Our Culture is Decaying

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Esther said: (Sun, May 15, 2016 12:06:56 AM)    
Hi, friends.

From my on view since culture is the life that means it cannot decay but can be abused. Since we have been improved it seems we have been decayed but modernisation as just decrease our value.

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Kuhu said: (Sun, May 8, 2016 12:35:14 PM)    
I believe that our culture is not decaying, though we are heading towards modernisation but there are certain things in our country that has not changed and probably won't change in future, one of which is unity and attachment with family, selflessness in relations, which is not seen in other countries.

Modernisation is just a mindset, because in this phase of globalisation we are forced to adopt or copy the english style so as to be accepted around the world and that is the reason why foreign people are also copying Indian way of dressing and learning basic hindi language. This proves that the exchange of culture is both sided, so I think that its not that our culture is decaying its just that we are acceptable to multiple cultures which is surely a positive thing.

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Murtuza Zozwala said: (Sun, May 8, 2016 08:14:37 AM)    
Change is the universal law, adopted by the times. Invention of new religion around the globe was a result of change, then I don't understand why we blame east & west?

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Satyam Kumar Sharan said: (Sat, Apr 23, 2016 06:18:41 PM)    
Today our country is growing very rapidly and its people are also getting rich. With the passing days, a new generation came and adopt new styles and fashion and trying to create an unimaginative world. But have we ever thought about the word 'fashion'? It is the word which has diverted the whole world from their aims and target. It is the word which teaches to compromise from them. It is a word which has taken away the morality far from the human lives. Today our youngsters are creating the world where a person is a model or an object. So our people of India always be a man of principle it will save you and your family from distortion. I hope from my citizen that you will protect and preserve our culture as our culture is submerging into the western culture.

Thank you.

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Malavika said: (Fri, Apr 22, 2016 09:25:34 PM)    

What I feel is each and every region of this world has risen from their base which is the traditions. But that was a long time ago. The lifestyle changed. From a particular region's traditions, we have started to follow other region's ones. We are in a global world. So I don't think declining of tradition is an issue to be concerned about. Our traditions began vanishing from the day we gained freedom. Today we are living in a world where we define each and every aspect scientifically and not traditionally. We live according to our conditions and not following any tradition. We do what we believe and that becomes our tradition. Today the world have such an attitude. And that is never a bad THING I guess. In this era of a world much faster than we believe, tradition can be anything. No person in this world can be defined as we think because they have their own traditions.

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Gurleen Kaur said: (Fri, Apr 15, 2016 09:06:29 PM)    
My mind saying nothing because I do not understand what happens what is saying nothing and I do not understand. Thank you.

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Satyam Kumar Sharan said: (Sun, Apr 10, 2016 02:54:10 PM)    
According to my view, our culture is not declining it is we Indian people who follow the western culture and declining our own Indian culture. Instead of Our Indian culture being one of the best cultures in the whole world is decaying day-by-day by adopting western clothing, festivals, etc. And western culture being as a wrong one is flourishing day-by-day, it's all because of cinemas, internet, changed surroundings, etc. Our ancestors have sacrificed their life to give India as an independent identity having its own culture, traditions and then they serve our nation to us in the hope that the coming future will protect its own culture but if our ancestor will come today see our condition then they feel same on themselves because today each and every rule has broken. So our Indian feel same before saying that "I am an Indian". It's my request to each and every Indian that please, please adopt our Indian culture.

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Vivek said: (Sat, Apr 2, 2016 01:48:01 PM)    
According to me, our culture is decaying but we could stop them. Every person wants to change yourself that is the good thing because changes come new idea, happiness, and many more things. But changing doesn't mean we should change our culture but we can add some more good or valuable thing in our culture. It will help to save our culture and our culture will not be decaying.

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Sneha Mestha said: (Wed, Mar 23, 2016 05:42:15 PM)    
Hello friends.

In my opinion yes our culture is really decaying in the name of development and freedom. For this, we don't need other proof than our current lifestyle which we are copying from foreign countries. Of course, we are advancing in every aspect of technology, education, science, business etc. Yes, it is necessary to adopt some Ideas for our growth but it doesn't mean that neglect our culture and should follow theirs. Indian culture has its own identity, value. Now a day's Indian culture is respected more by other country people than the Indians. In parallel We Indians becoming more 'flexible'to this modern world and hence, we are losing our originality.

So, being a responsible youth keep moving forward with our culture.

Thank you.

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Manipal said: (Sat, Mar 12, 2016 07:32:47 PM)    
Hi friends,

In my point of view our culture is not decaying. Our people are mostly educated, so we are thinking about developed our country. Then we are compared to western culture is better than knowledge and attitude. So we have followed the western culture. After two or three years INDIA is a prosperous and a developed country.

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Jatin said: (Wed, Mar 9, 2016 03:23:24 PM)    
Indian culture has changed drastically. There is no fault in embracing western vulture but one should embrace its virtues that involve work ethics, high work productivity, open environment, etc but what I see today is boys and girls hanging around all the time, chilling out, especially the girls. Girls have mentality that if other girl is having a boyfriend she should also have which in my respect is a reason for breakdown of our society.

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Sam said: (Fri, Mar 4, 2016 02:19:43 PM)    
Hello friends.

Indian culture is decaying. In my opinion all countries are confronting each other in every perspective and of course India is one of them, to compete in professional world, we are forced to learn english language. "Language is carrier of a culture". Every company hire an employee with good speaking ability (English). To create such an environment we start watching English tv series, movies and ultimately our dressing, eating, lifestyle get changed.

But we have culture ingrained within our soul. It can't be changed. We have a good culture of respecting elders. It won't be changed by just changing our outfits.


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P.M.Disan said: (Mon, Feb 29, 2016 12:22:16 PM)    
I think tell about for Indian culture is not decayed. But improve our life style, then not fully adapted for western culture.

If the Indian culture follow for the village people only, but city people are not following the Indian culture.

So in many years later the Indian culture is totally decayed. The need of time to follow the western culture.

But in this western culture is suited for only men it is not suited for women.

Then its improve for the science, activity, behavior, technologies, and skills.

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Kayal said: (Thu, Feb 18, 2016 06:35:56 PM)    
Hi guys,

In my opinion, our culture is not more comfortable for our real life. Our culture is not decaying it's just changing from one form to another.

