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Vinay Vasoya said: (Jul 15, 2018)  
By my point of view, only youth is not suitable for Indian government but educated people either youth or older people is needed. Only eneducated people leds to corruption.

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Ankit Kasaudhan said: (Jul 11, 2018)  
Yes, it's right, youth should enter in politics but our politics need an experience people that means who has many politics experience, because experience people know how to running our country as well as when youth will enter in politics then they will do work very honestly and with loyalness because they know our country problem.

Now this time every politician do work for own profile.

In my point of view, it's very important youth should enter in politics when they will enter in politics then our country will become the developed country.

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Arjun Jain said: (Jul 7, 2018)  
Hi there,

According to my opinion youth shouldn't involve in politics. I have this mentality because I think that politics is a game of tactics and expertise which some or the other way youngsters lags. I admit that they have potential and courage way more than old ones but my friends this is not a war in which you have to pick up the sword and fight but you have to be patient, careful, aware, experienced one to make your way through Old and experienced people have seen pros and cons of life and know how to make way through extremes situations.

That's why youth should follow the currents.

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Jenisha said: (Jul 2, 2018)  
I think youth should take part in politics because they have endless potential within them, which can bring about a driving change that is essential for the betterment of the future of society. They accomplish whatever they think, through their zeal, willpower and hard work. Currently, corruption, poverty, chaos are all on the rise in our country. People are now longing for a positive change. I firmly believe with advancements in various technologies and emerging innovations in various fields, the talented youths if given a chance would definitely prove themselves and lead the nation towards prosperity in the years to come.

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Mazher said: (Jun 23, 2018)  
I would like to join the discussion with my opinion on the youth.

We need to see the brighter side of the young leaders who will help in transformation of our successful country. We have the largest youngest population in the world and taking this into account in coming years we may expect that these young aspirants will contribute to a very crucial role in countries economic, social and political areas of society. Let's join hands and take an initiative to promote our youngsters. Help them to achieve a prominent role in the politics.

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Naveen Reddy said: (Jun 21, 2018)  
My point is, Youth in politics is a good idea. Youth is a strength. But youth don't have any experience and they take any decision in short time if the idea is good then we don't worry of it. But if the idea is bad then we must bear that result.

Youth attracts to bad easily.

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G.P.Shevale said: (Jun 11, 2018)  
I think Youth is potential of any country because they have a capablity to change the society consequently in India youth population is more than any other country. If we ultimate utilise this potential in right direction with joining politics then we 'll certainly overcome challenges like poverty, infrastructure, health, sanitation, better education, hunger etcetera. And then our country will transform from developing to develop so that which responsibility on the youth they have to join the politics and prove India can be world order.

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Sampada said: (Jun 8, 2018)  
Hi all.

I am Sampada, 16-year-old patriot of India. I don't have friends because I always speak about India and ways to bring glory in India. My friends get bored on these topics and are interested only in movies, fashion, etc. , my question is that why do you just speak about such revolutionary things and do nothing. The idea of youths in politics is easy to speak but very easy to do or fulfill. Stop commenting on such things because let us start the revolution with spark in each soul of India. If you want to change the social, economical, educational, political situation of India then let us join hands and I will instruct you on what to do next. Remember if and only if you want to make India wealthy and healthy. We can remove corruption, slum, social evils etc. , but we are not doing this for name, fame and money but to bring back its glory.

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Aman Kumar said: (Jun 7, 2018)  
I think that youth should be intergral part in politics because these young leader are new comer in poltics and thus they are less corrupt than experienced ones, along with that they have great zeal and enthusiasm, better understanding of the problems faced especially by young generation, they can bring new law and improve the existing law by their new, creative ideas and innovation but young leader should consult or be under experienced leaders for better way to implement law so that it should be beneficial for all the citizen.

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V@Ibh@V said: (Jun 2, 2018)  
In my opinion, however making a young leader will be helpful in order to sort out many challenges came across in various fields including educational, professional etc but there are two most important thing you should possess as a leader;

1. Experience.
2. Maturity.

Qualities likes decision making power, management etc come with the time or what we can say experience and maturity. It's quite a simple flow chart, first of all, you learn things, try to work on it, try to organise it and then you manage it and you will see that the result will always be superior.

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Shrihari said: (May 30, 2018)  
I do feel, youth can play a very important role in politics. Because they are dynamic, they can include more and more people in the functioning of the government machinery. They can understand the problems the Indian youth faces and can find solutions to the problems. Yes, in politics you need to be experienced. Thats the thing they lack. But, definitely the youth can create an all inclusive India which will contribute to the progress of the country. Youth politics will give a new dimension to the traditional way of doing politics in our country. They can assure you that they will build a secular republic. They are not useless but used less. They are more creative and perhaps even brilliant at execution. It's high time for the youth to enter into politics.

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Shailendrpandey said: (May 30, 2018)  
According to me, Firstly we need experience then youth power just because of countries.

Actually, without experience, we don't know how to regulate the power!

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Jakku said: (May 25, 2018)  
They need to involve in politics because they know the current situation and they know how to solve the problems. Youth can take the solution and easy way to achieve and they bring new India what people's want like as Kalam said.

