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Shobhit Kumar Gupta said: (Dec 15, 2017)  
I agree with all of you, youth should come on the politics because they consist lots of new ideas for the betterment of anything. They provide all types of facilities which is required for this challenging environment because they have the knowledge of current trends and requirements.

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Bhawana said: (Dec 12, 2017)  
Our bureaucracy is a conventional old system, after independence Nehru family served the nation for many decades since then almost family politics captured state & nation politics.

Example when Akhilesh returned from Australia after opting MBA degree whole state was looking at him with pessimist hopes but he became the same what father's practices were.

But if we need change we should give chance to new young generation so they can think out of the box and can implement philanthropic protocols rather than corruption and unlimited power which lead to malpractice in the system. In various black money scams such as Panama papers, a Swiss bank, Paradise papers have records of corruption.

Currently, 131 politicians has criminal cases against them just cause they have links and back support.

Politics should be an unbiased, transparent and independent entity.

We need a completely new team of youth only for a revolution in India and for actual ground basis economical and global development.

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Aravinth said: (Dec 11, 2017)  
According to my point of view, youngsters are the major reason for developing a country, in today's political sector most of the people are uneducated even can't clearly deliver their view to the people, and makes the election into a business sector and full of corruption. While youngster are into it they can reduce the corruption and most of the percent will be educated.

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Niharika said: (Dec 11, 2017)  
In my perspective, Politics is something that drives the development of a nation and role of educated youth can prove to be phenomenal in exploring the unexplored areas and finding more practical solutions that can entertain our day to day problems in a better and precise way. But, experience of people who have spent years in this field is necessary too for guiding the knowledge of young generation. So for new ideas and youngsters should be encouraged in politics but the application of those ideas should be guided by the experienced people for development of any country.

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Ajmera said: (Dec 6, 2017)  
In point of view, a politician should have leadership, capacity to handle, honesty and respect towards the people and national integrity. It is irrespective of age. Anyone who have the above qualities can serve the people and nation in a good way but our own politicians corrupted the whole political system. They made it into family pride and giving chance to their family members. 90% of politician won't think our country as a family. The complete rules and regulations are taken under their control. I won't oppose the people coming from political family but they should have min respect towards the people and zeal to serve them. But at present there focus is only on power and money.

Yes, youth should be in politics if they posses the above mentioned quality and innovative ideas.

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Abu Bakar Khan said: (Dec 4, 2017)  
There are many youth in India who are interested in changing India through political means but our system is been so corrupt that they won't allow any honest youth to enter in it if they so how enter.

The politics than they are just use as puppet by the other old age politician for their own benefit.

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Ankitbeura said: (Nov 27, 2017)  
A youth can represent problems faced by a group of youths. As 50% of peoples of this country are youth, 50% parliament member should be youth. But according to data average year of LokSabha is 56 years. Among them, only 12 peoples are youth MP. Which is only 2.2% & the Interesting fact is that those peoples are in parliament not because they are youth because they are free from a strong political background.

If this will continue, India never develop.

Thank you.

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Havj said: (Nov 21, 2017)  
Hello everyone.

According to my point of view, India is a developing country. So we need best person to run the politics. I agree with the topic (youth in politics). Because youth has brilliant ideas and think in various situations and how to rectify. But now a days politics is very poor and these politicians are improve our annual income but no one care with the people (I said few people only not at all). So, so many problems are occur in our country and people are scared to face the problem. Today government policy is not useful for poor people or rural people. Because today world is going on digital world but poor people can't understand the digital making process. For example: demonization and mobile banking. Youth students can solve these kind of problems and to create awareness for mobile banking and digitalization process in a rural areas. But today politicians can't see these kind of problems. Politics is very important to development in our country. Finally, I suggest youth in politics to develope our country. Today politics is depends upon "coin', they have two sides (one side is bad and another is good). So which side is choose it to develope our country. It's based on youth's.

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Ankit 2142 said: (Nov 11, 2017)  
In my opinion, youth is the future of our country, and they have a great role to take on especially in politics. At present most of the leaders are corrupted and because of this the common people have to face a lot of problem, as their problems are not sorted out. So unless and until the youth of India gets involved in politics, the country may not progress. Most of leaders have conventional mindset, so if the youth indulges itself in politics with its liberal views and change the whole system. At present most people in politics are either for money or respect, but this scenario must be changed, as the youth of today want to change the future of India and make India a better place to live, therefore youth have a great role to play in politics.

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Haris said: (Nov 9, 2017)  
Yes I am in favour of this topic even I have a tremendous point on this topic, If we want to see our Nation's growth, youth have to come forward & participate in all political activities, then they can lead our Nation to a height. But they should get matured knowledge about the politics & economics, firstly they should engage in all the political activities & learn from our experienced leaders how they deal with problems, how they tackle emergencies.

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Vamsikrishna said: (Nov 8, 2017)  
Yes it is good to see youth in politics but the present ruling leaders are not atol allowing the new leader anymore can you say any person in politics who are not from political background more over experience only helps the person to cheat the people because every leader now who is experienced is a cheater a new person who is educated can only change because he was just taught how to be a good person and he is a common man.

