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Solved Sample Paper For BSNL JTO Examination (Part -2)

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Solved Sample Paper For BSNL JTO Examination  
56. What changes would be necessary in block C if FM signals are to be received -
  a) Block becomes redundant
  b) A FM detector would be required
  c) A high frequency signal generator
  1d) An additional local oscillator will be needed
  Answer is :- A FM detector would be required

57. The main disadvantage of Diode-Transistor logic (DTL) is its-
  a) greater speed
  b) slower speed
  c) average speed
  d) none of the above
  Answer is :- slower speed

58. Time delay Dt in digital signals in an SIS O shift register is given by ?
  a) Dt = N ? Fc
  b) Dt = N ? 1/Fc
  c) Dt = 1/N ? Fc
  d) Dt = N ? 1/Fc
  Answer is :- Dt = N ? 1/Fc

59. The output Qn is 1 in a JK flip flop and it does not change when clock pulse is applied) The possible combination of Jn and Kn can be ?
  (y denotes don?t care)
  a) y and 0
  b) y and 1
  c) 0 and y
  d) 1 and y
  Answer is :- y and 0

60. Basic memory cell of dynamic RAM consists of ?
  a) a flip flop
  b) a transistor acting as a capacitor
  c) a transistor
  d) a capacitance
  Answer is :- a transistor acting as a capacitor

61. The 2?s complement of 10002 is ?
  a) 0111
  b) 0101
  c) 1000
  d) 0001
  Answer is :-1000

62. Master slave flip-flop is made up of ?
  a) two flip flops connected in series
  b) two flip flops connected in parallel
  c) a debouncer circuit
  d) a-D- latch
  Answer is :-two flip flops connected in series

63. Number of nybbles making one byte is ?
  a) 2
  b) 4
  c) 8
  d) 16
  Answer is :- 2

64. The intrinsic impedance of free space-
  a) is independent of frequency
  b) decreases with increase of frequency
  c) increases with increase of frequency
  d) varies as square root of frequency
  Answer is :-is independent of frequency

65. A system consists of 12 poles and 2 zeroes. Its high frequency asymptote in its magnitude plot has a slope of -
  a) ?200 dB/decade
  b) ?240 dB/decade
  c) ?230 dB/decade
  d) ?320 dB/decade
  Answer is :- ?200 dB/decade

66. Considering the conditions-
  1. High loop gain 2. Less ringing 3. Greater damping 4 Negative dB gain margin
  System stability requirements would include?
  a) 1 and 3
  b) 1, 2 and 3
  c) 1 and 4
  d) 2, 3 and 4
  Answer is :-2, 3 and 4

67. In the equatorial plane only Geosynchronous satellite are launched because it is the only plane which provides ?
  a) 24 hour orbit
  b) stationary satellite
  c) global communication
  d) zero-gravity environs
  Answer is :- stationary satellite

68. Radio Broadcasting is an example of ?
  a) space multiplexing
  b) time multiplexing
  c) frequency multiplexing
  d) none of the above
  Answer is :- frequency multiplexing

69. PAM signals can be demodulation by using a ?
  a) Low pass filters (LPE) alone
  b) A Schmitt trigger followed by a LPF
  c) A differentiator followed by a LPF
  d) A clipper circuit by a LPF
  Answer is :- A clipper circuit by a LPF

70. In an FDM receiver channels can be separated by using ?
  a) AND gates
  b) Band pass
  c) differentiation
  d) Integration
  Answer is :- AND gates

71. The most common modulation system used for telegraphy is-
  a) frequency shift keying
  b) two ? tone modulation
  c) pulse code modulation
  d) single tone modulation
  Answer is :- frequency shift keying

72. Use of varoctor diode in generation of modulated segial be-
  a) FM generation only
  b) 100AM generation only
  c) PM generation only
  d) both PM and AM generation
  Answer is :- FM generation only

73. In colour picture tube shadow mask is used to-
  a) reduce x-ray emission
  b) ensure that each beam strikes only its own dots
  c) increase screen brightness
  d) provide degaussing for the screen
  Answer is :- increase screen brightness

74. The circuit that separates composite video warefore from the sync pulses is-
  a) the keyed AGC amplifar
  b) a clipper
  c) an integrator
  d) a sawtooth current
  Answer is :- a sawtooth current

75. Band width of microwaves is-
  a) 1GHz -103 GHz
  b) 1GHz ?100 GHz
  c) 1 GHz ?10 GHz
  d) 1 GHz ? 106 GHz
  Answer is :- 1GHz -103 GHz

76. In transverse Magnetic mode-
  a) no electric line is in direction of propagation
  b) no magnetic line is in direction of propagation
  c) bath magnetic & electric lines are is direction of propagation
  d) neither magnetic nor electric lines in direction of propagation
  Answer is :- no magnetic line is in direction of propagation

77. Signal transmission in sky wave propagation is due to ?
  a) Reforction of wave
  b) Reflection of wave
  c) Pierus through Inosphere
  d) None
  Answer is :- Reforction of wave

78. According to Barkhausen Criterion Phase shift of signal should be ?
  a) 6000
  b) 9000
  c) 18000
  d) 36000
  Answer is :- 3600

79. The transmission does not have -
  a) Partition noise
  b) Flicker noise
  c) resistance
  d) Short noise
  Answer is :- Partition noise

80. Varoctor diode has non linearity of -
  a) capacitance
  b) Inductance
  c) Resistance
  d) Is a linear device
  Answer is :- capacitance

