Is our Political System Reason for our Backwardness?

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Star said: (Sun, Jun 28, 2015 07:06:07 PM)    
Hello everyone.

Yes I agree to some extent the political system is the reason we are backward but can we blame it all on the system? We need to come forward and change the system because change will make it a better place and motivate the country to move forward.

We can do this by helping the poor and educating the backward section of our society especially those who are not able to access the basic amenities like health care, education etc. We need to put our education to proper use!

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Ravina said: (Sat, Jun 27, 2015 09:25:24 PM)    
Hi friends,

According to me it is true our political system is responsible for backwardness in India first reason for that is corruption. We can avoid it by spreading awareness among people.

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Tarun said: (Sat, Jun 27, 2015 07:09:24 PM)    
Hello friends,

I think that political system in India is somewhat responsible for the backwardness but also it is these politician who are also encouraging girl education and encouraging the nation towards literate India.

Well I think corruption is the main reason why this backwardness is spreading like in government schools the lack of infrastructure and other facilities are not available for the students to stand out in the public when they come together with other students in their colleges.

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Anmol said: (Fri, Jun 26, 2015 04:48:14 PM)    
Yes, political system is responsible for our backwardness but so are the general mindset of the people and slow and complex bureaucratic structure.

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S.Bharath Kumar said: (Thu, Jun 25, 2015 08:57:50 PM)    
Hello everyone.

There are so many reasons for backwardness in India I will conclude with few reasons.

If we start from the base of our life, there is no proper education system in India to mentally fix the children to do good to the society and explain the results what happens if we do bad to the society. Why I say these words is because now a days if we see the cases evolving, there is no limit for corruption even for educated people.

What I say is our education system should be made in such a way that if number one members do corruption, both member should be act like a catalyst to stop them.

As per my knowledge, the way we can stop backwardness in India is by educating the people so that they can provide the solutions for the reasons causing it.

Eg : Evolving media channels to focus on corruption, organisations involving helping nature.

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Bharti said: (Thu, Jun 25, 2015 12:00:54 PM)    
Well I too agree with my friends who are against the topic. Surely, politics can't be blamed for everything which is happening in the country. It is we. Who elect those leaders and then we start blaming them for everything which is going wrong in the country.

Only if we unite, we not only educate ourselves, our family but also help others like (maid etc) to spread education, awareness then surely we will move towards being a developed nation in terms of literacy rate, employment, standard of living etc.

Also the women in the country needs to be respected to eradicate the backwardness prevailing in India.


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Pushpa Sasane said: (Thu, Jun 25, 2015 10:22:01 AM)    
Hi friends,

Yes, the political system is responsible for our backwardness to some extent. But we are also responsible for this.

We choose the politicians and hopes that they will develop our country and cities, rural areas. But this politicians don't do their duties properly. We have to monitor the politicians and pay attention on how they work for society and how they solve the problems of peoples. Now a days, faulty schemes, corruption, non transparency of gov. Work leads to backward society.

Social and economical backwardness is increased. But this can be avoided if we choose the politicians who takes responsibility of developing our society and also we should help them to develop our society.


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Chandrakant said: (Wed, Jun 24, 2015 08:06:46 PM)    
Hello friend's.

According to my mind politics is not responsible for backwardness but we the common people are also responsible for that. We all know we are governing by our constitution but non of us have knowledge about that.

(1) Our judiciously system is also main reason behind this become if the political system is not right then why the judiciously or judges of supreme courts are not issuing the right directions to overcome from this.

(2) If there any person is come up to stand against the politicians the party peoples are stat to ever him or kill him and when we go to court, case takers many years and what is last punishment for culprit life prison meant and after some days he comes out also on humanism.

(3) There different type of punishments for same type of cases this also a drawback.

(4) Leaders not have the fear of judiciary they know nothing will happen every where corruption.

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Aditi said: (Wed, Jun 24, 2015 03:25:27 PM)    
It's not the political system that is leading to the backwardness of the nation. It is mainly the society's mindset towards the people.

Gender equality in terms of respect and empowerment is still under illusion. It is because of the thinking which is the main root of backwardness.

Moreover, many schemes have been made in favour of people such as price ceiling for farmers, rights to protect girl child, schemes promising housing to the people BPL but if the awareness is not spread the honest and helping people in our political system could not help.

Proper education and awareness only can accelerate the growth of the nation irrespective of the political system. The change begins from within. Change the mindset and India could achieve glory.

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Mayuri Goyani said: (Wed, Jun 24, 2015 02:35:44 PM)    
Hello everyone,

How can be country/political system/anyone else be responsible for your backwardness. Its only you who is the responsible for your backwardness. The government can raise the awareness about education but it cannot go and check every individual's house who is sending their child to the school hence it is individual's responsibility to push themselves foreword. So until and unless we don't change ourselves, nothing is going to happen. We will remain backward only.

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Hardik said: (Mon, Jun 22, 2015 01:25:59 PM)    
Political system is not totally responsible for our backwardness. In my opinion backwardness arise due to lack of development in educational system and also lack of awareness of our people towards importance of study.

Literacy rates are very low in states like Bihar, Rajasthan which are very populated. These states needs to develop in the area of education. There is no worth for political parties to issue educational policies until these states are not aware n eligible for that.

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Adb said: (Sun, Jun 21, 2015 11:34:24 AM)    
How can some other person be the reason of our backwardness? There are infinite numbers of laws as well as regulations that lead to eradication of social evils but how many of us are actually aware of it and abide by it.

If we take a simple example of dowry, there are hundreds and thousands those who still practice it and they consider it to be a matter of pride shouldn't we consider it to be a backwardness in our society then the question arises which political compulsion lead us to do.

So backwardness comes with mindset no party, no law can remove it unless mankind mindset alters.

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Reshma Roy said: (Sat, Jun 20, 2015 05:45:32 PM)    
Hello everyone,

Our political system reason for our backwardness; the world's largest democracy, we choose our politicians by casting votes in their favor, we common people try to overcome our previous bad experiences, I think this is what common people vote for but how they can act after casting their precious votes to politicians who swear on changing the whole nation at an instant luring the voters, we are responsible for them being voted.

Being up-to-date on every now and then keeping records of all of them trying to take on leadership in our country will help us in choosing the better leader and a better future of this country. Making everyone aware of powers a common people has in democratic country.

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Neha Patel said: (Thu, Jun 18, 2015 10:55:48 AM)    
Hello friends,

According to my point of view politics is not reason behind backwardness. Because when we want to change the society then firstly start from us. Hear "us" means not only me hear "us" means every person who lived in. When every people make responsible then the following day had no backwardness. So this is responsibility of our society if they want to change the rule they will do but must that pace in positive way.

Thank you.

