Is India a Soft Nation?

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Ritesh Kumar Panda said: (Fri, Mar 27, 2015 10:26:18 AM)    
Yes a nice topic for discussion, I think India is continuously changing its status i.e. from soft to hard nation I want to verify my points by saying that our army personnel are brave one's but are not retaliate in that manner which can make the enemy to think upon our strength, as our soldiers gets be headed and we always remain reactive not proactive.

And in terms of hard nation we all have must heard about the war of 1971 in which our former primer minister Smt. Indira Gandhi took an proactive actions and attack on the house of east Pakistan's and stated a victory.

So by this action it is evident that our country is reactive as well as proactive.

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Ashiqi said: (Fri, Mar 13, 2015 01:50:17 PM)    
Hi everyone.

I would like to share my opinion on this topic.

India is a soft nation as well hard nation. We can consider India as a soft nation because our Indian army will never harm to other countries army. They always try to keep good relationship with other countries.

Whereas hard nation, when opposing countries army attack us our Indian army will never keep them alive. Other countries like Pakistan will never want to keep a good relationship with us which will turn our Indian people to kill them for their tress pass to our country (India).

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Prashant Sekhar said: (Fri, Feb 27, 2015 12:36:48 AM)    
India is soft nation, India has faced three war with Pakistan in which India had only defense itself. They not attacked on other countries, they also faces problem with china, many times Chinese army entered the border of India and tried to create disturbance, threaten Indian government by making small silly practice.

On other hand Pakistani terrorist came inside the India and often disturb the piece of India, many incident like Mumbai attack, Delhi blast, head cut of Indian army over the border, Delhi bomb blast, banaras blast etc are the example are very sufficient to explain the terror in India by Pakistani terrorist, . I think India soul is lies in non violence. They had show a lot of patience and create clean image in front of all the country over the world.

And their effort has success in gaining the trust of other country. Today many country wants shake hand with India in various field. India knows very well that calmness is the basis of growth, if we look over the Pakistan situation we find that their growth rate gradually down day by day. They are not well in education, not well in infrastructure, not well in agriculture. If India hard, they could use their weapons against Pakistan.

In case of justice, in comparison of all other countries they have very soft rules against the criminal that"s why there crime rate is very high. Rape cases are in huge amount. In society of India you find that people from each religion having helping nature.

India is place of many religion, people of many religion lives there and with coordination, all religion are at equal level. All religion keep its own importance instead of this India is unite why because principle of coordination exist among us.

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Priya said: (Sat, Feb 14, 2015 05:55:35 PM)    
Hello, good evening to one and all present here. According to my view India is a soft nation. We follow different rules and regulation, many cultures also. We speak different language in our country. Even though many countries attack us we help then if they are n trouble. One of the best example is Mahatma Gandiji the father of our nation we got independence through non violence. So our India s soft nation.

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Priya said: (Wed, Feb 11, 2015 11:59:32 AM)    
Hello friends.

According to me, yes India is a soft nation. Because many countries like that Pakistan, China attack our country. That time we are only fight against to them. We didn't attack that countries again. We want to friendship with them. Next is, we don't like violence. The death sentence are very rare in India. The government give second chance to them.

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Mounika said: (Fri, Jan 30, 2015 01:17:21 PM)    
Hi everyone.

I feel pleasure to discuss on this topic because I feel proud to be an Indian. According to my view India is neither a soft nation nor a hard nation. It totally depends upon the aspects that we consider a country can be judged as a soft nation or a hard nation depending on nature of people in that nation rules and regulations in that nation relationship with other nation.

When we consider the nature of people in India we can say that India is a hard nation because now a days many people are indulging in various illegal activities like sexual abusement, corruption, dowry etc which makes us to feel that people are cruel minded which in turn makes our nation hard.

When we consider the rules and regulations in our nation we can say that India is a soft nation because the culprits were not punished fastly in India like in other countries and If they are punished in one court they will go to other court which in turn increases the crime rate of our nation. This is because of soft nature.

When we consider the relationship with other countries I feel that India is a soft nation because we welcome all country people without any differences. We follow different cultures, traditions though there are many attacks on us we never try to attack any country we just defend ourselves not because we do not have enough power or army but wars cause destruction.

