Is the youth of India confident or confused?

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Rahulbali said: (Dec 13, 2017)  
Being a youth of Indian country I feel confident and energetic. I know my goals and I am working hard toward achieving goals. I have all resources which help me achieve my goals. As now India is becoming fastest growing economic and moreover our PM Narendra Modi has raised the standard of our country so I feel very glad to be a part of this beautiful nation. As far as confusion is concerned it is who which are not aware towards their goals they do not know their capabilities and talented which results failure at various stages this makes them quite confused about their career.

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Pravin said: (Dec 11, 2017)  
I think the youth of India is not confused. Indian youth is working on their own goals or targets. While achieving targets, sometimes critical problems are there. For solving them, Indian youth have a lot of sources. While choosing them we are get confused but we are not confused about life.

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Abha Kothari said: (Dec 8, 2017)  
Hello everyone.

According to me, whether they are confused or confident. It doesn't apply to everyone as there are different kinds of young people in India. But I would definitely like to go with the majority of Indians which I feel is confident enough. India is the 2nd largest fastest growing economy. Would it had been like that had not the youth in India been focused and knew what they want. We are in a country which is doing a remarkable job in business in sports sector and in various other fields. Is it been achieved by some robots? Ofcourse, not. It is the focused man behind the success. Yes, there is a considerable confused youth in India. All they need is right guidance and support. That's all. Thank you.

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Rahul said: (Dec 6, 2017)  
Lake of Knowledge/awareness makes you confused, and confusion make people less confident.

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Ajmera said: (Dec 6, 2017)  
Before talking about this statement we have know about the meaning of confusion and confident. A person be confident when he achieved whatever he dreamed and if he isn't then he would be in confused state. So we cannot say that the youth of India confident or confused but in particular cases we can differentiate them. At present due to our educational system and employment opportunities we can say most of our youth are confused. They are lacking confidence whether to follow their parents or their heart. The present situation is changing, students are in right path about their carer and life. There were several programs held in schools, colleges to motivate them and taking help of present internet and communication to gain confidence about their life. Even parents should think about their children goals and make them to walk in correct path.

Thank you.

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Manav said: (Dec 2, 2017)  
Hi, youth of India is confident enough to catch their dream to achieve them but the problem coming to their ways is lack of proper guidance, support, etc they usually get confused because of mixed views and guidance given to them. Although by this I would suggest to ignore all that external factors that pulling them back and build confidence by following the footstep of their role model. . Thank you.

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Raj Guha said: (Dec 2, 2017)  
According to me, everyone in this country needs a purpose to do something in life. Until and unless we are not cleared about who we are, ability, weakness etc. We will be confused. I will say that some of our youths are confused just because of this problem. The problem to take the initiative. Yet some of us are confident to and are very cleared about their life.

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Srinu said: (Nov 29, 2017)  
I am an Indian youth. I really appreciate every civilian in my country. Youth are very prismatic minded people so they think lots of possible ways that have known. Some people are taking decisions very straight and confidence. The chance may take a big role of proving himself at all of the others. They may know everything but expresses only some because of confused about their situations. By overcoming that they will be the kings of their life.

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Anurag Shukla said: (Nov 27, 2017)  
Hello Everyone.

According to me - most of the youth of the India is confused it's does meant that they are unemployed but there are many factors on what basis youths are confused like they can't decide that what he wants to go do if somebody decides then they are generally confused because of resources how to achieve their goal and few of them are confused and unemployed due to the lack of knowledge if we consider present trend most of the person wants to go towards the technical stream but really speaking in India few of the colleges aare available where they can get the technical knowledge but approximately 80 colleges are of the special type means faculty also does not know anything then how can they explore the knowledge and if the students have no knowledge then after completing the academic curriculum the students are confused.

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Amit Shahu said: (Nov 23, 2017)  
Hello guys.

Today's youth are confused more than confident because of their Unemployment.

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Kartik said: (Nov 22, 2017)  
Hello everybody.

As per my opinion, Indian citizens are more confused rather than their confidence, because of our day to day rules and regulations changes every day. Nothing is permanent in this society, which creates a diversity in a student's mind. Nowadays the student get more and more confuses about the course to take after passing 10th, because he sees the other student lying vacant after passing the exam on the same course.

Confident comes when something is permanent, but which is impermanent doesn't gives confident but makes us confusing.

More and more posts lying vacant in every job sector, and still, the Indian citizen doesn't get a job. And that is our weakness. So the youth of India are more confused than their confidence. THANK YOU.

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Aishwarya said: (Nov 15, 2017)  
Hello Everyone,

'We Cannot Always Build A Future For Our Youth, But We Can Always Build Our youth For The Future. '.

The youth, I would say, is equally confident and confused. After all, such is life, a painting of many shades and not just two opposites of black and white standing in contradiction to one another.

The same boy who wants to become a footballer and is willing to sacrifice a lot and is striving towards that goal could be dealing with confusion over whether his sacrifices and his hard work will pay off, or whether he'll become another footnote among the many who have failed to attain their goals, and eventually fallen by the wayside as life has gone on.

