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Hey guys. Hi! I am ANAND. Recently, CTS has come to our college for the recruitment. I would like to share the pattern of the exam. So am here to tell you about the CTS written exam. This exam consisted of 3 sections.


First when you start the exam it would START with the verbal section. It consists of 25 questions. 25 minutes.

1. Synonyms-4qs.
2. Antonyms-4qs.
3. Sentence correction.
4. 2 passages.
5. Fill in the blanks.
6. Jumbled sentences.

Don't worry. It would be easy. Just be patient. But be fast in answering the questions because reading the passage would take you a lot of time. So manage your time well.

One more thing, in this exam, you have to answer the question, only then you can go to the next question. Once you answer a question, you cannot come back to answer the question. No negative marking. So if you don't know, guess the answer and carry on.

So once you are done with the verbal part. The next thing is quant section. This section consists of 14 questions for 15 minutes. The contents are:-

1. Number series.
2. Surds.
3. Logarithms.
4. Clocks.
5. Calendars.
6. Age related problems.
7. Time and work.
8. Lcm and hcf.

Be quick this too would take you time to answer.

Now the last section is the reasoning section. This consists of 16 questions for 15 minutes. Nothing to worry. No SYLLOGISMS. The questions were easy.

1. Seating arrangement questions.
2. Alphabetical series questions.
3. Data sufficiency.
4. Directions.


Nothing to worry. Be quick. And be cool. You can crack the exam. Hope I was helpful to you. All the best. !

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