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Piyush Kumar said: (Thu, Jun 18, 2015 08:46:49 AM)    
Hello friends,

The role of the politicians is to deal with national issues and drive the country in full gear. But today they are lacking of ethics and moral principles. They have bound himself up with untrue and non-violence acts. Such devotion shows abuse of power and nepotism which in turn kindles corruption which directly retards our progress rate at all fronts weather it is social, economic, national or international and fuzzed image of politics.

They are always eroding the very essence of democracy. They are devaluing public-moral. Their this doing diverts country from the path of development to backwardness. Backwardness in the sense of good education institutes, basic facilitates, sound health, employment and so. Almost every citizen has confrontation with these but no one drives his own effort to resolve it, it shows our backwardness and cowardliness in taking initiation.

Now we have adopted it as a fate and has optimistic that things would changed one day.

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Jen said: (Mon, Jun 15, 2015 08:20:23 PM)    
Hello friends,

I think backwardness will not be rectified by giving education to all level of people. Because even a well educated fellow will not speak against the overrated things for our daily use. A huge reason is hidden back, even education institutions are becoming business. We people also competing to get seat in (LKG in 40,000 and also toddler seat values 20,000) the private institutions, some times even it's not a reputed institute.

And this in turn make the business people to sell their products with triple time higher than the original profit, these products are purchased in all level of people to satisfy their basic needs and to run their routine life. This is just one of the reasons. Even though we knew that this is a cycle. We can't able to stop it unless we think of low and middle class people and our future generation.

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Sandeepika said: (Sun, Jun 14, 2015 07:32:27 PM)    
No I don't think that our political system is reason for our backwardness because our political system is all based on democracy and I fully support democracy. The main reason is the leaders who corrupted this country. And now when Modi has come I don't think our country will remain backward for long because he is going out in foreign and awarding people about India that now India has not remain that backward country.

One thing we have all seen is that rich in our country are becoming more and more rich and the poor more poor. This is the thing we need to change and the country will definitely develop which will lead to human development too.

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Dathu said: (Sun, Jun 14, 2015 11:43:51 AM)    
Hi friends,

In my perception corruption is not only there in politics, at present in all types of departments there is a corruption. People also being the part of the corruption because of their literacy, they don't know what will be happen by doing such type of things. In all types of departments from higher authorities lower authorities by using their leaders support they will do such type of things to deceive the normal people in the society.

So finally what I am saying is yes, there is no doubt political system is the one of the main reason for our backwardness whenever the people know what they missed by doing such type of things then only it is possible to overcome the backwardness.

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Monika said: (Wed, Jun 10, 2015 05:38:48 PM)    
Hi friends,

In my perception politicians are the one of the main reason for our backwardness but we should n't blame them totally, people also 40% responsible for our backwardness. Main reasons for our backwardness is.

1) Corruption-not only in politics but also in all departments.

2) Delay in progress of any work due to this corruption.

3) People illiteracy, childhood marriages, confining woman to house hold.

People are the one who elected those corrupted leaders. Some people due to illiteracy take some money due to elections and they are only the ones who mostly have caste and community feelings and they cast their vote to ones who belongs to their community or caste. The youngest Nobel prize laureate Malaya said that "education is the power of a woman. Taliban don't want the woman to be powerful that's why, they don't want them to be educated". She is saying about the woman but education is power to a human now a days.

So when the literacy increases, and when the the all govt officers and politicians work honestly and wholeheartedly to develop India then only our India will be developed.

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Sasanka said: (Sat, Jun 6, 2015 12:38:40 AM)    
Dear friends.

Backwardness in India can be linked to various fields like in technology, education, saving energy.

The worlds best universities are found in Massachusetts but not in India. Why? One of the core reasons is the research facilities they have. The funding provided by their government is huge and such type of cooperation is needed for enormous research and that is lacking in India.

In the recent reports from our defense and aeronautical organisations HAL and DRDO reveal that the organisations failed miserably in development of equipment and our country is being relied on foreign imports. The recent Rafael deal which involved purchase of 36 raffle jets with a cost of around 10 billion dollars is a clear indicator of the dependency on foreign technology.

Most of the cars we see on road are almost directly imported from other countries. Most of the automobile plants setup in India only assemble the imported parts. The recent make in India programme initiated by Modi may help in setting up of manufacturing units in India there by decreasing dependency and also increasing the employment rate.

Energy problem is a world wide problem. The depletion of natural resources is seen and the present scenario has to be changed. The efficiency of solar powered cars has to be increased.

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Cms said: (Thu, Jun 4, 2015 12:55:16 PM)    
Dear Friends,

Politicians are not the only reason for countries backwardness. I comment that all the politician are advised by the government official right from secretaries to BDO and VAO. Here all equally responsible for the collapse. In India corruption is the most dangerous act leads to our country backwardness. See from the local wastage collection staff from the municipality get Rs.100 per month, VAO getting bribe to issue certificates etc, councilor get amount in every growth activity, like wise government staff's including police, judges, medical officers, transport department etc.

For doing their own job they are paid salary apart from that they are getting these bribes from the bottom level for example in Hospital at the time of birth till the person goes under the land all the events were managed one by money and bribe. On the other way we as a public were also responsible for such collapse. Because we are paying the bribe one of the main party to the collapse of the country economy and growth. Please don't give bribe and take bribe.

If corruption is closed then with in a year we may grow in all the departments. Sad to say nowadays in private sectors also bribery started. Like getting loans - agents or agency, selling land - real estate promoters or agents for bus and train reservation also. There are people who does it for bribe as a service charge.

Please avoid taking bribe and giving bribe to make our nation the wonderful land to stay with humanity and progress.

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Tanya M said: (Wed, Jun 3, 2015 11:04:24 AM)    

I guess it would take a joint effort from politicians and the country men to eradicate the corruption. Politicians can't be blamed for everything. Corruption persists because we the country let it persists, its like the tobacco sellers sell the poison only because we the countrymen are ready to eat it, we give them the scope for it, and same is with the politicians. Politicians would only be 5% or 10% of our total population and just think how can 5 or 10% of the population can be solely responsible for such activities!

Thank you.

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Sj58 said: (Wed, Jun 3, 2015 08:36:14 AM)    
When we got independence we were a poor country with lot of social and economical challenges. Our political system is based on democracy, which in my opinion a great tool for a diversely populated country like ours. The main concern here is the basis on which representatives are selected in democracy. In India its more on caste, religion and other similar factors rather than development being main issue.

But things are changing a lot, like when Nitish government came in Bihar, people were hoping for development. So voting pattern has definitely changed on macroscopic level but on root level still the basis of selecting a candidate is same.

We can hope that with education and awareness that is increasing in society, in coming years we will select our representative on development criteria.