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Richie said: (Oct 28, 2017)  
1. Involvement in politics can be either for money and fame or to actually bring a change. Definitely, youth should enter into politics but only the one with right mindset.

2. Yes, experience matters the most. I am not suggesting that the senior officials must be wiped out from the system entirely, rather involvement of youth will bring an equilibrium in decision making.

3. Half the population of India are youth, hence their involvement in politics will provide a greater edge as they can more easily comprehend the challenges faced by them.

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Lilly Preethi said: (Oct 27, 2017)  

I think that youth should take part in politics because our country needs young and energetic leaders. I think mere entering into politics isn't a great deal but standing firm and taking a lead is a challenge, so before entering they should get matured knowledge about the politics and economics. This is because without knowing all this one can not simply frame systems. So I feel like firstly they must engage themselves in understanding all these aspects and take up a lead to develop our country.

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Ankur said: (Oct 25, 2017)  
Hello friends, First of all, thanks for giving this opportunity to speak out on the topic of "Youth in Politics". So firstly I want to say that Youth only makes the country to be developed in future. But Politics sometimes creates a problem in doing so. Because some youth trying to go into the politics but due to some circumstance like corruption etc. Other topics affect the youth. So some which had a background from politics like their father in the politics so they want to join them. But some problem is there. They know what have to them decide but logically if we see mostly youth wants to join the politics. So in the last but not least my opinion is that Youth can enter in Politics but before it youth have to know about its advantages and its Disadvantage. Because we know when we want to have become an entrepreneur then there are options as start one is profit and one is a loss. The Same process applies here if youth have guts to go into the politics and can face each problem generated in politics so they can join without any difficulty.


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R. Gowri said: (Oct 23, 2017)  
Hello all.

In my point of view, youth should be in politics in case of develop nation. Being an educated people we think a lot and we make a decision but in this political field if an youngsters are strongly deserve to serve people they will face any kind of difficulties and think practical.


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Bharadwaj Sethy said: (Oct 21, 2017)  
Hi, I am Bharadwaj Sethy, here I am to present my views about 'youth in politics'.

Certainly, there are always two sides of a matter. From my point of views, I can say youth in politics important as because the system will get filtered than before due to wel- educated generation. But it requires risk like youth may face many hurdles.

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Shiv Rajput said: (Oct 20, 2017)  
Hi, I'm Shiv Rajput. Today, I'm here to discuss My point of views about the topic '' Youth in Politics''.

Yes, according to me, there should be no doubt for including and participating our Youth in politics. If it is done, then there should be nothing better than this for the bright future of the politics.

It is so because today's Youth are very well Family's about what's well be better for our country. Also they Also knows there responsibilities about the country. And I think a chance should Also be given To then. By this they Also come To know about patriotic responsibilities rather than wasting same time in social media.

Thank You.

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Elizabeth Ann said: (Oct 19, 2017)  
Hi guys.

Against youth involving in politics.

* lack of experience is of major priority.
* they tend to make immediate and hasty laws (due to fresh, enthusiastic blood).
* however experienced people are nominated for giving instructions, 70-80% have tendancy to deny it, despite the critical situation.
* cannot put a fullstop to alcoholism (to an extent). Cause teens are equally addicted to alcohol.
* they will have to act passive to vigorous situations, which is extremely difficult. (u may say, experienced people are there to help and teach them. But nothing can suppress fresh blood. Its has to be inborne thoroughly,).
* must handle riots carefully. (they just can command lathe charge, in their anger).
So I think adults of age 25-35 will be apt to rule the nation.

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Sibananda said: (Oct 10, 2017)  
Youth are volunteerly join defence forces to serve mother land. It's the best example that a youth has taken a good step with enthusiasm to service.

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Sarthak said: (Oct 9, 2017)  
Yes, I do consider it is high time for the youth of India to join politics, because it is considered that current youth is warm-blooded with great potentiate, and zeal to do something for the society. They are sensitive and responsible towards the feelings of others, and honest to themselves. These are the perfect qualities required to be a politician. Also, it would be great to see youth ruling the country, making major decisions for the country which follows the principle of "For the people, by the people, and from the people".

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Abuthi said: (Oct 9, 2017)  
Our nation needs both experienced politicians, young and enthusiastic youngsters for providing good regime. So only youngster's are allowed to participate where enthusiasm and energy needed and experienced politicians are allowed participate where experience needed.

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Sunder said: (Oct 9, 2017)  
Yes, I agree that youth should participate in politics. As they are Freshers and are updated with latest technologies and have the ability to understand the actual problem. It's not that old people must be suppressed. I think experience with good technology helps in the development of the country.

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Divya said: (Oct 8, 2017)  
In my point of view, youth should not enter in politics because they don't have patience, tolerance, experience.

They should learn the tactics from an old politician.

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Bhuvana said: (Oct 5, 2017)  
Yes, I agree that youth should participate in politics. As they are Freshers and are updated with latest technologies and have the ability to understand the actual problem. It's not that old people must be suppressed. I think experience with good technology helps in the development of the country.