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Ved said: (May 24, 2018)  

In my opinion, youth to be part of the politics because they are enthusiastic and having new thoughts which can be helpful for the growth and development of the country but first of all youth firstly worked under the experience non currupt and retired politician where they can learn a lot. Thereby a youth can be part of the development of country.

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Bindu said: (May 16, 2018)  
Hi I'm Bindu,

According to me, youth enter into politics is actually a good idea, because they will come up with new ideas, creative thoughts as it is useful for us and our people. So that it even change our country. Now we having politicians are not well educated as they don't know what people really need. So, I agree with youth into politics.

However, still youth don't have better communication with elders and they don't have well experience in that case somewhat I disagree.

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Puja said: (May 11, 2018)  
Hi I am Puja. ,

According to me, Yes, youth truly can get involved in politics. Because what your country need is a really good and educated.

Politician. But nowadays d politicians had become corrupted. So irrespective of d fact young & old what we really need is a good and able politician. Who would form an uncorrupted government and this would only help India to recover from a developing to a developed country. Yes, youth are today's shining stars, they are d only pillars on which d faith of India lies. So they will remove all undemocratic regime & thus led to d development of democracy in India. With most modern and innovative views. So instead of fighting for communalism. Hindutva. They should be involved fr d betterment of India.

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Abhishek said: (May 11, 2018)  
Youth is the backbone of the today world. As our PM said that if our youth grows, our country grows. Youth has the power and innovative ideas which lead the country toward achieving something new. Youth know the conditions of the country better than the senior citizens.

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Pavani said: (May 6, 2018)  
Yes, youth in politics is very good thing. I agree for this because youth has innovative thinking capacity and also they phase so many problems in our socity that's why they know everything about the society. At the young age only we can get more ideas regarding to the socity.

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Rakesh Doley said: (May 3, 2018)  
Hellow everyone,

According to me, youth should not be in politics. I do believe that aged one has the more knowledge than the adult one. As we know that one day there were also at a stage like us, that means they have also come through different problems that we are facing and they have some other knowledge that we don't have. Therefor as politics is kind of dealing with different people, executing different schimes for which defferent knowledge is definitly important. And that can be with a knowledgeable peson only.

And I want to share another point. As youth is the future a country, therefore, we have to earn different knowledge in the field of science, economics, social activity, advance technology so that we will can able to contribute to our country at great extent and after acquiring all the knowledge if one wants to join politics then he should because he is now worth one to control a country in every field.

Thank you.

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Twink24 said: (Apr 6, 2018)  
Hi everyone.

Yes, I think youth in politics will play a major and effective role. As our people are more attracted to youth. Youth is the only one who can easily influence others. Youth has a fresh mind and know how new ideology will help to take the country at a new level. We can't remain at the same idea of improving country's condition we have to change it to take it up and that can only be done by fresh and young minds. Rajiv Gandhi was the one who took our country at a new pace. We can see at any field youth is the one who is doing work and taking it to a new pace whether it is sports, films or anyother.

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Saysha said: (Apr 2, 2018)  
I think Youth should be a part of our government as they are very well aware about the ongoing in our society. They know what are the changes needed in the society as they know the ground reality. As our government is so busy just blaming each other for the problems in our society that they forget we also need solutions for it.

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Rajesh said: (Mar 23, 2018)  
According to my point of view, they should take people in party by knowledge basis not on money basis. For that they can conduct interviews to take deserve canditate. Because in our country most of the politican are uneducated so they can recruit young and deserve canditates.

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Nimish Chittora said: (Mar 16, 2018)  
Hello friends, we better know that we are the youngest nation in the globe and the leaders governing our nation are about to cross their energetic era. So, the need of the hour is to introduce young leaders in the government as they are acquainted with the actual problems the youth is facing. But it should be implemented very carefully, indeed there is a lot of money in politics and every young generation is lured by the pennies. So, make sure that youth won't join politics just for money but for the development of the nation.

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Ashish Choudhary said: (Mar 9, 2018)  
We all are your opinion is great about youth in politics but.

My opinion is;

If the youth in politics join they need for these following qualities have.

1: Attitude like a leader to lead people for good things like. (do your own business in honestly, creating your own society image, to make yourself like a leader, to make yourself to follow others, to inspire others for good work.

2: youth in politics so they motive to join politics only to change my country and country people make my country number one in our world.

3: if youth join politics they only motive to create equality in the country. Not rich become more rich and poor become poorer.

4: they have good reason to join politics not to earn money but to create a good and developed country.

5: they have all knowledge about politics to maintain country people. About everything.

If in my point of view, that qualities have any youth than absolutely our INDIA comes first.

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Ammu said: (Mar 9, 2018)  
Very true youth plays important role in nation development. But now the time is coming to take the leading role in Indian politics. So, my opinion, they have an experience people, In politics patience and experienced.

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Nitya Khanna said: (Mar 8, 2018)  
Yeah. That's soo true that youth is a creator as well as destroyers. Many initiatives were taken in many schools to develop the interest among students to enter Indian politics. The Field of politics is usually a perception that it is not suited to Educated People and this perception is being changed by many school students who take up the idea of politics as their career and help to promote the cause.

