Private Educational Institutions: Good or Bad

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Ashil Antony said: (Feb 13, 2018)  
In my point of view, both private and government colleges and schools are good in many ways.

But many fields both of them have drawbacks. Many of the private colleges are working for the money and the leading position of there institution. The teachers in the government sector will be much more capable of teaching in a better manner. The students in the government sector will be rich with more human values like love care and all.

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Naveena D said: (Feb 8, 2018)  
Good Evening Friends,

According to me, Private educational institutions are good one. Because there are lot of activities and skills are provided. But In the subject oriented, students are memorize the subjects.

Government students are also memorize the subjects. Many government schools not involving the teaching process. Private and Government Educational Institutions nobody's are not interesting to provide a good education for students.

But private educational institutions are provide so many extra curricular activities. That is good one.

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Ravi said: (Jan 28, 2018)  
According to me, both are good private and Government Institutes also. It depends on our family.

It depends on us. It depends on our teacher that if we have good teacher who teaches good and they tell us that how to do study and why we do study because in these days most of government School teacher doesn't provide them best because they only on focuse our salary and no one can torch me I did hard work for this job it's bad of our teachers because if teacher won't teach to studebt how can possible to improve our education how can we expect that India will be great so I would like to say all our teacher government And private also give your best and teach students that why you do study. Because education is that way which makes a great India. So I request to all teachers that please give your best.

Thank you.

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Mr Subhash said: (Jan 17, 2018)  
I think the facilities like sanitation rooms are now available in government schools and these really don't matter what matters is the style of teaching which is really good in the government schools also and nowadays students of government schools are more advanced if do a comparison with those private and in government schools (TFI).

Teach for India is also available So I think what the education or learning means is there at both the school at the same level somehow.

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M.Mahesh said: (Jan 16, 2018)  
Hi guys.

I am M. Mahesh.

In my point of view both educational institutions are good but in government institutions the lecturers are well known and best experienced. In private the lecturers are not much well known.

So guys that's my opinion and I think the government institutions are best for our future jobs, etc.

Thanking you.

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Akanksha said: (Jan 7, 2018)  
In my point of view, government education is better, because in it we learn the subject, but in private education the system is route learning. So, I suggest to study in government educational institutions.

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Mehak Makhija said: (Jan 4, 2018)  

I am Mehak Makhija.

In my point of view, both the educational institutions are good in their perspective. It is only based on the interest of teacher and student.

Thank you.

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Dharani Devi said: (Dec 7, 2017)  
Good morning one and all.

I am dharani.

In my point of view, government education is better than the private education system. Government schools may not provide some facilities like toilets and less syllabus when compared to private schools but the government schools have rules to provide better education. Better education means there is no spoon feeding like private schools. Nowadays in private schools, bihearting process is implemented &it effects students futures highly.

As we know old is gold like this government's schools are better than private.

Thank you.

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Praya Nivesh said: (Dec 3, 2017)  
According to me, private is becoming worse nowadays. There are going down and government school takes their leads. Private school main moto is collecting money from the parents. Their education level is also going down. Students are confused between their studies what to read and how to read. Beating a student is banned, so the teacher cannot able to beat them, then how to shape the students, how to make them read? Government school students are getting state ranks in 10 and 12. No matter whether they studied in private or government school. Bright students will excel in studies. Teachers must guide them and support them. Weak students are not basically weak. If teachers encourage them they will also study well. So I request all teachers both in government and private sectors to encourage and support students. Thank you.

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Srigovind said: (Nov 23, 2017)  
In my point of view, both private and govt education is good because what the reason is, in both systems their motive is one is to educate a children or student in a good way with discipline. But the difference is in a private sector they are teaching different syllabus like CBSE in English language and in government schools, they are teaching normal syllabus in Tamil language otherwise there is no difference. If a student has an ability to study then he or she will be studied in any school no matter that private school or government school so judge a student by which school they have been studied.

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Laxmi Tattimani said: (Nov 8, 2017)  
In My Point of View Government School are Good. Why Because Getting Government Job Is not easy it have more difficult exams we have to pass that so In All Government teachers are have more talent compare to private teachers. Private school teachers not get difficulty to pass Interview exams.

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Navtesh Thakur said: (Oct 29, 2017)  
According to me, private institutions are better than the government institutions because of the following reasons :- teaching in private schools is practical.

Moreover the staff of the private school is punctual.

Even the private schools cater to each and every requirement of a student with is available to them.

There are many competitive or co scholastic activities which result in the overall development of the child.

Whereas the condition of government schools need to be improved.

Let's take an example. Every parent wants his child to be admitted in a private school.

So it is the need of an hour to make the government school practical in learing.

English speaking is the another requirement there days as English is a dominating language these days.