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Saswati said: (Oct 3, 2017)  
Youth should take part in politics but a qualification must be set. Youth are well energetic in performing their tasks and would be key to the growth and development of the nation. Today's youth are also well aware of the technological advancement such as various app which makes work easier. But this does not mean we should drive away the older mass because they have much more experience than the young people.

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Nikita Mitra said: (Sep 24, 2017)  
Hello, friends. I am Nikita Mitra.

I agree with all your opinions of bringing Indian youth into politics. In India half of the populations comprises youngsters, the average age of India is 26 which is lowest among many countries. The youth will definitely make a good move to change some of the contradictory rules and laws because they know the actual problems and the areas where the things have to change.

The new ways and ideas of youth will help to grow the nation at its high extent definitely. But at the same time youth in politics doesn't mean to totally drain the experienced peoples from politics, it gives chance to the young mind to participate for the benefit of the nation by taking decisions from the experienced persons. I think then we will achieve the maximum growth of the country by maintaining an equilibrium between young mind and elders guidelines.

Thank you.

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Sri said: (Sep 21, 2017)  
Youth in politics! In my view, youth in the politics plays a key role in developing the country. And accordingly, the qualifications must also be mentioned for the youth entering the politics. But youth in the politics should exist with a quite good patience and also the thinking capability.

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Gaurav Kumar said: (Sep 21, 2017)  
According to me,

Yes, youth should be in politics. Because there are lot of curruption in each and every field. The authority are having careless about their jobs. There are also have some social issues like reservation based on caste. So that if youth will contribute in Indian politics than definitely it work, youth have faced and knows the actual problem. That's all.


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Shiji said: (Sep 19, 2017)  
Yes because youth has a knowledge and they know how to face problems. They are well energetic. They are capable of taking each and every responsibility and solve the problems.

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Ayeeswarika said: (Sep 18, 2017)  
In my view, from very days we are being controlled or led by the politician of more than 40-45 years. And nothing has changed. So what if we give a chance to the youth society of our country to serve the nation? But I must say they must keep patience in everything and work with the high intelligence level.

Then that must work, I think.

Have a great day.

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Sahana. G said: (Sep 15, 2017)  
My view to say youth politicians is a good and great way of nowadays because they are all great and well knowledged and how to face the problem situation. They are having a great brave power so my opinion is young politics necessary and good need and warm welcome expectations.

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Shedha Salim said: (Sep 8, 2017)  
According to me, youth needs for the development of our country. So the participation of youth into politics help to achieve development easily. Youth have so many innovative ideas in them through this they can able to change the situation of country rapidly. Youth comprises the half of Indian population. If yougsters gather together in politics, it will lead to the continuous progress of our country.

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Anki said: (Aug 31, 2017)  
Youth in politics yes it is necessary and need of country because the maximum population of a country belongs to youth, if the youth is not involved don't give up their idea's a nd implement them how would this developing world change to the developed country.

Always thinking about merits and demerits leads only to conflict. As in a family, all members are important, but why the person of 18 -29 is more forced to do all type of work because their enthusiasm and energy are the most, they also know how much energy is required in which work.

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Dhritiman said: (Aug 30, 2017)  
According to me, youth must be in politics. Though in politics experienced people required and youth do not have it but energetic people are also required i.e. youth. Apart from that most of youth are educated and they have innovative ideas.

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Sasikumar said: (Aug 29, 2017)  
Yeah, Youth can also participate in politics, Because they can every problem in a peaceful way.

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Bhawna said: (Aug 27, 2017)  
In my opinion, youth can join politics or cannot join politics. It's all up to them. But they should always think for country development in any manner may be he or she can be anything in the profession.

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Malatesh said: (Aug 23, 2017)  
Hi everyone, I am Malatesh.

Youth in politics.

1.they are young and energetic,
They are capable to face any critical situation in current political condition and they are able to face mental stress,
2.youths have innovative ideas,
Present youths have innovative ideas to make changes in our country but they don't have opportunity to participate in current politics
3. 70-75 percent youths are educated,
It's very helpful to understand the what kind of problems we need to improve in our country, which way we need to go for success


1. Lack of experience,
Youths don't have experience in politics. Because they need to some suggestions from experienced politicians.

2.lack of patience: Youths don't have patience but patience is required in politics, youths have less patience compared to senior politicians.

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Vidya said: (Aug 18, 2017)  
My opinion about this topic is, it's time for youth to enter the politics. People who know to speak well or who are good at convincing are ruling our country. Fake promises never make any changes for our country. A Person who really willing to develop our country should be the leader. According to me, youths are having that ability to show some improvement rather than improving their own status.

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Karande Tejashri said: (Aug 17, 2017)  
Yes, because of youth have more decision power. They can easily understand the current situation, as well as a problem in the environment and they, knows what wants to people. They are entered in politics lot of changes can be done but less experience in same situation experience is not matter decision power is required.

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Bagath said: (Aug 15, 2017)  
This is a correct time to youngsters involve in the politics. There are lot of problems in economically low peoples. Youth can only change the politics methods.


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Reshu said: (Aug 12, 2017)  
The topic of youth in politics.

First of all, they have experience and be a positive thinking nature.

They should have the interest to serves the people but not for the popularity.