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Inayat said: (Mar 8, 2018)  
Yeah. That's totally true youths are creators and destroyers. Everyone is expecting a great change from youth. But youth can only change when proper education will be given to them not only about maths, science. Etc. They should also be aware of current affairs. Nowadays we can see on social media that youth is taking interest in politics but like others only they say, listen but can't do because from generations of generations political sphere or government is in hand those chosen or specific people.

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Prawal Gabure said: (Mar 5, 2018)  
Hi everyone, I am Prawal.

Youth in politics is interested one. Youth are creators, and also destroyers, youth have great thinkable capacity from all the ways. Definitely, that is a good thing. Nowadays, politics has so many corruption in our country. But, Is there any chances that youth have joined the politics and they don't even think to earn money and get corrupted because everyone wants to have more and more money in a very short period of time.

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Sasane Shubham said: (Mar 5, 2018)  
Youth in politices are good thing but uneducated politiesions they distroy there life by giving money for advertiseing & for alcoholsim. Old politision used the youth for bad things. So the youth responsibilities to get right road to go on.

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Akansha Nigam said: (Feb 28, 2018)  
Hello Friends,

With due respect to all the views to make India a developed country. I am here to put my words regarding the involvement of Indian youths in politics. No doubt in it that this is something very good and innovative. Our achievement as a nation would be for sure in a great extent.

But Politics needs skilled youths who have an idea about our country and they have a great knowledge about Indian history, geography and civics. Those who are ready to put ideas and implementation should be done by the senior politicians.

I have an Idea which can help to get skilled people in Politics. Why we as a nation can't organize a competitive test for all the aspirants who want to be a politician. It'll help a lot to get skilled people. As all the exams are always held on yearly basis. Just take an example of PO of SBI bank, An aspirant should be very much skilled to grab that position. After being a PO he is in probation period and then h became a manager. So why we can't schedule politician like that, which will be helpful to mitigate a kind of embarrassment when we find our Politician Education history.

We need Experienced people for sure but they should always be a backbone for the youths. WE as an Indian nation are divided as a party. Why we can't appreciate the Idea which comes from any party.

I hope this would be a great help to get a good governance.

Thanks for Reading!

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Vikas said: (Feb 27, 2018)  
Hello, everyone.

Youth enter in politics it is a good idea but not directly.
youth join in politics with a particular way like and get a knowledge
1 cam mind.
2. creativity.
3. face a problem easily.
4. communicate with the public.
5. get experience in low-level politics.

Then come to politics.

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Ashwini Shivakumar said: (Feb 26, 2018)  
According to me, I think if youth enters into politics. Our country can change even better. Because why I'm saying like this is that. Most of the politicians are not educated. They don't even think about the people. Education. Health and many issues. Politics has become a job to earn money and settle their lives. While if youth enters into politics they can understand the problems of people as well as they are educated. They can face lots of issues. Youth is the biggest power in every country. So if they join hands all the countries will be well developed in the of 2020.

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Apoorva said: (Feb 22, 2018)  
Hello everyone,

In my opinion, leaders are corrupted. I'm not saying all political leaders are corrupted but the fact is one youth entering into politics cannot make the system corruption free. Every Indian should indulge in making country corruption free and a develop country.

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Charu said: (Feb 21, 2018)  
Welcome, everyone.

Nowadays we need a lot of changes in our politics systems. Especially, in our nation. All places ruled in corruptions, yes everyone knows about it. I think that youths can bring a better development in politics and also the corruptions can be reduced. Because of the youths are more graduated in all fields nowadays.

Youths can understand the situation whatever happening in the day to day life. They are having much more social responsibility for others welfare.

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Helly said: (Feb 20, 2018)  
Hello people,

As per my opinion, an equilibrium of both youth and experienced leaders can provide better outcomes to our nation. As youth posses, creative ideas, an ability to face and handle stress, enthusiasm etc but an experience and patience are also very important. But I also I personally think that if a person is honest and has good leadership qualities he should be given chance irrespective of age.

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Asad Khan said: (Feb 19, 2018)  
Hello everyone,

In order to become engaged in politics in the most effective ways, young people can learn about political systems, political actions, political issues and other realities within and around the political system. They can also conduct action learning-oriented activities that allow them to gain credit for their involvement.

In my point of view, for joining the politics their should be the rule that there must have education at least graduation. Because we could be seen that most of the illiterate people are in the politics in our country.

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Angus said: (Feb 18, 2018)  
Is the cause of political unhappiness the people in politics or is it our out of date system of representative democracy? Western society has used representative democracy for two hundred years without an update or upgrade. Are we making a mistake by blaming politicians? Should we not recognize that the established style of democracy is divisive, obstructive, caters to the few and causes a lot of anger, frustration, and hate? Rather than being distracted should we not be seeking a more effective and fair system of democracy?

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Siva Reddy said: (Feb 16, 2018)  
Hi, guys.

According to my perspective, Education is a part of politics, politics is a part of education it is not possible to separate or divorce one to other in a democracy. After all, good citizenship is the best of education and a good citizen or not dumb driven cattle in a democracy these are the people who understand politics and actively participate in constitution institutions but these are possible only if they take an active part in politics.

While college days one who manage sufficient time to acquire knowledge and active participant in politics Will helpful to grab good position, a job in society tag with leadership skills.