There are many students who are confused about what path to take in life after their high school years are done " the result of a lack of career guidance and proper counselling in schools. Then there are others who are confident in their abilities, have done well throughout their academic years, and want to take the next step towards an international education or job, but are confused whether they will get their money's worth and appropriate return on investment. Despite being confident in their abilities, they are unsure whether external factors will work in their favor, because if they don't, all their confidence and hard work will be for naught.

However, at the end of the day, the youth are optimists, the purveyors of hope, the dreamers of far-flung dreams, and it is better to be confident and work hard, than confused and floundering. So go, drink on the river of confidence, sleep under the canopy of hopeful stars, and build a world where dreams come true. Believe,

Thank you.

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Ritu said: (Nov 12, 2017)  
Hi everyone,

The story begins from our childhood, when we are taught that lying is wrong along with many other myths but see our society doing the same, this is where we start getting confused. The motive of an education system should be to find where the particular interest of a student lies, and mould him accordingly but sadly we don't have such a system in India, where we are taught, our marks decide our future. Growing up in such an environment it's very obvious for youth to get confused whether to follow my own passion or listen to what society says, whether to marry my love or go with my parents choice. The youth is confused and the society is responsible.

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Sidharth Das said: (Nov 12, 2017)  
I would say it depends on the situation. Sometime it is the age or sometime it is the society for which youth gets confused that what are they going to do for their future, how are they going to fulfill their social responsibility. When we talk about the other side of the coin there are some category of youth who are not only confident but also overconfident for what they are doing. These kind of people are sometime pride of our society and sometimes a load to the society. So I feel youth is the driver who is driving the society bus so he should be in a balance state of mind and drive the bus.

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Ankit2142 said: (Nov 11, 2017)  
In my opinion the youth of India is confused, social media is great culprit, then youth tend to waste a lot of time chatting in social websites, moreover more percentage of youth are indulges in drugs, alcohol and for sake of short-term pleasures forget the sole motive of their life,

Each and every person has a dream, which he wants to fulfill, but due to lack of self confidence and determination he strays away from his aim, and it is certainly true in most cases at the present scenarios in case of youths of India. They run after the colourful life of short term pleasure without thinking about about their future.

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Gurdeep Choudhary said: (Nov 10, 2017)  
I think today's youth is more confused with state of mind they not take decision with their own perspective today's generation just copy one another and they also busy in western cultural activities just shoe off.

They ignore another to seek attention.
Social media is gd but it means not we always scroll up and down and just time pass.
We use it in gd perspective.

For show our talent and we also take online courses about any subject we interested.
At last my request for today youth.

Please avoid drugs. Alcohol.
Be fit and never quit.
Respect your elders.

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Mohit said: (Nov 9, 2017)  
Hellow everyone.

Guys according to me the youth of India is bit confused because as we all know that at the country like India is one of those countries those are facing the problem of unemployment and the students in India are enough talented but they are getting up the platform to show up their hidden talent.

Students are moving towards the other countries for getting up the jobs and even for the studies also instead of their own country. So, there is the problem that due to unemployment in the country students are not getting the satisfaction level according to their talent with this I want to add one another point that in India the students are performing well are getting the appreciation but what about the students are the not performing well instead of motivating them we are just laughing on them and making their moral down.

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Agitator said: (Nov 3, 2017)  
The youth of India is confused because they don't know where to go, where they will live, what they will do in future because of confusions which is already existing in the society. They are always tensed and always distracted by the situations around them. They don't know how to use their mind instead of others. They always keep listening to others even if they are not right and always buzzed up with mind disturbances !

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Jittu Soni said: (Nov 3, 2017)  
Yes I also feel that students are confused about there future not because they don't have confidence, it is due to their environment and education system. Actually the aim of education is to identify once interest level and focusing on that to be employable. But focusing rather than that everybody run behind getting marks. Ultimately some of them loss up getting into frustrating job or be jobless.

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Sunny said: (Oct 31, 2017)  
Ya Indian youth is confused because an country like India there is a kind of societal pressure. While taking youth have to think about what people think of there decisions.

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Mayank Bhagchandani said: (Oct 31, 2017)  
Hello everyone.

As both confused and confident are just state of mind prevailing because of the different situations, therefore, any state is temporary. Currently, the youth of India is confused because of lack of confidence. From the political point of view, Indian government failed to create the required number of jobs, the economy of India is going down, technology like AI are stealing jobs, hence India youth is lack of confident because of unavailability of jobs.

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Aman Sharma said: (Oct 30, 2017)  
Youth of India is not confused, they have talent but they are not getting a proper opportunity to show their talent to the world. If a person is not having a job that does not mean that that person is confused or if a person gets a job that doesn't mean that person is confident. The reason person came into confusion is because of 2 reasons either that person have many things or that person have nothing. And confidence is just like a flame which glows till you are providing it ghee. Otherwise it will stop glowing. Similarly confidence if you have done something which you feel is good or nice than you will get confidence but suddenly if you realize that you have done something wrong than your confidence will come down at that moment of time.

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Ajoy Sarmah said: (Oct 30, 2017)  
Good afternnon friends.

I totally agree with each one of you and being a youth m confident about what I want to achieve in my future. I am following the steps to achieve my dreams but there are some hurdles and disturbances which make me re-think over my steps and thus makes me confused. So all I want to say is youth of India knows what they want and they are confident enough to achieve it but the problems and hurdles confuses them. Once they clear out their problems, they will be back in their track immediately.

