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CTS Cognizant Technology Solutions Interview Experience - October 26, 2013
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Technical Interview experience:

I was shortlisted to attend the interview at Cognizant through Amcat on 26/10/13. The reporting time was 8.00 AM. I reached the location by 7.30 AM. There was a big line standing in front of the gate. I too joined the line.

At about 8.45 AM they started to allow the candidates into the gate by checking the Admit card and ID proof. We were allowed to sit in a hall and after some time they started checking the certificates and admit card. After 30 minutes they called around 30 candidates to attend the interview. They again made us to wait at the panels for about 30 minutes by allowing us to sit in some unused panels.

At about 10.45 AM, they called my name.

Me: Excuse me sir, May I get in?
Int: Yeah! come in buddy.
Me: Good morning sir.

Int: Good morning vishal. Have a seat.
Me: Thank you sir.

Int: So, you are a 2013 passed out right?
Me: yes sir.

Int: Your stream is ECE.
Me: yes sir.

Int: so, you are from electronics background.
Me: Yes sir.

Int: What are storage class specifiers?
Me: Auto, static , extern and register.

Int: Explain about each of them.
Me: Said something about auto and couldn't explain others. I said "I don't know sir".

Int: Okay.Draw the sinusoidal wave .
Me: Drawn.

Int: What is amplitude, frequency and wavelength?
Me: said.

Int: okay. What is the size of int?
Me: 2 bytes sir.

Int: What is the size of char?
Me: 1 byte sir.

Int: What is the range of char?
Me: -128 to 127.

Int: -128?
Me: Yes sir. Signed char range is from -128 to 127 and unsigned char range is 0 to 255.

Int: Okay. What is the size of nibble?
Me: I thought for a while and said 10 bits sir (Wrongly answered).

Int: Okay. What is a pointer?
Me: A pointer is a variable which holds the address of another variable.

Int: Good. Write down the truth table of Xor.
Me: Did.

Int: Tell me about your major project.
Me: Explained well but, he is not satisfied. ( I lacked in my confidence level).

Int: Asked few questions.
Me: Explained.

Int: It's nice talking to you vishal( and gave a hand shake)
Me: Gave hand shake firmly.

After coming out of the panel I was told to wait . After 15 minutes they called few names and informed them that they couldn't clear the TR. I thought I have cleared my technical. They are calling few names of candidates who are sitting with me and telling them to attend the HR round. I have been waiting for about 1 hour but, I was not called for the HR round. At last my name has come.

I rushed to the person who called my name. He said in a low tone "Sorry you couldn't clear the Technical round. You can leave for the day". Guys it just depends on the interviewer. While answering look into the eyes of the interviewer and be confident. Few of my friends got through by just explaining about their project. So, be prepared with your project. All the best :)

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