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Avishak said: (Feb 13, 2018)  
Hi Guys,

It's not about how many degrees youths have or how well educated he/she is, its the conscience that triggers the passion to change the country's growth track in a better direction. Nowadays youth are becoming more and more self centred, so, forget about running a country. An injured person on the road begs for help and guess what, most of the youth either just neglect or make videos of that injured man. So, forget about running a country with this selfish behaviour even if you are a holder of prestigious degrees. Thus apart from having degrees, the youths must have a clear and a strong mind, free from corruption and the desire to drive the country to its zenith potential.

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Mohit said: (Feb 12, 2018)  
According to me, in politics, there will be no changes if the youth will join politics or not because in India, all the politicians are fully corrupted and they do not even think about the country they only think about how to earn more and more money at a single moment.

Is there any chances that youth have joined the politics and they don't even think to earn money and get corrupted because everyone wants to have more and more money in a very short period of time.

But there s also a chances that having a good education about the things going in the world everything like technology, agriculture etc. Can give a boost up in our country India.

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Adpss said: (Feb 2, 2018)  
Really it is a good thing. Because youths are the future genertion.

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Naveena D said: (Jan 26, 2018)  
Good Evening Friends,

Youth in politics is interested one. Definitely, that is a good thing. Nowadays politics has so many corruption in our country.

Just like if graduate peoples come to enters politics, there are some changes will happen. That is a good one. Otherwise, nowadays politicians are how to think and develop about the agriculture and how to use the developed technology in our country.

And then think about how to do the best one. Then if youth enter the politics, youth politics should guide the good and best society. Youths Are Welcome.

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Jitender said: (Jan 23, 2018)  
Hey everyone.

This is Jitender and I would like to introduce on the topic youth in politics is a great idea because youth has the knowledge to tackle day to day real life problems. And they have the strength, power knows how to face In our country mainly politics doesn't have knowledge and degree so they don't understand the real-life problems and their main focus to earn money and increase corruption. With this govt common men suffer a lot and unable to live healthy lives.

So guys in my point of view youth in politics is a very good idea because they have the knowledge, patience and courage to overcome problems. Youth is the manpower of future development and increase our economic development and build a strong nation like other countries. As we all see all over nation corruption is a very big problem and our politicians can spread and decrease our economy. But at this time Narender Modi who launched various scheme like Make In India, demonetisation to reduce corruption. , if youth also give their interest in politics with full spirit, strength enthusiasm so one day our country successfully eradicate corruption. So guys, at last, I would like to say that if youth come in politics its ensure our future bright and make the economy strong.

Thank you guys.

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Richa Agarwal said: (Jan 16, 2018)  
Good morning everyone!

Politics, when this term coined, always diplomacy, treachery, palatial, etc shoot up in the mind. Politics, is a huge win-lose scenario and entering of "youth", into this is a welcoming initiative in my term.

Youth is highly functional, skilled, determined, pragmatic. This is the need of the hour, that our nation needed. Though, high experienced individual perform the task better, but youth can too perform equally and justifiably.

The concreted efforts make this plausible, because youth is one who reap his/her responsibilities faithfully, and make their nation free from all the dangers and pronounced country nationwide.

Thank you.

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Abhishek Sharma said: (Jan 15, 2018)  
Good evening to everyone.

It is a law of nature, every action has both positive and negative aspects. But it is upto us to decide what is more important. According to me the involment og youth in politics should be there for the rapid growth of country. And we beleive that youth with good education and aware about the surrounding technology and advancements in neighbouring country and youth is much capable to implement that advancement. And yes India should have youth involment in policts because India is the country where the most number of youth here as compare to another countries. No one can understand the pain of youth.

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Sanu said: (Jan 11, 2018)  
Hi friends.

In my point of view, youths are education knowledge more than creative idea's so good thing of youth in a politician.

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S Jagadeesh said: (Jan 11, 2018)  
In My point of view, youth in politics is a very good thing. They are known the people real-time problem and thay shoud understand it. Nowadays tha politics thay no education people. Education is important to tha politics but all tha youth is well education persons. They give the lot of new ideas to develop for our country.

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Pulkit said: (Jan 6, 2018)  
With population over a billion people, Republic India is the worlds largest Democracy. And for all obvious reasons it is a cumbersome task to govern a Country like India. India, the packet of Diversified cultures, ethnicities, languages and mindsets has always been a mysterious country when it comes to its integrity. It has been 56 years that India was declared a free country. Since then the country is undergoing major changes in terms of Social, Economical, Political and Technological aspects. But, there is one key function of that drives the remaining three. That is nothing but The Political system of India.

Indian Politics have been interesting since its inception. Some people often say " Many things have changed, but Politics in India have been the same". Is it really so ? We need to think about this. Governments change over a period of time, Power slips from one political party to another. But the so called properties of the political system have often seemed to be the same. The parties which we have are nothing but a set of aged intellectuals that were distributed among different groups following their own doctrines.

The majority of Indian population is under the age of 35, but its politicians are largely a gerontocracy. The political parties are filled with aged, old men and women who often look like members of exclusive pensioners' club. The question that now arises is that "Is this generational rift between the citizens and the political setup desirable?".

