Problems unite us, Religion divides us

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Rahulsai said: (Dec 9, 2017)  
My name is Rahulsai.

Yes, I agree problems unite us and religion divide us. For example, two friends of different religions will face the problem together. My opinion is when there is an terrorist attack or any natural disaster like storm occurs the people help victims of the same religion or different religion.

But they are divided in their religion, because due to their customs or their beliefs. But any religion says the same principles in different ways.

Thanks for giving this opportunity to express my thoughts.

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Dsr said: (Dec 7, 2017)  
Hi All,

I am totally agreed with the fact that "Problems unite us while Religion divides us".

Fist let me talk about religion as it is the utmost region because of that there are so much animosity among people of different religions. Had there been no religion in the world there would be only two type of people i.e. Right and wrong. In straight way most of the quarrels are the by-products of religions only. Most of the people who follows their respective religions are damm innocent and very good by hearts but at the same time because of their differences with other religions let them to become monsters.

On otherhand, yes. Diificulties or difficult time. Always teaches us humanities and let us to hold each other hand neglecting our religions, tribes, cats. And that's the beauty of problems as it teaches reality of life and lead us to be more open to everyone.

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Ayush said: (Nov 22, 2017)  
According to my point of view, the main factor that unites us is the problem, while religion is also responsible for that up to some extent. Whenever human beings are in any problem then they are biased more towards the person facing the same problem which creates a bond of belief between them and this ultimately unite them.

But on the other hand when we talk about religion then the first thing come into mind is that certain rules and believes toward god, so the people who following the same set of beliefs and rules are considered in one type of religion, and the people who are fail to follow that rule or disobey them cause dispute between them. And some time political leaders also used religions as a weapon for acquiring more vote.

So the final conclusion is that we should stand together from all the religious group to save humanity and help each other.

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Manvendra Singh said: (Nov 22, 2017)  
Hi, everyone I am very greed that you give me this kind of opportunity you say about on the topic that 'Religion divides us, problem unite as'.

Friends as you should know that when we have any problem in our city or state or in our Nation then we unite to each other and help to all to fight against that problem as we take example of Independence of India we came to know that all religious people of all caste come together for the freedom so we can say that Problem unite us.

On other way we have religion divide us this may be wrong because there is enrollment of some politician for their votes to win the election that why they divide people on the basis of religion as we see the politics in Shree Ram Mandir of Ayodhya so this is wrong that religion divides us because I have also friend of different religion.

THANK you to all of you for giving me this kind opportunity.

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Kamal said: (Nov 2, 2017)  
Problems units us, Religion divides us,

It is true that today religions divides us, latest example are ISIS, If religion units us then why they killed so many innocent people, why they are used women as like toy. Everybody know what they do with him,

What religions guide us to do this type of dangerous work.

Problems unites us it is true if any natural disaster occurs then people try to face it and they panned to remove it.

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Keagan Flynn said: (Oct 17, 2017)  
Problems certainly do unite us to an extent, and religions do divide us, but there are other factors at play. In the past religion has always divided us but without a prevalent media problems did not unite us as much as they do now. Also, the two sections you've chosen to look at seem to contradict one another in terms of who you are referring to as "us". Most problems societies encounter are caused by other people and the ones that unite us most are foreign attacks, the feeling of "We" vs. "Them". This divides people as well as unites them, in the same way religion does. Religion brings some groups together in a profound manner. Even though religious fervor has seen a sharp decline in recent years communities still come together around the entire world through their faith. Most truly religious people believe that religious tolerance is important with some exceptions being extremist followers or extremist religions.

The conflict of this argument that I can sense is that religion does the same thing as "problems" because it creates a problem, the idea that one group is not following the correct faith and in the best interest of each side, both religions want to convert them to the correct faith and run into disagreements with one another based on that (historically). So problems unite us into groups based on national and ideological lines, to discount the rarity of a global catastrophe because of its rarity but in that case the situation does change, whereas religions unite us into groups based on essentially the same things since religious beliefs are most influenced by culture based on location and upbringing and religious populations usually live in close proximity to one another whenever possible. I think that the more accurate approach would be to say that religions and problems are very closely intertwined and that religion can lead to problems between disagreeing factions.

In that sense, it can also be seen that religion is a way for people unite when there is an absence of catastrophe.

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Sanchita Jeetsri said: (Oct 12, 2017)  
So my opinion about this topic. Religion divides us because of people mentality and thinking. The brahmins family never want to go the Muslims family in their invitation and occasion because they are beef eaters and the brahmins family is against this. So in this situation, the religion divide us. They are not want to share their happiness due to some religion problem. So religion divides us. In the other phase of the topic. When the terrorist attack in the city and in that situation the brahmins family have not other options and they get a help from a Muslim family. So the problem is not discriminate the religion when people get the problem. And they have not other option to get a help and survive. So this is my point of view on this topic that. Yes, problem unite us.