Thank You.

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Sahil Singh said: (Oct 28, 2017)  
Good evening everyone.

Today we all are gathered here to discuss on the topic that whether the youth of India is confused or confident. Being confused or confidence is just the state of mind of a person which occurs due to the prevaling conditions like a person who is unemployed is always confused and a person who has a job is confident. India is a country where a majority fraction of youth is employed and a person with an empty belly can't feel confident. For example a person who has worked so hard to get selection in an exam and exam results are not being decleared for so many years, then surely that person will feel confused and this leads in declining of confidence.

So we can conclude from this discussion that a large fraction of today's youth is confused than being confident but again it just depends on the state of mind of person.

Thank you.

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Shailav said: (Oct 27, 2017)  
I think youth of India is confused about their future. Most of the students choose preparation of government jobs. Most of them not have particular target.

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Sundeep said: (Oct 24, 2017)  
Yes, youth of India was confused due to lack of confident. There was no proper education system which provide a pratical knowledge. It means our education taught only theory knowledge and mainly educational institutes goal was to pass every one whether they gain knowledge or not. And when you go to a 12th class student and asking them what is your goal so many were confused because they don't know their goals. And also the present situation in India was looks like if a student was not get job, the people recognise him or her as a uneducated one and can't fit for any purpouse. Youth of India has more power and skills but we have to present properly by providing proper education facilities.

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Riya Mitra said: (Oct 23, 2017)  
I think the youth of India is a bit confused as they don't know the practical solutions. They have so much knowledge and talent but don't know what to do and how to do. They are confused between their mind and heart and society and culture and so many things that their problems remain unsolved. They just need a guide who can show them the right path to achieve their goals, and I think after that nobody can stop them.

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Saify said: (Oct 20, 2017)  
Thanks for giving me an opportunity to discuss the topi youth of India is confident or confused. I think we are confused in many ways our political leaders only do politics and that's a very dangerous for us government always promise us we create many opportunities but they fail for doing this.

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Swarika Sinha said: (Oct 8, 2017)  
Youth of India is both confident and confused because half of the youth who knows their motive and knows where their wellness belong so they know how to accomplish the things they have decided and solves their problem logically whereas half of the youth are confused because they are not able to maintain the balance in their life and are not able to decide their motive what they what they want in their life and what is for their well being. So basically being focused and maintaining balance create a difference between a confident youth and confused youth.

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Ramjit said: (Oct 5, 2017)  
I must say that our youth is confused rather than confident. Because the who pass out or completed his masters he or she is totally confused that now what to do weather go for a job or for a business or startups.

They are not able to choose which stream they want to pick up. That also done by their parents, relatives, society and by friends. They have the confidence to do it but they are unable to take a decision that who they will to it. They always need a guide for that. So our youth in somewhere in between of both nor confident nor confused.

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Rajeev said: (Oct 3, 2017)  
Youth are 100% confident because they know what to do but also 100% confused because they don't know how to do.

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Manish Sharma said: (Oct 2, 2017)  
Confident help to be a good initiative men.

Persistence of confidence will help to be a good leader.

Here are some questions.

1. Is our youth looks confident?
2. Have they better communication skills?
3. Are they punctual?

Due to this, I think our youth is confused rather than confident.

Thank you.

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Satish Wagh said: (Oct 2, 2017)  

Friends, According to me, Firstly, I would like 2 say I am also youth here but I am not confused, peoples are confident only when they are aware of the thing by they surrounded and awareness will come in through true education I used the word true here because the 90 percent of Indian youngsters don't know basically what they learned in academics and th4 recruiter don't hire fresher because they don't have time to teach the basic things. So, need to focus on EDUCATION with active learning.

Thank You.

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Saswati said: (Oct 1, 2017)  
According to me, the youth of India is confused. Confusion regarding their careers, relationships, and personal decisions. Unemployment is prevailing in India because the youngsters are not getting proper training and opportunities to showcase their talent. Their skills are not properly which affects them and then the country. Youth mass is not taking their relationships seriously so breaks ups and divorces are increasing. Proper utilization of social media is not been made which is actually helpful in giving information of various things taking place in the whole world.

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Shardool Kothari said: (Sep 30, 2017)  
India's youth is highly confused. Most of them are trying to find ways out of this confusion. Career and relationships are the two areas which require most of the decision making.

Following reasons point to why the youth is confused.

Unemployment, Suicide rates, broken marriages, drug abuse. All these happen because somewhere the youth is unsure of what it really wants and hence picks up anything that comes their way without knowing whether it adds any value to them is it a self-destruction tablet.

School/College education produces unemployable students which leads to disarrayed careers. Social media platform gives the stage to the youth to express themselves. How effectively is social media being used? Had the youth been using social media effectively there would have been healthier relationships and path-breaking innovations.

Why are employers complaining about lack of skills in candidates?

Why are divorces end egos increasing at an alarming rate?

There is no doubt about the intellect of the youth but it needs to be channelized in proper direction. Clarity of thought comes through knowledge and this knowledge will lead to better decision making. Confident/Clear individuals will make a better scoiety.

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Krishna Vivek said: (Sep 27, 2017)  
Hi, everyone.