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Vigneshkumar said: (Thu, Feb 4, 2016 07:01:33 AM)    
Hi friends,

I agree with previously who are said about our culture is decaying. But I want to say now the situation was changed. It means everyone follows the western culture. But I believes in upcoming days people only follows the other culture like technology, science and others. Why we follows others attitude and dressing.

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Liton said: (Sat, Jan 30, 2016 01:02:24 PM)    
Hi friend,

I think the Indian culture is decaying. Because most of the people are accept the foreign culture. I want to say that our culture is much better than other culture. I believes that some of the field we have to flow the foreign culture like science, technology, improvement etc.

We have not follow the attitude, dress like foreign culture. As a Indian we have to respect our culture as our culture is our wealth.

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Praju said: (Mon, Jan 11, 2016 04:09:38 PM)    
"Western culture is invading our culture"?

The difference:

"Tradition" is what we have been following historically like arrange marriages, festival, spiritual etc.

"Culture" is what we have cultivated like disrespecting - one another, women, children.

"Modernization" is a evolution from stone age to today, its related to science and technology and from western we are gaining freedom of thoughts, asking questions else god men would force us behind blind believes.

Now what is our culture? Don't we corrupt every where? Don't you believe? Witness these following: Hijacking the Que, Quarreling in traffic, can't say no, throwing the garbage every where, Indian standard time, making fun of others, paying bribe, reservation, recommendation, the poor is suppressed and many more.

Is Suppressing young employees is our work culture?, these killer sentences at Indian work place:

1. Do what I say!

2. I will send you home.

3. This will never work.

4. What experience you have?

5. Who the hell is going to pay for this?

And many more. The tradition is our pride no one can take over but we need cultural correction to keep our tradition.

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Vinay Kumar said: (Tue, Jan 5, 2016 09:34:56 PM)    

Yes, our culture is decaying. The western culture is invading our culture. Because we are welcoming the western culture for the job opportunities development & etc. But we are forgetting our culture. World is respecting our culture but we are interest to learn foreign culture. I am not saying to learn foreign activities but don't be changes as slavery to it.

Most of the Indians are thinking that our culture is just culture, it is not just culture in it has scientific reason behind every thing what our ancestors do. My request is that "DON'T FORGET OUR CULTURE, IT IS TREASURE OF A KNOWLEDGE".

Thank you.

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Abhishek Dubey Kv1 Jam said: (Tue, Dec 15, 2015 10:13:17 PM)    
It is not that our culture is decaying but the other cultures are also getting equal opportunity to develop. We should not take the western culture or any other culture as it is but we should have a mixed culture. We should take the goods from both the societies and culture and we should form a new culture, culture of HUMANITY.

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Santhosh Nilan said: (Tue, Dec 8, 2015 07:26:41 PM)    
Hai friends, I am Santhosh nilan.

I want to add a point that change is the only thing that cannot be changed. In my view our culture is not decaying its just changing from one form to another. We have to accept that with broad minded attitude. Most of us wanting a MNC recruitment. Then what is the fault in following some their life style?But we should not leave our traditional values completely.

Thank you.

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Abhishek said: (Fri, Nov 13, 2015 10:36:35 PM)    
In my opinion about Indian as well as western culture both are good for people but depend on person how they adopt himself in it, in Indian culture people stay on orthodox and continuously follow some useless old customs we think than follow what is right for us.

In last century women are tolerate assaults by family and society but now these days everyone have right to live there own life and make our mind with our cultures and respect to elders this shows our mentality, western culture help us for modem growth by proper education, medical, accommodation and developing nation. We just follow all culture but never forget our etiquette.

Thank you.

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Pranay Pathak said: (Sun, Nov 8, 2015 05:01:17 AM)    
We Indians have the oldest culture in the world, we told the world how to wear cloths when the other countries used to wander naked, we are not talking against the women empowerment but same time we should use the brain while our girls dressing sense, being empowered and naked culture on the name of westernisation is a different thing.

Its beyond the imagination that a big conspiracy is going on in our country to spoil our culture on the name of westernisation as millions and billions of funding are happening to destroy culture.

Our scriptures and holy book are edited and re written to send a vulgar message about our culture. Lots of filthy statements are added in our Shlokas and holy book towards our god and goddesses.

So please think all the aspects before make up our minds towards our culture.

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Nisha Poonia said: (Tue, Oct 20, 2015 05:50:17 PM)    
Hello friends, I am NISHA.

I agree that the effect of western culture is harmful for us as it has changed our attitude towards our own country. Now a days we, especially youth is giving more importance to the foreign culture as they thought it is better than our culture. They thought all the Mantar in our holly books are very boring and old but reality is that these Mantar like guru Brahhma etc give power to our soul.

Today's world students don't give respect to the teachers, this all is the effect of westernization. Our culture teach us to obey elders and give them at most respect what they prefer. I agree that changes with is time is the law of nation but we should change in a good manner not that now a days criminal activities are increasing and it is also a change so we all soul also start doing that. Modernization is good but we getting completely devoted to foreign cultures.

Today's youth is forgetting the values of our own culture. With westernization we not only have changed our attitude but also our thinking, our dressing style and our food what we should eat. Earlier all the Kings who followed the Indian culture like Ashoka the great were very powerful.

So at last I just want to emphasize on that our culture is the best and it can adopt good changes time to time in it. We should not forget our cultural heritage and proud to be an Indian and being a part of Indian culture. Please don't let our culture decay and became a slave of any foreign culture.

Thank you and wish you all a very energetic day. Succeed in life. Let your smile change the world. But don't let the world change your smile.

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Narayan. Das said: (Mon, Oct 12, 2015 11:26:24 PM)    
I really agree with her India was the country of culture and was famous for its old paintings, designs, cloths, etc. First women were free to move any where in the world, because of western cloths nowadays women's life are in danger. Women are raped and they are kidnapped.

Because of westerns our classic culture has vanished from our life. Now the new generation has changed their mindsets towards Indian culture. Earlier India was known for its dances like Bharathanatiyam, Kathakkali, etc. But now many of us specially youngsters are interested in hip-hop, Jaas, contemporary, etc.

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Sunny said: (Mon, Oct 12, 2015 03:11:18 PM)    
Hi friend.

Cording to western culture are not best then Indian culture. Now I want to clear to all of you.