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Candy said: (Oct 26, 2017)  
Basically, Govt should have passed a bill during Post independence saying there is no room space for private players to run schools/colleges in India. Basically Education, Healthcare, irrigation and Defence are always to be provided by the government only, then only that country can be grown well. When private players come into pictures they will see service sectors as a currency machine only, it natural tendency because it is business no more service we couldn't blame them. So always government schools/colleges are better.

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Kavya said: (Oct 9, 2017)  
Hi friends.

I'm supporting to yours views. Coming to my view govt schools and colleges are better than the private colleges. Because govt colleges have taught only subject oriented not about student ranks and marks. But In private colleges they have taught only for ranks and college top chart than other colleges. Moreover maximum number of students has interest to join private colleges only not govt colleges. That's why India is developing country till now. No change will occur until our education system will change.

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Krishna Kant Singhal said: (Oct 1, 2017)  
First, I want to say that privet and govt college both are better because they have the same aim. In those days govt school has those teachers who get their job by reservation they crack bed, rpsc exams easily because of they have the reservation. So our govt clg, school are left behind. Our education system is not good if we make a good education system than we can make more better govt clg rather than privet clg. I saw a school in near my village where student were playing and teacher also playing, talking, chating to each other over the school tym. They do not take any good action for study so how we can say govt clg, school is better than other educational institutes. And last I conclude that if we want make the bright future of student we should change our education techniques and method. So that we can make bright student to lead the better India.

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Santosh Kumar said: (Sep 25, 2017)  
Hello my name santosh.

According to me government school is good then private school. Because in government shool have many student do very hardwork in school, in home.

That's very good. That school of government is ver good then private school.

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Sakha said: (Sep 20, 2017)  
Hello, Friends, this is Sakha. With your opinions shared, I would like to add that private educational institutions are administered by nongovernment bodies and they retain the right to select students for admission and they are fully or partly funded by student's tuition fees and they don't rely on government's taxation. The aim for private educational institutions is profit but not imparting the knowledge necessary for students to behave properly in the society, they only focus on making students score high and top the charts and make their institutions superior to others to gain more profit and recognition. They make wrong use of the limited seat availability in government institutions and charge high tuition fees. Not all private institutions are considered as bad but there are some institutions led by greatly responsible educationalists who faced the problems studying at government institutions, caste-based reservation system and want to impart better knowledge, facilities, and ethics to students. Government institutions put large number of students to fit in a single class due to improper infrastructure or faculty which would be difficult for the faculty to address each student's doubts. Coming to private institutions they provide they provide flexible classes and infrastructure, providing a good environment to students. I conclude the discussion by suggesting that educational institutions should not be discriminated by private or government but should focus on overall development of students and teach them ethics to behave properly in society.

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Gilly said: (Sep 13, 2017)  
Good morning friends.

As per my view, government education is better than private because private schools and colleges only puts thier efforts for good marks and ranks. Its completely spoon feeding and student will not get any talent and subject.

That's why in India more toppers less talents.

Thank you.

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Trolokya said: (Sep 11, 2017)  
In my point of view, the private educational institutions are not bad. As the number of seats in the government institutions is limited and everybody has a dream to go for higher studies which they can achieve from the private institutions. But the private institutions should not take the education system like a business. They shouldn't concentrate on the mass production system, they should have concentrated on the quality of education and should try to decrease the number of unemployment.

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Sumit said: (Sep 10, 2017)  
Hello, freinds.

In my knowledge government and private school both are good but government Is the best more than private school that is a right is private have well infrastructure and digitalise function but they have no experienced teacher and its fee very high every person have not pay its fee and government fee is reasonable and capable Which is every person have pay. Private school growth our school result for business ranking but government Teacher want to growth my student.

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Nilesh Kumar Patel said: (Sep 9, 2017)  
Hello, friend.

So that I think private school is better than government School. Presently, government school of education is very bad. Because government school is not discipline. And is not a good facility. Like as sports, technology and government School in more problems, such that teacher is not the time to time came In school.

I agree private school in good education.

Thank you.

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Danish Khan said: (Sep 8, 2017)  
Of my knowledge institution are not good or bad this is our point of you the private institution and government institution both are good. Or bad in our country people are mind set private collage is good as compared to govt but in job opportunity the government is best. Education does not matter private or govt it is the ability of students what he gain from it.

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Pavan said: (Sep 4, 2017)  
I think that private college is good because every one has no required marks for goverment college then private college is good for that and private college provide more facilities than government colleges.

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Prasanth said: (Aug 9, 2017)  
In my point of view, both govt and private institutions are good. In govt institutions, they have poor facilities, no proper maintenance but they have experienced teacheramd students are known what is our basic needs. In private institutions, they have good infrastructure, proper maintenance, good lab facilities, motivated. Etc but most of the teacher are not experienced, students didn't realise our basic needs. Scoring good marks doesn't matter. Behaviour is the importance one that tuned by family and schools.