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Arundhati Sarkar said: (Tue, Jun 2, 2015 06:50:14 PM)    
I feel that our political system is modern and democratic, at least in principle. The reason for our backwardness, is not the lack of laws, but the implementation of those laws. For example, we have many stringent laws against many crimes that are perpetrated. However, in how many cases are these laws implemented efficiently? Let us take an example : The punishment for an X type of crime is, say, Y years of prison time. In most cases, the criminal bribes corrupt police officials/ there is negligence of duty or follow-up to a case.

If the criminal is still, arrested, the time taken in the court of law to establish the crime and give the verdict can stretch up to many years. Even if the crime is a violent one. Our legal system is at fault here. If a crime was followed by a dedicated investigation, arrest, and a quick delivery of stringent punishment in the court, and this was practiced for every kind of offence, however trivial or serious, I believe that we would have a more disciplined, law-abiding nation. This would also help eradicate many social evils.

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Hitesh Makad said: (Mon, Jun 1, 2015 09:45:29 AM)    
Politicians are one of the major aspect of being backward. Although, India is the biggest democratic country in the world. Most of the citizens are literate but not educated. They have narrow minded thinking about their society. The crime like dowry and children marriage, also prevails in many of the small area of the country.

By knowingly all the things, politicians do not take any action regarding these because of their vote profit. So, I would say the reason of behind backwardness is not only politicians but also Indian citizen.

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Kaushik Jai said: (Wed, May 27, 2015 10:32:05 PM)    

I believe that political system is not the only aspect, there are many other things. A country is believed to move forward, when the women in their society is respected and given equal opportunities.

Social evils such as dowry, child marriages should be completely checked and more employment opportunities should be provided and talents should be nurtured and encouraged in respective fields.

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Kushpu said: (Wed, May 27, 2015 06:26:42 PM)    
Ya! we can say that political system is the one of the reason for our backwardness, but we cannot blame him fully. Individual person also should take their responsibility to improve our country.

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Ajay Kumar Kundu said: (Sat, May 23, 2015 07:33:10 PM)    
According to my point of view political leaders are not responsible for the worst condition of the developed countries because India is a democratic country and every citizen of India has full freedom to choose leader according to their choice. If we choose an uneducated and corrupt candidates then it also effect the development of the country.

For example if the goalkeeper of a football team is not perfect then the condition of team never well. But some of the leader doing well for example Indian prime minister Narender Modi policies made strong country in the field of economy, security, industry and infrastructure department.

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Danish said: (Thu, May 21, 2015 08:09:32 PM)    

Well we can't blame only politics for the backwardness of our system. Although we are pointing out it because of their involvement in social media and their high earning in monetary terms through corruption.

But the fact is somehow we all become so used to corruption in our day to day life we ignored it. Instead of pointing others everyone should take care about themselves.

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Harish Chanchalani said: (Tue, May 19, 2015 08:51:49 PM)    
Hello friends,

In my opinion, we can't blame totally to political parties for backwardness. Our country there are people they don't educated there children, as well as superstitions is also the reason of backwardness. Political parties are also the reason of backwardness but not fully 100%. There are many changes require from each side.

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Suk said: (Mon, May 18, 2015 11:52:53 PM)    
I believe that backwardness is mostly the result of mentality of the people and not politicians. India is considered backward because there are people who get their children married before eighteen, dowry system still prevails in most areas, there are people who don't let their wives and daughter work for an income, people who don't send their daughter to school.

These things need to be changed, and the politicians cannot do anything about it. At most they can make rules and provide better opportunities, but again doing that for the population as big as our country, is a very tough job. Individuals must change to make our country a better place.

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Shubham Mittal said: (Sat, May 16, 2015 02:27:18 PM)    
Hello friends,

According to me the political system is not the only reason for our backwardness, I agree India is a backward country but political system is one of the aspects of our backwardness. I think our political system has some lope holes such as our judiciary system, even the citizens of our country is also the reason for our backwardness not educating children, being biased for religions, and the most important being beveling in an old belief in 21 century for Eg: Child marriage is a crime but still people in small towns and villages still following this, out discrimination behaviour again different religion, against the standard of people. We country can't run politically only we have to bring changes in us as well.

Thank you.

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Siddharth Rohan said: (Fri, May 15, 2015 10:23:02 PM)    
Well, first of all, in my opinion political system may not be the main reason, but one of the reasons of the social backwardness, politicians are appointed for the controlling and the welfare of the people, but if they even don't know the meaning of control and welfare, how could they contribute to the welfare of society.

Yes, I think that backwardness comes from superstitions and sometimes orthodox thinking, but these things are the product of illiteracy only. Superstitions arrive because one can't give the logical reason for certain things, and for logical mind, one must be literate enough to think logical.

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Akansha said: (Thu, May 14, 2015 11:58:00 PM)    
Hello friends.

In my point of view political system is not responsible for backwardness, backwardness is come in front because orthodox, superstitious opinion of people, who do not understand the importance of education but somewhere answer is yes. Not because I am blaming our political system but I saw it practically.

Political system play a important role to make a bridge between facilities which are available for people and people. There are so many facilities provided by government to bring the children to school but local politician make a barrier between this for own benefits.

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Kranti Kiran Melaka said: (Thu, May 14, 2015 10:41:51 PM)    
The votes's duty is to vote the suitable candidate for their locality, being completely independent of the barriers i.e. money, relation, fear etc. As they know who is best, so their locality depends on them.

And at the same time, after the election, the ruling party of a state focus to the whole state's development, not only the areas where it's members won neglecting the other areas. The reason of our country's backwardness is the people of our country itself. We must change to change our country.

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Ankit said: (Thu, May 14, 2015 06:37:27 PM)    
Hi friends,

I believe its not the government which is really responsible for the backwardness. First of all I want to tell that there are two kinds of backwardness in our society that are social and other is economic backwardness. The main reason behind this is illiteracy and lack of awareness among us. We people of India has much powers and we don't know how to use them.

And other reason is our carelessness, we don't care what politicians are doing after the election result and when some bad happen we blame them and curse them, instead of that we should be alert about our duty and also take care what they are doing. One thing I suggest that in India no minister has any legal responsibility which is wrong. There should be some for what they are legally responsible, this will reduce scams and crime also.

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Mukesh said: (Thu, May 14, 2015 12:01:19 PM)    
Yes our political system is the reason for our backwardness. But in someway we are also responsible for it. Politicians are doing most things for their own wellness or for their party wellness. They didn't distribute policies timely to the citizens. Firstly they find their own benefits so we are always late in acquiring new things.

