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(I was told that I was not able to clear it just after I came out of the room)

Me: May I come in sir.
Interviewer: Come in.
Me: Good Morning sir.

Interviewer: (take your seat- just shown with hand).
Me: Thank you sir (sat down).

Interviewer: (Put the file on the side table).
Me: (Kept it on the table).

Interviewer: Can you reduce the speed of the fan (Table fan at the top of the wall).
Me: (Tried to do using the switch which was on the fan).

Interviewer: Pull the thread.
Me: (Pulled twice and asked) is it okay sir?

Interviewer: okay come and sit.
Me: (Then sat down..later I noticed that it was stopped).

Interviewer: Tell me about yourself-- your educational qualifications, family details, Hobbies, Goals etc.
Me: Told about Educational Qualifications, Family and hobbies..(then he interrupted)

Interviewer: (looking at my resume) which type of books you read?
Me: Motivational and Inspirational sir.

Interviewer: Is there any situation you used them?
Me: (Told about my Long-Term Coaching for IIT-JEE and My Improvement Later).

Interviewer: Do you know your test score?
Me: Don't know sir, they didn't tell us sir.

Interviewer: (Looked at the score and smiled).
Me: .silent

Interviewer: you worked for NSS as leader, did you work for NCC also??
Me: No sir only NSS.

Interviewer: okay, what are the skills needed for leadership?
Me: Understanding, Communication, Stress handling.

Interviewer: is that enough? You are missing one word what is that one word?
Me: I don't know sir.

Interviewer: (looking at my resume) do you know everything about MS word, office, excel? Where did you use it? (because I wrote it in my resume).
Me: Yes sir I used it for my project report and in Fests etc.

Interviewer: Everyone knows that (Stroked off the sentence in my resume).
Me: (got scared).

Interviewer: Is this your 1st interview??
Me: No sir, it's my 2nd interview, I was nervous in my 1st interview but I am having confidence now.

Interviewer: okay, which was the 1st interview??
Me: Infosys sir.

Interviewer: (looking at my resume) Tell me about your Mini Project. (About Silent Diesel Generator).
Me: (asked for paper..he gave paper and then pen 1st and later pencil & said pencil was best to use) started telling?

Interviewer: how is it different? Have you done anything different in it? It's already existing in the market.
Me: (Told about AVM pads used for reducing the vibrations).

Interviewer: They are also existing, so you have done nothing different.
Me: I got industrial Exposure sir.

Interviewer: (Stroked off the project in my resume).
Interviewer: Tell me about your Group Project. (Fuzzy logic based AVR for alternator)
Me: Telling(He got a phone call and was talking so I stopped but he asked to continue).

Interviewer: Explain with a block Diagram.
Me: (Drawn the diagram and explained).

Interviewer: Satisfied and ticked a right mark on the project (in my resume).
Interviewer: what is an alternator??
Me: AC generator or synchronous generator sir.

Interviewer: what?? AC or IC??
Me: AC sir.AC generator or we can also call synchronous generator sir

Interviewer: what does synchronous means??
Me: Constant speed sir.

Interviewer: how it is achieved??
Me: wrote  and told that it is constant irrespective of load

Interviewer: which is best synchronous or asynchronous??
Me: synchronous sir, because it is constant even the load is changing, so used for the tower clocks.

Interviewer: where? Tower clocks aa?? Okay.
Me: and asynchronous is also used as for the requirements sir.

Interviewer: Do you know the mechanism of tower clocks kept at the church??
Me: don't know sir.

Interviewer: (Asked certificates for all my achievements-merit certificates).
Me: shown the ones that I have (then he had seen all of my certificates).

Interviewer: asked for certificates of my achievements (I mentioned that I was given mementos in my 10th and 12th).
Me: I was given only mementos sir.

Interviewer: (not satisfied) which subject do you like?
Me: is it in my core or C-related sir?

Interviewer: your core/EEE.
Me: Machines sir.

Interviewer: what types of machines you know?
Me: both AC and DC machines sir.

Interviewer: How many types of DC machines are there?
Me:3 to 4 types sir, separately excited, series, shunt and compound.

Interviewer: what is the difference between series and shunt? Show in diagram
Me: (Drawing armature and field block diagram)

Interviewer: just draw the required part only don't draw everything
Me: okay sir. (Drawn and explained)

Interviewer: what if we keep resistance in the place of inductance coil?
Me: we cannot get magnetic field sir

Interviewer: then what resister does?
Me: Heat loss sir

Interviewer: what??
Me:  loss sir

Interviewer: what is that called??
Me: heat sir

Interviewer: okay. Is there any formulae or derivation for calculating the field inductor value for a particular excitation?
Me: as far I don\'t know any exact formulae sir but we can derive it sir, as we know the voltage and currents.