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Atulgarg said: (Aug 12, 2017)  
Yes, youth should be in politics youth are intelligent they have clear vision so with that they can extend the country growth as compare to the current politician they don't have any vision I am talking about those who are currputed they are involved bribery and make controversy of every issue not showing any intension to solve the issue which we have been suffered over the 70 years, so I think youth should take the responsibility to lead the country and help Modi for convert underveloped country in developed way. Thanks.

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Akshata said: (Aug 12, 2017)  
In my opinion youth in politics are better becouse youth make a digital India. Politics is 1 another field of career for youth to grow and express ourself. Rahul gandhi is 1 of the ex. Of youth in politics. So by helping of age people youth can learn and make a solution of problem.

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Rajesh said: (Aug 9, 2017)  
My opinion about this topic youth are energetic and smart they change the system of government reactive to proactive and corruption is reduced. Negative side they have not enough experience in politics they thrown away.

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Jithin Raj said: (Aug 4, 2017)  
Politics need both youth and experienced old politicians. As we all know politics is not something which is easy to handle, experience and sustainability are important factors that youth should learn from experienced ones. And youngsters should bring innovative concepts and ideas as well. In my opinion both should work together and encourage each other which can bring big changes in India.

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Sravyasri said: (Jul 28, 2017)  
Hello friends,

Youth has the advantage that they have a good vision and clarity on how the present day situation is. Also, now present politicians are involved in bribery etc. So it is the time for the youth to enter the politics.

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Som said: (Jul 28, 2017)  

Politics is a field in which experience is required but if we talk about the posts like councillor (parsad) , director of thecity (adhyaksh) and all lower posts, if there is youth means youth can easily participate to develop the city.

But for MLA, MP kind of posts there is need of experienced person because they will be able to take effective decisions and they can easily impose these decisions in a good way.

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Sunny said: (Jul 25, 2017)  
Friends according to my view,

Every coin has two faces. One is good and another is bad. Youth are taking participation in politics. They raise country in both ways outside and inside development. They have new ideas. I do not say that old politicians removed. They have an experienced people. In politics patience and experienced.

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Manjiri Anil Dighade said: (Jul 24, 2017)  

That's our formal greeting isn't it but funny this is considered low fashioned in "today's world" I am not opposing youth in politics well they must, at last they are the one whom we look upon. For garbage to get cleaned we are the one who should take the initiatives. But on the other page youth of India are so well to manipulate they are not firm in their thinking impatient don't know what to do. Look politics is a field where you need it all. You have to be Spiderman saying WITH LOTS OF POWER COMES LOTS OF RESPONSIBILITY to an iron man who is free from his thoughts and knows where he is heading. When I look at youth I think about Rahul Gandhi, Akhilesh Yadav, Kishan and so many they are a literary setting to set wrong roles in front of us. See Narendra Modi, then my cheif minister Devendra Fadnavis was really young when they entered politics but just because of their own will and higher patience they did so well that today we literally look upon them.

THIS IS WHAT WE NEED GUYS. We need determination we need people who would love to raise the country, not the one who will raise the country.

We as Indians are proud of our nation but we as Indians don't want to serve our nation, we just want to be mere observers point out the flaws and never try to correct it.

We, now I even mean Myself I want to be the change. We all are far intelligent we have ideas we know how to prosper we know how to change what is good, great, greatest.

Dudes we all are still living in a developing country don't you want to stand in a country who does not need SYMPATHY from the other ones. This is our chance try making a difference rather than pointing out.

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Akshara Nikil said: (Jul 23, 2017)  
My opinion is youth can be involved in politics if they are interested. No one should force them to do so. Today youth are smart and educated. They can be the right person to be the leader. But opposing parties are not willing to give their position to youth, even they can kill the youth if they enter in politics. It is a risky job for the youth. But youth have enough talents to rule the country. And also they need a little practice to be a leader. Youth are far far better compared to the old leaders, they are honest, energetic. Leaders MR Kamarajar, DR APJ Abdul kalam are an inspiration to all youth. By following them, their principles youth can make our country to next level. Thank you.

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Harshit Agrawal said: (Jul 20, 2017)  
Changing the face of politics is the most awaited thing that India wants to see. This is possible if young people of today take some interest and of course take it as a responsibility. Being the new generation we better know what are the things that have to be improved for our better future. Politics has to have young people getting involved in it as it generates new ideas to make the society a better place to live in. Many people may argue that young people don't have enough experience to handle the problems arising but I want to mention here that experience comes from getting involved with the situation. It will be a great blow to the politics if youth starts taking more interest in it.

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Abhyanand Kumar said: (Jul 19, 2017)  
Hi, Well.

My opinion is if youth take part in Indian politics there is a better chance for a country growth. The main reason behind is our current generation is closely interacts with social media network and many NGO organisation I think that is a better platform to know what the public fell what they actually want. Youth have a better understanding about current society. Youth are more energetic Helpful innovative minded that is very necessary for the improvement of our current Indian politics.

For example, as we know that current attendance in the parliament of our oldest politician they LOK's like lazy less energetic sometimes they sleep in Parliament also.

So my opinion is youth are must need in our politics.

