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Which of the following statements is true?

[A]. If assertions are compiled into a source file, and if no flags are included at runtime, assertions will execute by default.
[B]. As of Java version 1.4, assertion statements are compiled by default.
[C]. With the proper use of runtime arguments, it is possible to instruct the VM to disable assertions for a certain class, and to enable assertions for a certain package, at the same time.
[D]. When evaluating command-line arguments, the VM gives -ea flags precedence over -da flags.

Answer: Option C


Option C is true because multiple VM flags can be used on a single invocation of a Java program.

Option A is incorrect because at runtime assertions are ignored by default.

Option B is incorrect because as of Java 1.4 you must add the argument -source 1.4 to the command line if you want the compiler to compile assertion statements.

Option D is incorrect because the VM evaluates all assertion flags left to right.

Bommena Karthik said: (Sep 23, 2018)  
What is assertion? what the use, when it is introduced & what is the use in real time?

Please give details about it.

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