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Which collection class allows you to access its elements by associating a key with an element's value, and provides synchronization?

[A]. java.util.SortedMap
[B]. java.util.TreeMap
[C]. java.util.TreeSet
[D]. java.util.Hashtable

Answer: Option D


Hashtable is the only class listed that provides synchronized methods. If you need synchronization great; otherwise, use HashMap, it's faster.

Sanjeev Mishra said: (Sep 2, 2012)  
Please give me the difference between Hashtable and HashMap related to above question?

Aaru said: (Aug 21, 2013)  
What is synchronization in this?

Rajesh Kushwaha said: (Sep 22, 2014)  
Hashtable is synchronised but HashMap is not synchronised.

So Hashtable is correct answer.

Mac said: (May 10, 2015)  
@Sanjeev Mishra.

It means that the access to the underlying collection (add, get, set, put, remove, etc.) is all synchronized. It cannot take place simultaneously and finally its Thread Safe.

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