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CTS Interview Experience - BANGALORE, December 14th 2013
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Hi, everyone I appeared CTS through AMCAT on December 14th at Bangalore.

The AMCAT exam was on 12 Dec which included 3 sections.

1) Quantitative :- 16 questions, 16 minutes.
2) Verbal:- 25 questions, 25 minutes.
3) Logical:-14 questions, 14 minutes.

All the 3 sections were easy IndiaBix is more than enough for clearing this.

The next rounds were in the company itself.

Second round was technical.

The first question was which are the programming languages you are familiar with, since I was from IS branch he asked me this. The questions will be asked based on your branches.

I told I am comfortable with JAVA and know basics of C and C++.

And then came the JAVA questions which I thought will be tough but he asked what is polymorphism which increased my confidence.

He then asked me to explain about my academic project. I started explaining which took most of the time.

If you can explain your project in one shot without letting him to ask any questions or doubts then your are surely in.

And then he asked about the engineering subjects few of which I did not answer.

But, I was confident that I had impressed the interviewer, which is the important task you should do.

I was said to wait in another room for HR interview. I was called for the HR interview.

He asked whether it was my first interview for CTS, I told yes.

And then the HR was going through my resume, which I had copy pasted with different font sizes. He asked whether you created your resume or copy pasted. I told I copied from the net.

And then asked me tell something about Bangalore. I told few lines and my HR round was completed.

I was then sent to auditorium for document submission.

They told that I would receive a confirmation mail of selection but till now I haven't received any mail.

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