No, definitely NO. This setup has resulted in a system that is very redundant in its decision making. Now the scenario has changed drastically. The prevailing problems of the country are continuously hampering the growth of the country. In the dark mist of never ending poverty, illiteracy and many other disadvantages there is a need of a new Dawn.

A dawn that brings prosperity, that brings hope, that brings a new beginning, and that brings a new system altogether. Our political system certainly requires Re-structuring in order take the country forward with the pace that can match with the other developing countries.

Given the kind of electoral make-up India has, the dearth of young politicians on the front benches is purely implausible. They are patronized, suspected, demoted to the background and constrained by an environment that encourages an uncritical reverence. The kernels of pessimism are thus slowly sown in them.

In recent past, we have seen that the emergence of youth into politics have brought in a new spirit of enthusiasm and confidence among people. The skepticism that leaders are born is no more valid these days. As we know that 'leaders need not do different things, it would be sufficient if they can do things differently'. And this is what we need now. We need young fresh minds to come into politics who strive to make the country better.

Till now, we have only seen most of the young leaders especially of high profile have taken up the inheritance of their predecessors and joined the politics. But then there is one thing in common of the young leaders today, they influence the youth of the country. Their personality influences people who often look up to them as role models. It is not so long that Rahul Gandhi stepped in to politics, but we have seen a fresh wave of thoughts which have come along with him. Same is the case with Jyotiraditya Scindia and Omar Abdulah. They have been crucial for the parties they work for. And consequently, we see more and more youth joining into politics which is a good sign.

The people of the nation also seek some new leadership which they can trust upon. The time has come for the youth to step forward and take up the responsibility from the octogenarian politicians. Now that we know, that the impact of young leaders on the growth of a Country is crucial it is not to be ignored that there has to be right balance between the experienced and youth. Hence increasing number of young politicians is certainly a new dawn.

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Urvi Parekh said: (Jan 2, 2018)  
Good eve Guys.

The Youth in politics. The topic itself is interesting for us. According to my viewpoint, Youth in politics is a great idea. Because young India is much more enthu. Why the youth?

Reasons most suggested are that a young mind knows the new techniques to handle the situation. They are aware of and accept the new technologies fast. They also possess the education power and they can really connect well to the young Indians.

But on another side, we forget that experience is the best teacher. The not young minds are experienced. They are calmer and can solve difficult matters patiently. And note sometimes not all youth in politics are educated only some are "Bade baap ki Bigdi huvi Aulad".

To conclude I would say it should be a combo of OLD EXPERIENCED once and energize, easily accepting the new variations in society and taking care of old tradition and our Indian constitution in mind -The Youth.

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Saranya said: (Jan 2, 2018)  
In my opinion, experience is not only need for the good politicians education and technology must be important for the good politicians. So the youth in the politics is a good thing.

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Sai said: (Dec 30, 2017)  
Youth in politics is certainly a good thing but nowadays youth is busy in earning more money, wasting time on social media & actually they are not aware of their constituency even. But I am sure that if youth enters politics it will be a great thing.

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Sumeet Pal said: (Dec 28, 2017)  
Young is really aware of real problems that they face and what they've been seen in politics. They know the condition of our country where we stand due to this politics. So according to me, youngster will be the perfect mind to make changes in our country ability to make all the possibilities required in our country

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Nandhini said: (Dec 28, 2017)  
Hi friends.

In my opinion, youth in a politics is a good thing nowadays politicians are not educated so the youth will come and develop the country.

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N.Supriya said: (Dec 20, 2017)  
Yes, of course, youth are the right leaders to survive the world. As the youth, we know what the present situations going on and yes, we are educated too so we know how to implement it. And I support that practical knowledge is better than theoretical knowledge but we have the power to implement. So youth common get into the world this is our India our family so all the trustful Indian youth get together and make our motherland feel proud. Just start the moment right now it's a good thing. So at my view youth are the guys who are excellent for politics. If we youth think once then our India will be the first popular country.

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Vinay said: (Dec 19, 2017)  
Yes, I agree with your opinions youth should be entered into politics because our society will be fully corrupted, old people have to involve for the corruption and lost our economy, to change the society youth will have new ideas they have to implement and execute it to the society.

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Karan said: (Dec 18, 2017)  
I believe that youth in politics will not make any difference until people get aware of the ethics and respect their country.

As an example: corruption in a developed country gets completely eliminated with the reform in the constitution with the introduction of veracious laws and punishment but on another side Indian politician who are facing allegation related to corruption are running this country and people are selecting such politicians in the name of the cast.

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Shama said: (Dec 18, 2017)  
Youth in politics is a very good idea. Youth are the future of our country and are capable enough to repair the broken parts of our country. They understand the problems that citizens are facing. If given chance they can do well. For this, our Indian politics should be unbiased, transparent, and fair.

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Shobhit Kumar Gupta said: (Dec 15, 2017)  
I agree with all of you, youth should come on the politics because they consist lots of new ideas for the betterment of anything. They provide all types of facilities which is required for this challenging environment because they have the knowledge of current trends and requirements.

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Bhawana said: (Dec 12, 2017)  
Our bureaucracy is a conventional old system, after independence Nehru family served the nation for many decades since then almost family politics captured state & nation politics.

Example when Akhilesh returned from Australia after opting MBA degree whole state was looking at him with pessimist hopes but he became the same what father's practices were.