1. We know we got western culture. But we are taking more then harm from western culture.

2. We are forgetting our spiritual. And we are not giving respect our elder.

3. Now by western culture we are taking some smoking, drink, etc.

4. We listen if teaching case with girls like, rape, if teaching, any many more.

5. Now we can see Indian movie. Mostly are coming filth and dirty seen in the movie. And in the movie heroine show our body etc,

6. Now if I talk about girl. Girls motivate boys mind. That's way some case happen with girls.

7. We know we obtain many thing by western culture like electronic machine but by machine we getting more harm.

8. Do you know western culture.

Thanks my all friends.

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Nachiketh said: (Sat, Oct 3, 2015 06:09:41 AM)    
Hi friends,

You are talking about diminishing of culture. It is not the fault of Americans or Europeans.

Indians are attracted by the culture which is very comfortable and attractive. They think that it is very posh in doing so. Coming to language Indians are attracted by the grandiloquence of the foreign speech. India is not an underdeveloped country, as people say, but in terms of culture and heritage it is highly advanced in the state of decay.

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Nkusi said: (Tue, Sep 15, 2015 12:29:49 AM)    
People never change for the sake of others because after all no one will play your role so we have to stop adopting the western culture every persons culture is the best.

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Selvi said: (Sat, Sep 12, 2015 11:59:47 AM)    
Most of them said our culture is decaying only by the invasion of western culture. But I strongly disagree with that because by the invasion of western culture only our thoughts gets improved related to western countries and our superstitious belief gets diminished. We get a chance to dominate other countries by our modernized technologies. In olden days women were restricted to go outside.

But now women are the role model for many people. Because they are signed in various fields like politics, medias, navy etc. So I am strongly say our culture is not decaying.

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Lrw said: (Thu, Sep 3, 2015 08:40:24 AM)    

I would like to offer a western perspective here. I am an American of European ancestry and so thoroughly western. Reading your remarks, it is clear that most of you have an extremely distorted view of western culture, especially of American culture. I would suppose you get these ideas from watching American television shows, which have about as much to do with our culture as watching a cartoon of Mickey mouse and supposing it is real. So let me tell you what are some of those things which are and are not important to us.

First, we believe in meritocracy. You're standing in society is based on your merits, at least in theory. Because we fought the British for independence, who were very class conscious, we believe that every American should have equal opportunities. So a person born in complete poverty has a chance of becoming whatever they want. We do not favor men over women, or show preference based on religious beliefs or race.

Some of you think Indian culture is decaying because of your changes in clothing. For a westerner, clothing is an unimportant, trivial part of culture. For us, styles change with the times. You can see this if you look at any book on fashion in America over the years. My own style of clothing has changed significantly since the 1960's. Did that have an adverse affect on my culture -- absolutely not. I'm not saying that it isn't important for India though.

Indians see American culture as shallow and materialistic but you think this because you view America through the eyes of the media or through the actions of American politicians, most of whom are despised. You know neither American culture nor Western culture, just a parody of it.

So I hope India does not lose what makes it a great country. The clothing styles will go, just like they always do. That is not important. The soul of India is the spiritual dimension. That is what the West IS losing, more so in Europe than America. India will become a great nation if it can merge that with the best the West offers.

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Gitanjali Singh said: (Sun, Aug 30, 2015 07:40:14 PM)    
In today's world, the consolidated effect of modernity, the picture of man as the rational autonomous individual endowed with free will, is complete. The individual is individualistic: self-interested, egoistic, clamoring for more and more power, wealth and social status. He has stopped thinking about life considered as a whole.

There is no overall spiritual meaning to life. His life is divided between purposes which are contingently thrust upon him by his environment, requiring fulfillment with a speed and efficiency which occlude any evaluation of their meaning for life as a whole. To live creatively, no doubt one needs a matrix of facts, knowledge and techniques.

But though such a framework is logically necessary, it is not sufficient. Creativity is the very dynamic of living, and living is an artful quest of the meaning of life.

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Pinky said: (Mon, Aug 24, 2015 11:06:03 PM)    
Hi friends.

India is a one of the big traditional cultural world we are only responsible for save our country to western culture please all of should follow the Indian culture like cotton sarees woman chudithar and men westi shrit and our festival like Pongal Deepavali...etc.

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Dips said: (Tue, Aug 18, 2015 09:07:03 PM)    
I think that our Indian culture is now being improved day by day due it's vast growing products and services to the people and everything is so practical and real.

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Anu said: (Mon, Aug 17, 2015 07:50:04 AM)    

Firstly I would like to say that modernization to Indian culture has both positive and negative traits, but more of negative than positive.

1. In past, women were given at most respect mainly because of the way they dress and the way they would tolerate all the hurdles in family and keep the surrounding in harmony.

But now it has changed at an alarming rate. The length of cloth used by women and girls has decreased which is one of the reasons for which they are prone to rapes.

2. More over divorce cases are increasing only because women are slowly losing their patience and tolerance level to balance their family.

3. One of the biggest drawback of modernization is the rapid emerging of media which is becoming at most bane than being boon.

4. Earlier marriages were carried out for about 15 days with all rituals that would make all members of family gather at one place and have lot of happiness all over.

Marriage would be remembered as the greatest occasion their lives but now register marriage is the trend which ends in few minutes with just signatures.

So these marriages would not be cherished in long run. These are just few aspects of it still are many instances that clearly states how our culture is adversely affected.

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Priyabathrasalam said: (Tue, Aug 4, 2015 07:36:00 PM)    
Our culture is decaying in my point of view its our duty to care and protect our culture. We people are saying that I won't like to wear saree and I am not having faith in Godsend it's just like a stone. Like that our people saying. But the foreigners prove the scientific meaning for that for example super brain yoga. So we have to protect our culture by the view of non superstitious belief.

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Beauty Keshri said: (Wed, Jul 29, 2015 09:56:33 PM)    
From my opinion our culture is decaying. We know very well we are adopting slowly western culture and this is one of the notification, we are moving across western culture, every person never follow Indian culture they follow Indian with western. We are using 60% western and 40% Indian.

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Shreya said: (Sun, Jul 19, 2015 07:22:43 PM)    
Hi guys I am Shreya.

Guys you all know once Nehru wrote a letter to his mother and he mostly wrote on 'BABU' which means cheater cock that comes form the word baboon which Britishers gave us (Indians). Baboon is an animal which copies really very quickly. I am not saying that stop wearing the western style dresses but at least not finish your culture completely. Please its a request!