I think nowadays youth are very confident about their future. So they are very keen and observant in this present world. In the world, youth of India are having good name and image because of their worth and persistent behaviour.

There are so many examples which support the above statement like Google's Sundar Pichai Microsoft Satya Nadella and there are much more like this who increases the pride of INDIA.

So we can say the youth of INDIA are confident, not confused.

Thank you.

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Raj said: (Sep 23, 2017)  

Nowadays the youth of India is very confident because what their choosing is not matter but their succeed.

Today most of the IT companies are running by the use of the youth. Why the company choosing youth they are confident person.

And then in our country proudly to say that country have most of the persons are the youngsters. The youngsters plays a main role in to choose a decision at home or company etc. Because they are very confident persons. But some youths destroying their life by the way of confusion.

Thank you.

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Dhiraj Kumar Sahu said: (Sep 22, 2017)  
In my opinion, Indian youth are confused because they were not right decisions in the competitive market. And fall into the wrong direction. And not full filled their goal.

Thank you.

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Deepak Sharma said: (Sep 21, 2017)  
According to me, most of Indian youths are confused because they are not getting right relent to show their talent. In our country education system is focused on theoretical knowledge not on practical knowledge. And proper training is not given to Indian youth. Whereas in other countries govt runs skill programs to improve the skills of their youth and they know well what they are going to do. That is the reason they are confidenr. We Indian are not lack in hard work but we lack in skills and opportunities.

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Anitha said: (Sep 19, 2017)  
I think that only due to lack of communication skills and confidence we are lagging when compared with other countries.

Even the people with so much of knowledge is not exposing themselves to the world.

Previously we used to have a number of scientists, mathematicians.

But in nowadays an invention is done by companies and not by people.

They are claiming that was their own achievement.

This should be changed to increase the confidence levels for future generations.

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Yashwniee said: (Sep 19, 2017)  
I think youth is confident now because now youth stand up for their rights, for example, earlier in rape cases no action was taken because people always blame that girl but now youth will stand up for injustice eg: Nirbhaya rape case.

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Sachin said: (Sep 19, 2017)  
Hello, friends.

I think India youth is confused and confident also. This is not because your fault this is due to the educational system.

Thank you.

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Bhruguram Barik said: (Sep 17, 2017)  
In my point of view. Yes, they are really in a confused way. Taking the example of the productivity and skills of Indian youths in comparison with other countries. The basic reason is the educational system. We are going behind the theoretical knowledge. Comparing to other countries from their knowing capability they are professionally trained about their future and what they want to do.

When other countries most youths are looking for the more effective we the Indian youth are liking the govt jobs by which well lead to be a simple, cool and calm life.

The childhood gives much more impact upon the youth society. Due to the traditional thought of parents also it is harming towards childhood training and indirectly youth.

Finally, youth in India Is in a confused way.

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Harisrio said: (Sep 13, 2017)  
I think that Indian youth are not getting their path or platforms to express their talents in a good way, so they seemed to be confused.

Indian youngsters can work hard to achieve their goal than other country's youngsters, most of the Indian is willing to work in foreign countries, I wish this conditions must be changed, and the all should work for their countries.

Good day.

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Divya Puppy said: (Sep 13, 2017)  

In my view, Indian youth are most confidential persons. But India is losing our youths confidence level because they not provide opportunities for youth. If they allow youth or students to govern the Indian politics, the India will become developed country in 2020.

Comparing to other foreign peoples, the youth of India is very powerful, hardworking persons and motivated. They also best in culture.

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Rani said: (Sep 12, 2017)  
Hi friends,

I think the youth of India was confident when they had a specific goal without follow blindly for anything. If the person who had take bold decision during his life, he will never confused for anything.

In my opinion, Indian youth are in confusion. Because whatever he/she want they will not to do. In India must and should everyone will have an degree for studying purpose. After that he/she will trying to achieving their goal in that time also some people will not study with their goals. So he/she confused. But in some abroad people's parent told like this whatever you will do interest go that way. Degree is not important, your goal is important they motivate them.

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Shravan said: (Sep 12, 2017)  
As per my opinion, youth is confident. Because todays youth is too fast but there is no good market or jobs available in market. Youth need only one link and they start to invention and innovation for fast market.

Some people says youth is busy on smartphones but because of smart phones youth get more knowledge and they are doing their daily activities by using internet (online market).

So. Youth is confident only they need good market.

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Himanshu said: (Sep 12, 2017)  
Youth in India is mostly confused as there are many opportunities but lack of understanding of opportunities among them due to inefficient counseling system.

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Raut Hanuman said: (Sep 3, 2017)  
Indian youth is confident but they depend on condition. So sometimes they confused.

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Narendra said: (Aug 30, 2017)  
Indian youths are not confused at all, but due to lack of opportunities they are deviated from their goal and people called as confused.

Lack of opportunities due to. Reservation, flatter, Bribery, political pressure, in educational department, and so on reason. Undercompulsion youth change their mind-set and change their future goal.

Let's give me an example two students got selected for one specific post, the higher authorities says to them " give the money and take the job".

This type of situation would changes the whole life of one student and his goal of Life.