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Chirag Sanghvi said: (Tue, May 12, 2015 02:53:48 PM)    
Yes, our political system is responsible for our backwardness, but partially. Somehow, we also responsible for that. Our system has taken some initiatives to improve it, but they want our efforts too like our government has started many policies for poor people but corrupt people gap those benefits for their own benefits, superstitions among the people and many other reasons are their for our backwardness.

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Simran said: (Mon, May 11, 2015 01:26:49 PM)    
Yes, I agree with this statement as we all know we have so many of politicians who are from the backward areas and not educated as well. They just can't uplift our economy. If they would have been educated and well qualified the problem of underdeveloped India would have been resolved so far.

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Hemanshi Mohan Aloria said: (Sun, May 10, 2015 07:33:30 PM)    
Hi every one,

In my opinion yes our political system reason for our backwardness when we go to market we buy vegetables with lot of care but when we have to decide our country fate we do not analyze things. After politician elected there should be scorecard provided to them online accessible to common people which should clearly state what they have done so far and why they should be selected next time and if it is first time what have they done for common people so far. People come in politics and go but they never explain or tell common people what have they done in their tenure.

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Renuka said: (Thu, May 7, 2015 07:25:05 PM)    
Hello everyone.

I would like to say that our responsibility towards the nation is not over by just casting a vote. It is the duty of each and every citizen to make sure that the rules are followed. We should make sure that we follow the rules properly before blaming others.

The main reason for backwardness is due to taking/giving bribe and lack of education. Some people due to lack of awareness they do whatever the politicians ask them to do. Whereas the other side i.e. the educated people are so reluctant to follow the rules.

We could bring a change by raising our voice against those corrupted people and make the government to take some measures regarding this matter.

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Aman Singhania said: (Thu, May 7, 2015 12:16:02 PM)    
A strong political leader will definitely try to improve the situations in the country whether good or bad. Therefore, poor politics standard will create poor economy hence poor growth rate.

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Ambitioncat said: (Mon, May 4, 2015 09:41:25 PM)    
There are many types of backwardness. Social and Economic backwardness is two of them. If we talk about social backwardness, we cannot put the sole blame on government. It is our superstitions, backward thinking and lack of education which leads to a backward society. The government can take actions to improve literacy rate, awareness among the masses and other such schemes to provide impetus to the social development. Then it depends upon us, as to how much we adhere to self and social upliftment and thorough development.

The other type is economic backwardness. Backwardness in this field can be 60% - 70% blamed upon the government. Ineffective schemes, corruption, non-transparency of government work and procrastination in application of formulated plans leads to economically backward society. But who is responsible for corruption? We ourselves are to be blamed for this. We are the part of the system. We live in a democracy which is "of the people, by the people and for the people". So, our backwardness is the rotten fruit of our own ill deeds.

It is high time that instead of playing the blame game, we make a change in ourselves. A country becomes developed when it's citizens are developed, educated and responsible. So ask again who's responsible for our backwardness?

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Aagya said: (Mon, May 4, 2015 08:55:45 PM)    
It would not work at all if we keep on criticizing the system like this. It has been high time that we are doing the same. That may be very less but still the politicians are doing at least something for the nation or for us, okay I agree that just for the sake of voter's sympathy and their votes but still they do more than what we do for the country.

Now when we are the citizens of our country then it is also our duty to come over our backwardness. Guys today politics is not a sheer social, it is a good career option too. If I and you can think about our respective career growths why can't they do so?

I am not saying that they should not be honest and should not work for the country. They should. But we also need to understand the root cause of our backwardness that remains the same since decades the mentality of our people somewhere or the other that sense of belonging is missing among us.

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Rohan Chandna said: (Mon, May 4, 2015 11:52:41 AM)    
In my opinion political system is not the reason for our backwardness. We cannot mix political system with politicians with each other. They are connected with each other but we cannot ignore the good work done by the honest politician. People keep on blaming the political system but actually they are the one who are responsible for all these problems. They refrain themselves from voting and later keep just keep on complaining about the government.

Lack of education, the attitude towards women and most importantly our social system are the main reason for backwardness. Youth are responsible as no one wants to join politics to develop our country. Everyone wants a safe and secured jobs and want to live a happy life. It is the attitude of the citizen of the country which is to be blamed. If the citizen do not take initiative and work how then how can the except the government to meet all the requirement. A country progress when its citizen are innovative and work hard.

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Mohit said: (Tue, Apr 28, 2015 01:07:01 PM)    
My point of view is Politicians are our government, they manage our resources they make policies etc. Politician's are responsible for our growth so if we are having backwardness that is somehow their responsibly too.

I agree each individual has also responsibility to groom himself and to contribute to growth of country but our country has a major section which are completely resource-less, so politicians need to take measures which will provide them resources like education.

Its Their responsibility few of our politicians are very but good but many need to improve.

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Joya said: (Mon, Apr 27, 2015 02:22:15 AM)    
Hi friends,

We all know that India is a democratic country so we all have equal rights to choose our representative, then why we are blamming our political leader, they all are chosen by us. Firstly I would like to say that we should choose our leader who has a quality of dictatorship and decision making it will help us for the development.

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Karan Bhatt said: (Fri, Apr 24, 2015 08:54:19 PM)    
Hello friends.

Its not correct to blame entirety the politicians for our backwardness because it depends on many factors like social economical etc. as we elect the politicians for the particular position, somehow we the people are also responsible to some extent to our backwardness. Sometimes we even don't know who is contesting from our area and we just go and give vote to the party we like most. If we want progress and development we have to be a responsible civilian and contribute to society along with the politicians.

Thank you.

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Pankaj said: (Fri, Apr 24, 2015 08:25:45 AM)    
We think politicians are responsible for our backwardness, but all of you tell me who are these politicians? These are elected by us, we have freedom to elect them with our own choices.

Then we have no rights to blame them. India is a democratic county, here all of us have rights to chose our leaders. Instead of giving vote to a good man we sell ourself for our personal benefit & blaming to them.

Its easy to talking about politician. Sitting in park with tea in hand. But inspite of this you have to came in field & change them. If you have guts. Every thing is easy, when we crazy about it & nothing is easy, when we lazy about it.

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Srikanth said: (Thu, Apr 23, 2015 10:49:51 PM)    

Okay according to me "Our Political System Reason for our Backwardness".

Reasons are:

1. We don't know the political leader who is competing in a election.

2. In India there are "Caste reservation for competing" also means particular region have a horizontal caste reservation.

3. If there is "Caste reservation" we cant't elect good people.

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M.Pavankumar said: (Thu, Apr 23, 2015 03:34:57 PM)    
Hello friends.

Our topic is is our political system is reason for our Backwardness?

