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Hi Friends

Very recently Accenture visited our campus,,.. as b4 the tests i did lot of search work to get an idea for exam, I hope my experience will b useful for many nd I belong to electronics and comm branch....

here is the selection procedure
I.    Written Test 1 Hrs
II.   GD         15 Mins.
III.  Technical  20-30 Mins /depends
IV.   HR         10-15 Mins /depends

Total students appear for Written = round bout 250
test clrd by =70
GD clrd = 52
technical = dn remember
hr = 40 approx
final selected = 34
this was the whole format of exam...

WRITTEN TEST Consist of 55 question to be answered in 1 Hr & a short ESSAY on a given topic. students were selected on the merit rank in test was 9th.. out of 250 approx students.. i ll say the test was veryyyyyy easy... if u have gone through R.S aggarwal buks, both verbal, nonverbal and quantitave,, then its really very easy to crack the test...

Written Test consist of Three Section:          
1)  Verbal         20 Questions
2)  Aptitude       20 Questions
3)  Analytical     15 Question

this section consisted of simple english ques...just read with concentration and u will get the answer soon though the options smtimes confuse but dn wry...
some of the ques i remember are
1. _____his vacation,h e trekked ____ the hills and walked _____ the river.

and some similar options.. well i chose the first 4 ques were same filling in the blanks type.. then next 3 included synonyms..for e.g

2.he has to endure the pain of his fathers death.
a. bear   (ans)
b. face
c. tolerate

others word ws was in sentence form... i ll say these are also easy ones not the tough ones. thos type included round bout 4 questions..

Due to his versatile qualities, Mohan was able to do all types of jobs quite easily.
Ans: Flexible

__ essay, which was later chosen as __ best, was written by __  student who used to be quiet in the class.
Ans: The, the, the

(These type of questions were quite easy and there were 1-2 questions that had only 1 blank as well)

then there were two passages given. 1st one was very easy. direct answers were given in passage. u need not to read the whole passage. just read the ques first and then answer it.

second one was quite tuf..but never mind each one felt the same..there were 5 ques frm each passage..

Prepare from R.S .Agarwal Quantitative aptitude book. Important topics: Venn diagram based pblms, data sufficiency pblms,directions,relations etc...quite easy section
simple ques based on venn diagrams like

1. there are 200 students in a class. 100 speak hindi.150 speak many speak both hindi and english.
Ans..there is a particulr way of solvng such ques...u can do it using venn diagrams very adding 100 and 150 and then subtracting 200,,,ve will get the common stuents.. i.e 100+150- 200 =50 is teh ans

2.there are 250 people.100 read newspaper.50 read both newspaper and magazine.. find no. of people reading only magazine..
Ans. c here it depends wat are v askd it ONLY magazine or magazine.calculations vary drastically based on the sentence given. so do carefully.

there were many questions of this type and very very easy to do.. then other type of ques included

3. 600 people are there...10 benches fell short so on each bench 2 extra members were made to sit.find the no. of benches.

4. based on blood relations...

5. based on direction sensing.

Two sentences are given below. Mark the answer according to the following:
A- If only FIRST sentence is required to verify the sentence
B- If only SECOND sentence is required to verify the sentence
C- If both FIRST and SECOND sentence are required to verify the sentence
D- Cannot be verified even if both sentences are considered

Two trains are traveling towards each other. When will the two trains meet? If -
1. Train A is coming at a speed of 20km/hr
2. Train B is coming at a speed of 30km/hr  
Ans: D

If 1 is written as $, and 0 is written as *. Then answer the following:
(e.g. 4 is written as $** and 3 is written as $$)


The solution of the above expression can be represented as?
Ans: $*$* (1010 in binary i.e. ten in decimal)

there were almost 6 ques of such type and i ll say they were really easy..u can very easily solve them...

Mark the answers according to the following:
A- If all the three options match
B- If FIRST and SECOND options match
C- If FIRST and THIRD options match
D- If none of the three match
Ans: C

Another example:
1896.5738491023   1896.5783491023    1896.5738461023
Ans: D

these ques are also easy.. they consume very less time and need no pen work..
Following was the criteria decided by the selection committee of Indian Cricket Board:

1) Player's age should be 18-28 years
2) He must be the captain of any cricket team for at least 2 years
3) He must be a Ranji Player for at least 2 years
4) He must have taken at least 20 wickets or made 1000 runs in a calendar year in Ranji

If 1st condition is not fulfilled ... referred to chairman
If 2nd condition is not fulfilled ... he must be an all rounder with at least 500 runs and 15 wickets
If 4th condition is not fulfilled ... referred to VP

Questions were like following example:

Rahul was born on dec.10,1979 and is a captain of Ranji team since Feb 2005. He won man of the tournament last year for taking 24 wickets last year. He is:
a) Selected    b) Rejected    c) Referred to Chairman    d)Data Insufficient
Ans: a

(These questions are also easy if you draw a table with names of the aspirant in rows and criteria in the columns, and then checking whether he/she fulfils it or not)

50- Q.55 were also a bit easy and were of two types:

Example of type 1:
If * means +, + means -, - means / and / means *, then what is the value of-

Example of type 2:
If * means /, / means -, - means + and + means *, then which of the following is true:
a) 7+43*2/13-7+8 = 22.6   b) 4-9*7/4*2/3-7+2 = 25 ...   ...

