Mechanical Engineering - Theory of machines


"Success has many fathers, while failure is an orphan."
- (Proverb)

The frictional torque transmitted in a multi-collared shaft is same as that of a single collared shaft.

A. RightB. Wrong


In order to give the primary balance of the reciprocating parts of a multi-cylinder in-line engines,

A. the algebraic sum of the primary forces must be equal to zero
B. the algebraic sum of the couples about any point in the plane of the primary forces must be equal to zero
C. both (a) and (b)
D. none of these


The gear train usually employed in clocks is a

A. simple gear train
B. reverted gear train
C. sun and planet gear
D. differential gear


A mass of 1 kg is attached to the end of a spring with a stiffness of 0.7 N/mm. The critical damping coefficient of this system is

A. 1.4 N-s/m
B. 18.52 N-s/m
C. 52.92 N-s/m
D. 529.2 N-s/m


The cam follower generally used in automobile engines is

A. knife edge follower
B. fiat faced follower
C. spherical faced follower
D. roller follower

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