Smaller businesses and start-ups have more scope for professional growth.

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Nickson S said: (Jul 14, 2019)  
According to me, We have the confidence to start any business and we hard work to make the business good.

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Naveena D said: (Feb 4, 2019)  
Good Evening Friends,

According to me, Obviously, Small business and startup have more scope for professional growth. Because young generation people know how to improve their career using their appropriate knowledge and confidence. They are ready to exploring their capability among the industries. They are analysis their skills to improve their career for the professional growth. They are very confidence and hard working for develop their own business.

Thank You.

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Neha said: (Feb 9, 2018)  
I agree with the fact that confidence is the key to any business whether it is small or big that does not matter. If you have it n you to expand your business and work relentlessly hard for it then you ought to grow. As in the current scenario, small business has an open arena and a lot of scopes. There is a healthy competition. All of it is required for an overall development of that business.

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Chaithra said: (Mar 17, 2017)  
We have confidence to start any business and we hard work to make the business good.

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Balbhadra Daxini said: (Dec 12, 2016)  
Hello, friends.

India has a developing sector which increases the competition, but even competition the most important point is idea which is the future of your business and requires the most of the knowledge. Second thing is that what the customers want from us, their satisfaction from product or service. I thaught food industries startup has the good scope.

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V.K.Kumar said: (Sep 29, 2016)  
When you think about Profit you will be loser. When you think about Business you will be the Winner. Business should be done with ethics.

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Vyshagh Tharol said: (Aug 23, 2016)  
We want confidence to start any business. And we work hard to make the business good. First, we want to make good relationship on our customer.

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Shweta Dwivedi said: (Jul 16, 2016)  
A company in its nascent stage is the best platform for an individual to check his credentials and see how much his efforts add to the overall development of the company. You get the freedom to grow as an individual, augment your own skills and make the best of what you have in you. You cannot think of being this comfortable in a big brand that already has set rules to followed and expectations to be fulfilled.

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Kartik said: (May 26, 2016)  
Hello friends,

The startup is like a thought of full of ideas to produce their product in the market to achieve big goals. In the startup, people has to show their ideas to big investors who can arrange them funding in return for sharing the business profits in 60:40 ratio. The startup is a type of a huge risky investment in which we can't determine the possibility of success but if our product or scheme satisfy the customer requirements then None can stop you to reach your aims.

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Tina said: (Apr 22, 2016)  
Start-ups like a boon for India as well for an individual, more start-up, more professional growth, more job opportunity, less dependency on a foreign company, a more experience (key for success) increase in the economic condition of India. Would it possible to get over a night. Have to be patient (which is the basic need to get anything), have to be prepared for ups-down, but at the end whatever will get would be incomparable with any blood sucking routine job.

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Yogesh said: (Feb 1, 2016)  
I think starting our own business is very good idea but you have to think globally, in every sector there is competition. So start up with big capital is more risky so you have research the market.

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Ashish Goel said: (Jan 17, 2016)  
According to my point of view the start up can give more growth if the person is ready to take huge risk and can wait for the growth as there are so many person who want early success so for them the startups are not the right place.

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Pooja said: (Aug 29, 2015)  
Indeed start ups can give more experience than any M&C as you get to explore different fields. You can execute any of your wild ideas and see if it actually works in the real world, which you will never experience in any big company and hence delivering job satisfaction along with professional growth.

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Hemant Prajapat said: (May 2, 2015)  
I think, if you want to success in your life so you can take a risk. In business you take a risk with full planning then no one can stop you to achieve a predetermined goals or objective. And business depends on risk so all time think be positive.

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Adolescent said: (Mar 8, 2015)  
Hi guys,

I'm be-positive that might be I am a positive thinker. I believe the growth of the business is depends upon a businessman. His hardwork, innovation, ability and ideas will lead him to success.

So keep focus on your business what ever it is, retailer or large scale units, work hard invest money on business you will get the benefit in near future. You might be failed but don't give up try hard. Grab the power and get won.

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Ashish Bhutada said: (Mar 2, 2015)  
Hi, I am aashish bhutada.

Problems regarding thinking any start up is, product brought into market is already being set up by some other which is already running on large scale.