Yes, our political system is a responsible for our backwardness, but not completely, and remaining are also take part in our backwardness, they are,

I. Unemployment.
II. Reservation.
III. Corruption.
IV. Illiteracy.

But according to our topic the political system is the main cause to out backwardness, like in our nation or country the people who are entering into politics to earn the or to eat the money and stores in the swiss bank as a black money when they are in election campaign they give the booms for the people after completion of elections. After getting the seat I'm assembly they forgot what they are promised to the people and fall in corruption.

In our country the man "Anna" Hazare is fighting against the corruption, Why should we can also fight against the corruption? If we fight against the corruption then we can also take part in developing our country.

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Anuradha said: (Wed, Apr 22, 2015 08:53:10 PM)    
I think this is somehow true. Because what politician do is nothing only they work hard when election are coming. They filling the pockets of poor people give them assurance that we do this thing and that thing and that poor people have faith in them so they do as leader says.

After they own election they sit at home and not doing anything. All promises are fake. This is one reason. Second is our Indian mentality. What Indian people's mentality is only earn for family, work hard for family, do enjoyment with family.

They don't care about anything. They think is all other responsibility is not ours that are government responsibilities. So only political system is not responsible for this.

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Shiben said: (Wed, Apr 22, 2015 11:00:24 AM)    
No, political system is not a reason for our backwardness, because political leaders were selected by us. That means we know that who become our leader, so why we blaming to politician for our backwardness. The main problem is lack of education as well as lower mentality.

If, we really want development then it's time to change our mentality, improve our education & last but not the list to improve our education system in rural area & stop the expansive education system.

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Krishna said: (Wed, Apr 15, 2015 11:11:59 PM)    
Hi friends.

Politics are the reason only to some extent. We are the people who are electing the politicians. The main change should come in citizens.

For example : When a traffic police catches us without licence we try to escape by bribing him instead of filling up the form and following procedure.

Though it is hard to follow the rules, we have to do it and we have to elect a good politician and should question him if he mislead. By this we can remove our backwardness to major extent.

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Krishna Munagala said: (Wed, Apr 15, 2015 07:28:12 PM)    
The politicians are main responsible for the backwardness but what about people who elected them? First people are failing in electing proper candidates by selling themselves for money, caste and there relation ship and politician who will come by investing huge money will think about fetching more money than thinking about welfare of people and supports him people taken money to vote him and again he is collecting it from them. So there is great need to change in people attitude and they should select a proper representative who will do best for society.

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Sindhu said: (Tue, Apr 14, 2015 07:21:41 AM)    
According to me yes politics is the main reason for our backwardness. If you see developed countries like America and China administration is so good laws also very strict. But when it comes to our country administration is one of the bad in the world and laws also very weak even Ksab also treat like a VIP. How pathetic it was.

The administration and strict laws should indulged in the political system. Politicians also come to the politics to serve the poor not to earn money. If any politician comes with the intention that definitely we should expect some change in the society. Otherwise we are the same after 10 years also.

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Rohit Maurya said: (Mon, Apr 13, 2015 09:55:37 PM)    
We can not blame to our political system. If something is wrong here, it is because of politicians who are governing to the system and many time it is found that people also do not support to government as an example we can take "Clean India Campaign". People should feel responsibilities rather than blaming to other.

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Raja Shekar Reddy said: (Sat, Apr 11, 2015 05:23:31 PM)    

I would like to add a point regarding our system of government, it is not an autocracy with a dictator to do whatever it likes. Our democratic system has many rules created by our responsible leaders. Elections are a part of such a system where people has a freedom to choose their representatives who develops our country and tries to eliminate our backwardness.

In today society representatives are more worried about their development despite developing the country. I think people are also responsible for increasing backwardness. Education leads to development and education comes from development. Our politics should provide quality education for all.

I think this should be the first step should be taken by the politics. Education do even change the bad politics to good one.

Thank you.

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Abhishek Singh said: (Mon, Apr 6, 2015 04:47:15 PM)    
Hello friends.

In my point of view 'backwardness' means our country is not developed in education system, infrastructure and medical facilities. So, when the above three things will be improved then the level of our backwardness will improve. And it is the bitter truth that all the above things are directly related to.

Politics from last many decades onwards we are facing various problems like increase in price of education, health and medical facilities, and much more that cannot be explained in one or two lines. All these things are just happening in our country due to the bad political system.

So, gentlemen it will not be wrong to say that for all kinds of backwardness of our country the politics is related. Because the government is just like the parents of the nation.

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Naveen Singh said: (Sun, Apr 5, 2015 04:11:13 PM)    
Dear Gentlemen & Ladies (Please read, its long but I request you guys to read Please Please!).

I would like to start from History, if King has strong dreams & positiveness then his whole Army can win any battle. Same like both our common people & Politicians are connected. We elect politicians to develop our states/nations with some hopes but they used to play dirty politics among oppositions on the basis of religious things, poverty & all bad effects reflect on common People because they keep busy their mind on politics only & after doing this 5 years tenure passed easily without any progress.

Example: Ayodhya is a holy City, Politician doing politics on Ram Mandir & Babri Mosque Demolition & they never developed this City for Tourism & its looking same as 10 years before it was. If they would have developed tourism there then people of that city would have learnt some selling/Speaking skills of his/her Stuffs & many small things.

Simply Common people fault for choosing wrong Politician (on the basis of Caste & Religion) is 30% but if people selected that politician then he should have to develop at least something like improve literacy rate & vanish some poverty but if he cannot then Politician is responsible for underdevelopment i.e. 70% depend upon politician.


1. We have to give retirement to our narrow minded thoughts like please don't vote on the Caste System (Education is necessary to remove these things, Believe me Education is power).

2. Any how, we have to implement something so that politicians can not play dirty politicians like murder case just for vote.

3. As Politicians is responsible for Development, so he should flow some money for the development. Simple Example is Narendra modi in Gujarat. He developed (Same thought applies here JAISA RAJA VAISI PRAJA).

4. Kerala is highest educated state, we can recognize zero rapes case, no other big news flashes on our TV because of Education.

5. Politicians & common people should have to vanish this caste favoritism.

6. Education can control population.

7. Please do not listen the politics of bad politicians who follow Divide & Rule thought.

8. Media has to aware educations.

9. Please give your valuable votes to well educated persons.

10. Politicians to look our villages, Farmers, unemployment & poor people instead of doing politics every time. Every MLA has to take care of each village to educate them.

Simple funds thing big & educate people!

Jai hind. Please let re-form our India. Please support! I'm a common man I can raise my issues only by using internet medium. Please join this hand to make bigger hands.

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Gautam Divya Prakash said: (Fri, Apr 3, 2015 01:23:49 AM)    
Hello friends,

In my opinion political system is not only the reason for backwardness, some other reasons like discrimination, unemployment, education plays a great role. In modern era politics is like a game where every day a new party will originate and most of the leaders wants more and more money and do some dirty politics for their upliftment of their post.