But this is possible only when youth take interest in politics. Every wants to be an engineer doctor no body wants to be a politician to serve our country. Most of our youth waste our time in social media.


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Kohila said: (Jul 19, 2017)  
In today situation, youth in politics is very good thing.

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Shubhamsingh said: (Jul 14, 2017)  
Nowadays even youth is also showing their interest in politics. I think Youngster know everything about politics even better than the old aged politician, more aggressive, more dedicated but nil in experience.

So if they get proper guidelines, if they get trained with well-experienced politician trainer then.

The youth in politics will just rock.

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Pooja said: (Jul 5, 2017)  
Our discussion topic is Youth in politics. It will be a great change in environmental of politics if youth stars participating in politics. Changes will end up in new strategies and adoption of new methods, new technologies and more likely daredevil.

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Vanika said: (Jul 2, 2017)  
Youth should be part of politics as they understand presentday problems better and have a creative to solution to the problem. Moreover, presence of youth in politics allows to take better decisions, refines the already taken decision.

Youth moreover bring energy to otherwise damp parliament.

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Purva said: (Jun 29, 2017)  
Hii friends,

I think it's good for a youth to be a part of politics. Because youth are enthusiast, energetic, stubborn and they know the conditions our society is facing more that oldies of politics. And even youth are corrupt less unlike those 70 years above leader who comes to parliament for rubbish activities like in newspaper I read some old politician were sleeping while there was a discussion going on in parliament. So, they are not good for anything.

Youth are the source, of aspiration, so they should join politics. But as everything has pros and cons, today's youth have lack of immense patience that is most required in politics, also most of the time youth is busy surfing social networking sites, so I think like this way they can not become a part of Indian politics, because it requires some mature and experienced leaders, so the youth should be indulged in proper hard work, and studies, education without much spoon feeding. So that they will become eligible for contesting elections as politics.


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Aayush Chalana said: (Jun 25, 2017)  
I think youth should be only allowed in politics up to some level because:.

1. Actually, politics is how well you administer and manage your territory. This is possible if you have plenty of experience working in that territory i.e. you know strengths and weaknesses properly and you can work on them.

2. Most importantly what we see in today's youth is aggression. Most likely young people lack in patience and are very straightforward. These people fall very early in politics because no one likes them. Consider our prime minister be a very aggressive person and in our country, we experience strikes daily (which is our right). Now if aggressive PM lost his patience, he may ban strikes or things like this. So patience matters which is found more in an experienced people.

3. Bit funny but yes today's youth is also attracted towards social status, social apps, mobiles, laptops etc. We don't want our politician to be busy on mobile all day.

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Anamika said: (Jun 22, 2017)  
I feel no. Youth shouldn't be in politics. India is the second fastest developing country and it should be in the hands of a more experienced and responsible person. In our politics energy is not what we require, we need the dedication to eradicating the problems of our country which needs a thorough knowledge of the actual problems and the deep knowledge of it and it's root cause which an experienced person is more expected to do. Youth should be trained in that regard so that in future they can lead our country.

Thank You.

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Pavithra said: (Jun 21, 2017)  
Youth should participate in politics at least for a change since we need an educated person to solve the prevailing problems.

Age should not be a hindrance since leadership depends on the attitude, not on the age.

What they need is guidance from experience one.

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Pavithra said: (Jun 21, 2017)  
Hi friends,

Youth should participate in politics at least for a change.

Since nowadays they possess more knowledge and grasping power.

By proper guidance, they can achieve anything.

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Njoya Cham said: (Jun 15, 2017)  
Yes! I think let the old give way for youths to engage in politics. The old people in power. For example will use a 20th century solutions to solve a 21th century problem which will end up in a more feudal manner. Youth should take the challenge in joining politics. They should drag their inspiration from the present president of France.

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Kinnera said: (Jun 14, 2017)  
Youth can do anything if they are strongly determined. A major participation of youth in politics can lead to a new change in the lives of people. They are energetic in both ways physically and mentally. They have the capacity to change the picture of politics. They have new ideas, policies to implement. They are the game changers in the society.

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Maninder said: (Jun 7, 2017)  
This can be justified by the fact that on social media people are debating on a social topic which is good. Since I'm also youth I sometimes feel like to enter into the politics. If this feeling can come then I'm pretty sure that our youth is encouraged to join politics as both politics and youth is our backbone of our nation. What I think is that there should be some proper method for entering into politics like that of SSB in armed forces as both need leadership qualities. This will help in improving the standard of our politicians.

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Lakshmipriya said: (Jun 5, 2017)  
Hai, friends I am Lakshmipriya.

I agree with all your opinions.

Youth in politics is a very important factor. Based on this factor our country will be very effected through factors like social, economical, educational like things, and this will be affected by our economy. Because Youth in politics has more benefits but at the same time some kind of problems is there.

So in my opinion, Youth in politics is absolutely right but in some cases, there would be a lot of problems will be occurred.