So how to tackle it sir.

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Saubhiknayak said: (Jan 17, 2015)  
Every business starts with an initial creative idea. When idea is converted into action a business is established. Starting a small business with minimum capital is the best option because their is minimum risk. The preferences of the consumers cannot be predicted due to the diverse competition in marketing world. They can switch from one product to another so investing huge amount of capital is worthless without knowing the outcome.

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Haribabu said: (Nov 12, 2014)  
Hello friends,

I would like to share my view.

Small/start up company provides a good chance for the professional growth. But it also lacks the exposure for modern technology and management. I am working on a MNC and dealing supplier.

What I have seen is the broad vision and exposure to the modern technology, management or concept which you get in a larger MNC is certainly missing.

When it comes for family run business, you generally takes the learning front your elders which is most of the time is last generation thinking.

I am not against the start up companies. Certainly you get more learning from the small companies, which you can never get in a large MNC.

But you need to get exposure to the larger MNC by which you can harness your skill on long term thinking, vision and strategy. Also need to spend time and energy on training. Spend few pennies on people development and continuously update along with the industry.

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Abhay Nahata said: (Nov 4, 2014)  
In my opinion definitely smaller business and start ups have a good scope for professional growth as majority of the Indian population is middle class and thus they have a limited purchasing power. They prefer to go for products and services which falls within their range.

While most of the large business set ups sell their products at a price which is above the budgets of the common class. Greater initiatives by the government like the"Make in India" programs further encourages the people to start businesses and again as most of the Indian population is middle class they have limited capital to start with.

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Sneha said: (Sep 13, 2014)  
Hello friends, I think its very good topic for discussion. I agree that there is 'smaller businesses and start-ups have more scope for professional growth'. Because I think if people start from zero i.e. any small business then people are very focused to their aim or on growth. There are many points for to achieve great success in life. In life may have bad experience but people learnt a lot from that and develop their self & got an idea how to do work on business. I think this struggle and experience get a lot to make a man successful.

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Chetan said: (Aug 9, 2014)  
Hello friends, According to me smaller business and start ups have more scope, reason behind this is to start a small business you need not require too much fund for it so no debt pressure and interest burden will be there. As well as requirement of staff will also reduce. So the decision effectiveness will increase. And other extra expenses will not be there.

And by starting a small business you can gain knowledge in that area. And by understanding the strength and weakness you can put more investment.

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Suruchi Kataria said: (Apr 3, 2014)  
Some of my friends above seem to be very dissatisfied with the given issue. According to me, its very simple to understand the fact that if you are not a proficient in this field you better start with a smaller one. It will help you develop your skills, techniques, confidence to face ups and down, etc.

You can idolize any business tycoon namely Ambanis, Birlas etc. Everyone of them started with a smaller concern.

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Suruchi Kataria said: (Apr 3, 2014)  
This is actually a remarkable statement and I agree with every aspect of this statement "smaller business and start ups have more scope for professional growth". A business at small scale let you to emerge out as a proficient and their are less chances of huge failures. Moreover, one can learn real techniques to run any type of business if he/she starts from small concern. As far as money making is concerned, business nowadays has a lucrative scope in India.

Whatever you decide to run, just be sure that you have enough resources and confidence to run your business at your own.

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$O@N$ said: (Feb 20, 2014)  
Hi. I just came across this group discussion, and I would like to share my opinion regarding this subject.

I firmly believe for the business to grow well the idea/plan/product one proposes to the market has to be unique to the target market and must distinguish itself from the competitors.

And secondly in my opinion if the entrepreneur is new to the field of business it's always good to start from a smaller business as one can have a wider scope for the self improvement, in terms of planning, directing, controlling and decision making in turn tuning him to excel him in the profession leading to his/her professional growth.

So the strategy is :


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Arjun Sharma said: (Jan 28, 2014)  
Hi friends, I won't agree with "smaller business and start-ups have more scope for professional growth" as in small start-ups whether you talk about risk, technology, or any other resource, there are constraints for them. One cannot grow professionally until the person have faced risk or is prone to take decisions in risky situations and have access to latest technology so that he/she can update themselves time to time.