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Aradhana said: (Thu, Jul 9, 2015 10:11:03 PM)    
God, why is even there a fight for following this culture or that. Cultures can never be enforced on someone, we are born with the culture of our respective country. And woah! Who verbalizes that Indian culture is decaying? I'm not at all on board for this. If I wear a denim and carry a leather bag with me then sure, may be I don't fall under the category of Indian women but my heart never concurs with it because I still dote my country and it's culture.

My makeups, my dresses never take away from me my etiquette and deference for my country. Instead I'm an Indian girl with different posture.

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Ankit Rawat said: (Wed, Jul 1, 2015 12:15:26 PM)    
Despite India has diversity of religions, cultures, and languages, India is the set example of a peaceful nation how to live with bonhomie.

Due to special features of India many country are keen interested to know India from inside. So they comes India and impresses by our cultures and dress. And also they try to turn himself in Indian culture. If we are world famous for our cultures. Why we need to accept western culture?

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Gunna Satish. said: (Wed, Jun 24, 2015 05:13:43 PM)    
Hi friends,

My name is Gunna Satish,

Yes, India culture is decaying. In my view best culture in the world is India. But the Indian citizens are not follow their culture, because they mostly attract towards the foreign culture. Examples like dresses, mobiles, makeup kits, etc.

The interesting matter is foreigners like Indian culture very much. Because our way of talking, human values, traditional dressing, food habits, hard working, punctuated love. Any person wants to know about Indian culture, please visit villages. The villagers do not know tell lies.

They are honesty persons and follow ethical values. Their marriage system is excellent. All types of communities, religions, castes living in India. They always interact with family members and share their opinions (feelings) and solve their problems.

Please I request to every one save the Indian culture. (Avoid foreign brands).

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Sharad said: (Tue, Jun 16, 2015 10:51:57 PM)    
Hi friends.

This is Sharad.

My all friends telling about western culture but my dear friends don't forgave that we are an Indian and in India every one having authority to live his life as hi want how will he live about what he want to eat what he want to wear and what he want to and from witch deals he want to learn.

But my friends after accepted that all things he never forget his traditional life and his culture where I belonging from suppose I am from Maharashtra and now I am settled in Delhi when any guys talking bad things about my state in Delhi I will definitely stuck him and give him under that I am Maharashtraiaan and I am proud to my self that I am Marathi same like that you will go in western country and there any busy can says bad things about India that time you will definitely be come an angry its our culture.

Thanks friends.

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Ayush Jha said: (Sun, Jun 14, 2015 01:38:56 PM)    
I agree on this point that India is losing it's culture rapidly only because of modernization you know that India has lost it's 250 languages out of 740 languages in just 50 year's it is good that we are advancing ahead as it is 21st century but still it is our responsibility to preserve it our young generation is attracted towards westernization I'm not saying that this culture is bad or don't follow this culture I just want you to give respect to your culture and to your parents.

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Gita said: (Thu, Jun 11, 2015 11:04:12 AM)    
Indians blindfold believe following this or that is culture while we forget how we live how our view wants us to live is the way we want to live. We people live for ourselves or only for society and bloody shits of culture. There is nothing wrong in western culture if we are free to choose how we live without any dependence.

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Peehu said: (Mon, May 25, 2015 05:16:46 PM)    
Hi friends,

I believe that Change is the rule of nature. That is the reason we are accepting the Western culture. So I think changes are for good & we should accept them.

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Arun said: (Thu, May 21, 2015 07:22:32 PM)    
The changes about our attire, language, cultural activities, behavior wounded our real culture. Once the attire of girls was about dignity but now it favours nudity. Our country has distinct and vast culture than others it's really hard to get mixed up with western thoroughly, if 50% adopted the western then remaining will oppose that and likewise our culture is imbalanced, attire and affectation can be changed but the mentality is the same as earlier of most of the people.

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Swara said: (Tue, May 19, 2015 12:59:17 PM)    
Hi friends,

Here's Swara.

I think Western culture has affected almost every dimension of society. The core religious traditions are still the same but the life style differences can be found because of western culture. Hence we can say that western media has not affected the core traditions of Indian society but has changed life style and apparent characteristics of the society.

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Swara said: (Tue, May 19, 2015 12:55:04 PM)    
Hello friends,

I think our culture is not decaying. How there is head and tail for the coin there are both positive and negative in western and Indian culture. I think both cultures are unique in their own way and equally good. We should not think that our culture is decaying but should take good qualities from both and put it into use in our life.

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Swara said: (Mon, May 18, 2015 01:43:32 PM)    
Indian culture gives us lots of different people, caste, race and everything and also getting to learn lots of different things at ice. Where as in foreign country you won't get to learn many things. There life will be like a machine. The only thing you get to learn is just culture, religion, every one out of there. So learn to love our country.

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Nikhil said: (Fri, May 15, 2015 08:39:49 PM)    
Hi this is Nikhil.

I think that the culture is for the people, people are not for the culture. So the thing which is wrong in our culture, that must be reformed and same thing we are doing with our culture. We are just adopting only those things from the western culture, which is good for us.

Example: Our old culture says that we should not allow our girls to study but that is not good for us so we just reformed it.

Our old culture also says that we should respect our elders and we are doing. Yes, I accept it that the way of respecting has been changed but we are doing.

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Muneeb Rashid said: (Tue, May 12, 2015 08:04:54 PM)    
Hi I am Muneeb.

It has been wisely said that if a country loses his culture the country lost his everything. Our culture is our id, we are known by our culture it is our responsibility to save our culture from being getting decayed.

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Sana said: (Tue, May 12, 2015 04:29:04 PM)    

Culture is not something like our dressing sense or our food or anything like that. Culture is our way of relating, connecting to our world and the living things around us. The way we behave, the way we feel about things, the way we react to things. We still do love and respect our parents, our teachers and our elders. There is a lot of passion for dance and music in us.

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Helena said: (Wed, Apr 29, 2015 03:33:48 PM)    
Hi everybody, I'm a Nigerian girl, frankly speaking I must say that modernization or civilization is not make our culture especially in African countries, Nigeria to be precise it has inculcate too much of bad attitude into our way of life, in term of dressing, respect for elders, and so on. Its really terrible.

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Sharmila said: (Tue, Apr 28, 2015 05:38:01 PM)    
Hi friends,

In my point of view, we are adopting the western culture (like their way dressing, food habits, etc). But our way of thinking is not changed till now. All other countries are following our culture but we are not seeing the beauty of our culture. We should save our culture from decaying. By saying the glory and beauty of our culture.