We follow the policy of Mahatma Gandhi our father of nation non violence not to get indulged in wars so that our country progress does not fall down.

So overall I consider India is a soft nation but it should become strong nation and enforce strong rules and regulations for the well being of the country.

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Nitin said: (Tue, Jan 27, 2015 12:50:29 AM)    
India is neither a soft nation nor a hard nation, India is a diplomat nation. When it comes to attack of Pakistan in the border India is trying to solve the issue with diplomat manner. We cannot be soft nor hard on such issues because if your soft you loose a part of your country, if you try to be hard and go for a war your violating the rules of UNO.

The only way is diplomatic way. Another example while India is trying to make an international business it can't be soft, if it is soft we loose the profit, violate the law. If your hard you loose the business. If your diplomatic there are much chances of of making a fair business.

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Sakshi said: (Mon, Jan 19, 2015 11:32:43 AM)    
Hello friends,

My thoughts on the topic "Is India a soft nation?" is that yes, it is India is a soft nation and it will be turning softer and softer day by day and year by year under our respected Prime Minister Shri. Narendraji modi.

What softness means actually?

Softness in sitting quiet while the terrorist attack on us?, softness in passing comments rather than starting a change?, No not at all.

Its all about having a peaceful India, Where the oldies get respect, Womens should be empowered. Engineers should get jobs in MNCs, Every poor child has the right to study and take a stand in the society.

And of course "A CLEAN INDIA".

Clean in environment. Clean in politics, Clean in taking decisions, may it be in high court, supreme court or in political decisions.


The heart of the peoples are so helpful, so decent that makes us feel proud to be the citizen of India.


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Ram said: (Thu, Dec 25, 2014 06:45:49 AM)    
Hello friends,

According to me India is a soft and strongest nation. We want to a powerful leader to make peaceful India. Many times our neighbour countries tried to attack us that time our shoulders gave our strong revenge. But even we are not trying to attack some other countries. So only we are soft nation and we are strongest.

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Umesh Karki said: (Mon, Nov 10, 2014 07:00:54 PM)    
Hello friends !

After reading some of opinions I think each one has its own stand on this. But I would like to say India is not strongest yet not even weak. It can respond very well to the countries which do not understand the language of peace and are eager to test India's patience and power.

It's a nation which is host for friends and ghost for enemies.

So our softness depends how you want us to be. We are the peacekeepers, softness is our nature but not weakness.

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Tanvith said: (Fri, Nov 7, 2014 06:36:08 PM)    
Hi friends,

I agree that India is a soft nation. Daily we are seeing that many issues like corruption, rape cases, murder happening but our government not taking serious action to this hence day by day it is raising.

In other side other country try to attack but we not going to do war instead of it we are developing the friendship. We are trying to create peaceful environment.

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Ankit said: (Mon, Oct 27, 2014 01:48:39 AM)    
Hello friends,

According to me, I don't think that our country has a reputation of a soft nation. Yes the ceasefire violations takes place from our neighbour countries either it be from Pakistan or China. But not straightly get involved in the war can't be considered to be the soft side of our country. Our country has always been a nation known for peace and that is the reason why a developed country such as Russia is standing with us since 1975. A very few nation withdraws his forces after occupying the enemies territory and it's the Indian forces under Lal Bahadur Shastri withdrew after reaching to lahore.

India always take harsh measures where it is needed. See for example the juvenile act or dowry system or the corruption or black money. Our prime minister when recently went to America he was welcomed with big hearts. This shows the reputation of our country outside as this could not be seen as the sympathy.

Overall I think India is a strong and powerful nation having filled with a lots of potential and the whole world knows that. That's why every nation be it China, Pakistan, Japan, America or Nepal wants to be a friend of our country.

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Kam said: (Sun, Oct 26, 2014 09:54:46 PM)    
Hi everyone.

According to me, India is soft nation. Because every time we open TV or Newspaper we heard about the repeated ceasefire violation by pakistani ranger. And civilian living in the border areas is suffering from this heavy fire power by pakistan forces but India with such huge resources and strong army we have we are doing nothing to teach pakistan a lesson.

In other side chinese are entering our territory. And claiming that this land belong to china. And threatening our jawan. But government is doing nothing to stop this. We don't want war but we want peaceful environment to develop our nation. For this we have to deal with this problem quickly.