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Laxman Bhosale said: (Sep 21, 2017)  
According to Darvin theory of revolution of human being, the humans are algae, so there is no need to fight between us because of the world accepted theory we are brothers and sisters. And again. Religions are made for maintaining peace in all human beings. But some people uses in wrong direction to dominate among the people.

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Philip Xavier said: (Sep 13, 2017)  
Of course, problem unites us, let's take a simple issue. When a apartment has some water issue the whole lot of people in that building unite, but then when it comes to religion a Brahmin never visits a Muslim just because he eats meat. But then on religion it is based on one's own or a group of peoples ideas and not the whole followers. Because even we have friends in other religions who we are more fond of than our parents.

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Vineeth said: (Sep 7, 2017)  
My opinon about the topic is, that it's never a religion that divides us but it is the mentality and thinking that divides us religious title our country as a nation with diversity in peoples faith and culture customs and traditions which distinguish us from any other nation in the world. Speaking about problems when it occurs it's the humanity within us which makes us forget that people in need belong to which religion or given the country.

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Rahul said: (Sep 6, 2017)  
There are some problems we keep facing these days in a regular basis such as the Nirbhay case, recently Mumbai floods. We saw people uniting and fighting for a common problem but when it comes to religion people of often get did indeed. I believe that religion controls delude and divide people. I believe every child has only one god.

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Sai Varma said: (Aug 27, 2017)  
Hello good afternoon, my self Sai Varma, today we are here to discuss problem unite us religion divide us.

As far as, I'm concerned, problem unites us but religion not dividing us, In older days people are stuck to their religions and all, but nowadays generation as changed. We people not concentrating on religions which is the good thing, as we all are human we are not born with religion so we don't have to stick to our religions, whenever problem comes everyone has to join and solve the problem as we seen before about Jallikattu issue which resembles the unity with out any religion.

Why to take those big examples, I think that we all have friends in our school or college life, and everyone will have friends of other religion too. I am also having friends with different religions, but whenever there is a problem for all of my friends are going to help me. I think we are doing right which will helpful for our society.

Finally, I want to conclude that in my opinion problems unite us, but religion is not dividing us nowadays.

Thank you.

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Raman said: (Aug 23, 2017)  
It is truly said that problems unite us, and religious divides us because when anyone is in the problem we don't think that he is of which religion, we always try to make him solve, and it's vice versa too.

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Ajmera said: (Aug 19, 2017)  
Problem unite us, I agree with this statement but I disagree with Religion divides. Every religion tells us that to be honest, respect each other. But some people for their personal affairs, creating issues like ram mandhir babri masjid to divide us. Everyone should respect each other and be unite. Yes, problems unite us and it proved a lot of times like freedom for our country, freedom for South Africa.

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Jaik said: (Aug 16, 2017)  
According to me, religion never divide us because every religion say that do work for peace but According me of course problem unite us to each other as for example when English country was attacked in India. Then nobody was fighting in the name of religion in India because this time we have big problem was slavery. And all religion people unite and fight against English country for Independence. So according to me problems unite us.

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Pankaj said: (Aug 5, 2017)  
True proverb. Whenever the problem comes on mankind we all get united. We all forget the prejudice of caste and religion. But because of politician gains, some politicians play dirty politics.

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Mukesh said: (Aug 4, 2017)  
Yes, it is true that problem unite us but politics divide us in from of religion. First thing is that we are humans, we birth humans and after we divides in religion but humanity is mankind which motivate for get together in problems. We live in such type of society where different type of persons lived who belongs from different religion but they are always available for any critical situation. So I request to poltical parties that never use religion for his benifits.

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Dhaaya said: (Jul 15, 2017)  
Yes, I accept to the statement that problem unites us and religion divide us. Peoples are separated by religions. Those days people so much sticky to their religion. So they do not talk to other religious people. But nowadays youths of the nation understood that there is no religion among the people. All people have the same blood but differ in religion that is not a matter. According to Mahakavi Bharathiyar, there is no religion among people. Youth understood this very well. In work places, colleges, school etc, they talk and maintain friendship to everyone. Friendship are not based on caste or religion. All are same. Problems unite us, Example like, in Jallikattu protest everyone joined their hands together, all Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Islam etc joined hands together. That showed their uniformity. But old people are addicted to religion, even in love marriages also caste plays a major role. Love marriages must be encouraged. Every people has their own wish to marry the person he/she loves. With parents support, they can lead a happy married life. Caste, religion is not their people. All are same. Thank you.