To our children (the younger generation). India is the mixture of different cultures and traditions. What we adopt from western or other countries it should be useful and benefit for the welfare of our country.

I am very proud to be an INDIAN.

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Lakshmi said: (Sun, Apr 19, 2015 10:50:21 PM)    
Hi friends, in my point of view only some culture are decaying like in our food habit we prefer fast foods rather than our normal food. And also our arts (kalai) like dance, music etc is changed a lot. We won't like to hear/see our cultural dances and dramas.

But some habits are still followed like women's crazy to wear ornaments. From early days to now-a-days women like to wear gold ornaments.

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Alok Khurana said: (Sun, Apr 19, 2015 03:39:48 PM)    
Hai friends,

I agree with this. As when birth officials attacked once in our country they made Indians their slaves and made them forget their own culture. So it also applies here as we our not able to recognize the culture of our county and our society.

Example : Nowadays English speaking is must who ever speaks fluent English is treated as as an educated and high society person but people have forgotten that hard work and education is even required to study Hindi.

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Pooja said: (Fri, Apr 17, 2015 03:03:48 PM)    
Hi friends.

Firstly I want to say that westernization is not modernization. In my point of view our culture is much better than any culture in the world. To follow western countries and to become modern are two different things. To follow western countries, it doesn't mean to follow dress code. It means to follow in all directions like in science and technology, infrastructure, improvement in rural areas etc.

Rate this:   +27   -3

Sakshi said: (Thu, Apr 16, 2015 10:49:06 PM)    
Hey guys I m Sakshi I don't know why we all are just stick to one topic and that is "dressing sense". I mean why?

As time changes our mind change, our view changes similarly our dressing sense change so why debt on this topic.

Rate this:   +7   -18

Mona said: (Sat, Mar 21, 2015 09:09:30 PM)    
I think all of these are right in my point of view. Its realty that our cultural is decaying. In our cultural is to wear suit and saree's not a western dresses and its a most imported matter those we discuss in group discussions.

Rate this:   +16   -15

Jayant Sharma said: (Tue, Mar 10, 2015 11:37:08 PM)    
Hello guys.

In my opinion we are adopting the western culture but our mentality is not changing accordingly. That's why it appears to be decaying. But if we are pursuing western culture we must have western type mentality.

In today's time if girl wear western outfit a boy will se her only with a bad view, which makes the thought that our culture is decaying. But as I felt Indian culture is very vast and it is just impossible to eradicate it.

So if its few part are changing to western we must bear a mentality for this change so that it will not appear that our culture is affected. Thanks.

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Priyanka Rajput said: (Tue, Feb 24, 2015 06:25:11 PM)    
Hi friends, M. Priyanka.

I want to say something that westernize is not good for our India. Because Indians are only adopt western culture and they become only a follower in every thing for become modern.

Only the intentions of making one's society better and advanced by own efforts would make the society modern and that is a need of Indian society in present scenario.

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Shan said: (Tue, Feb 24, 2015 12:24:29 AM)    
The culture may be change to the comfort ability of each personality depends up on the situation. We can't say our culture is good or bad before 20 years ago, the medias only saying bad news in this present situation. Then we think our culture is decaying. The past era we don't know what happens in the culture and society.

Suppose in a group of people if most of guys may shows their bad habit and then we call culture less. If they didn't show it and what we say? so every culture has its own qualities and which culture we following is not a matter. Be a good man that is the important thing.

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Anonymous said: (Mon, Feb 23, 2015 07:53:49 PM)    
There are binaries all around. What a mature person have to do is to choose the best from all things he is exposed to. Remember, nothing is complete and no one is perfect.

I would prefer to choose Indian moral values along with the modern amenities the western culture has gifted us with, like English language.

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Shaily said: (Wed, Feb 18, 2015 09:02:08 PM)    
Hi friends,

First I want to say that our country has many things to understand many things. Western countries walk towards our culture and we are the foolish ones who move towards the western culture. We want many improvements to take our own culture. The improvement we wants are like this:

1. Don't make Buffet system.
2. Don't say hai/hello to elders.
3. Don't dance the steps of western styles.

Our culture dances are:

1. Kathakali.
2. Kuchipudi.
3. Bharatnatyam.

Rate this:   +29   -22

Shobana said: (Fri, Feb 6, 2015 04:14:32 PM)    
India culture has many restrictions inbuilt. But when western culture is adapted it should have certain restrictions implemented. The culture is changing day by day.

Rate this:   +14   -7

D.Balakrishna said: (Mon, Feb 2, 2015 03:31:39 PM)    
Hai friends,

I'm Balakrishna.

I have a lot of interest to discuss about our culture. In my view, I say 'yes'. Because we are not following in our culture. There are a lot of ways,

1. DRESSING SENSE: Olden days women were wearing sarees and half sarees. Now they are wearing modern dresses. They are following western culture. As well as gents also are wearing pants and shirts. In past days they were wearing Jubbas and pancha.

2. Buffy system.

3. Communication.

4. Not respect to elders and parents.

5. In drinking.

6. Pub dancing, it is not our dance. Our dance is koochipoodi, katakali etc.

Our people are not following these. We should follow.

Thank you friends.

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Diksha said: (Thu, Jan 29, 2015 02:14:53 PM)    
In my opinion our culture is not decaying. We still have all the values in our heart. We Indians still respect our elders, touch their feet, women still fast for their husbands, girls also fast for their boyfriends, we celebrate all our festivals. This is only our culture that before starting any new work we pray for god, and only in India machines are also worshiped by workers. This is all our culture these all are practiced from ancient time and still we do the same.

So our culture is not decaying our way of living has changed only. If girls wear jeans this does not mean this is against the culture, they wearing in which they are comfortable. Are style of living has been changed, our way of thinking is changing so automatically if our dressing is changing, this is not decaying of culture.

On one hand all of us talk about growth, development, good infrastructure and on other some managers of culture beat the couple those are walking with holding there hands. And these managers say that these type of couples spoiling our culture. Some one ask those managers that, is raping is our culture, teasing is our culture, child labour is our culture?

At last I want to say that our culture teaches us harmony, respect of women, brotherhood, love, respect of elders. Just by keeping these values in heart will result that our culture will always with us.

Rate this:   +121   -17

Subi said: (Fri, Jan 2, 2015 11:29:30 AM)    
In my point of view, Culture get destroyed due to modernisation. The first reason is the dressing sense of girls and due to technology development. The important reason is films are corrupting the youth minds. The world become money oriented.