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Tejaswi said: (Tue, Oct 21, 2014 04:24:59 PM)    
Too much of been soft, tolerant and also peace talk indicates the inefficiency, the word Do or die policy has to be adopted, Dear friends just take an example of America its own WTC building was destroyed by the Terrorists ie, Osama bin laden at last he was hunted by American Army force, not to forget Osama was hunted not in his own country but in Pakistan.

This type of Mission really shows other county's not to take the privilege of Softness and no terrorists or country dare to do such damages to America in future,

Last word as per human tendency a person can sustain water at is neck level, but if it crosses his nose even he struggles and fight for his life, so India as to come out with its Soft gesture and show the world its strong abilities.

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Muneendra said: (Mon, Oct 13, 2014 06:55:11 PM)    
Hello everyone,

Lets take a look at our side before talk our nation is soft or not. Because whole people of this country made our nation. In India, day to day development coming rapidly and people becoming educates and getting employing in different platforms. So some people changed as soft and automatically we can say our nation India is also soft. But, I think India is partially soft nation.


>There is no realistic in our politicians, Number of Fake parties established to ruling us and our country.
>Cast system, Illegal acts of rude people, Corruption etc. Still take a top role in our nation.
>Education system turned as business.

So It's depends only on people of our nation. It's not enough having some good people. When complete change will occur in people then only we can say that our nation India is soft. But still I think India is partially soft nation.

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Dilip Kumar said: (Sat, Oct 11, 2014 08:41:21 PM)    
Hi everyone.

Well, according to me India is a soft nation. Everyone knows how many times other countries have attacked on India. For example Pakistan has attacked on India about two or three time and every time he has defeated but India always forgives Pakistan. China has also attacked on India.

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Manjary said: (Sun, Sep 28, 2014 07:48:12 PM)    
Each nation shows their soft part as well as cruel part. If we talk about India we are considered as soft as we respect our different culture, different people and different class. Our economic relation with different countries make us soft. But at some point we shows our cruelty as dowry system, rape cases, corruption etc.

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Aditya said: (Sun, Sep 7, 2014 12:44:18 AM)    
Hello friends,

I won't consider our nation as a soft nation.

Just because we are not taking hard measures against terrorism or our boundary line disputes between our neighboring countries like china or Pakistan that doesn't mean that we are soft it just means we are taking the high road of non violence and are thinking to deal with such problems through mutual talks and understanding.

As we all knows that wars bring no good to the life of the people on any country. It just renders the growth and development of the country. It has a huge impact on the mass of people. There are a lot of examples on wars being fought between different country, and we all know that it has brought no good to the mankind.

If needed ours is a country with a huge military force, equipped even with nuclear powers, submarines and all sought of missiles, and it shows that we have the power to fight against any nation but this doesn't mean that since have the resources we have to use them. Wars only bring destruction and we should think about alternatives each time if we can avoid it.

Like our father of the nation said that "an eye for an eye will make the whole world blind ".

And so the wars will.

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Ritika said: (Sat, Aug 30, 2014 09:25:16 PM)    
According to me India is an extremely soft nation. Everyday we hear in the news about the Pakistani troops' repeated ceasefire violations and the difficulties the people living in those areas have to face. Each time there's a ceasefire violation people along with their small children living in those areas have to vacate their houses to move to a safer place. So we can imagine the difficulties in the lives of people living there.

We also repeatedly hear about the Chinese intrusions in various parts of our country especially Ladakh (recently Chumar and Demchok). There have been many terrorist attacks and attacks by Maoist and Naxalites as well. The soldiers of our country live in adverse conditions and without caring for their lives they protect us.

But, even after all this, what we get to hear is that India has either given a warning or cancelled a meeting with the country. India has a soft stand in these matters. Even after India raised objections of Pakistan's consultations with Kashmiri separatists, the Pakistan Govt still held a meeting with them. India really needs to think about this and take strict actions.

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Lalit said: (Fri, Aug 29, 2014 07:19:01 PM)    
Hi everyone,

I don't think that not favouring the war means India is a soft country. As a developing nation we should avoid war. We already have a lot of internal problems. If India jumps in a war it will be pushed back in a situation where it was on 1972. Who would like to invest in a such country. They are provoking us just to stop us. India have a bright future ahead. War will create more poverty, instability and loss in GDP also.

