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CTS Interview Experience - Bangalore, December 14, 2013
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I Appeared CTS through AMCAT exam. Written consists of Verbal, Apti and Logical.

Verbal Section had 25th questions and had to solve in 25 mins which consists of 3 passages, meaning, opposite, correction etc.

Apti:- 16 questions 16 mins. Modules were HCF and LCM, Probability, Permutation and combination, Time and distance, direction etc.

Logical:- Series, Data Sufficiency, Blood relation etc.

Technical Interview:- Fortunately Technical Hr was a lady. I greeted her Good afternoon, she smiled and told me to have a seat. She took my CV and then firing was started.

1. Introduce Yourself.
Ans: I did.

2. Wap to check a string is palindrome or not.
Ans: I did.

3. Wap to print factorial of a number.
Ans: I did.

4. Asked me about DDL and DML statements.
Ans: I explained her about all the DDL and DML statements to which she asked " why select is DML language?" I replied " I gave her an example of Select Into query and explained her how it works and also explained her about the data manipulation done by Select Into.

5. What is Kernel?
Ans: Kernel is the heart and soul of the operating system of Unix. I have learnt basics of Unix and there I studied about kernel. I went on and said few more points which I knew.

6. What is Gateway ?
Ans: I said mam, I know nothing about Networking not even basics.

7. Create a file in any language and write something in it ?
Ans: I did it as quickly as possible and showed it to her to which she smiled.

8. Tell me about your project ?
Ans: I explained her about my project in a very detailed way which took me around 15 mins.

9. Finally she asked do you have any query about cognizant.
Ans: I asked her few qstions just for the sake of impression and nothing else.

She said thank you Aryan. You may leave.

After waiting for 2-3 hours, result was announced and I cleared the technical round.

Finally HR round.

Simplest HR round I have gone through. I don't know whether he was angry at someone or something might have happened. When you people will go through my HR round then you will understand.

I greeted him saying Good Evening sir. He said a very good Evening Aryan, Please have a seat to which I said Thank you sir.

He went through my resume and asked me to explain "research on anything" point which I mentioned in my resume. I tried to explain the best I could. While I was explaining, he was scanning my resume and was nodding at whatever I was saying. He then told me to go to the auditorium and submit my documents.

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