I concluded, govt institutions are better than private. But we have to improve both institutions like practical knowledge.

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Said said: (Aug 4, 2017)  
My point of view private education is very important because all student are not required admission for govt colleges so their student is required for private colleges.

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Jyj.Lakshman said: (Jul 29, 2017)  
My point of view. Education is not depends gov &private it depends only environment &a good faculty &our parent's. The main important thing is a student should concentrate on studies that's it.

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Ilayaraja said: (Jun 29, 2017)  
In our point of view, private and government schools are some advantages and drawbacks. In private school providing a quality studying material, lab facility, and take care to every student personal studying but the only drawback is higher fees. In a government school, teacher spends with less time for teaching, they teach poor quality but poor people don't enough money to joining in govt schools.

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Hardeshsingh said: (Jun 16, 2017)  
Private school charges very high fees, they have their own management committee of theirs own persons and fix fees for annual increase. There should be third party audit for total amount collected by them in a year. How many permanent teachers/staff and the total yearly paid to them what is the strength of temeporay/contractual teachers/staff and how much amount is paid to them. After that work out the total receipt and payment of the schools and then decides whether fee should be increased or decrease. Government schools should be encouraged and there should be good quality of teachers and staff and should increase fee.

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Suchismita said: (Apr 27, 2017)  
In my point of view, govt educational institutions are better than private. Because education means not only the completion of syllabus course but also the extracurricular activities and learning manner, behavior, physically and mentally activities etc. And all these things which can make a student a perfect human being is possible in govt Institute. The students in private school have not good manners.

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Vikas Soni said: (Apr 19, 2017)  
Hello friends,

From my point of view, govt education is better than the private education. We know that there are very problem in the government school like a toilet, fan, good discipline etc. But it's the base of the education in India because in India approx 70% of the population live in villages and they all aren't able to pay private institutes. Government Colleges are very well then the private colleges. They have good faculties, labs, and study plan to improve the knowledge of students.

The degree from government Colleges is more valuable than privates.

The private colleges are very well in terms of providing the degree to any type of students. It doesn't matter that what can do the students with this degree. I think, in higher education private colleges destroy your future. They don't provide good faculties, labs, training etc. While the fees submission is necessary at the time.

Finally, I have concluded that government Education is very well. For this, we have to study with more concentration and have to increase our labor for our better future.

Thank you.

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Prakhar Maheshwari said: (Apr 18, 2017)  
According to me, the government schools aren't better. Many issues are there. Many improvements are needed. In many government schools, there is n't toilets. There are many problems. And of course because of this their level is going down. But if we talk about government colleges the matter is different. They are better and the one whose admission is in government college is respected.

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Rajib Sarkar said: (Apr 7, 2017)  
According to my opinion, the govt education in school level is going to the bottom level day by day. The main drawback is the education quality has no standard here. Lots of student from any state government school feels very problem in higher study only due to the education quality or english communication. The education material i.e. the topic which will be studied to the student it should be same in both govt and private schoolsso so immiediately action should be taken for this discriminancy.

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Harjinder Kaur said: (Apr 1, 2017)  
As I think, Education system should be corrected in govt.schools. Some of the school staff ignore the students of middle to high standard who quarrels at petty points. The students never care about their teacher in this matter.

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Ajay Choudhary said: (Mar 20, 2017)  
Hello, friends.

I would like to start that both schools are best for children if he/she is interested in studying and if he/she is very laborious.

In my view, in this era, private schools are very ahead and better than government school but only for senior education not for higher.

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Ankush said: (Mar 15, 2017)  
Hello friends.

According to my point of view, private schools are better than the government Schools because teaching level in the private schools are better than the govt. Schools but govt. Schools are good for the poor people who live in villages they don't have the enough money to pay private institutions for the education of their children.

But is we see education level in the govt. Colleges are better then the private colleges only primary education is not good in govt institutions otherwise, the higher education is better in govt. Institutions like no. Of good engineers, doctors, and management students are selected from IITs, NITs and IIMs.

So finally I have concluded that govt. Education is better at higher level as compare to private in terms of knowledge as well as fee and infrastructure. But primary education Is not good at govt institutions because teachers are not teaching well in govt. School as compare to private schools.

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Jeet said: (Mar 13, 2017)  
Hello, I am Jeet according to my point of view govt and private both the best for us, if the private school will not so govt school rush, should be large and private school also provide good education as well as govt school both important for us n necessary for us.

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Durga Devi said: (Mar 2, 2017)  
The both private and government are good for all students. But government school is better than private school. The education level is high in private school.