But if we need change we should give chance to new young generation so they can think out of the box and can implement philanthropic protocols rather than corruption and unlimited power which lead to malpractice in the system. In various black money scams such as Panama papers, a Swiss bank, Paradise papers have records of corruption.

Currently, 131 politicians has criminal cases against them just cause they have links and back support.

Politics should be an unbiased, transparent and independent entity.

We need a completely new team of youth only for a revolution in India and for actual ground basis economical and global development.

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Aravinth said: (Dec 11, 2017)  
According to my point of view, youngsters are the major reason for developing a country, in today's political sector most of the people are uneducated even can't clearly deliver their view to the people, and makes the election into a business sector and full of corruption. While youngster are into it they can reduce the corruption and most of the percent will be educated.

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Niharika said: (Dec 11, 2017)  
In my perspective, Politics is something that drives the development of a nation and role of educated youth can prove to be phenomenal in exploring the unexplored areas and finding more practical solutions that can entertain our day to day problems in a better and precise way. But, experience of people who have spent years in this field is necessary too for guiding the knowledge of young generation. So for new ideas and youngsters should be encouraged in politics but the application of those ideas should be guided by the experienced people for development of any country.

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Ajmera said: (Dec 6, 2017)  
In point of view, a politician should have leadership, capacity to handle, honesty and respect towards the people and national integrity. It is irrespective of age. Anyone who have the above qualities can serve the people and nation in a good way but our own politicians corrupted the whole political system. They made it into family pride and giving chance to their family members. 90% of politician won't think our country as a family. The complete rules and regulations are taken under their control. I won't oppose the people coming from political family but they should have min respect towards the people and zeal to serve them. But at present there focus is only on power and money.

Yes, youth should be in politics if they posses the above mentioned quality and innovative ideas.

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Abu Bakar Khan said: (Dec 4, 2017)  
There are many youth in India who are interested in changing India through political means but our system is been so corrupt that they won't allow any honest youth to enter in it if they so how enter.

The politics than they are just use as puppet by the other old age politician for their own benefit.

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Ankitbeura said: (Nov 27, 2017)  
A youth can represent problems faced by a group of youths. As 50% of peoples of this country are youth, 50% parliament member should be youth. But according to data average year of LokSabha is 56 years. Among them, only 12 peoples are youth MP. Which is only 2.2% & the Interesting fact is that those peoples are in parliament not because they are youth because they are free from a strong political background.

If this will continue, India never develop.

Thank you.

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Havj said: (Nov 21, 2017)  
Hello everyone.

According to my point of view, India is a developing country. So we need best person to run the politics. I agree with the topic (youth in politics). Because youth has brilliant ideas and think in various situations and how to rectify. But now a days politics is very poor and these politicians are improve our annual income but no one care with the people (I said few people only not at all). So, so many problems are occur in our country and people are scared to face the problem. Today government policy is not useful for poor people or rural people. Because today world is going on digital world but poor people can't understand the digital making process. For example: demonization and mobile banking. Youth students can solve these kind of problems and to create awareness for mobile banking and digitalization process in a rural areas. But today politicians can't see these kind of problems. Politics is very important to development in our country. Finally, I suggest youth in politics to develope our country. Today politics is depends upon "coin', they have two sides (one side is bad and another is good). So which side is choose it to develope our country. It's based on youth's.

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Ankit 2142 said: (Nov 11, 2017)  
In my opinion, youth is the future of our country, and they have a great role to take on especially in politics. At present most of the leaders are corrupted and because of this the common people have to face a lot of problem, as their problems are not sorted out. So unless and until the youth of India gets involved in politics, the country may not progress. Most of leaders have conventional mindset, so if the youth indulges itself in politics with its liberal views and change the whole system. At present most people in politics are either for money or respect, but this scenario must be changed, as the youth of today want to change the future of India and make India a better place to live, therefore youth have a great role to play in politics.

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Haris said: (Nov 9, 2017)  
Yes I am in favour of this topic even I have a tremendous point on this topic, If we want to see our Nation's growth, youth have to come forward & participate in all political activities, then they can lead our Nation to a height. But they should get matured knowledge about the politics & economics, firstly they should engage in all the political activities & learn from our experienced leaders how they deal with problems, how they tackle emergencies.

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Vamsikrishna said: (Nov 8, 2017)  
Yes it is good to see youth in politics but the present ruling leaders are not atol allowing the new leader anymore can you say any person in politics who are not from political background more over experience only helps the person to cheat the people because every leader now who is experienced is a cheater a new person who is educated can only change because he was just taught how to be a good person and he is a common man.

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Richie said: (Oct 28, 2017)  
1. Involvement in politics can be either for money and fame or to actually bring a change. Definitely, youth should enter into politics but only the one with right mindset.

2. Yes, experience matters the most. I am not suggesting that the senior officials must be wiped out from the system entirely, rather involvement of youth will bring an equilibrium in decision making.

3. Half the population of India are youth, hence their involvement in politics will provide a greater edge as they can more easily comprehend the challenges faced by them.

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Lilly Preethi said: (Oct 27, 2017)  

I think that youth should take part in politics because our country needs young and energetic leaders. I think mere entering into politics isn't a great deal but standing firm and taking a lead is a challenge, so before entering they should get matured knowledge about the politics and economics. This is because without knowing all this one can not simply frame systems. So I feel like firstly they must engage themselves in understanding all these aspects and take up a lead to develop our country.