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Neeraj said: (Jun 1, 2017)  
Hi Guys,

"Youth in Politics" as we all know that India is a young nation because of young people who are assets of our nation and if we talk about youth in politics so there are two kinds of youth, First those young people who are members of any particular party and second those people who are not members of any party but they support the parties and both are important for the area. Those people who are not members of any particular party so those people are supportive for those people who are members of the party and being members they are able to keep doing their work as per the support. It is a clear picture when any new young candidate is elected so that candidate tries to show his/her ability, capacity to do work having energetic passion and all the youth get inspire by that personality. But it is also a fact that because of lack experience of age they could commit some mistakes which are shown before the public I'm not trying to say they always commit mistakes but sometimes and it is also difficult so say that it is naturally or not. It is true that young people are well educated and having handsome experience of many fields they perform better but if we talk about age experience so that is also a particular experience for the people which also very important because age experience teaches us a lot about the fact of the society where we try to take breath spreading our arms.

Become a leader is a kind of job which is required a lot of hard work by the elected from the chair and those young leaders who keep their all focus on their jobs doing hard work they always get success in this field because this area is totally different as it looks like. As each coin has two faces this area also has two faces, First is outside area and second is inside area and both are different at its place and depend up to the elected.

So, in conclusion, I'd like to say that young educated leaders are better in politics than those people who are elected but not educated and having healthy experience themselves because healthy experience creates a healthy environment for the nation.


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Ajit Kumar Nayak said: (Jun 1, 2017)  
Namaskar friends.

Our India is mostly is a youth country where approximately 52-53% are youth people.

From the begin of our democracy, elder people are leading our politics. But, nowadays the elder should give chance to the youth to lead the politics. As per the knowledge, the Indian youth is now showing its talents in the various field among our nation and also among foreign countries. But now the time is coming to take the leading role in Indian politics. The elder should give chance to the youth to participate in politics. They should allow the youth. And also a youth association should be found so that every youth in INDIA AND EVERY STATE should participate in the youth association. So, friends now time is coming to take part the youth in Indian politics but the youth in politics should take permission and blessing of Elder because not they are right but because they have the knowledge being wrong. So maximum youth should take part in Indian politics. And govt should take care for forming the youth association for the better participation of every youth.

Thanking you all, again Namaskar.

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Amruta said: (May 31, 2017)  
Very true Youth plays an important role in nation development. But the thing is nowadays they are not going to participate in politics as a career because as per our society's mentality politics is a game of money. Politics means only corruption. First of all, we have to change this mentally so youth can choose the politics as a career in our Nation.

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Nikhil Pawaria said: (May 29, 2017)  
Hello, everyone.

The topic youth in politics is quite interesting as the 65% of the population of our country is youth. Considering the fact that after the emergence of Modi and Kejriwal, the youth of India is taking up deep interest in politics. This can be justified by the fact that on social media people are debating on a social topic which is good. Since I'm also youth I sometimes feel like to enter into the politics. If this feeling can come then I'm pretty sure that our youth is encouraged to join politics as both politics and youth is our backbone of our nation. What I think is that there should be some proper method for entering into politics like that of SSB in armed forces as both need leadership qualities. This will help in improving the standard of our politicians.

Thank you.

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Shwetha said: (May 6, 2017)  
Yes, friends, I agree with your points.

Youth are creators, and also destroyers, youth have great thinkable capacity from all the ways.

Only, the age limit is not enough for the politics.

Politics should have some qualification, Ex: academic, positive thinking, service minded, and achievement in society.

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Manekho said: (May 1, 2017)  
I'm very much convinced the youth to join in politics with broad minded in order to change a better future because youth are the pillar of the society tomorrow and for we need to a potentiality.

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Aditya said: (Apr 28, 2017)  
Hello, friends my name is Aditya.

According to me, youth in politics is very important because Indian youth is very talented and they have a lot of energy for fighting with opposition side and they have more idea and technics to develop the country. Thank you.

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Pawan Singta said: (Apr 19, 2017)  
During the days of India's struggle for independence, the student's participation in politics was deemed synonymous with their involvement in the pious cause of attaining freedom from the British despots. Students imbued with the desire to achieve freedom, threw themselves in hundreds and thousands into the turbulence of revolutionary politics. Their active participation in the struggle for freedom was undoubtedly useful for they possessed required zeal and energy and in those peculiar circumstances, they were fully justified in sacrificing their studies at the altar of political freedom.

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Ajay said: (Apr 13, 2017)  
Hi, In my point of view, give the chance for youth in politics is imp[ortant. Why because many of the educated people are searching for jobs and waiting and they know the what is going on companies and also know the other activities like politics, sports and etc. If the govt provides 50% of seats in election surely India will change to developing country to developed country.

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M.Vaijeyanthi said: (Apr 11, 2017)  
In my point of view.

Youth participation in the election is a wealthy idea. In today situation, in Tamil Nadu youths are get vex with their elected candidates. So the youngsters are willing to participate in the election. This will create a great achievement in all over the fields.

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Gowtham said: (Apr 10, 2017)  
Youth have braveness to achieve their goals so, if once youth starts concentrate on politics after that there may not be a any political corrupts in our country, mainly every educated teen age guys are expecting good guidance on politics from their parents, well-wishers and guardians etc.

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Dev said: (Apr 10, 2017)  
First thing, I want to say that politics is the activities aimed at improving someone's status or increasing power within an organisation.