Interviewer: What is the DC voltage value?
Me: 230 sir

Interviewer: what??
Me: 220 to 230 volts sir and 3-ph ac it is 415 volts sir

Interviewer: what do we get for college cabin? AC or DC?
Me: AC sir.1-ph AC.

Interviewer: what is its value?
Me: 230volts sir

Interviewer: then what is DC value?
Me: got confused and said its 220-230 range sir.

Interviewer: (Not satisfied & said its wrong)
Interviewer: Do you Kirchhoff's (said kirkoff's) laws?
Me: (didn't get it in 1st) what sir?

Interviewer: Kirchhoff's (said Kirchhoff's now) laws.
Me: yes sir, I know KCL and KVL.

Interviewer: explain KCL
Me: (started drawing a node and currents

Interviewer: draw a circuit and explain
Me: took a simple circuit (3-resistor & a voltage source) and started explaining

Interviewer: (disturbed me by asking) what is the sound? Is it fan sound?
Me: may be sir (turned back and looked at fan-it was off) it is already off sir.

Interviewer: may be its AC sound.
Me: yes sir its AC sound.

Interviewer: (gave R-values) how can you find the equivalent resistance??
Me: sir these are in series and it's in parallel so we can find it sir.

Interviewer: then calculate and show it.
Me: did and got 10/3 ohms.

Interviewer: 3.333 right..calculate the current now.
Me: (took 10v for V-source) got 3Amps.
Me: then started explaining KCL.

Interviewer: (asked how I got the currents) explain the current division?
Me: explained clearly.

Interviewer: (he didn't get it & was silent
Me: can I explain again sir?

Interviewer: (No answer..unsatisfied face...
Interviewer: can you rate C?
Me: for 5 or for 10 sir?

Interviewer: it's okay rate for 5.
Me: 4 out of 5 sir, when compared to c++, c++ is better sir

Interviewer: what? What are you saying?
Me: sir is it my C you asked or general C and C++?

Interviewer: Your Crate your C.
Me: I told 5 out of 5.

Interviewer: do you know everything in C? sure?
Me: yes sir except the file operations sir.

Interviewer: then?
Me: started thinking and said 4 or 5 out of 5 and stopped.

Interviewer: what are storage classes in C?
Me: automatic and

Interviewer: (interrupting) what is the key word used for automatic?
Me: nothing sir it is assigned automatically sir.

Interviewer: (not satisfied) what are the rest?
Me: static and

Interviewer: how many are there actually?
Me: as far I know there are 3 sir.

Interviewer: Don't say like that.
Me: sorry sir.

Interviewer: okay what is the other one?
Me: dynamic allocated sir (actually it's just 'allocated')

Interviewer: wrong.
Interviewer: do you know any OOPS properties?
Me: OOPS. I know only basics of c++ sir,

Interviewer: OOPS is basics only don't  you know polymorphism, inheritance
Me: yes sir I know them..polymorphism, inheritance, data abstraction, encapsulation.

Interviewer: what is data abstraction?
Me: told correctly.

Interviewer: what is encapsulation?
Me: (forgot actual definition) told something related.

Interviewer: what is the difference between structure and union?
Me: told correctly.

Interviewer: what is the difference between "typedef" and "#define"?
Me: typedef for renaming the variables as for our convenience and \'#define is the pre-processor command like MACRO sir.

Interviewer: (not satisfied) what are the data structures you know??
Me: wrote stack, queue, linked list, tree and graph

Interviewer: which is the best??
Me: linked list sir

Interviewer: how can you evaluate their efficiency? By what factor you do that??
Me: got confused.

Interviewer: are you clear?? (Gave an example of 4-men and said we rate them on their exam percentages etc.).
Me: based on their flexibility in operations sir.

Interviewer: no.wrong
Me: sorry sir.

Interviewer: do you have any questions?
Me: yes sir, what is the duration for training?

Interviewer: 1 year.
Me: do we get the on-site opportunities.after 1 or 2 or 3 years..when sir?

Interviewer: just told YES.
Me: sir is there any particular area or field that I should improve?

Interviewer: you are strong in only one point but you don't know the things detailed, you didn't prepare well.
Me: thank you sir (forgot his pencil and moved-then gave it back to him by saying sorry).

Interviewer: it's okay. Call the boy who brought you here and also the girl (helping staff) over there.
Me: yes sir, thank you (left the room).

RESULT: I was waiting for my next (HR) round with confidence. After a few minutes the guy (who took me there) came and called 3-names including mine and said slowly "Sorry you have not cleared this technical round, you can leave for the day". I was shocked and was disappointed. Later I asked the volunteers for re-confirmation of my name. They asked the guy and said that he was angry and was told that the names once told it's over..they can leave.

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