Important things to be remembered:
      Most of the questions were easy; all you need is time management and accuracy. Try to attempt the paper in two passes. In the first pass, solve the ques u r able to and leav others for the  last mins. Then start the paper again to do the remaining questions. Doing this you may find that you have attempted 35-38 questions in half the time (in 30-33 mins). So don't feel low because paper is very easy!...and paper get search well  for papers b4hand..u will get an idea bout it..

after the test was over they gave us an essay topic which was "CARRIER IN ACCENTURE" after this procedure results were announced after almost 30 mins...i clrd the test...cutt off was very low and it was just 34..

70 students clrd the test and were divided into 6 batches for GD. each batch had 12 students in it...mine was the first i heard that the GD is the main elimination round in ACCENTURE so i was quite scared. but later i discovered it was not so. as the students who clrd the test wre less so GD elimintaions were not mi batch 6 or 7 were selcted and rejected were those who didnt say nything in the discussion.

mainly current affairs were discussed like
next president of INDIA
or coach of india etec etc


well i began the GD and this pt will contribute most to ur selection. don remain dumb. just say smthng evn if  u thnk u r wrong but do SPEAK.DONT REMAIN SILENT THERE.., after GDS were over 52 were selected for the technical interview round

well my technical interview was of HR kind.. i wasnt asked even a single tech ques.while others were askd bout C/C++, microprocessors, networking, digital, etc...depending upon the stream...C/C++ was common to all.

mi interview was as under...she was sweet lady named VANDANA. firstly i went in and wished her and seated myself.
she : describe urself
i : told bout my current qualification, education bckground..then family bckground and thats it.

she : wat are the qualities of a team leader
I : confident, good manager, co operative, etc etc....

she : wat are ur hobbies?
i : my hobbies keep on changing and i donot stick to one thing...

she (with a smile) : which is ur currebt hobby then"
I ; surfing on net.

she: wat do surf ther?
i : as today v are busy with palcemnts. so i search lot bout company profile. placemnt papers and other stuff related to it.

she: wat was the most challenging thing that u had faced in ur life
I; well till nw theres nothing that was much all had went well till nw.

she: so ur life was very smooth till nw?
I: yeah but by the time placemnts has started, rejections are smthing hard to face...

she: ok.wat is ur goal for life.
I : i don bilieve in goals. i believe in opportunies like today u have recruited us so i got an opportunity to b a part of ur company. so my goal nw is to grab this opportunity,..

she: ok..tell me bout carrier at accenture.
i: well carrier at acdenture means will give me very good beginning..not just the post but also other things like stability and security...blah blah

she: u have mentioned in ur resume that u like solving aptitude ques...can i ask u a ques?
i : yes mam.

she gave me a puzzle was if x and y are two single digit no. an d xy=cd where cd is a two digt no. find the no. x and y such that c+d= x or y...
ans is any multiple of 2*9=18 ans 1+8 =9...

she : do u have any ques to ask us?
i : mam i had but there all clr in the PPT itself...

she: ok then u may go;
i: thanku mam..have a nice day.

and in next 2 mins i was told that mi tech round was clr..and then aftr smwat time hr rounds began

this round is very easy to clr coz there are very few eliminations in this round. really very our case only 1 was rejected aftr this round. questions wer same as b4 but this time interviwer was really very very very very cool and  a nice lady... i eneterd the room wid a smile and she too smiled back and then introduced herself and shook hand with me...the ques were same like.

1. describe urself
2. wat is team player and qualities of team leader.
3. on a level of 1 to 10, where do u keep urself on technical grounds.1 being the highest no.
4. what are 3 topmost companies u want to work with?
5. hane u appeared for any inetrview b4...wat happend/..y u got rejected?
6. y accenture?
7. can u work in shifts and in any part of the india? are ur parents comfortable with it?

then she told me bout certain terms and conditions... and last of all i asked her hw was my interview she said that i am smart and i am sharp but only felt certain decrease in energy level. thats it...she was very friendly with al nad was a young lady...

that was all bout the rounds.....later at bout 11 o' clock they announced the results and my name was called at 5th no...u wont beleive hw much happy was i at that time...coz i was very much discouraged with earlier companies i had sat for...but hearing my name was like feeling of the ultimate joy of life....

they gave us offer letters and classic pens with which v signed the letters and handed it over to them i ll say GOD and LUCK is the only thing that plays role in placemnts. so do pray very truely b4 GOD and get the blessings of every1 closer to u...this is wat i did and i went through the procedure very easily...

certainly u people will also get through...believ in urself..


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