So, it does not make a difference whether it was a youth or some old with too much experience.

Until and unless one is more devoted to the country's progress.

So there are many examples from the past or even in the current situation from where we can analyse the value of such issue.

In my opinion, whoever be in politics, the thing is he/she must work in the interest of the development.

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Kapil said: (Apr 9, 2017)  
Youth in politics is possible only when every citizens of our country encourages his/her childrens to participate in politics rather than saying youth in politics is must. Because doing is better than saying.

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Vikash Kumar said: (Apr 4, 2017)  
It's not a bad idea of inducting youth in politics because especially in our country we have a huge youth potential having a pool of talent in each and every field, and the result can be analysed in support to give them a chance.

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Abhishek said: (Apr 3, 2017)  

I am favoring this point - Youth in politics.

As 50% of the Indian population is youth. By new ideas and thoughts, they can Change the national. I am not saying they should be given very high posts but slowly & slowly they will sharp up their way to think in politics and in future they can be a good leader.

As it is a famous saying that youth are the future of Nation. They are very talented students in our country by their talent and ideas new schemes can be made to counter different agendas like of overpopulation, corruption etc.

So I am favoring this topic those youth who have leadership qualities should be motivated to go to politics.

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Siddesh said: (Apr 1, 2017)  
Hi, friends.

I think we need youths contribution is really necessary. Because youths are new ideas and new skills in participating politics.

Easily Development of our country.

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Parzania7 said: (Apr 1, 2017)  
The Role of youth in politics can be the biggest change that any democratic will ever seen. On the other hand, every change have their own pros and cons.

As we know that youth in the country like India consist of approx 60 to 65% population, who are playing as a role of the backbone of our country not only in a political sector but in all sectors as they consist of infinite energy of doing work with great enthusiasm. Today's youth consist of new initiative ideas with new technological skills.

The veterans leader should be replaced by these youth such that new era of development should occur.

The feeling of communism leads to big devastation as we have seen earlier. We are in a country where every religion, every caste is treated equally as we are all human.

Education makes us thinks better and education leads us to the path of humanity that what these youth consist of.

They are educated, they can understand what his/her country needs off and what are the step should he/her took for the development of the country. But not that is out of concern as these veterans did earlier to stay in politics that is a political game rather than doing work for their country.

Apart some cons of today's youth are in my point of view is.

1. Less passions and aggression.

2. Less discipline and may be some others.

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S.Premkumar said: (Mar 28, 2017)  
India is a democracy country. So all of you having vote. We will choose correct leader in election.

You don't have any money or other things. At the time we vote our soul. The vote helps stopped corruption and we should follow rules and regulation. We consider triumph in all time of election. The youngsters having own way it produces good leader in our nation. Youths.

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Giri Tharan said: (Mar 27, 2017)  

Well, I will support for this.

Because our India is developing country. For this developing country, we should have developing skills in every sector.

If the youth will take chance to lead the country once there will be a lot of benefits nd changes will take place.

Nowadays everyone is inspired and they are coming to know what actually happening in the politics. They definitely dedicated themselves because they know what problems they are facing with the present government so they can take care of those things in their leadership. If they will participate in politics there may be expectations for the eradication of corruption and all the bad illustrated things that are going in nowadays. Sri. Kalam ji said that India will develop by 2020. He said that only by considering the statistics of Indian population which have more youth. Of course, there are many fields in which the youth taking part like army navy and many. They are fascinated because they want to do something for their nation. That spirited hearts will make India best if they show interest towards politics. Doing is better than saying. Because we can do nd express in our own passion.

Finally, youth can do anything and if they were in the politics definitely we will see a lot of changes.

That's all.


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Giri Tharan said: (Mar 27, 2017)  
Hi. Hello Everyone. Very Good morning to all of you,

According to my view, Every Youth must look after of his/her career in the field of Defence, IAS officer, Banking sector and as a managerial position with corporate world. Etc.

It is not like that if youth in politics, he'll do the best for our Country rather than those youth who have joined Army, Air Force, Navy really their work is more effective than youth in politics. Actually Nowadays trends is going on in our country Some youth politician being famous they start speaking against our country like that "Hindustan Murdabad Or Bharat mata ki jai nahi bolunga" and some political party joined hands with them and encourage for like this statement. You all have remembered that some months ago Kanhaiya Kumar is former President of the Jawaharlal Nehru University Students' had delivered speech against our country and now he becomes hero only to thanks of some corrupt political party.

Conclusion: I think its just a waste of time and money too.

That's all. THANK YOU VERY MUCH :).

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Sha said: (Mar 24, 2017)  
Hello, everyone.

According to me, youth contribution in politics is necessary to have a better society. Why because in today's world every single movement is only based on politics. For that, we have to come out from social media to prove ourselves.

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Vivek said: (Mar 18, 2017)  
HI friends, youth in politics is most wanted situation of our country. Youth have more knowledge & new ideas to develop our country. If once youths got a chance they proof & they change our country & develop our easily. They know about difficulties of people because they mingle with people easily.

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Jak said: (Mar 18, 2017)  
Hello everyone,

According to me, youth are the backbone of our country. Youth contribute 55 to 60% population in our country.