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Shweta said: (Aug 29, 2017)  
Youth are the building blocks of new society. They are the future of their nation. Their ideas innovations mindset is shaping new India. But now also we have given the power to old 60's politicians. Why? the answer lies that may be now also we have that mindset that "old is gold ". We are ready to accept the concept of digital India. But not ready to see a girl roaming with a boy. We are not ready to accept the change, to accept the ways youth work and this make youth confused and lose they're confident in their path. They are not even confident on their decision. They are not ready to bear the outcomes of their steps. But they are ready to follow their mundane routine. They have lost interest in thinking differently. Why?

Because they are more focused to grab than to learn. They are more focused to earn than to be an entrepreneur of their dreams. So I conclude that youth are not confident but confused.

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Sanket said: (Aug 29, 2017)  
In my point of view, they have cleared but due to the surrounding situation and family situation, They have confused. That's it.

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Santhosh Seera said: (Aug 27, 2017)  
Hi everyone,

We do not judge our Indian youth are confident or confused.

It depends on his or her goals if their goals are very clear then they are never confused.

But some times may be the parents have forced the youth in another direction because of family situations.

Let us consider one example if one person is there, his dream job is an IAS officer but lack money, his working as a bank clerk or other. At that time his goal is to clear then he never stops preparation until he got IAS officer.

If someone has not clear goals then if the situation comes like above at that time he disappointed and stops his study.

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Riddhi said: (Aug 25, 2017)  
According to me, we can't choose one option when we talk about the youth of India that whether they are confident or confused. Some people are very confident about their future. Their Aim is very clear that they want to go in a career in which they are genuinely interested. Some people follow the trend which is guided by parents and teachers without thinking about their interest. So for these type of people, we can say that they are confused.

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Santurbk said: (Aug 24, 2017)  
Hi, all.

In My point of view, all youngsters need education then they took good decisions. What to do and what not to do, if parents are not happy with their goals, please try to convince them, explain and show your interest.

Your attitude is believable, then no one stops you.

But everyone needs some directions and suggestions, after listening each one can identify.

His drawbacks, try to avoid them, and do hard working than success automatically bonds with you.

I concluded that practice makes men perfect.

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Ramakrishna said: (Aug 24, 2017)  
Hello, everyone, I think the youth of India are confused about a career. Most of the students are studying the subjects.

Which is followed by most & also forced by their guardian. They don' t follow their own interest.

A survey was conducted that most of the B-Tech students don't fulfill the requirement of a software company.

Due to lack of knowledge, they are removed from the company.

I conclude that if the youth of India can choose their own field of interest and accomplish their work in a proper way on time they will succeed in life & transform to Confident.

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Sirisha said: (Aug 22, 2017)  
In my opinion, youth are assets for the country. In our country, 60 percent people are youth it highly benefits to our country. Youth are confident to do anything but they are confused in which way they have to choose. If they get any guidance then they can do everything even they can create self-employment and opportunities to others. Then our country doesn't develop it will be a developed country.

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Sachin said: (Aug 19, 2017)  
Hi everyone, I think the youth of India is both confused rather than confident. They need to take their own decision and choices. And also they need a proper guidance. If they get this then they become confident.

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Kt said: (Aug 18, 2017)  
I think that the youth of today is very confused but confident also. They need to take decisions every now and then about everything taking place in their life.

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Udit said: (Aug 17, 2017)  
I believe there is no such thing like Youth Of India is Confused or Confident here we're judging others before judging ourselves. Who is the Youth of India we are. No in his life has been Confident enough to make his decisions very ritly If we would have been very clear confident then India would have been Country of Einstein and Bill Gates and Usain Bolts but that's not the Case take for example USA or China are all Americans owners of companies like Google Apple Facebook they are Jobless too or all Chinese own Alibaba China too has homless cities without electricity and Jobless Confused people.

So at last I would like to conclude as a great man said be competent not confident be Confused because a straight roads are for the boys Men take the Road Not Taken.

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Sandeep Mishra said: (Aug 15, 2017)  
Hi friends. According to my thinking, in India, the youth are confused by choosing a career because in indea there is much diversity about 70persant people are farmers they don't have any type of knowledge about career even their children want to read more but in lake of guidelines they are unable to reach there. In India, the youth have one problem that they are unable to judge themselves on time. Even they can do everything. But something are changing nowadays in India and I hope that after some years the youth of India will have full confidence and they will advice other. Thank you.

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Syed Afroz Ali said: (Aug 15, 2017)  
In my view, Indian youth are confused. They can not take a decision in a single attempt. In India after diploma engineering students are a toggle between higher studies and job. Jobs are now very expensive for this youth are confused. In social media there are rumours and youths are believe in that. That rumours take them towards the wrong path. For there confusion they can't take a right decision.

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Hajira said: (Aug 12, 2017)  
In my opinion, youth is very much aware and confident about whatever they are doing in their lives. Nowadays the 21 st century generation is so ambitious and enthusiastic that they choose their field of study which they want to pursue and go accordingly. Sometimes it might happen that they might make mistakes, but rather than dwelling on their mistakes they learn from it and try to move on. One such example is Sushant Singh Rajput who first joined Eng but then he realised that his main talent is acting so then he started modelling, done TV shows and now he is Mahi of Bollywood.

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Aanya Gupta (Cms) said: (Aug 12, 2017)  
The youth is really confused because there is such a high competition that everyone is confused relates to their ambition.