These types of things will certainly push India backward and day by day we are lagging behind. We need some leaders like Gandhiji, Subhash Chandra Bose, Vallabh Bhai Patel etc. So that India will once again called" BIRD OF GOLD".

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Karva said: (Mon, Mar 30, 2015 04:08:54 PM)    
Political system is not only the cause behind the backwardness of India, Citizens are also responsible for the country's backwardness. There are a lot of things like discrimination, education and unemployment. We can blame our political system for lack of employment opportunity for youngster.

But discrimination and education can be removed only when mentality on human changes. India is a democratic country where everybody has equal rights and great power always comes great responsibility. If we want to developed our nation we have to change the mentality of blaming someone else.

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Janu Ansari said: (Sun, Mar 29, 2015 09:10:08 PM)    
Hello Friends,

I think Political system is not only the reason for backwardness in India. Some How We people also responsible for that. Whenever we have show something wrong we don't even try to stop that.

Some politicians are corrupt and they don't do their work faithfully it does not mean that we can not take any action against them, 'Anna Hazare' trying to fight against corruption for 'Jan Lokpal' so why we not try for this. Actually now we make a habit like this. What ever going outside just keep your eyes close.

I agree for that politics is the reason for backwardness in India, but we try to overcome from this, youth should be try to take interest in politics not only face book or other websites.

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Shubham said: (Sun, Mar 29, 2015 07:32:17 PM)    
We the people of India elect leaders with the faith and the confidence that they will bring prosperity, developments etc for us. But instead of using this platform for the given purpose they start misusing their powers. When the base itself is not strong how can we think that we can get into the shoes of development.

They think about themselves as to how to make money from this instead of using their minds and powers to strengthen our educational system, thinking for our farmers, developing rural areas, making our country secular, playing religion and caste cards during election. There are infinite number of things which are to be done from come out of this backwardness only if our political system is right.

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Gnanaprabha said: (Sat, Mar 28, 2015 09:28:38 PM)    
I think its the responsibility of the politicians. Firstly we should have educated and honest politicians. Democracy should be limited to some extent. We saw many cases where if a girl is harmed the person who harms her is safely kept in the jail nicely fed and again released. He will be happily moving in the society but the girl can never come in to the society.

First the society should change. Selfishness should be avoided and helping hands should come forward. Voting system should changed. Illiterates should be made aware of everything that what happens if they elect a particular person. If there is no use of that person he should be never elected again. People should think about the political manifestos that they are possible to do or not.

So both society and political system should play equal and crucial role for the country's upliftment.

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Jeet said: (Sat, Mar 28, 2015 06:05:49 PM)    
Hello everyone,

In my opinion political system is not only the reason for backwardness of India. Lack of awareness, more uneducated people & poverty also the reason for backwardness of India. Due to shortage of knowledge about their right, create hindrance in development of nation.

In early decades of 1970- 1990, people are not so educated, some people make wrong use of political system & exploit the common people. Specially rural area people are more exploit. But in the present scenario, people are, more aware about their right.

People set up example in front of politician that only the good, thinking people can represent country. At last, I just want to say that if people of India become aware about their right, It not only change the political system but also lead India towards development.

Thank for give me chance.

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Reshma said: (Thu, Mar 26, 2015 09:53:13 PM)    
Hi friends,

I think the main reason for our backwardness is our political system. In India all things are related to politics. We don't have good political leaders. The political leaders are don't bother about the public. They thought only how much money we can gain? They don't show any interest to solve public problems.

Our total political system is fill with corruption. And recommendation is also a reason. Though we don't have proper qualification if we have recommendation we can easily get the job present situation is like that. Because of this many talented employees can't be able to get the job. If we can come up those problems our India will be develop.

On the other hand public also reason for our backwardness. If everyone be responsible about they work the there is no problem. No one shows response about the country. Finally what in my opinion the solution for this is we need some changes in political system and in public thoughts also.

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Monika said: (Wed, Mar 25, 2015 10:47:58 PM)    
Hello friends,

According to me both common people and politicians are responsible for backwardness of the country. This irresponsible starts from voting. Because maximum people in our country are illiterate. Either they have no idea about politics or they take it lightly. If these people will choose a candidate and that candidate may be a fraud, then then that country will never be developed.

Because all politicians have an account in the swish bank. They eat the money which is sanctioned for developing of people and keep the rest in swish bank. So corruption is another cause for backwardness of the country. So I think if we people will cautious then no one can ruin our country.

Thank You.

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Vivek Sharma said: (Sun, Mar 22, 2015 05:51:28 PM)    
Hello everyone,

According to my point of view political system is one of the best example of our decrements. Another take reservation is the most point. Whenever reservation is going on then our country is not developed.

Every politician eat the money and stored the Swiss bank and stored the black money. Those does not developed over country. That's why politicians are the only reason for our backwardness. So remove reservation in India.

Thank you.

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Jhansi said: (Sat, Mar 21, 2015 11:46:14 PM)    
Hi friends, my name is Jhansi.

I am not telling backwardness our country of full responsibility is politicians, some what politicians hand also is their, in our country how many politicians are working faithfully?In our country so many politicians have account in swish (or world bank) bank.

Any new project is conforming the government for developing purpose, they realizing some crores of money as fond, politicians are taking some money at last their is no fond for people.

People also responsible for backwardness of our country, because they also choose good, educated, responsible, dynamic, faithful person as our leader, some people are misusing their vote.

In our country some people are believing black-magic, souls and all. When people do their won work as in a proper way and faithfully, trust me India as become a first position than other countries.

Thank you for giving a chance for me.

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Gagan S. Shetty said: (Sat, Mar 21, 2015 05:05:04 PM)    
I do believe that the political system is responsible for our backwardness. This is because the elected representatives do not do their duties responsibly i.e. the duty serving the society. Before the elections they promise to fulfill all the demands of the people but as soon as they get elected they start behaving as the post given to them is for them to get their pockets filled and to get their jobs done easily.

This is because in our political system there is no provision to monitor these people. They are free to do whatever they want and neglect their actual duties. Hence they become more and more corrupt. That is what ' Anna Hazare ' fought for, the ' LOKPAL ', a committee that would monitor what the members of parliament are doing and whether they are doing it rightly.

Hence, I believe that to overcome the backwardness and for progress of the country political system needs to be changed and monitored adequately.

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Diwakar said: (Fri, Mar 20, 2015 03:24:10 PM)    
Hello my dear friends I am Diwakar.

For the backwardness of our society we can not solely blame the political system, somehow common people are also responsible for it. Yes it is sure that if political system become responsible, neat and clean than we can touch a new limit of success.