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Rathod said: (Mar 1, 2017)  
Private and govt are good. In govt private colleges we has to pay money for that purpose they strictly care about our study. But in the case of govt colleges, they will teach 50-80%n remaining work gives to student. Because student should not become lazy. But nowadays no one joining in govt colleges. Due to way of thinking. So everyone should change their way of thinking.

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Pushan Chakraborty said: (Feb 27, 2017)  

I think both private and government institutions are good. The most important point how students do their studies in private or in government. Because hard work and merit matters at the end of the job. If you know your work your job correctly, you are the boss.

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Rahul Dubey said: (Feb 20, 2017)  
In my point of view, both government and private institute are good, because in nowadays both have specific importance in the society. But in point of choosing one then government one is far better than private one because the teachers those who are teaching at government school they are well educated and because they have to qualify the many exams to became the govt. School teachers. If the teacher is well educated then the student will be also educated. Because teacher can make the student's future bright and also he can make the future dark of them. And also nowadays all the facilities are available at the govt. School at the low cost. And also if the student's interest is not in study then he or she has chance to choose the sports or music or any other fields with the study which is not possible in private school. Because in private school if you did not scored 60-70%. In exam then you will able to continue your study at that institute, if you scored lower marks then you will not be able to continue your study.

So, govt. School is better than private school in fees, education opportunity for growing in any field or even facilities are also going good.

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Thalari Shailaja said: (Feb 17, 2017)  
Hi friends,

In my point of view, both government and private schools are good. Private schools are independent schools. Poor people do not have a chance to study in private schools because of more fees but in private school students getting much knowledge in present generation because of practical knowledge and in government schools, some students get scholarships that are useful to them.

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Nimnaka said: (Feb 15, 2017)  
We can, t say which is good or bad. But I think private universities are good because they have good facilities.

So children are like to learn or keep more attention for that. But these all are decide according to child brain.

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Nikita said: (Feb 13, 2017)  
Government school is better than private on the basis of financial because in our country many peoples are not affordable private fees because of this fees much more. The peoples are village they benefited by that. That's why the governments' schools are beneficial.

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Hemanth Sai Uppalapati said: (Feb 10, 2017)  
Which are best- either private institutions or government institutions?

Coming to the aspect of discipline, private institutions are some what better in teaching discipline.

People have a wrong image of government schools in their minds like-they have no attention in studying, teachers come to school late, no focus of student on studying and no proper discipline but we have to remember one thing that the same government institution taught much more discipline than the present private institutions for our ancestors.

Also one thing to remember- "people think in a way such that "as we pay more money, more facilities come around", but I think facilities are not important to study, everything is based on student's interest.

If they are interested in studying then they do not require any facilities and can excel anywhere around the world.

Hence " whether it may be private or government "it is not the deciding point to chose which institution is the best.

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Anusha said: (Feb 10, 2017)  

We can't say which is good or bad because it depends on the student mentality. If they are interested in studying then they definitely study well anywhere without any facilities. Facilities are not important to study. Nowadays the people who study in govt school have more knowledge than the private education people. That is mainly based on their interest only.

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Robin Singh said: (Feb 9, 2017)  
Well, I think today private institutions are much better than government school. Today's conditions of government schools vary poor like no attention in studying, no focus of student in studying, teachers come to school late, no proper discipline. Whereas private school is much better discipline than last. Good communication between student, attention to teachers for student, focus on study, another activity like sports, seminar, presentation, competition exam etc. So finally, private school is better than government.

But one think necessary tells to all that it depends on brain of student. Thats all.

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Iman Ali said: (Feb 7, 2017)  
I think so the private school is much better than of government school because the government school is not that the higher education.

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Keshav Agarwal said: (Feb 6, 2017)  
I think so private schools are better than government school because of govt. School.

Don't pay much attention to students. Ones the school is open govt become careless about teachers and fund to school. But in private schools, principal and other teachers use to give regular education and attention to students because of which they gain good knowledge about things. They also concentrate In games and sports which help them to become fit mentally and physically.

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Hrishikesh Darak said: (Feb 5, 2017)  
It's not necessary that only private or only government educational institutions are good or are bad. I think, It should depend upon the way particular institute is, the way its curriculum is, the way its teaching method is, how experienced their teaching staff is, how do they help students achieve their goals and many more things like this. So, by this information, we can decide whether the institution is good or bad.

But yes, again when it comes to money- the private educational institutions have more fees than the government educational institutions. So, I feel that they should provide scholarships to selective students or may be based on the student's performance, student's family background, etc.

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Pagadala Kalyan said: (Feb 2, 2017)  
In my point of view, private educational institutions are bad because, in private schools, they are always concentrating on only subject (study) but in Government schools, there is a freedom for the students and also quality education. Like encouraging on sports and other activities but this type of freedom isn't there in private schools. They focused on only education. They want 99% result only. That's why I supposed to Government schools because I am also from Government school.