Rate this:   +61   -54

Saba Perwez said: (Tue, Dec 2, 2014 11:25:22 AM)    
Hi friends,

1st of all, I want to say something that our culture is not decaying it loses the ancient value. Our culture is same but people are going different. The only think about, how become a rich person. So they were not respect their parents and older person. We think that they are going to western culture.

Rate this:   +36   -15

Ishika said: (Tue, Nov 25, 2014 05:42:38 PM)    
It is good that we are wanted to become all rounder. We are does not wants to back from anyone, but we also have to remember our own identity. We are today s generation, if try So we can achieve anything.

Rate this:   +12   -26

Noorbina Salim said: (Mon, Nov 24, 2014 08:35:18 PM)    
Is our culture destroyed by modern era.

Do you know? What is modernization? The day by day changes that occur in our culture & customs. Is it? Yes. Earlier, the primitive people uses the barks & leaves of trees for covering their body & they have their own belief & tradition.

This is what we followed now a days? NO.

Different types of changes occurred by these days. Our dressing style changed. Is it destroying? It is only a part of change that occur in our life. This cannot be questioned by anyone. We Indians have the right to select what we should be. In the world of fast technology. Modernization is required. Without modernization we can't do anything for the development of country.

In my opinion Indian culture is not destroyed by modern era.

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Aditya said: (Fri, Nov 21, 2014 07:37:40 PM)    
I don't think we indians are actually forgetting our culture a latest instance I want to share that our PM, Mr Narendra Modi went for foreign countries, as it was a tour a vast number of Indian visited where he arrived they just wanted to take a glimpse of him which shows that we indians have moral values and great respect for our culture as they have a feeling of someone who is going to represent India in foreign countries like Australia and America.

Furthermore I want to add with due respect my brother and sisters of India that in todays modern world we can't keep away the youth from advertisement, exposure of western outfits or anything which can be prove to alluring one.

Rate this:   +17   -10

Aditya said: (Thu, Nov 20, 2014 08:32:17 PM)    
I think it is not us only who are accepting Western Culture, there are foreigners also who are accepting our india's tradition around thousands of foreigners are visiting our country every year because Indian tradition is more alluring than any other culture.

Rate this:   +18   -5

Noorbina Salim said: (Mon, Nov 10, 2014 08:21:21 PM)    
Today our Culture is destroyed by modern era. Our Dress codes, great passion to fast foods & towards junk foods are the symptoms. Our speaking way towards elders has totally changed. Can you find any mistake from these simple 3 sentences. Films shows the actual life of citizens. Now, There is no dialogues in it. Only a single beep. This is what we expected from such a country like India?

Rate this:   +37   -12

Hasna said: (Tue, Oct 28, 2014 06:02:12 PM)    
Hai guise I am Hasna. Indians don't know what is fashion. They don't know what is good for them. So they are always depending on others opinion. But now a days many Indians wear just like western style. They want to change this culture. They should come back to their traditional style.

Rate this:   +14   -60

Kam said: (Sun, Oct 26, 2014 10:13:31 PM)    
Hello friend.

According to me, we are slowly losing our traditional cultural values. We have such a glorious history. But nowadays youngsters are getting influence by the foreign culture and forgetting our rich cultural values. Decline of Indian culture not only to blame western culture but we are also responsible for this condition. We are not teaching our teenager our culture. But we are following western culture.

Rate this:   +25   -11

Shruti said: (Sun, Oct 26, 2014 07:27:28 PM)    
According to me, our culture is decaying but it has both bad and good impacts on our society.

GOOD EFFECTS are that it has abolished inequality, sati system, dowry system, caste system etc from our society. It has introduced equality in the society because of which nobody is treated as inferior and superior. It has introduced democracy, integrity etc in our society.

BAD EFFECTS are that it has changed our dressing style, our food habits and also our young generation no longer respect their elders. It has introduced corruption in our society and many other bad things that haS destroyed our culture.

Rate this:   +58   -4

Satyajeet Sahai Kautilya said: (Fri, Oct 17, 2014 10:23:54 PM)    
Hello friends! I went for a debate where i was given the same topic for the motion. Here, i would like to submit my speech.

'If you can't fly, then run;
If you can't run, then walk;
If you can't walk, then crawl;
But whatever you do, just keep moving forward.'

These lines of Martin Luther, according to me, have deviated Indian youth from their very own culture.

Good morning, esteemed panel of judges, distinguished audience and my fellow debaters. I, Satyajeet Sahai of Army Public School, stand before to you to voice my opinions for the motion of the topic, 'Indian Culture is losing its essence for the youth.'

Just like Adolf Hitler took to mass killings on the basis of Charles Darwin's theory 'The Survival of the Fittest', the Indian youth is also taking the famous lines of M. L. in a distorted way.

Moving forward doesn't mean doing away with our rich cultural heritage. Herein, I would like to emphasize that superstitions may have been a part of tradition, but have nothing to do with culture. The youth always confuses religion with culture and gets moved by the hot news, trending nowadays of the imposter sadhus and all. But, let me tell you Mr. And Ms. Youth, culture is the way of life, especially the arts, customs and institutions, of a particular group of people, whereas religion is a particular system based on beliefs, faith and worship.

Uppalapu Shrinivas, Indian mandolin maestro and composer of the classical Carnatic musical tradition, died just a month ago. Only a handful of people present here would know him. And if I ask about Yo Yo Honey Singh, most of my friends here would be well versed even with the taps of his newest album Desi Kalakaar. What does all this prove? We are aping western culture without being aware of the richness and variety of our own culture. Classical music is said to enhance cognitive development and reasoning.

Our immune system has given up due to our rush towards continental and fast food. The traditional spices that we run away from help in improving our health in tremendous ways. For instance, cinnamon can lower blood sugar, turmeric suppresses the growth of cancerous cells and the list goes on.

When speaking of food, then why not talk about fast? Observing fast is an age long tradition that is still being followed in India. Scientific studies reveal that observing fast helps improving our digestive system. But today's youth, which is getting more and more addicted to the worldly pleasures, does not see the value of such traditions.

Today, the dressing sense of the youth has westernized. Shorts and sleeveless dresses may appear classy and sassy to many. They don't understand the reason for our traditional clothes being the way they are. My friends, in a tropical country like ours, our traditional clothes are the best bet.