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Utkal Jena said: (Aug 10, 2017)  
As per me, the youth of India is super confused. India's upcoming development depends on the youth. The mentality of the youth is so weak that they are easily influenced by others. Due to lack of jobs available they are even choosing path like terrorist.

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Rishab said: (Aug 6, 2017)  
From my point of view, teenagers of India are more confused than confident. In India, most of the students follow the same trend which is directed to them by their parents or teachers. They don't think of their personal interest or the field which they like in which they would gain success. There are many youths who just wanted to pursue a field having no interest to earn money. In India, people don't get proper guidance and proper support of parents to pursue their field of interest.

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Mukesh said: (Aug 4, 2017)  
According to my point of view, youth of india is confused more than confident. They are confused because they haven't decides target and aim. After the graduation failureness make confused automatically and they change the way. But indian youth is very intelligent and confident. They will easily survive in any condition.

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Sandesh Kant said: (Aug 2, 2017)  
The youth of India is confused about their career, education and they are confused with their interest also.

But, I say that if the youth of India make any decision they are more confident than they are.

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Usha said: (Jul 29, 2017)  
Indian youth are not confident because he has also confused for what he doing after completing his education and nowadays they are busy in smartphones. They are not completing their work.

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Namdev said: (Jul 26, 2017)  
Hello, everyone.

In my point of view, Indian youth are not confident because he has also confused for what he doing after completing his education because nowadays there are create less job opportunity for student nowadays those students get job that has talent and good percentage but problem is that out 100 students 30 students are cleaver and 70 percent student not secure good marks then it will face problem of getting job.

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Suppeee said: (Jul 22, 2017)  
According to the subject, I think today's youth are confused rather than confident. It is due to the newly created society, here everyone wants to use shortcuts to get success to his/ her life. The students are confident at starting in his career but as time passes their ambition get change due to several reasons like not securing good marks, got fail, less marks in jee etc. Then, at this point they become frustrated and confused about what to do to cope up with this problem so if they got proper attention with their parents they gain confidence again and make new ambition. But this is possible by the positive response of the parents, then they surely get success and never be confused and always be confident.

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Ashok said: (Jul 20, 2017)  
In my opinion, I thought today's youth is confused because 90 % of young people in India didn't know how to step -up when it's come up in their own career. And this all happened due to some major cause like - 1) our surrounding area and people didn't go for what they like or love to do. 2) most important colleges- college play a vital role in building a student base of early life but they only looking for money not recognise for #all_round_ability Of a student. If they provide all the resources for a student what he or she wants to do.

Anyone can do anything just believe that.

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Mangaldeep Dey said: (Jul 19, 2017)  
I think that youths of India are both confident and confused about their future prospects and career. Lack of proper guidance creates confusion. But when they get a correct idea about the problem they confidently move forward without any hesitation.

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Kamalkant said: (Jul 19, 2017)  
Yes, I agree with the statement that most of the youth in India are confused about their future as they are just doing the things whats others are doing, they even not apply our mind.

Anybody else can't decide your future better than you so please decide those things what you want to do and have a belief you will succeed in this fields rather than copy other people work so please try to be straight forward and confident what you chose does not matter its difficult or not.

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Vatsal said: (Jul 18, 2017)  
Youth are considered as true assets of country but major are confused due to unawareness regarding their future and other who got clear vision regarding their future are confident.

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Saurav Raj said: (Jul 18, 2017)  
Hello, everyone.

It is right, that youth of India is the backbone of our country. The Youth of India is more confused than confident. Confusion nowadays starts from the early education like in 10th standard. After completing 10th standard student could not able to decide which stream is good, parents th3n forc3 him or her to take science. After completing 12th class once again if parents are an engineer, then they want their child to become an engineer. I think parents are more responsible. Here start confusion in the people. This is one example.

Many factors are there which bring confusion to the student.

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Pramod Rauniyar said: (Jul 18, 2017)  
Hello everyone,

What I personally feel that most of the youth today (I am not talking about only India) are confused and not telling about all youth, and the reason is that, as we all know that everyone wants to build their career but they are not getting opportunity to built it up that's all because of unemployment problem. Suppose that you have done engineering and you are searching for a job but unfortunately you didn't get a job. So what will you do, you can't wait so long time for getting a job. So, finally, you will divert from your career right. So what I feel that youth are confused because of the system in which we are living.

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Ramya said: (Jul 17, 2017)  
Hello, friends.

As youth is a pack of energy to a country. They are confident in situations when they are given chance to choose their interest of workers and their strong commitment towards it. But the problem arises when they start to compare with others, it leads to lose their patience, commitment towards their working confident and finally results in confusion. In my view, in order to overcome this confusion one should have belief in themselves and with proper guidance when required. So that our nation can have the strongest and confident youth rather confused.

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Harshit said: (Jul 17, 2017)  
I think most of the youth are being confused because of dependency they think that age of earning is 24-25 and before that graduation so at the time of under graduation courses they start thinking and have the potential to earn little bit for us only while with learning as have a lot free time but actually whats happening they instead of utilizing they are wasting the time in clubs, talkative booths or some other recruitments for just time pass if they go in proper direction that's mostly depend on guidance and atmosphere so parents should make the child strong not dependable booth type as we know in abroad especially in the US at the age of 15-16 the teen becoming independent so how is it happening it just because their parents and surrounding mentality is differnt so think about this and make the child strong and to make there own decisions !