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Sagar said: (Jun 27, 2013)  
Hello everybody, there is good thing to see in all discussion 99% people are positively for the starting any new business. When we want to starting any business you just think positive and work smart to make to achieve your goal, about your business selection you just ask your self, just go your own ideas. In case of your result don't think about that just done work in positively, don't try to gate success try to gate excellence.

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K Prabhakar said: (Mar 20, 2013)  
As I read all the messages in my view I am already in the business for the past 35 years in the printing activity I am not aware of other business I believe in "necessity is the mother of invention" if you really intend to do achieve higher goals you basically stick to basics first punctuality, quick decision, timely approach, positive attitude, sense of humor, cheer-up attitude so on suggest me to improve my business.

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Krutika said: (Dec 8, 2012)  
According to me in the large business there are more people belonging to the same hierarchy, and when we talk of the growth then more competition exist. But smaller the business there are less people in the same level of hierarchy hence providing more scope for the professional growth. Therefore it applies the fact that smaller business/start ups have more scope for the professional growth.

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Vaishnavi said: (May 5, 2011)  
I agree with the statement that "smaller start-ups have more scope for professional growth".

In small start-ups people work for themselves with very less investment and workers. This provides employment opportunities as well. This earns some profit to some extent which leads to more improvements in business and paves a path for growing professionally to reach their destination.

Some businesses will not have quick growth and the falls in business are quite natural. So one should be positive and have patience to be successful. This comes by experience and one can gain knowledge which helps professional growth of a business.

So smaller start-ups have more scope for professional growth.

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Abhi said: (Mar 2, 2011)  
Smaller business start ups are preferred for professional growth.As an individual one cannot have wider about business and one cannot invest more amount in business.So starting with a smaller business and gaining knowledge about various problems related to the organisation can help in business as well as professional growth.

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Ashish said: (Nov 18, 2010)  
I am really happy to listen my fellow that they give their opinion about to start up business in small or large scale. In my view I think what ever you want to do whether it is related with business or any kind of small scale work for the success of that you need your positive approach towards them. You have to always keep few points in your mind that at any cost you will be success in that business and my hard work will pay me.

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Naveen said: (Oct 23, 2010)  
I am really glad to hear my fellow speaking for the topic but I am not in accordance to my fellow friends. I somehow disagree to the fact that smaller business and start ups have more scope for the professional growth.

I would like to present some of my views for my thoughts.

There are many problems starting a business like you alone can never be able to start a business for starting a business you need a lot of support which is both financial and psychological deficiency to which may lead to fall in a business.

Another problem which you would be facing would be that any business wont get a quick growth.

For a success in nay business you need to have a lot of patience.

Another problem which would come would be that you need a lot of experience regarding that field.

If you are short of any of the conditions you are bound to fail in your start up carrier.

And a job in an MNC would be a far safer idea than opening a new business.

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Mahalekshmi said: (Sep 17, 2010)  
I agree that start-ups play an important role in professional growth. For example, if a lecturer asks for interested students to take seminar, there will be those who will be raising first. So by taking successive seminar these persons will drive-out fear and these persons are said to shine during an interview. So each and every start-up made by an individual benefits the individual.

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Dilip said: (Aug 13, 2010)  
Hi friends, i agree with my friend because, as we and all know that business is one of the top most career in most of the humans life. For example, If a person wants to start a small industry, he has complete knowledge regarding his profession in that industry. If he concentrates on his profession, then automatically the growth of profession as well as his business also increases rapidly. If growth increase, then experience also increases.

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Kapil Rathore said: (Jul 14, 2010)  
Hello friends, I am kapil and i want to initiate the topic "smaller businesses and start-ups have more scope for professional growth", i am totally agreed with this topic because in my opinion, if any body initiate something at small scale either it is a business or career, peoples are more concentrated for their professional growth and always trying to find the ways to reach at their destination instead of the well settled peoples, in a small start-ups peoples has to do all the work by himself only, therefor day by day they got much and much experience, which is definitely the primary key for growth.

Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment.

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Smaller businesses and start-ups have more scope for professional growth.

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