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CTS Interview Experience - Chennai, August 20, 2011
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Interview Experience:

         Hi... I attended CTS on campus interview in Anna University.....

Before this there was a written round.It contains

1. Analytical (30 qus 30 min)
2. Reasoning (25 qus 30 min)

   There are  1600 students attended the written test 1200 of them were shortlisted for the second round.At the end 807 students got placed in CTS including me.

My Experience:
          my interview process taken about 30 mins.
me:good morning sir,
hr:good morning,.. please take your seat.
me:thank you sir,

hr:tell me about your self?

hr:why did you choose this IT field?
me:i said, i was very passionate about CSE right from my childhood.

hr:which sub you studied in 11 & 12th..
me:told,, CSE
  he started asking tech questions...

hr:have you studied JAVA?

hr:what is RMI in java?...
me:at this time i forgot the concept... i said i don't have much interest in java.

hr:what is software development life cycle?
me:i explained the life cycle.

hr:"he saw one of my project from that he asked" you used jsp in your project right.
     what is JSP?
me:i said about server side scripting.

hr: Write a database connectivity code?
me: I don't know the exact syntax....but i explained the concept.

he started asking questions  from my area of interest(oops,os,DS)

hr:what is object oriented programming?
me:i said.

hr: what are object and class in oops?
me: i said with an example.

hr: What is inheritance?
me:explained in deep.

hr:what is polymorphism?and why we are going for polymorphism?
me:i said.

hr:IF 5 people's are coming from 5 different state's, How 'll you them as your friend?
me:i said... using my good communication skill's

hr:do you have any interest on politics?
me:i said "i don't have much interest in politics"

hr: Who is anna hazare?
me: i said.

hr: Do you have interest in sports? which sports?
me: Yes, cricket,,,, and also i said "i am a die-hard fan of SACHIN RAMESH TENDULKAR"

hr:he started asking questions about sachin for next 5 min.
me:i said

and also some questions from network basics... and also extra curricular actvities...

after one day results came.... i got placed.

All the best guys.!

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