In this new era of making smart cities, I think that youth have more powerful initiative ideas with new technologies.

Youth in politics might make the politics of our country corruption free.

Education, responsibilities, communication, lot of new ideas make youth to go ahead in politics of our country.

So, at last, I conclude that as political sector is concern youth are best.


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Aman Sharma said: (Mar 15, 2017)  
Hello everyone.

My name is Aman Sharma.

According to me. The journey of youth for politics is started from college election.

Where we choose the Right representative. In college level, we have judge the ability and potential of the leader according to their problem-solving skills, communication and by his work. That make the bridge for youth to go to the higher politics.

65% of our country based on youth.

Means youth are the Backbone of our country. Physically think that if our is backbone is strong that make us strong. That is the need which our nation is ideally required today.

Thank you.

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Faruk Khan said: (Mar 12, 2017)  
Hello everyone,

Yes we need 'youths' in our politics.

1. These young bloods are always to change the system which we accustomed with since independence.

2. They don't get lured by the money.

3. They can take decisions by themselves.

4. As they new in this system so lesser chance of corruption, petty politics and false promise.

Thank you.

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Raj Kumar said: (Mar 10, 2017)  
From my side, I feel that youngsters are more important role in our society even in politics also. I think that is good way to change our society. They have to ability to create something new for our society. But think is that education also very important function in their works.

Thanks guys.

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Sivabharathi said: (Mar 8, 2017)  

In my point of view, youngsters enter into the politics then it will be changed. Because youngsters are the backbone of India. They are implemented different ides in our country. They have more knowledge and take a good decision. For example actor, Surya conducted the Agaram foundation it will be used to many children to learn study.

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Gmanikanta said: (Mar 8, 2017)  
From my point of view, a country with good government is said to be a developed country. Most of the people saying that politics are corrupted but it is completely wrong, the politicians are corrupted. So many politicians are trying to earn more money. So my opinion is the educated youngsters should come to the politics.

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Neeraj said: (Mar 8, 2017)  
According to me, youth in politics is a good opinion but I completely agree with this statement it has its own pros and cons.

1. Youth of our country is more confident, educated, enthusiastic and hardworking. They can serve our nation very well in every context.

2. Youth have new ideas and new technology, they are more capable than the present political leaders as well.

But it has its flaws also as we all know that.

1. The youth of India is becoming violent and aggressive so quickly, they don't have enough patience to handle every situation and behave calmly.

2. Also, we have seen that JNU case how the youth of India is passing such statements against our country.

3. Big shame for those students which are saying such bullshit for our country just to grab some attention and so-called publicity.

One side we want to change our politics and want youth involvement, other side youths are doing such nonsense.

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Priyanka said: (Mar 7, 2017)  
Hi friends.

In my opinion, youth in politics is the best thing youth can change the country with their fantastic ideas. They always try to complete any problem in small span of time.

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Aman said: (Mar 4, 2017)  
Hello, everyone.

According to my opinion, I think that politicians are utilizing youth for their own benefit. Let's come onto the youth organisations, in young blood, they don't know the meaning of politics and thinks that they I getting powered by creating violence and misconducts due to short life experiences.

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Aru said: (Mar 3, 2017)  
Hi friends, the politics are the youngers hand the society is totally changed for our assumption but no one can interest for the politics all the youngers are doing for our personal works the youngers are gone to the politics old manner is changed and came to the new and traditional manners of the society and changed for the new government I like the topics and I waiting for the politics.

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Nidhi Kuamri said: (Mar 3, 2017)  
Hello, everyone.

From my point of view, youth of India should participate in politics.

1. This country is in crying need of change in politics. If we want develop our country first we will have to go to root of it.

2. For a democratic country, the development of it depends totally on the present government and their political leaders, what initiative they take for the country.

3. Opposition also plays a vital role in the development as they if the ruling party is doing something wrong the opposition will raise voice.

4. So if we want changes the current scenario of our country, the Youth have to come in politics. As they what is best for the country. They are the backbone of the nation.

5. Youth have more innovative ideas, have lot of energy and Enthusiasm, they can work more without complaining.

6. Youth also know what our country what our society is facing, and what could be the best solution for this.

7. Concluding I will say politics is the base of development of a country and youth are the power any nation, so they should come in politics for the sake of their country. This may also help us to fight with corruption, terrorism and Poverty and nepotism.

AS most of the politician are busy in filling their pocket with the money of people and destroying our Nation on the basis of Casteism.


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Shubham said: (Mar 1, 2017)  
I think the participation of youth in politics is what the nation wants in the present scenario. As so many uneducated so called political leaders are holding the topmost political position only because of unavailability of educated and good leaders in politics. Every Sector has a retirement age but in politics, so many persons with more than 70 years of age are still doing politics.

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Keerthu said: (Feb 28, 2017)  
Youth are bone of India. Youth are having heavy guts to balanced any problem facing theirs. They have more different ideas to implement our nation. Youth has high manpower & strong also. So they faced any problem occurred in politics. Youth are don't get laziness. They are so energetic. So my point of view youth must be involved in politics.

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Youth in Politics

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