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Which were the investigators lived at the same time?

[A]. Koch and Pasteur
[B]. Darwin and Woese
[C]. Van Leeuenhoek and Ricketts
[D]. Berg and Hooke

Answer: Option A


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Binulalpb said: (May 29, 2012)  
During the 19th century, as the advance of microbiology proceeded, an intense competition aroused between French chemist Louis Pasteur and German physician Robert Koch. It was the way that the two scientists approached microbiology that flared their rivalry. Pasteur was interested in immunity, whereas Koch wanted to develop public health measures for controlling infectious diseases.

Nimisha said: (Jul 9, 2012)  
Pasteur and Koch both were working at the same time. And both contributed to the field of microbiology. Pasteur challenged the old hypothesis of that time spontaneous generation of microorganisms by performing his swan neck experiment that microorganisms enter from air into the media and contaminate it, side by side he was also working on vaccinology, he developed vaccines for cholera and rabies. On the other hand Robert Koch worked on the development of pure culture techniques. He worked on anthrax.

Indhra said: (Nov 19, 2013)  
The French Louis Pasteur (1822-95) and German Robert Koch (1843-1910) are the two greatest figures in medical microbiology and in establishing acceptance of the germ theory of disease (germ theory). In 1882, fueled by national rivalry and a language barrier, the tension between Pasteur and the younger Koch erupted into an acute conflict.

Pasteur had already discovered molecular chirality, investigated fermentation, refuted spontaneous generation, inspired Lister's introduction of antisepsis, introduced pasteurization to France's wine industry, answered the silkworm diseases blighting France's silkworm industry, applied bacteriology to attenuated a Pasteurella species and introduce chicken cholera vaccine (1879) , and introduced anthrax vaccine (1881).

Koch had introduced pure culture and thus founded bacteriology while confirming Bacillus anthracis caused anthrax (1876) , introduced solid culture plates and staining to bacteriology (1881) , identified Mycobacterium tuberculosis as cause of tuberculosis (1882) , posed Koch's postulates influenced by his teacher Jakob Henle, and later identified Vibrio cholerae as cause of cholera (1883).

Ekta said: (Feb 10, 2015)  
I want to sure that which scientist were work together they can we involve in this answer, am I right?

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