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Hi Friends

Here is Daljinder Singh from Dr. B.R.Ambedkar National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar. I appeared for Accenture Services on 20th January 2010.

The Selection Procedure is:
1. Written Test (55 questions/55 minutes) + atleast 100 words essay writing (5 mins). No negative marking.
2. Group Discussion.
3. Technical Interview
4. HR Interview.

Written Test:
The written test comprises of 55 questions (20 English + 20 Aptitude + 10 General Logic + 5 Logical Reasoning)

(a) ques 1-5 were prepositions (simple enough to be answered by anyone), I m not very good in English, but I got it all right (I think so).

(b) ques 6-10 were sentences given with words in italics, these were also very simple (e.g. fraud=deceptive etc.). I think the lowest would score 3 correct answers.

(c) ques 11-15 and ques 16-20 were Reading Comprehensions.
Ist was based on some SQL indexes and 2nd on Home Appliances.
(I got more than 3 correct in Ist and all 5 correct in 2nd).
They were simple enough to be answered by anyone.

(d) ques 21-25 were based on Venn diagrams.
Like if 20 students like cricket, 30 like football, 38 students in all, all plays at least one game, how many students r there who plays both??
So all questions were based on the formula,
n (AUB)=n(A) + n(B)-n (A intersection B).

(e) ques 25-40 were of simple aptitude/ mathematics).
One ques for Three Venn Diagrams was there.
e.g. Cricket, Hockey and Tennis. (Simple enough to be answered)
e.g. if 50plays cricket, 40 plays football, 45 plays Tennis, 20 plays both Cricket and Tennis, 23 played both Football and Tennis, 18 played both Cricket and Football, 7 plays all the three), How many plays only Cricket, how many plays only Tennis, How many played both Cricket and Tennis but not Football???

Other questions in this section was of ratio proportion, or very simple ones.(These Dont require even RS Aggarwal to be solved).

(f) ques 41-45 and 51-55 were of general logic.
ques 41-45 were very simple, a code was given
mark (a) if all r same,
(b) if 1 and 3 r same,
(c) if 1 and 2 r same,
(d) if all r different.

(g) ques 46-50 were of logical reasoning.
Some conditions were given
e.g. a person will be selected if
1. he has done MBBS degree with at least 60%,
2. if he has done MD with at least 90%.
3. if he has at least 2yrs of experience,
4. if he is between 23-26 yrs of age at 31st January, 2009.
if he fulfills all the above, but don't have MBBS degree with at least 60%, he will be referred to THE DIRECTOR,
if he has not done MD degree, he is referred to THE CHAIRPERSON,
5 questions were given, which were simple enough.

(h) ques 51-55 were like,
if * stands for +, + stands for -, - stands for /, / stands for *,
then the value of 7*5+3-8/9 will be???

(i) Essay writing is also there. We got "India in 2020". they gave exactly 300 seconds, the essay should be of at least 100 words.

So this was the written test.

It was predicted by many that the cut off will be around 45 questions as most of the students claimed to have done 48-49 questions as correct.
But to the surprise, it went to 34, we came to know it after our 3rd round.
So 51 students cleared this test, I don't know exactly how many appeared for the test.

Every one assumes this round to be an elimination round, but it was not so in our college, 39 students cleared this round.
Our GD topic was "Should Actors join Politics", all were against it, but i was in favor of it.
Our Initiator was a lady of 25-27 years, she asked whether the group will decide the topic, or she herself should?? Finally, on the decision of the group, she gave the topic.
She asked whether the topic was ok, or she should change the topic, everyone answered the topic was okay (Don't argue much).
Our group was of 16 persons, out of which 11 cleared.
Don't create fish market, everyone will get the chance to speak, they point out the persons in a group and ask them to speak.
Other topics of GD were "Should India organize Commonwealth Games".
39 out of 51 cleared this round.

An interviewer was a male of about 30-35 yrs of age.
ME: May i come in sir?
SIR: yes
ME: may i have a seat sir?
SIR: Of course.
ME: 8.01 sir.
SIR: Any gap in education?
ME: no sir.
SIR: what technical skills do u have?
ME: sir, i know C++ and Core Java.
SIR: Ok, then tell me what is the difference b/w these languages and the other languages?
ME: Sir, these r object oriented languages while other languages r procedural in nature. These languages r concerned with real world entities while the others deals mostly with sharing common global data and changing it when necessary. These languages provide us with features such as encapsulation, data hiding, data abstraction, polymorphism etc.
SIR: ok, tell me what is data hiding.
ME: explained.
SIR: tell me about ur project?
ME: Told (i just spent 80-85sec about explaining my project, then he interrupted me and said ok fine).
SIR:So u know C++ and Java, right?
ME:yes sir.
SIR: So tell me what's the difference b/w these 2 languages?
ME: sir,1. java is purely object oriented (i.e. it is not possible to make a source code without the use of classes in java) while C++ is not.
2. No multiple inherence in java.
3. Java is platform independent while C++ is not.
4. JAVA uses both interpreter and compiler while C++ uses only compiler.
SIR: any other technical skills??
ME: have studied MYSQL.
SIR: Ok, will u be comfortable if u will be posted to far places like Hyderabad or say Bangalore?
ME: definitely sir.
SIR: Will u be comfortable if u will be given work of testing other than software development as u know both C++ and Java??
ME: yes sir.
SIR: ok, wait outside, i will send ur feedback through a person who sent you in, in few minutes.
ME: okay sir.
SIR: Nice talking to u.
ME: Thank u sir.

feedback came that u have cleared this round, and get ready for the next round.
36 out of 39 cleared this round.

HR Interview:
The lady was abt 26-27 years old.
ME: May i come in mam?
SHE: yes.
SHE: have u any plan for higher studies?
ME: no
SHE: any year gap?
ME: no
SHE: why do u want to join Accenture??
ME: told.
SHE: why should i select u??
Me: told.
SHE: have u any questions?
ME: no

The results came and I was selected. The time was about 9:15pm. They took 30-31 students out of 36 remaining.

NOTE: year gap of 1 year is tolerable, but not more than that.

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