81. Noise figure is calculated as ?
  a) i/p signal to noise ratio X o/p signal to noise ratio
  b) i/p S/N Ratio / O/P S/N Ratio
  c) i/p S/N Ratio / O/P S/N Ratio X 100
  d) i/p S/N Ratio + O/P S/N Ratio
  Answer is :- i/p S/N Ratio / O/P S/N Ratio

82. You can determine quickly the effect of adding poles and zeros by ?
  a) Nicholas chart
  b) Nyquist plot
  c) Bode plot
  d) Root locus.
  Answer is :- Bode plot

83. The polar plot of G(S) = intercepts real axis at w = wo. Then, the real part and wo are given by-
  a) ?5, 1
  b) ?2.5, 1
  c) ?5,0-5
  d) ?5, 2
  Answer is :- ?5, 1

84. Laplace transform F (s) of a function f (E) is given by F(s)=10s(s+7)/(s+1)(s+8)(s+10)
  The initial and final values of F (t) will be respectively-
  a) zero and 1
  b) zero and 10
  c) 10 and zero
  d) 70 and 80
  Answer is :-10 and zero

85. A satellite link uses different frequencies for receiving and transmitting in order to ?
  a) avoid interference from terrestrial microwave links
  b) avoid interference between its powerful transmitted signals and weak in coming signal
  c) minimize free-space losses
  d) maximize antenna gain
  Answer is :- avoid interference between its powerful transmitted signals and weak in coming signal

86. The first determining factor in selecting a satellite system is its-
  a) EIRP
  b) Antenna size
  c) Coverage area
  d) Antenna gain
  Answer is :- Coverage area

87. Equalizing pulses in TV are sent during-
  a) horizontal blanking
  b) vertical blanking
  c) the serrations
  d) the horizontal retrace
  Answer is :-vertical blanking

88. The son seems to have ??? from his father a somewhat gloomy and moody manner-
  a) washed
  b) inherited
  c) admired
  d) attempt
  Answer is :-inherited

89. Essayist works with words as sculptor with-
  a) water
  b) stone
  c) air
  d) hills
  Answer is :- stone

90. What is a collection of sheep called ?
  a) bunch
  b) flock
  c) herd
  d) comet
  Answer is :- flock

91. Join these sentences meaningfully by choosing the correct alternative from the following :
    You can buy a book. You can read it.
  a) and
  b) nor
  c) either
  d) neither
  Answer is :- and

92. What is the opposite of Asperity ?
  a) gentility
  b) superiority
  c) kindness
  d) clarity
  Answer is :- superiority

93. The Election Commission functions under-
  a) Ministry of Home Affairs
  b) Ministry of Law
  c) Prime Minister?s Secretariat
  d) None of these
  Answer is :-None of these

94. Article 352 of Indian Constitution needs to be revoked in case-
  a) President?s Rule is to be imposed
  b) Emergency is declared
  c) Services of a Government servant are to be terminated without any enquiry
  d) A political party of national level is to be banned
  Answer is :- Emergency is declared

95. Radio-activity was first discovered by-
  a) Becquerel
  b) Madam Curie
  c) Rutherford
  d) Jenner
  Answer is :- Becquerel

96. Ninth Plan in India ranges from-
  a) 1995-2000
  b) 1996-2001
  c) 1997-2002
  d) 1998-2003
  Answer is :- 1997-2002

97. How much electricity does India propose to generate through nuclear power by the year 2000 AD?
  a) 5,000 MW
  b) 10,000 MW
  c) 15,000 MW
  d) 20,000 MW
  Answer is :- 10,000 MW

98. In which year did the fall of Bastille take place?
  a) 1769
  b) 1789
  c) 1889
  d) 1869
  Answer is :- 1789

99. To form a quorum how many members of the Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha should be present?
  a) 1/10th of total membership
  b) 1/6th of total membership
  c) 1/4th of total membership
  d) 1/5th of total membership
  Answer is :- 1/10th of total membership

100. How may countries are non-permanent members of the Security Council?
  a) 6
  b) 7
  c) 9
  d) 10
  Answer is :- 10

101. The International Date Line is represented by-
  a) 1000meridian
  b) 000 meridian
  c) 1800meridian
  d) 900 meridian
  Answer is :- 1800 meridian

102. India?s first satellite was launched from-
  a) Sriharikota
  b) Cape Kennedy
  c) Bangalore
  d) A Soviet cosmodrome
  Answer is :- A Soviet cosmodrome

103. Name the author of the famous book ?Politics?-
  a) Aristotle
  b) Socrates
  c) Plato
  d) None of them
  Answer is :- Aristotle

104. ?Guernica? is Picasso?s painting on-
  a) The Spanish Civil War
  b) The American Civil War
  c) The French Revolution
  d) The Russian Revolution
  Answer is :- The Spanish Civil War

105. The object of the Supreme Court?s Keshvanand Bharati ruling is -
  a) To put a limit on Parliament?s amendatory powers
  b) To give unlimited powers to Parliament to amend the Constitution
  c) To give precedence to Directive Principles over Fundamental Rights
  d) None of these
  Answer is :- To put a limit on Parliament?s amendatory powers

106. Which country in July ?99 officially announced mastering of indigenously developed neutron bomb technology?
  a) N. Korea
  b) France
  c) India
  d) China
  Answer is :- China

107. Shifting cultivation is commonly used in which of the following states?
  a) Tamil Nadu
  b) Maharashtra
  c) Jammu and Kashmir
  d) Nagaland
  Answer is :- Nagaland

108) The polar plot of G(S) = 10/s(s+1)2 intercepts real axis at w = wo. Then, the real part and wo are given by?
    Answer is :- ?5, 1

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