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Raj Chander said: (Jan 18, 2017)  
I think both private and government Institute or university are good. It depends on the mental condition of student or people.

Some student are careless that is the main reason behind the good or bad.

Some student came to the university only for enjoying not studying.

I think if we studying hard the result become very good.

And we become good engineer or doctor etc.

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Abhinav Akarsh said: (Dec 18, 2016)  
Both are well.

According to the situation of students.

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A.V said: (Dec 17, 2016)  
Friends, private education is better than government School or collages because the big reason is private school or collages provide the more multimedia facility in classroom. For E.G projector, use the internet in the classroom, so many labs in the private schools or collages and last max practical work use in private schools or collages student easily understand that all of things.

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Akriti said: (Dec 16, 2016)  
But I want to say that if the primary, private school is bad then why a rickshaw puller want that his child is also studying in primary school?

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Abhishek Shukla said: (Dec 10, 2016)  
Many of you said that private education gives more facilities, but does only the facilities matter. Only the facilities make you good individual, does only facilities makes you successful.

Take an example of the previous decade are the people of that decade are not successful.

So you can't say only about facilities at the end only your education matters.

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Raviteja said: (Nov 21, 2016)  
My point of view, private schools are better, comparing with government schools. Why the reason government schools are not providing better teaching and, don't care the students. These are only for rich peoples not for poor peoples.

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Vikas said: (Nov 17, 2016)  
I think private institutions are good.

Government collages are very few in number. Everyone are not able to get admission in government. So private institutions are last option for then. Many people think that the students which are studying in government colleges are good. Rather than the student of private institutions. But it is not right. There are lots of private institution's student who cracks the good exams like SSC nd GATE. So I think hard working is matter then the collages.

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Nikhil said: (Nov 12, 2016)  
Private Educational Institution is like a coin having 2 sides both positive and negative. First, I will talk about positive. Since in India, our admission in colleges will depend on our caste irrespective of the fact that we are poor. Like in du, where you should get 95% or any caste based criteria to get admission. It is difficult for some category to get admission. At that time, our only hope is Private Institutions. We can get quality education there. But for that, they charge us huge money.

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Nishant said: (Nov 2, 2016)  
Although India has the second highest population in world but there is lack of about 15000 officers in defence forces. But why? This is because of mushrooming SSB private training centres all over Indian. SSB is basically your Psychological analysis of your personality, you can not "CRACK" it with cramming 500-600 WAT in coaching institutes. It really inhibits your mental and personality growth. What defence forces require is you natural response. So private institutes are really causing damage to students.

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Nishant said: (Nov 2, 2016)  
Indian education system has worked a lot under RTE act to provide free education to students of under age of 6-14, but Neither the quality of education nor well-educated teachers are there to provide good quality education, so, in this case, private institutions provide quality education to a greater extent. Condition of government schools in Indian is really bad, government has to focus on education along with mid-day meals. I think private convent schools make life of their students, but fee they charge is much more than government institutions and school. But we should not compromise quality over money because education remains with you for whole life. In nutshell, I prefer private institution.

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Pinki said: (Oct 20, 2016)  
I am B.Com student. Before two days I research on government school or private school. According to my information, in study point of view, private schools are good but fees point of view are not good because poor families cannot pay money for private facilities. According to my information, other facilities point of view private institutions good compare to government institution.

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Kuldeep Kaur said: (Oct 20, 2016)  
Private educational institutions study point of view are good or fees point of view are bad because poor families cannot pay money for private facilities.

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Reyaan said: (Oct 15, 2016)  
Private schools are better than governments school because in private schools they provide

- School bus for students so the parents are free because they don't need to drop their children.

- Air condition because it helps to concentrate students on their studies during summer.

- Flint (an app which keeps the parent's update what is happening in school).

- Discipline is there because teachers are strict.

- Well education which helps students to make a proud career.

- Teachers are well aware how to teach students.

- More education because of practicals in private schools.

- Extra cultural activities which help the students to remain active also because of this they do not get bored with studies.

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Ankur said: (Oct 7, 2016)  
Hello, friends.

Yeah, it is ok that private schools are better than govt schools rather I sud say govt schools are worse than private schools. The main reason behind their backwardness is that schools are not achieving their true potential. They are given enough fund, they have better teachers (in terms of knowledge) than in private one. But there is a lack of discipline, strictness, and proper guidance. Funds are used in a wrong direction. The only need for the betterment of govt school is to use their potential efficiently.