The irresponsibility of a common person starts from the day of voting, which either they don't take it seriously or vote their representative on the basis which is somewhat different from the progress of society.

Even after election if a irresponsible candidate win, then at least as a responsible citizen we can do our work such as save electricity, maintain cleanness in our society, efficiently use of water, helping the society member in need etc.

Thank You.

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Sukhwinder Singh said: (Mon, Mar 16, 2015 10:45:51 PM)    
Hello friends, according to me our countries political system is so different from many developed countries because in India corruption is the basic problem and political parties can't do more instead they fulfill there own needs or collect more & more money. Due to this he becomes a corrupted people and participate to in black money.

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Ramu said: (Mon, Mar 16, 2015 03:25:41 PM)    
Hi Friends I am Ramu.

I agree with the political system is a reason for development or backwardness of our country. But there are so many factors (black money, corruption, education) that effecting backwardness of our country political system is one of them.

The average Indian people they love money large and large, they will do any anything for money so what it become you know the desire of money has no end point. First we have to change money desire and we have to focus on ethics, morals then the real politician will born.

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Sajan said: (Mon, Mar 16, 2015 12:47:27 AM)    
Dear friends.

Political system is responsible for backwardness because we had seen many scams done by government that leads to cut in expenditure on education sector and employment sector.

Secondly we can see in Delhi government schools are charging high donations for the admission of students. So child of poor is unable to take admission in government schools too. So it also effects coming generations.

Indian economy totally depends upon imports. We have no innovative technology. But on other side we people are responsible too. Because we choose wrong politician.

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Naina Singh said: (Sun, Mar 15, 2015 09:11:48 PM)    
As in my perception I do not find the political system to be blamed for the inconvenience around the economical backwardness. It is we who participate actually to form a political system, the mass of the country counts the strength of the political system.

If we cannot kill the hypocrites inside us we will keep blaming the system. Problem gropes from the grass root level so until and unless we cannot rectify ourselves we will always be slaved by the one in the authority.

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Ankit Agrawal said: (Sun, Mar 15, 2015 11:55:53 AM)    
Hi Everyone.

This is Ankit.

According to me, peoples are more responsible for backwardness of the country than politics because they are the one who elects them. They get corrupted by politician for votes. Their mindset have to be changed for development of a country.

They think about short run and not long run. Corruption is also a major reason behind backwardness. Everybody wants to get their work done as soon as possible for which they pay bribes to officers.

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Aamir said: (Sat, Mar 14, 2015 07:25:01 PM)    
Hello everyone,

I am fully agree that our political system is the reason for backwardness. I never seen any political person to think about people of the country it is because we do not think after they elected if we started thinking they have to think.

As we can see now a days we are getting educated so they getting to change. However, I believe that "we blame politics but we are politics" change yourself everything will get better.

Thank you.

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Sarika said: (Sat, Mar 14, 2015 03:20:56 PM)    

We can't say that the backwardness is all due to our politics. But we can say is one of the main reason for backwardness of our country.

For example we can see our roads comparing with another country. Every year how much money is investing. There are so many roles. But still the roads are so bad.

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Haresh said: (Fri, Mar 13, 2015 06:28:13 PM)    
No, it's the culture. Culture influences what you believe and also how you behave. The political class is a product of the culture. When the average person doesn't care about the truth and is willing to use unethical means to improve his lot in life how can he blame politicians?

How many Indians pirate movies, music, games and software?Do they even realize that the people who produce these things make a living from selling them?How many Indians are too proud to accept criticism but speak platitudes to excuse the inexcusable? True humility accepts the truth, even if it's unfavourable to oneself.

In a culture that looks down on physical labor as undignified, who is going to build a proper sewage system?When farmers and labourers are not respected, who is going to bother to grow food instead of moving to a city?

When office workers try to cut corners and do the minimum work necessary, who is going to take the initiative to build new products, improve the infrastructure and pursue excellence?

The culture must change or India will never develop.

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Tanushree said: (Fri, Mar 13, 2015 10:51:34 AM)    
Hello friends, I agree that our political system is the reason for our backwardness.

The political system of any country is sufficient enough to judge the development or backwardness of the country.

The kind of political leaders we have, their education and qualification, the quality of politics that they support, theirs ethics, morals and codes, are the indications of the politics they are going to bring in country.

Backwardness is related with education, health and sanitation, poverty, etc. And never can these aspects be discussed excluding the political point of view. So it political system can't be neglected while talking about the backwardness of our country.

Thank you!

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Satyam Anand said: (Thu, Mar 12, 2015 12:01:03 PM)    
Hi friends, I am Satyam.

Well I feel highly obliged in participating in this discussion. And before presenting my thoughts on this highly heated topic I would like to add something from the history, the Britisher's who looted us to our core developed the political system of our own country.

So that they can very easily exploit our resources and people and after leaving the country when the politician's came to the throne they were greedy, corrupt and thought for their own needs and did not change any thing from the rotten British political system they kept it as it is only.

So I do feel that political system is also responsible for our backwardness I know that it is a very pains taking job to do change our political system but by making the use of our voting right's we can elect talented, patriotic and deserving candidate and send them too parliament to change the ill fated political system and lastly I would like too add a few point more regarding this subject that we should try to vote that political party to majority which has educated candidates, with no criminal background and excellent character.

Thank you.

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Krishna Sn said: (Wed, Mar 11, 2015 06:26:26 PM)    
Hi friends,

Of course not, not only the political system but also the people of this country, they have to think in a proper way i.e. before voting to any party, they must think in a proper manner. Some people are voting for the purpose of money given by the political party.

First people should go in right path for(eg) if a person wants a income certificate or ration card he/she is going give bribe. Countries like India backwards are more they have think in proper manner then only the political system will change.

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Siddarth said: (Wed, Mar 11, 2015 08:47:15 AM)    
In my opinion "Black money" is the main reason If each and every one pays their black money means our country can develop.

For Eg: We go to Petrol bunk and ask for 1 litre petrol if 1 litre = Rs.70 but they put for Rs.69.65 or something like that. Allover country going like this all this comes under black money.

So many things are going like this not only in petrol.

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Rutuja said: (Tue, Mar 10, 2015 09:47:15 PM)    
Hello all,

According to me our political system is not the cause of backwardness but sometimes people in politics use back as their tool to get good recognition in these classes. So basically lack of education in backward class make them get attracted to such politician and this thing do not help backward class to grow.

So some selfish politician have ruin the political system which causes backward class to remain backward.

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G.N.Tantry said: (Tue, Mar 10, 2015 05:52:56 PM)    
Political system is responsible for every move by politicians towards the countries welfare which is 75 percent destruction and 25 percent to show off their country that we are doing best but the truth is till now nobody has understood the game of politicians.

