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Cognizant Interview Experience - Bhopal October 6, 2013
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Hi all, recently I attended the day 1 company at our college i.e. CTS (successful attempt).

Test contained two sections:- (no negative marking).

Cutoff - around 35/55.

Part-1: Analytical (30 questions 30 minutes):

Questions were too easy and based on questions like analogy, letter series, profit and loss, etc. Since the questions are bit lengthy to read and they consume time although they are quite easy and even the school student too can answer them. But time management is necessary to score.

Part-2: Verbal (15) and technical (10) (25 questions 30 minutes):

Questions from verbal were mainly of three types paragraph formation, sentence correction, and syllogisms (i. E ram is cat and cat is dog, conclusion-?) study some rules of grammar and syllogisms rules and you can easily clear all the questions the technical questions were from a very large paragraph if you read it whole you are going to waste min. 15 minutes so just read the questions and find answer from the paragraph.

Always keep you eyes on the running timer at the upper right corner, and when the time 5 minute is left answer all questions that are not answered with a single choice of your choice.

Technical Interview: (lasted about 30-35 minutes):

I waited for more than 5 hours for my technical interview and atlast I get a call to enter the panel room at 5:45 pm.

Sir: Deepak! (Holding my resume in his hand with a marking paper beneath it).

Me: Good evening sir.

He paused for 2 minutes, still studying my resume.

Now he asked.

1). What is dbms?

2). Name some of them.

3). Diff. B/w RDBMS & DBMS.

4). Diff b/w foreign key and reference key.

5). Types of data structure, what is normalization?

6). What is oop?

7). Oop real world example and the languages which implement oop.

8). Procedural vs oop.

9). What is class write an example on the scratch paper available at the table.

10). You missed the specifier- private, public, protected which one sir?i told and he skipped.

11). Create object for your class.

12). Write a program to swap two numbers.

13). Use case diagram and there uses.

14). Questions on project my project was travel planner on c++.

A). What classes you used in your project.

B). If suppose there is no database then from where you can access your information?

Sir cloud suppose there is no cloud then? he asked firmly.

Then we can take the help of 3rd party service providers for the information.


He asked for more than 12-15 minutes on the project.

And then he said.

15). Tell me about yourself?

16). Will you relocate if I post you in kolkata or gurgaon?Are you flexible to work?

17). Have you done any innovative things in your life apart from college studies related to computer science?

I answered each and every questions with confidence to him and he said well I completed my interview and you can wait outside for your the results.

After 5 minutes I was asked to move to the next round i.e HR.

HR interview :10 minute casual chat at 8:30pm.

1). So deepak from where you are basically,

Being a cs student there are some favoured subjects to you, will you be able to work if I put you apart from your favourite areas such as testing or dba etc?

2). Tell me about your family.

3). Are you flexible to work at any location.

4). Why cognizant?

5). Any question to me?

He smiled and forwarded the hand to me for handshake.

I thinked for a while and said I made it.

And finally I cleared the CTS!

If someone really score good in his test and technicals then the hr round is about mere 5 minutes.

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