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Bharat said: (Oct 2, 2016)  
From my personal experience of being in touch with both the type of educational institutes, I could say private institutes are far better than government since in private, prof. S are bound to take their lectures but in govt. Inst. No one is there to monitor them. There is no performance based appraisal system in govt. Inst. So faculties are less worried about getting fired or demoted.

And students who are paying a huge amount for their education in a private inst. Are also bite serious about their career, since willing to learn more and more out of it.

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Sowmiya said: (Oct 1, 2016)  
Teaching is almost same in both govt and private schools. But in private schools students are taught with some good habits and discipline. These are not in govt schools. Also, students from private schools have good handwriting than students from govt schools.

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Sowmiya said: (Oct 1, 2016)  
We cannot say all private schools are good and in same way, we cannot say all govt schools are good. In both, we have some disadvantages. In private schools, some teachers come from recommendation, in govt schools some teachers are not doing their job. So both have equal advantages and disadvantages.

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C B Anil said: (Sep 13, 2016)  
There is no any difference between private and govt education but there is a big difference b/n the fees and donation.

According to my thinking, the students give up one thing that is "the private schools are good and govt schools are bad and private teachers are very good in teaching and in everything, but the teachers of government schools are unfit to teaching and cooperation".

But today's the job institute wants only youths who got an education in private A grade school, but the government school doesn't have any tread like A B C and D.

So my thinking is the government also give the grade to the government schools.

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Rakesh Kumar Roy said: (Sep 11, 2016)  
Dear all thanks to all of your ideas share regarding the private Education v/s govt education. According to your opinions you are right but in my point of view govt Education is better.

Today, all the private institutions are a business hub where school coaching charge lots of fees. They sold all the equipments related to student. They recommend unnessary and useless books notebooks for the students which make students boring and lethargy. Weight of school bag is more than the weight of a kids which damage the backbone of the kids. Only nessesary to send our child to government School collage and keep eyes on our kids and teacher to that they are properly guid to our children or not. If not than we should take action against him. Because our government. Invest million of money for the education purpose.

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Shailesh said: (Sep 1, 2016)  

- Through privatization, quality of education will be good.

- It's difficult for the government to maintain all schools and colleges. So, it's better to give some responsibility to private people.

- Students will become familiar with the competitive world.

- Some private institutes recommend their students for the jobs in companies.

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Ramani Hitesh said: (Sep 1, 2016)  
In My point of view, Private education is best and good education, good idea, good teacher than Public sector education. Because in Private sector education, the teacher gives full attention to the students.

1) In private the pays are heavy but in government schools, they take very less amount.

2) (Private school and public school) = (Rich Student and Poor student).

3) Private sector more attention for a student than public sector less attention improves student skill.

4) Private Sector school only improve institute quality, not a student.

5) Public school best way rural student.

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Jasmeen Solanki said: (Aug 31, 2016)  
Hello Friends,

As my point of view, Private education is better than Government education because in private education they provide the best education, best infrastructure, and facilities to improve skills of the student and they also give personal attention to each who are very poor in studies.

One of the disadvantages of private education is fees.

Thank you.

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Koshal Monisha-Be said: (Aug 30, 2016)  
In my point of view, govt education is better. But govt school strength is high in teaching may be very lost. Private education is teaching is good in my point.

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Mujahed Khan said: (Aug 27, 2016)  
In my point of view, Private institutions are far better than the government. Because mostly parents of private students also take care of their children. Well disciplined is there, cultural gathering and extra curricular activities make students skilled in today's competitive environment that are hardly in the government institutions.

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Devraj Choudhary said: (Aug 16, 2016)  
According to me. In the present situation of India both education groups are good but in their limits.

When we talk about kid school private school are best because they give and provide those facilities and care that govern school can't.

Then in upper classes, i.e. from 6 and upper govern school will be better. Because from this stage student start to think about himself and his career and this is the point from where the study of competitive exams start. And we know that govern teacher are more educated than private so that students future will go to correct hands.

And yes one more point which supports to my points is that in private school teachers had pressure to take responsibility of students and students don't Know this. Hence teachers role will be more. But in govt school, it is not seen.

From 7th class students himself asks the teacher to teach them. So they will get more benefit in this way of study.

Thank you. :)

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Manish Malav said: (Aug 12, 2016)  
Good evening friends.

According to my point of view, private educational institutions are bad because of high fees. Today it becomes their business. They provides VIP facilities to the students like well furniture, air conditioner classes, wi-fi, hostels, functions etc. But all these facilities are not required for good education. So effect of it puts on poor student's parents. In most of the private schools teachers are not so trained as government teachers because government teachers have passed the competitive exams. Another bad thing in private school, they do not have well dressed for girls. Opposite to private institutions, in government education system teachers have knowledge, well trained. In government schools there is no fees, free food, free books, scholarship. Today in government School laptop, bicycle for girls etc. Are distributed to the top students. One good thing in govt school, they provides well dressed to the students. But today a lot of implementation is required in government schools like punctuality of teachers, proper classes, and well laboratories, library etc. For this, Indian government should be strict against the corruption.