Thank you.

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Inder said: (Jul 13, 2017)  
Yes, it's right because our country doesn't provide opportunities for students. If govt provide a platform for the youth they don't go abroad.

That is the main reason of brain drain.

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Pragya said: (Jul 10, 2017)  
According to me, youth are both confident and confused. They are not confused in taking a decision and they are confident in choosing their career. Youth are the tomorrow's hero of the nation. They must be very strong about their decisions. In choosing the education, like choosing computer science or biology or commerce they are confused. But some students are very much confident in their education. Today generation youth are very smart and brilliant, they are having enough knowledge in taking their own decision. They are born to achieve. For eg youth like Saina Nehwal, Mahendra Singh Dhoni etc are reached great heights in cricket. By these kinds of people, we are motivated. And we will achieve our aim without any confusion. Practice makes a man perfect. No one is born as a legend, so as a normal people, we fall and rise as flowers. And I hope youth are very confident.

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Jamil Ahammad said: (Jul 4, 2017)  
First all of you, thank you for giving me this opportunity Nd chance. I would like to speak about confused youth or confident youth in India as well as all over the world. All of you right and your point are really appreciate. But I have slightly different opinion here. In my view, there are both youths confident or confused. If someone appreciates us then we feel confident. Assume whenever we need advice or answer. We have to go someone else to get solutions. Some kind person gets us what we have to need and we will have to do then We got success because of that advice. Then we feel confident. Whereas if someone demoralises us. Give us wrong advice so we feel confused. If we have self-confidence then you will be achieved successfully. First, you have to practice. How the confident can be developed. You should practice.

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Velraj said: (Jul 1, 2017)  
Hello everyone!

In my opinion, nowadays youth of India is both confused as well as confident. In life, they are confused to make a decision, but they are more confident once they made a decision.

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Velraj said: (Jul 1, 2017)  
Hi everyone!

In my opinion, nowadays youth of India is confident as well as confused. They are confident about what they want to do. But they are confused in how to do. These confusions making them to leave their passions as such and go on another path which is a default. For example, consider an examination, how they attend? if he/she studied completely and knows the answer for all the questions they will get confused in which question to attend. Another type is partially studied they write all the known answers and go for unknowns in that time they will get confused with which answer they have to present there. Similarly, in life they are getting confused in decision making, but they are confident once they made a decision.

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Monu said: (Jun 28, 2017)  
Youth in India is confused because they are direction less these days. They are not choosing their path correctly. Firstly, in today we see that parents are only choosing medical and engineering type of courses. Very less amount of students are going with journalism and entertainment related field. Nowadays student also think that there is a good carrer growth after engineering, but it is not.

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Pronoun said: (Jun 25, 2017)  
As I experienced in my life, I think there is more percentage of confused youth in India than confident youth. This is because students after completing 12th standard don't know in which field they want to go. They opted the option which either their parents want or that option which is selected by their friends. This is a hard reality and it happened with me as well. In the third year of my B-tech, I realised the whole education system and felt that I could do better in another field. The root cause of the confusion is we don't know what do next and what are the after effects of doing that. The other reason is that the parents of the present generation are not so literate. They don't have knowledge of various entrance exams that their child has to face. That's why there is a lack of knowledge and early preparation.

According to a survey conducted by a private organisation, about 90% engineering students in India is not suited for software companies. The students are completely unaware of the requirements of the software companies. That's why either they remain unemployed or works for lower wages.

A sign of relief is that the new generation knows the Indian education system and completely aware of the right time of doing right things.


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Anamika said: (Jun 22, 2017)  
Hello everyone.

According to me, whether they are confused or confident. It doesn't apply to everyone as there are different kinds of young people in India. But I would definitely like to go with the majority of Indians which I feel is confident enough. India is the 2nd largest fastest growing economy. Would it had been like that had not the youth in India been focused and knew what they want. We are in a country which is doing a remarkable job in business in sports sector and in various other fields. Is it been achieved by some robots? Ofcourse, not. It is the focused man behind the success. Yes, there is a considerable confused youth in India. All they need is right guidance and support. That's all. Thank you.

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Akansha Nigam said: (Jun 20, 2017)  

I respect everyone's word here but my thought is very different. I feel that; Indians youth especially, are not confused they are pressurised. Everywhere and every time we have people around who focused on to just demotivating youth. We are on that country where the honorable former president and a great scientist APJ Abdul Kalam stand as an example to tell people that nothing is impossible and everyone should have big dreams. There are uncountable people who were focused and achieved what they wanted and successful.

Indian youths are always pressurised they are forced to do what they don't want to do. If a kid wants to be a singer they will not polish him on his interest just start telling "no" there is no scope and study it's very important what would be your career.