India was the name of a British colony whereas Bharat was a country of rich and ethical values. We have adopted India, but left Bharat. Also, from 'Pitaji' and 'Mataji' we've come down to 'Dad' and 'Mom'. Well, for youth that's going up.

Now, my final stand that I would like to take for my topic is about teacher student relation. We have forgotten the Guru-Shishya traditions and respect for our elders in this modern world. Where are the days of Eklavya gone? Now for all those Einsteins present here, nobody is asking for your thumbs. Your teachers just want the respect and the importance they deserve.

With this, due to the restricted time limit, I would like to conclude my speech standing for my words that Indian culture is losing its essence for the youth.

Rate this:   +114   -6

Shrishty Tyagi said: (Wed, Oct 15, 2014 09:15:29 PM)    
Of course I do agree with the statement and would say that now the culture has reached such a situation where there is no part left to follow them. Mainly it goes with the young generation.

I mean to say is that in today's world no teenage do likes to follow the dedicates and just want to keep with what they want which is really going to be result in a very harsh one.

Rate this:   +10   -12

Palki said: (Sun, Oct 5, 2014 04:13:55 PM)    
'OUR CULTURE IS DECAYING', we indians are very simple, we just believe what we see and hear. But somehow this simplicity are affecting us in anyway. I agree that change is necessary but only when it can maintain the original identity.

Indian culture is so rich and diverse that it cannot easily decay with any foreign culture whether it is western or eastern. But yeah we are getting very much influenced day by day from foreign cultures. As we can see many 'the' day have come ex- valentines day, teddy day, friendship day etc etc, where people waste a lot of time and money.

People have also changed the basic meaning of our traditional festivals. Earlier In Diwali diyas were burnt but now days people just lighten up electric and colourful lights.

In case of eating habit we have also adapted in very wrong way. Kids and children eat a lot of junk food. Adults started drinking and smoking just because of being influenced from foreign culture. I am not saying change is bad and adapting from foreign culture is bad, but there should be some limit, so that essence and flavour of every indians just don't get lost.

Rate this:   +46   -7

Bhuvana said: (Mon, Sep 29, 2014 10:16:14 PM)    
Hi friends. I'm Bhuvana.

According to my point of view Indian culture is not decaying fully. It is in youth's hand to preserve our culture or to destroy them. As people's are likely to be modern the correct impact of western culture. Like having food, dressing style etc.

Nowadays people need to be modern fashion so they prefer to western culture which obviously affect our culture that nobody knows about that. So I conclude that preferring western culture is good. As somebody says " too much of anything is better than nothing". We have to consider our our culture too. We are all proud to say we are Indian so follow our culture.

As I said youngsters are milestones to any thing so we people want follow our culture.

Thank you.

Rate this:   +12   -16

Karan Keswani said: (Sun, Sep 28, 2014 02:31:13 PM)    
India by its very name gives information about the extent of west influence. Britishers termed a country rich in resources in south Asia as India. India was the name of colony while bharat was the name of a country rich values and ethical values. We adopted INDIA and left behind bharat.

Really our culture left our nation also and we persuaded it to leave our nation with our consent.

Rate this:   +16   -5

Ankit Chauhan D.J said: (Sat, Sep 27, 2014 05:16:52 PM)    
Hello my dear friends. Here I'm Ankit. I would like to share my thoughts. India is the land of different cultures its good. But the today's generation is totally changed. They addicted towards the western culture. This is good but we shouldn't have to forget that we are Indians not the British. Thank you.

Rate this:   +13   -9

Komal said: (Wed, Sep 24, 2014 08:23:12 AM)    
Hello my friends, I would really like to share my views on this topic. India is the land of different Cultures, Religions etc. And for this I am proud of it. But now a days Indian culture has been decaying, it has been losing its roots. Now the generation is becoming modernized. We all are becoming addicted to the western culture whether it is food habits or it may be the dressing sense. In all of this we are forgetting our traditions, our culture.

I am not saying that western culture is bad. Every culture has its norms. We should respect other culture but not at the cost of our culture.

Rate this:   +13   -1

Nithyasree said: (Fri, Sep 19, 2014 10:38:26 PM)    
Hai friends,

First of all, I would like to remind you that INDIA is our motherland. According to my view, India is the origin of culture. The culture came into existence by the experience of our ancestors. Our ancestors considered that as a sacred thing and started to practice it efficiently. Our culture never took anything from foreign countries. The way of living with mankind has been elaborately discussed in the holy books like thirukkural etc. These holy books, our everlasting monuments, incomparable sculptures, magnificent temples are the precious gifts from our land. It is our duty to preserve them. But it sounds gloomy that we have forgotten everything within a minute and we have switched on to some other culture. May be we are addicted to the foreign culture because of the implementation of their education system in our country and even because of our grace towards them. I agree that all the foreign cultures are good but it depends upon us how we take up that culture. If we take only the good things from others and follow it, then we will be the winners. I can assure that because of other cultures our culture cannot be decayed forever.

And now, coming to the present moment this is not the end. And moreover END means effort never dies. So friends let's start preserving our culture from this moment.

Rate this:   +20   -4

Chandni Gupta said: (Fri, Sep 19, 2014 03:55:47 PM)    
IN MY POINT OF VIEW "OUR CULTURE DECAYING BECAUSE OF being modern day by day rakhi is now looking like friendship band. We are adopting & we want to adopting more n more western culture & due to this we are divert. Girls cloth are also being shorter day to day, pavitra rakhi festival that, this type of cloth are not in our culture. In this regard parents have to show the right way to youth in their childhood like path of truth, non violence, obey the rules etc. Then our youth power will go the right direction, which led to the country on the path of progress.

Rate this:   +8   -14

Santhi said: (Tue, Sep 16, 2014 12:20:59 PM)    
In my point view, Western Culture decaying on Indian culture. In 1990's to take one family for our ten (or) twenty members are living in very happy, peace, kindness in the days. But now a days to take one family for only two (or) three members, should not happiness. Only few members but not happy.

Rate this:   +9   -1

Pooja said: (Sun, Sep 7, 2014 10:03:48 AM)    

Of Course our culture is decaying. But in the same way it's improving. I mean that social networks like fb are helping, in the same way spoiling. So, I conclude that we should use modernity to have a fruitful life, but not to spoil.

Thank you friends!

Rate this:   +7   -19

Sreejita said: (Sun, Aug 31, 2014 01:02:10 PM)    
Indian culture is one of the well known and respectable cultures. But alas! we indians fail to understand it.