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Maneesha said: (Aug 11, 2016)  
According to my point of view, government education is best because I think that in government sector more experienced people work mostly and they are well trained.

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Rahul Jin said: (Aug 11, 2016)  
In my point of view Government schools are best. Because they are providing lunch and eggs.

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Sowndharya said: (Aug 9, 2016)  
I state that the private education is good for the growing children. Because what are all the things they are willing to do are available in their hands. The have the ready to use the source in their hands. But even though there are some of the government schools with some resources the students are not in the level using the resource in the proper way. So they must be guided by well-equipped teachers. So in my point of view, private education is good.

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Arti Dekhane said: (Aug 3, 2016)  
Although private institution charge fees but now there is a competition, Every child wants to be a pass with good marks in this educational competition hence private institution is playing an important role. And if government school try to bring such improvement and quality of education then there is no need to admitted in private institution.

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M1K3Ysqu33Z3 said: (Aug 3, 2016)  
I think that it is important for the federal government to set a certain standard of education, and it is important for the private institutions to hold their students to those standards while paying attention to their individual needs. It is important to push students. I can tell you personally that myself and many of my peers would not be as well educated and professionally adept if there wasn't somebody in our lives (usually a good professor or teacher) who did not allow us to give up.

It is not easy to sit yourself down and crack open the textbook when you could be out drinking or having a good time with your friends. It's sacrifice. It's hard. Just like it's difficult to do manual labor and become strong, it is difficult to do mental labor and become smart. No participation trophies in life. The government creates standards based on where the rest of the world is in their education. Don't condone stupidity.

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Vignesh.R said: (Aug 1, 2016)  
Hi, Private education can make peoples to lost some good knowledge things because in most of the people background should be so poor. The poor peoples cannot improve their skills and knowledge. In this method what we are all understanding means one who kept more money they only able to give a good education, skills, etc. It's so dependable, more talented students had access to the study, but the govt did not give the chance to get more skills, they give the only one chance, that will be private education.

So, some parents are making the students should be more knowledge and grateful. In this cause, the parents are borrowing money with more interest, already they are poor, so private education should give the more burden of them.


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Divyasri said: (Jul 31, 2016)  
In my opinion is private provides the better education than govt. Because they provide good facilities like lab facilities, hostel, sports, & other cultural events. The teaching method is very good&they take care for each student individually. Moreover, they teach the good disciplines.

And they having one disadvantage, the fees in the private sector is too much.

But in govt sector, they teach free of cost. In government sector, they didn't teach clear manner, and many students are going & studying in tuition with our own cost.

So, in my point of view private provides good education better than the govt sector.

That's all, thanks.

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Uma Shankar said: (Jul 31, 2016)  
Hi, according to education private and government are both are at the same height. The reason why because of both private and government schools students are equal knowledge, but teachers are well knowledge is not we have to see that. If teachers are well automatically they give some education to children. But in education life, everything should be in finger hands that are money, dress, food, building for the school, equipment, etc.

The overall things can only fulfill government undertaking party if they take it as a challenge it works like shining stars.

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Lalithya Reddy said: (Jul 27, 2016)  
In my view, private education is better and bad too. Why because, education is becoming a burden to children. It's not the way. Teachers in private institutes should focus on students based on their mental ability. They should not force them to study. On the other hand, private institutes are a bit forward in providing powerful citizens to our country. So, if there is less burden and less fee private institutes will be much better.

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Hariom said: (Jul 25, 2016)  
Good or bad.

According to my point of view, Private institutions are playing a brilliant role in the study as well as culture programs, sports, curricular activities and many other things.

Now we can see all higher English medium schools are not providing only book knowledge but they are also providing technical knowledge, practical knowledge that is very important for the brain development.

All teachers in a private institute are doing work hard but in the Government Institute, only a small amount of the teachers are playing their role.

They even forget what they should do, They only waiting for their monthly income and enjoy with it.

And many Govt. Schools haven't a good building and a good classroom.

But some of the Govt institutes are brilliant that are doing well like "govt school of kota, dadabari" giving a merit from 12 class every year.

So I am not saying that all govt institute are bad but I am saying that they have the ability to become a very good institute if they want.

And I am sure if every govt institute thinks about my last point that the day will not more far when the dream of Mr. Narendra Modi will become true about A BRILLIANT INDIA.

Thank you for appreciating my points.

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Sandhya said: (Jul 17, 2016)  
Good or bad.