So that's why most of the black money in Swiss bank is from Indians which is recorded first rank in world, which means anything can happen in our political system.

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Monika said: (Sun, Mar 8, 2015 09:50:01 PM)    
I think politics is the reason of our backwardness of our country because they make screams to have profit to their image but not work on them. Due to this the money of country going waste some time become food of corrupted people.

More over due to bad policies the gap between poor and rich become very high. Rich people going rich and rich and poor going more poor.

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Kalpesh said: (Sat, Mar 7, 2015 10:30:57 AM)    
Hello Friends,

I don't think political system is responsible for the backwardness of the us. India is largest democratic system in the world and what it suits us. It is the runner of the system. But who elects them?

Voting according to the cast, corruption including evasion of the taxes are responsible. Many time good policies comes from government like subsidies (around 10-12% of GDP) , encouragement to the women education, Jan Dhan Yojona whether it reaches to the ground level?

How many well educated people stays in India?Some there are some questions which we need to answer ourselves which will give answer to the question raised.

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Seshu said: (Wed, Mar 4, 2015 01:20:54 PM)    
Hi every body,

My point of view political system is the one of the reason for backwardness not only politics but also the illiteracy. I think compare to politics illiteracy is main cause. And caste system is also one of the cause, corruption also plays main role in our country backwardness, our government started number of schemes for developing some backward cast development but there is progress because of corruption and politics and also illiteracy.

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Amaan said: (Tue, Mar 3, 2015 11:34:53 PM)    
According to me, the root of our backwardness lies in the period when we were colonized by the Britishers. Imagine if they were still ruling us at present. They would have exploited us more than before and our standard of living wouldn't have improved. Our political system has been struggling a lot to uproot this problem so that we don't lag behind the people of other nations and hence I don't blame them for our backwardness.

In order to overcome this problem, we need to first learn the lesson from Japan of how they rose to become a developed nation after the World War 2nd attacks. Innovation under good leadership may prove vital for India to overcome backwardness.

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Srilakshmi said: (Tue, Mar 3, 2015 10:00:23 PM)    
Hi friends,

In my point of view, our political system is not the reason for the backwardness of the country, because our political system is one of the best political system that was based on the four developed countries like US, Japan, UK and Germany. It is also that we are in the 4th place in Literacy. Moreover our political system is fully based on democracy of the country.

The main reason for the backwardness of the country is the Politicians who rule the country and another reason is our-self. The peoples are not following the many rules framed by the government.

If the politicians are non-corrupt and people follow all the rules framed by the government definitely we will progress and surely India will reach the state developed country.

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Lawless said: (Tue, Mar 3, 2015 05:17:12 PM)    
Is our Political System Reason for our Backwardness?

No political system is not reason for our backwardness (if we are). The people in political system are only responsible for this.


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Snehal Srivastava said: (Mon, Mar 2, 2015 10:46:55 PM)    

This is Snehal.

I just want to say that yes, our political system is responsible for our backwardness but not completely. We are also responsible for that equally.

Because poor people usually have mentality that "MORE KIDS MEANS MORE MONEY". Instead of educate their children they force them to do labor to earn money and help their parents.

This is the responsibility of government to take strict action against this and use every possible strategy to provide education to each and every child. Then everything will be automatically sough tout.

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Qwerty said: (Sun, Mar 1, 2015 11:09:24 PM)    
We are simply voting for the person who gives more money keeping aside all his misdeeds which he did in his previous terms. We are happy for that 500 rupees at that moment but later it will hurt us in the form of different price hikes because of bad governance.

It is the mindset of us which has to be changed to achieve a clean political system.

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Srilakshmi said: (Sun, Mar 1, 2015 12:13:26 PM)    
Hi friends,

I am srilakshmi. I am glad to be the part of this conversation. In my view, our political system is one of the cause for our country backwardness. Most of the politicians were corrupt and there is no allotment of education qualification for the politicians. Our democracy says it is for the people, of the people and by the people. But now-a-days, it is only for the benefits of politicians.

During election it is very much difficult to select a candidate to poll a vote since all of them were corrupt. A system should me made in which people should select the candidate from each party instead of selecting the given candidates. This somewhat prevents the corruption in politics and will help to bring some good politician out from others.

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Lakshmi Prasanna Sourya said: (Fri, Feb 27, 2015 07:44:25 PM)    
Hi friends,

This is Prsanna.

Backwardness of our country is due to politics. Because they are the roots for corruption. Before been elected they make promises but later they engaged with scams. There are more than 50% of youth present in India, so fresh and youth blood can do any even we can change our developing country to developed country.

For that youth should make awareness programs for the society wherever possible around their surroundings.

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Ankitt Shrivastava said: (Fri, Feb 27, 2015 04:25:54 PM)    
According to me, this is a bitter truth we cannot deny this because somewhere and somewhat it is responsible for our backwardness.

Because some of our politician's mind set is very narrow, Recently some of our politicians has given statement like We should give birth to 4 children, The outfit of girls is responsible for Harassment, Reason of girls being raped, Even our politicians are abusing in front of thousand's gathering and we cannot deny this fact that each and every politician has some following he is the leader of their area that means some peoples has faith, believe on him/her.

So they start following the statements they have given. So, first of all leader should not be Sexiest, Racist, Biased.

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Harish.B said: (Thu, Feb 26, 2015 09:16:07 PM)    
Yes our political system is the main reason for our backwardness. Today most of the people enter into politics only to make themselves rich and they are not concerned about development of the country.

And also we do not have any strict law against corruption, so politicians caught in a scam easily escape from the law and rejoins the politics. So if we improve our political system by bringing strict law against corruption then we can except nation's development.

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Neha said: (Wed, Feb 25, 2015 07:27:20 AM)    
I believe that reason for backwardness are not only politician because they made the rules for citizen but the common man does not want to follow them. For example PM of or country has started Swach Abhiyan but people are not follow it, like if they are traveling in the bus and after eat something they throw the waste paper in the bus or throw it out the bus they do not care about cleanliness.

And one thing also poor people think we have to make our child labor for money instead of thinking this is the time to improve the skills of the child or to provide the education this is also one of the main issue.

Backwardness=Mentality of the people.

It has to be improved.

To stop the education of girls with the poor thinking that is if girl are going are outside the home then anything wrong will we happen. If she does not know the outsider world then how she could be make her child good so I think this is the pillar of backwardness.

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Prajna K N said: (Mon, Feb 23, 2015 06:41:25 PM)    
Hi all,

As per my knowledge, I feel politics is not the reason. The root cause is within our self. It's we who are selecting our leaders. Everything is in our hand.

If we vote wisely for the right candidate rather than voting for the person who spends more at the time of election, Backwardness wouldn't have been the adjective by which we describe our country. !

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