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Accenture Interview Experience - CBIT, Hyderabad, September 18, 2014

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Hi friends !

This is Arun Kumar from CBIT, Hyderabad (Civil Engineering).
This post is about my interview experience after attending Accenture placement.

Hoping that my post will help many placement facing students who all wanted to know about the placement procedure and a clear cut idea on the placement of one of the leading MNC's , Accenture.

Eligibility: MCA, M.Tech, B.Tech, B.E (All Branches) - 60% (No current backlogs).

17th September 2014:

My class's Placement Co-ordinators announced that everyone must come in formal dresses on the succeeding day, as there will be interviews for the written-exam cleared students immediately after the written exam.

18th September 2014:

By following the Placement Co-ordinator's instructions, everyone reached the college by morning 9.30 in pure formal dresses.

Exam was started at 11 AM for Batch-1 students and at 2 PM for Batch-2 students.
(They conducted exam for half of the students at 11 AM and remaining half of the students at 2 PM randomly. Not based on any type of criteria).

Coming to the written exam pattern,

There are 3 sections:

Verbal ability.
Quantitative Ability.
Logical Ability.

All the questions very very basic questions.
A minimum preparation is enough to clear the written exam.

Just touch up all the basics of:

Averages, profit and loss, time and distance, pipes and cistern, logarithms , calendars and clocks, trains and boats,permutations and combinations, probability, lcm and hcf, allegations and mixtures.

These covers the quant.

Touch up number series, seating arrangements, directions, ages for logical.

Touch up antonyms and synonyms, jumbled sentence arranging, jumbled words arrangement to form a meaningful order, passages, correct/incorrect sentences identifying for verbal.

Perfection in all these topics surely clears your written exam.

Now speaking frankly, even if you won't perform well in written exam, there is a vast chance of clearing it as Accenture keeps a very very less cut off for written exam.

Almost everyone who attended the written exam in my college cleared it.

Now after the exam, everyone from batch-1 gathered at seminar hall by 12.30 PM
There, the head person who conducted the exam announced all the names who cleared the written exam.

Now everyone who cleared the written exam were given two forms. Everyone must fill it and submit it to them.

Then those people who were conducting placement (actually by AMCAT) calls students by their names in the order of their received filled forms which were given previously.

Each student will be given a token number now.

My number is 235 (Starts from 1).

235 (My token number) was called at 8 PM !! (Till then we can do nothing except waiting at that place).

Then I went inside panel number-2 along with 5 others ( 4 from Mechanical Engg, 1 from ECE, me from Civil Engg).

(Panels will be given randomly.. there is no chance of selecting by ourselves).

There are two people inside. One Technical Interviewer, one HR.

Technical sir was very free and maintained smile on his face throughout the interview.

HR sir was very much tired and didn't even smile once throughout the interview (Actually as it was very late, he is somewhat frustrated and it was clearly visible on his face) !

Anyhow the interview was started.

We all wished them. They too wished us and offered the seat.

We sat.

HR sir and other sir introduced themselves.

Then HR started saying about interview " You all might have experienced many interviews in which they will be asking technical questions, etc etc..but this Accenture fresher's interview is some what different. We will be giving you few topics.. think about it and start explaining your views on it for about 2 or 3 minutes." and started giving one one topic to each person.

The topics given are " China- The next power in the world", "Unemployment in India-reasons behind it", "Youth role in future India", "IT sector development in India", "Failures in human beings" (I am not able to remember one more but, all the given topics are very general topics).

So we started our speech one by one. I started speaking after 2 persons speeches completed.

Started saying "Good evening sir (Seeing two sir's faces I said separately), Good evening friends..Thanks for giving me this opportunity sir" (with a gentle smile).

Then I started my topic saying about the China population, their products, about their technical values, man power, skill power, their product's pro and cons, related their products with our country's gdp, and finally concluded.

(I could have said much more good points, but at that time with that tension, I got only these points into my mind)

Everyone completed their speeches.

Now technical interviewer asked our branches and wondered that no one was from CSE and IT branches.

He asked us if we have any knowledge which helps us in software field.

One person said that he attended a Android Application Development workshop.

One person said that he trying to build a new windows software and explained few things about it.

Then I said few topics like Blogging, HTML, Cloud Computing, Forum and apart from these C language. He asked what is HTML and Cloud computing. I defined.

Next one person said frankly that he knew nothing specially and he is ready to learn all the required things.

Technical sir said OK.

(Two others didn't answer)

Then HR said that our interview was completed. We can check our results, the next day evening and asked us to leave.

They displayed the list of placed members on 20th September 2014 morning and I am happy to see my name in that list.

(Along with me, other three members who spoke when technical interviewer questioned were selected too. And remaining two were disqualified).

Final Words:

To get placed in Accenture, what all you need is a minimum knowledge in General Aptitude topics, CONFIDENCE, TENSION-LESS SPEAKING SKILL.

With these three, you get into Accenture very easily.

(But CSE and IT students must be thorough with C language as some of the interviewers asked some basic questions on C language only to CSE and IT branch students).

(In few panels, some logical questions were asked too..but if you don't know the answer, don't simply leave it or don't say that you don't know. Try something and explain something about that question's solution which you know).

Statistics: About 600 members attended the written exam. 546 cleared it out of which 293 were placed.


Believe these three and you will get placed in Accenture for sure !

Good luck :).

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