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"Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person."
- Mother Teresa

Which method registers a thread in a thread scheduler?

A. run();B. construct();
C. start();D. register();


Assume the following method is properly synchronized and called from a thread A on an object B:


After calling this method, when will the thread A become a candidate to get another turn at the CPU?

A. After thread A is notified, or after two seconds.
B. After the lock on B is released, or after two seconds.
C. Two seconds after thread A is notified.
D. Two seconds after lock B is released.


Which of the following will not directly cause a thread to stop?

A. notify()B. wait()
C. InputStream accessD. sleep()


Which class or interface defines the wait(), notify(),and notifyAll() methods?

A. ObjectB. Thread
C. RunnableD. Class


public class MyRunnable implements Runnable 
    public void run() 
        // some code here
which of these will create and start this thread?

A. new Runnable(MyRunnable).start();
B. new Thread(MyRunnable).run();
C. new Thread(new MyRunnable()).start();
D. new MyRunnable().start();

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