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Prateek said: (Jun 29, 2017)  
Yes, I am in favour with the statement that Problems unite us, Religion divides us. The fundamental requirement of all the individuals is same regardless of their religion, age, gender etc. Different problems in the country like poverty, hunger, unemployment, poor education exists which affects individuals of all religions. These problems don't see any religion. As much as the Hindu is affected by them as much it affect Muslims. After all, we all are citizens of the same country so we have to face together the different problems in the country which exists even after 70 years of independence. That's why it is better to become one irrespective of the religion and find solution of the problems. If we fight with each other on the basis of religion then these problems will only increase. We have to learn how to respect other religion and learn to respect our motherland. Our mother land is the common thing in between different religions that can unite us. So we need to unite and face the problems that exist. Because time does not wait. We are already lagging behind some nations of the world. To catch them fast we have to become one as the citizen of the country and eradicate all the problems exists.

Thank you.

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Anamika said: (Jun 22, 2017)  
Yes, I do agree with this. In case of India, it is true that we as religious parties hate each other. We would throw taunts at each others try to demean each others and few even gets comative in nature due to these religious differences. In India the major differencein religious parties is between the hindus and the muslims. Howver you would find in the time of sports like cricket match both will support India, be it India vs Pakistan. Also, in time of surgical strikes muslims in our country were against Pakistan`s terrorist activities. These are the times when religious groups in India actually unite and talk on behalf of others. Thank you.

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Rahul said: (Jun 4, 2017)  
Problems unite us, they never end in life, gets more complicated though. But we need to fight these problems honestly rather than running away from them since that won't help us in any case as the problems are going to chase down for sure.

Religion is a name given to us by our society, I feel all religions are the same and have one god. I don't feel that it divides us even after reading every other article in the newspaper regarding the same.

Consider partitions of India, these didn't arise due to religion. These were created due to political differences. India is politically very unstable which is the major reason for creation of problems.

Neither Religion nor politics divide us, it is the politics.

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Abhishek Nair said: (May 30, 2017)  

My opinion about this topic is, that it's never a religion that divides us but it is the mentality and thinking that divides us. Religions title our country as a nation with diversity in peoples' faith and culture, customs and traditions which distinguish us from any other nation in the world. Speaking about problems when it occurs its the humanity within us which makes us forget that people in need belong to which religion or even country.

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Devender Nayak said: (May 27, 2017)  
Hai diz iz Devender Nayak. !

Here everyone knows that India is a land of "Unity in diversity". In India, we have one of the major problems is religion based discrimination especially in Hindus and Muslims, and racism between South Indians and North Indians. Because practically we are watching in our current society that people are still following untouchability in rural areas as well as few urban regions also, in fact easily we can find this kind of people in our contemporary society. At the conclusion, what I want to say is that fundamentally stop racisms, untouchability superstitions and discriminations automatically the unity comes true.

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Sakshi said: (May 11, 2017)  
Yes, it's true that humans always unite while facing problems why should we go far in India itself at that period when Indians are suffering from great depression all the Indians united and send the Britishers back.

But I don't know why people are so sensitive in the name of religion I belong to a Hindu family but along with Chalisa and Artis I know to read namaz and I really love to know about different religions because every religion teaches something good.

So we should respect all and live united.

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Neeraj Chandra said: (Apr 24, 2017)  
Hi Guys,

It is fact that "Problems unite us" when we face in our home, in friends circle, at work place etc. Because those problems can not solve without living together but in some conditions it is true there are some more conditions where problems divide us just like the conflict between India and Pakistan on the issue of Kashmir there are a lot of problems and because of those problems they do not live together and always being ready for fight. So problems unite us as well as divide us is base on the situation and place.

And in other hand, if we say "Religion divides us" so it is also having two faces because of two different-2 conditions if we talk about a particular group of people who believe in a particular religion so those people will not show partiality for all those people who are in their same group but if we talk about two other-2 religion' people so they can divide themselves because of their mentality.

Finally, I would like to say that these types of issues we face because of our mentality status among the people.

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Prakhar Verma said: (Apr 20, 2017)  
I feel religion is the only thing keeping this world together, it is the only thing that keeps people from tearing this world apart and from turning into animals. The problem when people who are known as the authority of religion or people who know about religion use religion as a tool fight personal wars and the only way to counter this problem is by preaching the lost the true meaning of their religion. Problems do unite us they show the best of people who try and help other people. The solution for the problems created by religion is for the good and intelligent population to take action and expose the people who are trying to divide this world and it's population.

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Bishal said: (Mar 30, 2017)  
According to me, religion unite us for some extand.

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Deepika said: (Mar 26, 2017)  
Hi I am Deepika.

It is true that problems unite us because when problem arise we all come together and fight with the problems. I think first priority should be for humanity because we are humans. When we take birth we are human and we get the name of religion later on.

Religion never divides us because we are living in a society where all people of different religions are are living. We take help when we need and we give help also. So I don't think religion divide us because I have many friends of different religions and all are same for me. We only see the behavior and nature of person, not religion.