We are rather busy copying the west instead of improving our tradition. These days we prefer adopting a western culture than our own culture and heritage which is indeed far better than the western in their own ways ! not only this we are misleading the young ones who are the future of our country! its high time we stop disrespecting our own heritage our own culture!

Rate this:   +27   -4

Ambika said: (Thu, Jul 31, 2014 01:50:13 PM)    
After reading all the viewpoints mentioned here, I feel that there were evils in the Indian Society such as issues related to girl child abortions, deprived education, early marriage, sati, pardah, casteism, so on and so forth. But now with time, our society has become educated and awaken to these deep rooted problems. We have emerged with better understanding, education and sensible thinking. We have absorbed all the good that western culture had to offer. Now we should STOP. Enough has been taken from them. We have to draw a line somewhere. We should not adopt it blindly. Don't let Western culture or so called Modernization rule our mind.

Rate this:   +33   -5

Arun Kumar said: (Mon, Jun 23, 2014 05:54:35 PM)    
Dear friends,

I too believe in what you are saying?

At present we are tying to imitate what the foreign countries are performing. We get just caught up in these and we spoil our rich tradition and culture. As we all know our's is a vast and secular motherland, with an array of culture, traditions believes& customs. As viewing this from my eyes I wish if we could inculcate the good methods of other nations instead of copying all what they does. Try to get rid of the bad ones and save our rich tradition, for our tradition makes what we are-they tells us our past.

Rate this:   +30   -12

Ananya said: (Fri, Jun 13, 2014 03:56:23 PM)    
Hello friends,

Culture is a trademark of their countries. Instead of saying people are adapting we could say we are changing. Taking any history our country is most beautiful and wonderful. Starting from lifestyle, marriage festival etc. But slowly all are moving to foreign countries. And we are interested in their traditions. We are losing our happiness. Everyone is changing their real id to fake id.

Rate this:   +67   -7

Yashashree said: (Sat, Jun 7, 2014 03:39:16 PM)    
If we want to imitate the Western culture, it should be done more in the Healthcare and Education system and Women security matters, than in the Cultural values and traditions of our forefathers. Indian Culture is not decaying as much as it is dissolving in the Western Culture.

Amendments or some modifications can be acceptable, as "Change is inevitable" but the roots (of Indian Culture) shouldn't be cut off, because that is how a country is known- by its Culture.

Rate this:   +21   -5

Vivam said: (Mon, May 26, 2014 02:21:29 PM)    
Its amazing how blind Indian people are to the failings of their culture. Caste system, womens rights abuse, child marriages, massive wealth inequality are just to name a few reasons - almost most of the world doesn't respect you. Couple that with the inferiority complex of the middle class indians - its the reason world will always view indians as primitive and India will never amount to the level of china.

Rate this:   +12   -16

Ankit Pahwa said: (Mon, May 19, 2014 09:48:20 PM)    
I feel that youth of India thinks themselves to be very smart and in todays generation of social media they need complete privacy just wasting there time in whatsapp and fb due to which they are going far from culture and traditions which are required to behave in society.

Generation gap is not only the problem in order to get "modernised" (to come in eyes of others they are adopting modern fashion making a new trend of society).

Such activities are taking them away from their families.

Rate this:   +25   -6

Kartika said: (Thu, May 15, 2014 04:40:48 PM)    
I think adopting western culture is not at all the problem. The problem starts when we are adopting bad things from them. Like many people just copy the lifestyles of western people without understanding what actually it is. Indian youth fails to understand the difference between modernisation and westernisation. Just by wearing jeans and tops and western dresses doesn't mean that we are modernising. Modernisation starts when instead of changing the dressing sense we start changing our mindset.

Rate this:   +116   -14

Sidharth said: (Fri, Apr 25, 2014 09:21:40 AM)    
I think 'change is the rule of nature' and the change in lifestyle and habits should also be permissible to an extent till where we do not need to leave our original roots.

We have debates over development, we compare ourselves with US. But we forget that US is a different continent with different climatic conditions and differently build civilizations. So we are not bound to match up with their dressing sense and cultural ethos. Its good to change a bit but the change should be bounded such that our grounds remain original. If we completely deny to change then that will also be not good because if we want a India to be a developed country we have to change our ethos somehow like women inequality, child marriage, male supremacy. Only these changes will lead us towards development.

Rate this:   +23   -7

Arthi said: (Thu, Apr 24, 2014 06:59:03 PM)    
We have forgotten our own culture and we blindly follow the western culture. We have forgotten our own identity. It is very unfortunate that today's generation do not know about our Indian cultural heritage. No doubt that western culture is versatile and has taught to be self-independent but this does not mean that we will forget our culture at all and blindly follow it. We should feel proud that we are indians.

Rate this:   +20   -3

Somnath Santra said: (Tue, Mar 25, 2014 07:43:16 PM)    
Hi friend,

India is famous for it's culture, it' heritage. Foreigner are come for studying in NALANDA, TAKSHASHILA. Their unity amongst various religion, their culture are pointed out again and again. Peoples of India respects the elders. But modernisation make it a history. Today's festive ceremony, people behavior, people's dress pattern shows that our.

Culture vanished soon and remains only in the dictionary.

Rate this:   +37   -14

Prasannanjali said: (Sun, Mar 23, 2014 11:04:26 AM)    
Culture is our way of living and style. Now a days especially youth is feeling that it is not prestigious if we not follow modern western culture it is obviously wrong because from our ancient times we are adapted to our Indian system which is more beneficial to our mindset and health.

Rate this:   +15   -9

Dev said: (Thu, Mar 6, 2014 03:47:57 PM)    
Yes, I also agree with this statement that our culture decaying because of western culture. Actually our country is known for emotional bondings with our family. The indians are very hearty people. Our main strength of culture is, we have a joint family till date, But now a days the youngster want privacy and want their space, yes it is ok but only for the privacy we can't ignore our relation with our parents because they need to all of us be together. Yes it is must to be a part of first our culture and respect it and then others.

Rate this:   +25   -3

Abhijith Krishnan.U.R said: (Thu, Feb 20, 2014 02:46:03 PM)    
We must not forget our culture. Nowadays we are imitating the trends of western countries. Our land has a unique identity in history in the form of Vedas, Upanishads etc. We have to acquire knowledge from all those things instead of blindly following the culture & modern way of living in foreign countries. So thus we can avoid globalization to a great extent.

Rate this:   +17   -8

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