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Ankur said: (Oct 25, 2017)  
Hello friends, First of all, thanks for giving this opportunity to speak out on the topic of "Youth in Politics". So firstly I want to say that Youth only makes the country to be developed in future. But Politics sometimes creates a problem in doing so. Because some youth trying to go into the politics but due to some circumstance like corruption etc. Other topics affect the youth. So some which had a background from politics like their father in the politics so they want to join them. But some problem is there. They know what have to them decide but logically if we see mostly youth wants to join the politics. So in the last but not least my opinion is that Youth can enter in Politics but before it youth have to know about its advantages and its Disadvantage. Because we know when we want to have become an entrepreneur then there are options as start one is profit and one is a loss. The Same process applies here if youth have guts to go into the politics and can face each problem generated in politics so they can join without any difficulty.


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R. Gowri said: (Oct 23, 2017)  
Hello all.

In my point of view, youth should be in politics in case of develop nation. Being an educated people we think a lot and we make a decision but in this political field if an youngsters are strongly deserve to serve people they will face any kind of difficulties and think practical.


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Bharadwaj Sethy said: (Oct 21, 2017)  
Hi, I am Bharadwaj Sethy, here I am to present my views about 'youth in politics'.

Certainly, there are always two sides of a matter. From my point of views, I can say youth in politics important as because the system will get filtered than before due to wel- educated generation. But it requires risk like youth may face many hurdles.

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Shiv Rajput said: (Oct 20, 2017)  
Hi, I'm Shiv Rajput. Today, I'm here to discuss My point of views about the topic '' Youth in Politics''.

Yes, according to me, there should be no doubt for including and participating our Youth in politics. If it is done, then there should be nothing better than this for the bright future of the politics.

It is so because today's Youth are very well Family's about what's well be better for our country. Also they Also knows there responsibilities about the country. And I think a chance should Also be given To then. By this they Also come To know about patriotic responsibilities rather than wasting same time in social media.

Thank You.

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Elizabeth Ann said: (Oct 19, 2017)  
Hi guys.

Against youth involving in politics.

* lack of experience is of major priority.
* they tend to make immediate and hasty laws (due to fresh, enthusiastic blood).
* however experienced people are nominated for giving instructions, 70-80% have tendancy to deny it, despite the critical situation.
* cannot put a fullstop to alcoholism (to an extent). Cause teens are equally addicted to alcohol.
* they will have to act passive to vigorous situations, which is extremely difficult. (u may say, experienced people are there to help and teach them. But nothing can suppress fresh blood. Its has to be inborne thoroughly,).
* must handle riots carefully. (they just can command lathe charge, in their anger).
So I think adults of age 25-35 will be apt to rule the nation.

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Sibananda said: (Oct 10, 2017)  
Youth are volunteerly join defence forces to serve mother land. It's the best example that a youth has taken a good step with enthusiasm to service.

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Sarthak said: (Oct 9, 2017)  
Yes, I do consider it is high time for the youth of India to join politics, because it is considered that current youth is warm-blooded with great potentiate, and zeal to do something for the society. They are sensitive and responsible towards the feelings of others, and honest to themselves. These are the perfect qualities required to be a politician. Also, it would be great to see youth ruling the country, making major decisions for the country which follows the principle of "For the people, by the people, and from the people".

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Abuthi said: (Oct 9, 2017)  
Our nation needs both experienced politicians, young and enthusiastic youngsters for providing good regime. So only youngster's are allowed to participate where enthusiasm and energy needed and experienced politicians are allowed participate where experience needed.

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Sunder said: (Oct 9, 2017)  
Yes, I agree that youth should participate in politics. As they are Freshers and are updated with latest technologies and have the ability to understand the actual problem. It's not that old people must be suppressed. I think experience with good technology helps in the development of the country.

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Divya said: (Oct 8, 2017)  
In my point of view, youth should not enter in politics because they don't have patience, tolerance, experience.

They should learn the tactics from an old politician.

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Bhuvana said: (Oct 5, 2017)  
Yes, I agree that youth should participate in politics. As they are Freshers and are updated with latest technologies and have the ability to understand the actual problem. It's not that old people must be suppressed. I think experience with good technology helps in the development of the country.

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Saswati said: (Oct 3, 2017)  
Youth should take part in politics but a qualification must be set. Youth are well energetic in performing their tasks and would be key to the growth and development of the nation. Today's youth are also well aware of the technological advancement such as various app which makes work easier. But this does not mean we should drive away the older mass because they have much more experience than the young people.

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Nikita Mitra said: (Sep 24, 2017)  
Hello, friends. I am Nikita Mitra.

I agree with all your opinions of bringing Indian youth into politics. In India half of the populations comprises youngsters, the average age of India is 26 which is lowest among many countries. The youth will definitely make a good move to change some of the contradictory rules and laws because they know the actual problems and the areas where the things have to change.

The new ways and ideas of youth will help to grow the nation at its high extent definitely. But at the same time youth in politics doesn't mean to totally drain the experienced peoples from politics, it gives chance to the young mind to participate for the benefit of the nation by taking decisions from the experienced persons. I think then we will achieve the maximum growth of the country by maintaining an equilibrium between young mind and elders guidelines.