It is politics which divide us. Because the politicians use the people for their own benefits. They always see their benefits, not about the country. If they get something by making fights between two religion's people they can do anything. Because of the fight between the political parties they use common people. It makes the politics dirty and also the reason of fighting between religion. They only try to use the emotion of the people for their own purpose.

So I think problem and religion both unite us. It is only the dirty politics which trying to divide people in the name of religion.

Thank you.

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Shakshi said: (Mar 25, 2017)  
I think by facing the problem together true purpose of our religions can be fulfilled.

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Javed Ansari said: (Mar 22, 2017)  
According to me.

Religion is one of most problem to divided humanity. Every person believes to God and God says to live unit and any problem face to together. I think God is only one. Human is divided for own purpose.

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Narendra Meena said: (Mar 5, 2017)  
Yes. It's true that when a man faces the problem then at that time only a human beings help them, they don't see the religion for helping the others. So problems unite us.

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Srv said: (Feb 28, 2017)  
Whenever we hurt the first thing comes to our mind a word "MAA".

This simply means that whenever we are facing some problem we need help, irrespective of caste religion, sex, creed.

We should help people in any situation after all we all are creatures of god. Religion should not come into the picture for the help if other people. So I am going for the motion.

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Akash Nigam said: (Feb 20, 2017)  
Hi guys,

I am Akash Nigam and I think this is life biggest truth. As we all know in any type of problem weather it is related to politics or natural catastrophe humanity will stand together face it as a united world, which is actually the work of the religion to make the world where people live in peace and unity. As I think what if we make the problem of our new religion and one who causes this problem will become our god because as of now in every religion god is just like art that is perfected by human day by day which is not gonna cause any good.

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Siya Maheshwari said: (Jan 29, 2017)  
All face problems in their life. When the same problem happens with us and other people then without seeing religion and all. We help each other. It's really good. But when we are not suffering from problem and we see others suffering. Then we have no effect on ourselves. Here we see person's religion instead of helping him.

And I think religion does three things very effectively:.

It divides people.
It controls people.
It deludes people.

So we must cross the lines of religion and for humanity, we should help each other in any problem. Nd should live peacefully.

Because religion doesn't give us a right judgement of a person.

So don't judge people by their religion. All are ours. Help each other.

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Niza said: (Jan 26, 2017)  
To some extent, it is the harsh reality. Whenever we face problem especially if there are some disputes or differences from some other countries we stand united which is actually a good thing but where our unity vanishes while dealing with problems within our country.

Whenever some problems arise we don't give attention to that what was the reason behind it, why this happened what we want to know first is religion of that person or group due to which problem arose. And then we start blaming that oh he or they did so because he is from this religion and his religion does not teaches equality and respect or anything else.

This is very illogical thinking from people's side. How can anyone relate anyone's wrongdoing with his religion? No religion wants its follower to be rude or bad or commit a sin. Every religion has the same idea, all are same it's only the people who have created all difference.

Hence in order to maintain tranquillity and peace in our country and world, we must not fight in name of religion, we must stand together and face all problems unitedly.

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Sneha said: (Jan 6, 2017)  

Problems unite us is true and it shows the humanity is alive inside us. People come forward to help each other and at that time religion is not considered. At the need of time its our unity which gives help and strength to the needy.

Religion is not for dividing, its a way of living and each and every religion should be respected. In all the religious books we learn the same lesson and it teaches us that we all are child of one god and therefore we should never discriminate on basis of religion.

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Tahu said: (Dec 31, 2016)  

Every person has problemS. Every day we face a lot of problems, we can't expect mankind without problems but when we start facing them that tells how much we are strong in our problem solving skills.

All people pray for the same god in different types of religions when god is showing no difference then why should people show difference in the name of religion. God is only one. God sees only the dedication that we show towards him no matter in which religion we are. India is a pool of religions. When problems arise in India then all the religions unite, become one and start solving the problems. The religion does not divide the people divide it is up to us in which way we choose. So, believe in unity in diversity.


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Anindita said: (Dec 29, 2016)  
In my view, all the religions are same. I don't know why these people are always fighting with religions.

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Kritika Kapoor said: (Dec 28, 2016)  
It is true that when human beings face problems they come together. We can take many instances to prove that. In October 2013, Cyclone Phailin hit Andhra Pradesh and Odisha and caused immense damage. When such a calamity befell India, people of India came forward to help their fellow citizens.

Funds started pouring in from all parts of India and many organizations such as the ISKCON Food Relief Foundation and Google came forward to offer their help. It is sad to note that only when problems arise do people show care and concern to their fellow citizens.

Religion-Everyday we can see one column in newspaper covering the act of violence on the name of religion. People have the tendency to kill each other on the name of religion.

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Problems unite us, Religion divides us

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