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Smriti said: (Fri, Aug 22, 2014 06:25:30 PM)    
Whenever Pakistan troops breaks the cease fire or China military cross the boundary line. It becomes a national news, it becomes a prime time discussions in news channel. What I understand from listening these kinds of discussion that it is because of India the peace is maintained. We know India has a strong military, powerful weapons which can the make the massives damages in our neighbouring countries. And these things our neighbouring countries knows very well. They do the filthy acts to test the India patience, to provoke India to counter back it, to disturb peace in India.

War is not the solution. It takes millions of life. It destroy the peace. Take the example of on going war between Hamas and Israel, the ultimate suffers are the civilians, especially children and women.

What I believe that by not giving hard core answers to them India is trying to maintain the peace. But Yes India should adopt political tactics to give answers to them.

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Ajay Singhaniya said: (Wed, Aug 6, 2014 05:17:08 PM)    
For sure my country is still following what was taught by our "Father Of Nation". This country is soft at whatever was being done with this country. It never attacked back even when it was attacked it just defended itself.

Even within country rules and regulations are soft enough.

I Wonder what this country would have been achieved if it wasn't like that.

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Sachin Jani said: (Wed, Jul 30, 2014 10:03:35 AM)    
Hi Members.

It give me a great pleasure to discuss on this topic. I am patriot by nature and I love my country very much. But when it comes to India as a country I feel it has soft stand. Our stand has always being non violence. We do not want to retaliate when our borders have challenged. During recent times there has been many incident when cross border firing or Chinese troops crossing our border however we do not retaliate. Even if you don't want you are showing yourself as soft nation.

In my opinion we need some able, strong leader who can take decisions on our countries behalf and show the world that we are not nation.

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Drunken Snake said: (Sun, Jul 27, 2014 09:05:06 PM)    
I feel great pleasure in discussing about this topic. Thank you indiabix.

Coming to the point "Is India a soft nation?" According to me, it is a soft nation in some ways. Take for example, our border securities with Pakistan and China. Every now and then there are news of pakistani army attacking the Indian borders and chinese army crossing our country. If India were a strong country, in this context, they would've taken some action. By action I mean we need to reply. Tit for Tat. Rather then reconciling with these two countries, we need to send a message that India is not a weak country in terms of army strength. But, due to our corrupt political system, these two countries are always encouraged to do the same thing. This was the soft part of India, which could effect us negatively.

While on the other hand, we always welcome people from different countries. We never judge them based on any differences. This is the soft part of our nation, which is very positive indeed.

Also, we Indians are not known for violence. The impression of Indians in front of the whole world: "Peaceful people, nerds, socially awkward, smart, good future. And so on. " But, again this thing can create a wrong impression. It goes like this: "If you attack Indians, they won't retaliate. So, keep on kicking them until they do what we say. ".

At the end, I'd like to conclude that in order to be a strong and developing country we need to have a balanced approach in our attitude. As our honourable PM Mr. Narendra Modi said: "We won't eyeball anyone, but if someone does, we know how to deal with it. ".

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Mahesh said: (Tue, Jun 24, 2014 08:05:08 PM)    
Hello friends these Mahesh I want say that we say India is soft nation because of its history nonviolence and peace and same nation has even history of biggest war on the world mahabharata which took place in India Indian is not soft nation just the government is soft if we were truly soft then why the youth had come upon roads for delhi rape case if we were soft nation people then why did these all happening indians are not soft Indian government is soft.

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Rahul Sharma said: (Sun, Jun 8, 2014 01:34:21 AM)    
India is democratic and soft nation country. India's constitution and legislated are made under democracy rules. But it doesn't mean that we are living in civilized country most crimes, scams, corruption is happening because of soft or democratic rules. Anyone can do anything without any fear. For an example a illiterate or unwise person can become politician and designate as leader without checking his knowledge, skills or aptitude and then same person create crisis for our country. We are waiting for rarest crime or brutal incident and once such thing happen then we started to think to reform laws or change constitute. We don't have strict rules and regulations because of soft nation and that soft skills cannot help our country to take growth.