Hi friends, my opinion private education, and government education is good but private education some knowledge gain and teaching staff always based on their working and every day studying the subject and not improve their skills and no freedom and no basics and high amount but in private education system the teacher not support the students for other sports or curricular activity. Government education helping poor peoples good study and good curricular activity and good skills and good teaching and good knowledge and nowadays government lot of free facilities and provide books and food dress etc.


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Jay Kumar said: (Jul 16, 2016)  
Hi, friends, just as my view private school is better because private schools give more knowledge to a government school. Private school makes students good in all field. I know for few reason government school are make an important role in students life like in government school students can not easily achieve good marks that's way students are very hard working and smart. But overall private school is better than the government school.

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Ashvarya said: (Jul 15, 2016)  
Hi, guys.

Private schools are better because their teachers make students understand everything.

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Gunja Gupta said: (Jul 14, 2016)  
I think today there is a need of a good teacher who should be enthusiastic about their teaching. They should have the zeal to give education to the children.

Unfortunately, our system is totally lazy and everyone took for granted the government job and become passive. They have knowledge but they don t want to be active. In this case, private institution grasps this opportunity and now education become a kind of business. In this competitive world, they have to fulfill the expectation of society, nation and they (private) are improving their Edu with the improvement of fee also. We can't deny that private institution is giving a good education than govern institution.

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Supriya said: (Jul 13, 2016)  
Hi, everyone.

I think that private institutions are not good because in present epoch everything is very high price even people cannot arrange for their bread and butter and it is not possible for the people to afford private institutions on the other hand if they prefer for government institutions they will can good nurturing from the teacher because we should cut our coat according to clothes.

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Anushka said: (Jul 8, 2016)  
Private Institutions in India are infamous because they are considered to be money minting organisations. But, I feel that there are certain private colleges in India that provide world-class quality of education but don't get their due because of the tarnished image that Private Institutes have.

To quote a few examples, Shiv Nadar University (SNU) has the one of the best infrastructure and faculty (from IIM's and FMS). SNU is paying high salaries to these professors just to provide the best education possible. Their batch sizes for economics is just 30 and for BMS is just 60. So, their aim is not earning money.

The biggest benefit Private Institutes offer is the latest industry-relevant courses. Their course content is up to date and makes the students employment-ready. They have courses like data analytics and design thinking which will at least take 5-6 years for government colleges to introduce.

But, as I said that due to many bad private colleges, a few amazing private colleges are not getting the limelight.

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Kavitha said: (Jul 7, 2016)  
Hi friends,

I am Kavitha from Chittoor. I want to share with you about Private Education Institutions. PEI is very good for students. Because faculty members who worked in PEI will have take care about each and every student to achieve their success. So that people who are studied in PEI will Improve their knowledge, Communication skills and also improve their confidence level.

Teachers who worked in PEI will tried to avoid failures. That means each students don't have backlogs. Always trying to improve their Institution level.

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Salim Pinjari said: (Jul 5, 2016)  
Hello, everyone, I would like to share mine on the above topic. Just like every coin have two parts. Private education institutions give maximum knowledge it is good for personality.

Development and this facilities take only Rich students.

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Parth Patel said: (Jul 3, 2016)  
As two sides of the coin, there are advantages as well as disadvantages of private sector education. First, let me talk about the drawback of it. Today education becomes the pure business. Because everyone wants to be educated. So more consumers lead to more demand. Which successively leads to form more and more institutes. In these institutes, fees are the primary issue.

It has advantage of proper teaching, Completion of courses, teachers are bound to provide good and effective education, fair education campus, Proper building, well-equipped laboratories etc.

Conclusion: There should be proper provision and rules framed by the government to make private educational institutions good for studying.

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Jitu said: (Jul 3, 2016)  
I think private institutes are not better. Because the teachers of private institutes give more emphasis in giving notes to students than knowledge. They do not give any attention to the knowledge of the students, they know only the results in the exam.

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Aza said: (Jun 29, 2016)  
I think private education better than government education. Why? because in our community teachers are teaching very badly, but in private education teachers are teaching very well and make students understand everything.

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Aswin Jojo said: (Jun 28, 2016)  
Private institution makes students more selfish. They will destroy students freedom.

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Samara said: (Jun 17, 2016)  

Good quality education, well-developed labs, more emphasis on practical knowledge, regular teachers, more disciplined, compulsory attendance for both students as well as teachers, involves video lectures learning.


Profit making bodies, higher fees.

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Mohan Ravale said: (Jun 11, 2016)  
Good Afternoon everyone.

In My Point of view, Private sector education is good education than Public sector education Because in Private sector education Teacher gives full attention to the students.

In Public sector education teacher not teach well to the students they only getting time pass in the school. And also the most important point of private sector education is there is no chance to go up. And public sector students have more knowledge than the private sector students.

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Private Educational Institutions: Good or Bad

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