And very nicely prepare answers for these General Questions:

A. Tell me about yourself?

B. Tell me about your family.

C. Why should we recruit you?

D. Why you couldn't place anywhere yet?

E. Tell me 3 attributes about you that make you different from others.

F. Any Questions? You should have some very good and +ve questions to ask to them.

6. If they give you chance to ask any question then always ask questions.

7. Make them convinced that you really want to be part of Ericsson.

8. They do not much emphasis on English skills.

9. Always listen the PPT very carefully and ask questions whenever you get a chance to ask.

10. Your B-Tech/ BE. Marks do not matter much to them with only condition that they should be >= 60% or CG should be >= 6 till 8th semester.

11. In written test be very quick and accurate. Just concentrate and click the answer.

12. I suggest you to answer the QA section at first, then the Reasoning section and answer the English section at end (quickly).

13. English section will take almost 10 minutes if you are even average in English.

ALL THE BEST GUYS. Put your efforts for the companies you appear in and one day you' surely get ticket for a good company that best suits you.

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