If I would take any child example so initially he is forced to study by his parents and teacher and then he is forced to take option subject to show status to another relative that he took any prestigious subjects like maths, forced to score good marks, forced to do marriage at right time. Even forced to bring kids also to this world without having any maturity. It's hell, to be honest. If a child starts taking a stand for his wish then there is a sign of rudeness of a kid and he doesn't understand the world. It's hardly 10% person educated parents takes his child serious and motivate the kid to do what actually their kid wants. Otherwise, they will start telling you will become next Lata Mangeshkar, or Sonu Nigam etc. According to their definite knowledge. Why anyone to be like others, everybody wants to make their own identity at their on space. Nobody should be in a running situation. Today every youth is running for no reason. He could upskill himself for his own qualities. Parents are not giving riots to their children to make their own decision that is the reason every child has less decision-making power and somehow act like a confused person but to be very honest Indians are fabulous and they can achieve whatever they want to achieve. Every Individual has it's own talent and shouldn't be compared to others.

Everyone is special but that person can't be special for everyone.

Thanks for reading!

Have a happy life friends:).

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Ershad Alam said: (Jun 14, 2017)  
We can say that 80% of our youths are confused and it only because of less job opportunity in our country.

Rate this: +20 -4

Nivedha.A said: (Jun 13, 2017)  
Hi, friends.

In my opinion, 80% of youth is totally confused. Because, they do not have any goal, so half of the population of India is unemployed. Then, students are completed in our school life. After they are joined in higher studies they are totally confused, which field I can choose and our relatives or parents are forced to take this field so, they are not provided with proper guidance when required.

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Manish Narayan said: (Jun 9, 2017)  
70% Youth of India is confused about their career selection because great people says that choose that field in which you have interest but the reality is that due to fear of corruption, due to fear of bribe nobody go in that field in which he was interested. For making the youthfully confident we will have to provide a belief inside the youth that you can go any field or you can choose any field according to your hard work. I am 100 % sure that after this, a large number of youth will not bear the fear of doing the hard work. Even that people will also try to do hard work who think that every success comes from the door of money. So today the maximum percentage of our youth is confused.

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Darshana said: (Jun 6, 2017)  

According to me, Indian youth are confused confused rather than confident.

Especially, when they take their career decisions in the pressure of society status and family expectations. They get confused between their dreams or society status. They want to become anyone else and they become anyone else. We can say that youth students are confident but youth collegiate are confuse.

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Nikhat said: (Jun 1, 2017)  
In my opinion, today the Indian youths are confident rather than confused. As we can see youths take actions against authorities and the despite of being humiliated or threatened they do not take their steps back. We can see the example of strikes taken in j.n.u against our HRD minister and recently there was a strike in D.U regarding timings of the hostel. They demanded to have an outing for the whole night. Here we can see they took actions against the administration. In other hand, if it's about choosing their career they are too confident in expressing their desire of being to be. It's another thing they are pressurised for choosing their parent's decision.

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Rahul said: (Jun 1, 2017)  
Nowadays the youth of India are very confused in life. In their growing days they need to given encouragement in life in order to achieve success. But eventually they tend to lose their originality by trying to become someone else, that is, by pursuing their parent's dreams. This has nothing to do with peer pressure. Students who complain that the reason behind them being a doctor or an engineer or any other cliche fields are their parents. I completely disagree with this, because they lack the kind of determination needed in order to succeed in life. They need to take some responsibility in life and start owning their mistakes rather than simply blaming their parents for their failure. They had wasted their crucial time by sticking to social media platforms rather than investing in themselves by gaining knowledge. They need to stop the 'no Fucks given attitude', that they carry so proudly.

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Arham said: (Jun 1, 2017)  
Our youth is confused because of lack of interest and they didn't know the proper field to choose where they could actually be satisfied with it if this confusion with them will cleared and they know their destination they will be confident what to do.

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Chinmay said: (May 31, 2017)  
Yes, I agree with you because we people are very confused to achieve our goal. We are change our goal everyday like depending on situation. Men's if my friends get a new job in any field then what we will do we are change our goal.

Rate this: +12 -2

Namdev said: (May 30, 2017)  
I think Indian youth is confused to think what are doing in next year because India growth is fast but problem Is that when the student completed there education then they can't get a chance to work for the company because there are many engineers yet not getting a job. Youth are not confident I think.

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Nimish said: (May 25, 2017)  
The youth of India are more confident to bring reforms and take this country at next advanced level. Because they are in a phase where they have just finished their studies or they are in the learning phase.

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Abhimanyu Chauhan said: (May 20, 2017)  
Well, I think that most of the youth of India are more confident to bring reforms and take this country at next advanced level. Because they are in a phase where they have just finished their studies or they are in the learning phase. On the basis academic curriculum they have learnt so many new skills and they might have some creative ideas which they are willing to imply it in betterment of India.

Yes, there might be so many reasons that make them confused. That is pretty obvious these days because people don't have much patience, they don't want to wait for long time and most importantly they don't believe in anyone blindly. If these confusions arise someone's mind that is good for them because once they realize that it is the right moment to make right decisions then only they will be able to correct it. These days internet become most interactive tool by connecting almost all kind of platforms from where they can extract reality and come out from the illusion.

This phase proves that most of the youth live in a determinative phase that also reflect that they are more confident rather than confused.

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Seema said: (May 12, 2017)  
I think that the youth of India is confident or confused both. If they know about that what they do its good for them it's mean they confident if they have no idea what they do its mean they confused.

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Is the youth of India confident or confused?

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