Thank you.

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Sri said: (Sep 21, 2017)  
Youth in politics! In my view, youth in the politics plays a key role in developing the country. And accordingly, the qualifications must also be mentioned for the youth entering the politics. But youth in the politics should exist with a quite good patience and also the thinking capability.

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Gaurav Kumar said: (Sep 21, 2017)  
According to me,

Yes, youth should be in politics. Because there are lot of curruption in each and every field. The authority are having careless about their jobs. There are also have some social issues like reservation based on caste. So that if youth will contribute in Indian politics than definitely it work, youth have faced and knows the actual problem. That's all.


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Shiji said: (Sep 19, 2017)  
Yes because youth has a knowledge and they know how to face problems. They are well energetic. They are capable of taking each and every responsibility and solve the problems.

Rate this: +8 -5

Ayeeswarika said: (Sep 18, 2017)  
In my view, from very days we are being controlled or led by the politician of more than 40-45 years. And nothing has changed. So what if we give a chance to the youth society of our country to serve the nation? But I must say they must keep patience in everything and work with the high intelligence level.

Then that must work, I think.

Have a great day.

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Sahana. G said: (Sep 15, 2017)  
My view to say youth politicians is a good and great way of nowadays because they are all great and well knowledged and how to face the problem situation. They are having a great brave power so my opinion is young politics necessary and good need and warm welcome expectations.

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Shedha Salim said: (Sep 8, 2017)  
According to me, youth needs for the development of our country. So the participation of youth into politics help to achieve development easily. Youth have so many innovative ideas in them through this they can able to change the situation of country rapidly. Youth comprises the half of Indian population. If yougsters gather together in politics, it will lead to the continuous progress of our country.

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Anki said: (Aug 31, 2017)  
Youth in politics yes it is necessary and need of country because the maximum population of a country belongs to youth, if the youth is not involved don't give up their idea's a nd implement them how would this developing world change to the developed country.

Always thinking about merits and demerits leads only to conflict. As in a family, all members are important, but why the person of 18 -29 is more forced to do all type of work because their enthusiasm and energy are the most, they also know how much energy is required in which work.

Rate this: +17 -12

Dhritiman said: (Aug 30, 2017)  
According to me, youth must be in politics. Though in politics experienced people required and youth do not have it but energetic people are also required i.e. youth. Apart from that most of youth are educated and they have innovative ideas.

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Sasikumar said: (Aug 29, 2017)  
Yeah, Youth can also participate in politics, Because they can every problem in a peaceful way.

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Bhawna said: (Aug 27, 2017)  
In my opinion, youth can join politics or cannot join politics. It's all up to them. But they should always think for country development in any manner may be he or she can be anything in the profession.

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Malatesh said: (Aug 23, 2017)  
Hi everyone, I am Malatesh.

Youth in politics.

1.they are young and energetic,
They are capable to face any critical situation in current political condition and they are able to face mental stress,
2.youths have innovative ideas,
Present youths have innovative ideas to make changes in our country but they don't have opportunity to participate in current politics
3. 70-75 percent youths are educated,
It's very helpful to understand the what kind of problems we need to improve in our country, which way we need to go for success


1. Lack of experience,
Youths don't have experience in politics. Because they need to some suggestions from experienced politicians.

2.lack of patience: Youths don't have patience but patience is required in politics, youths have less patience compared to senior politicians.

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Vidya said: (Aug 18, 2017)  
My opinion about this topic is, it's time for youth to enter the politics. People who know to speak well or who are good at convincing are ruling our country. Fake promises never make any changes for our country. A Person who really willing to develop our country should be the leader. According to me, youths are having that ability to show some improvement rather than improving their own status.

Rate this: +36 -4

Karande Tejashri said: (Aug 17, 2017)  
Yes, because of youth have more decision power. They can easily understand the current situation, as well as a problem in the environment and they, knows what wants to people. They are entered in politics lot of changes can be done but less experience in same situation experience is not matter decision power is required.

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Bagath said: (Aug 15, 2017)  
This is a correct time to youngsters involve in the politics. There are lot of problems in economically low peoples. Youth can only change the politics methods.


Rate this: +18 -1

Reshu said: (Aug 12, 2017)  
The topic of youth in politics.

First of all, they have experience and be a positive thinking nature.

They should have the interest to serves the people but not for the popularity.

Rate this: +10 -3

Atulgarg said: (Aug 12, 2017)  
Yes, youth should be in politics youth are intelligent they have clear vision so with that they can extend the country growth as compare to the current politician they don't have any vision I am talking about those who are currputed they are involved bribery and make controversy of every issue not showing any intension to solve the issue which we have been suffered over the 70 years, so I think youth should take the responsibility to lead the country and help Modi for convert underveloped country in developed way. Thanks.

Rate this: +7 -7

Akshata said: (Aug 12, 2017)  
In my opinion youth in politics are better becouse youth make a digital India. Politics is 1 another field of career for youth to grow and express ourself. Rahul gandhi is 1 of the ex. Of youth in politics. So by helping of age people youth can learn and make a solution of problem.

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Youth in Politics

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