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Capgemini - Hyderabad, September 22, 2012
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Hi all,

      This is K.gangaprasad, from viday vikas institute of technology hyd. In the month of sep. 22, 2012 i attended the capgemini walk-in.

     Let I share my intervw experience,in this walk-in totally about 1000 people attended. There were four rounds.

1. Written test(100 cleared out of 1000).
2. Technical round(40 cleared out of 100).
3. Managerial round(30 cleared out of 40).
4. HR interview(28 cleared out of 30).

1 Written test
The total time given for written test was 60 min, and you have to answer 50-60 questions approximately.
There were 3 sections.

1. Aptitude.
2. Logical reasoning.
3. Verbal.

Tips to be follow:
a) First solve all the questions which u can answer easily and those question which take less time for evaluation
b) Don't spend more time where u have half idea about the solution.
c) Later attempt those questions which you are left with.

At this context am unable to provide  the questions which are given in the written test  but my best suggestion is that to clear any written test make sure that you well prepared with material like RS agarwal for reasoning and aptiitude.

For  verbal part I suggest you to prepare the barrons for gre.
Apart from that if u have time then  go with  the time  material for CAT

Technical Round
My technical test went for 20 min , I was asked  questions from java which were bit tough and I was certified in java.

Managerial Round
In this round they will focus on the fact that whether the candidate have the logical thinking. how he could manage the team. do he have the leadership skills, about your academic project..etc

Warning: there may be chance that the interviewer may ask the technical question so be prepare yourself.

HR interview
Me:may I get in sir.
Me:thank you sir.
and then I was asked to sit.
Later the HR asked all my personal details and he said that i was selected and he told me about the company norms.

And finally i was selected in capgemini with a basic pay of 2.5 lac/annum

Here I  want to conclude that every one who are well prepared will have a day. wait for the right chance and explore.

Thanking you. Hope  I see you at capgemini.

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