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Divya Cirikuru said: (Tue, Jun 3, 2014 07:02:06 PM)    
Hai friend,

In my opinion India is really a soft nation. India is strictly following the rules of Mahatma gandhi like non-violence in terms of implementing punishments to the criminals with respect to all regards and our nation is still developing nation because of its softness.

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Krishna Pradhan said: (Sun, May 4, 2014 05:33:24 PM)    
Yes, I am sure that India is a soft country for softness of polity, economy, culture, law and against other aspects due to historical background. India gives softness to foreign country for their wicked. First India thinks and then takes decision against him. For softness of our country foreign people like to India. India gives respect to foreigner in his area. In our country, more to more religious place available through in our India from Himalayas to Kanyakumari, those places are suitable for pilgrims place to place. That place gives more some to any person by seeing.

Another situation for softness of our country terrorisms is growing day by day. That is the weakness of our government.

Softness is the good quality of India. But it neglects to our country's movement. So large number of poverty persist by our govt.

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Prashant said: (Sun, May 4, 2014 08:42:33 AM)    
Hello friends. Since ancient time our country always be a country of saints, sects and yogis who followed nonviolence strategy to each person rather he is their friend or foe. They also followed Atithi Devo Bhav, which showed softness in their heart for all persons and nature also. We are also following these things in our government policies too. We Indians have flaw of tolerance, this showed pre-independence and post independence too.

For e.g. After partition, India agreed with Pakistan over Indus water treaty in 1960, where India agreed to give 80 percent water to Pakistan, in lieu of it Pakistan attacked 3 times on Indian and we still talks about brotherhood, fraternity, peace, harmony with Pakistan.

If we take example of Chine, China also holds the same way, foremost he encroached the Panchsheel Principles and after it he attacked on India in 1962 and acquisition over India land. This land is equal to 28 thousand square km, this land famous as Askai Chin.

In 1971 India Pakistan war India captured over 90 thousand soldiers of Pakistan Army, but they liberated by India in Shimla Pact, this was another example of India's image.

After 26/11 attacked, India was assured that these attacks are conducted by Pakistan but rather take harsh action Indian government allowed Pakistani cricket team to play cricket in India.

Indian government should make hard policies specially for China and Pakistan so that they fear from it.

Present example of India's softness is that, Chinese soldiers infiltrated in Indian sector Dolat Beg Oldi and settled their camps over there and showed banners to Indian Army to go from there because it is their land, Indian government did not take any harsh action on it. India-China still have contradiction over their boundary line there is no barriers between Indian-China boundary, so Chinese soldiers easily come inside Indian boundary and shows their right on it.

If India wants remove 'soft nation' tag from itself he should make strict foreign policies and should take part and stand firmly in foreign issues and should favor poor countries on international level.

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Sayed Kokab Habeeb said: (Sat, Mar 29, 2014 10:31:00 PM)    
What makes a nation soft is.

1. The way its population lives.

2. The way the laws are governed and.

3. The way relations it has with the other nations.

One of the meanings of soft is something that gives you a pleasant feel and calmness. But, when we think about the people of India a picture of diff communities flush our minds, who are intolerant to each other and are ready to pounce if allowed. Yes India is soft because in since independence it has seen a rift among different societies. Here soft means some thing which can be easily cut or crushed.

Yes, India is soft as its taking so long for the govt to punish the the 16 dec rape culprits or it took so long to hang afzal guru. Yes India is soft (weak) which cannot be firm to take quick decisions.

We are soft like a wool which has the capacity to tolerate all the injustice and sufferings.

But yes we are soft because after all the wrongs we still want our nation to be a better place to live. Yes we are soft because when damini suffers or nido dies, we all join hands to fight for their justice. We all cried for our Sachin when he retired. And we celebrate together when we win against pakistan in a match.

This is what makes India soft and our future generation ll make it soft like a silk where all of us ll glide smoothly on path of prosperity and success.

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Devikasharmi said: (Sat, Feb 8, 2014 09:50:40 PM)    
HI Friends,

This is Devikasharmi, I am proved to say about my Indian country is soft nation. Compare to another country here only the different kinds of people living together. Like brother and sister, why I am say like this means in our school days we were give the declaration about we living together like brother and sister, so that the declaration helps to living together with different kinds of people here.

Here another plus point is that in our Indian culture & nature.

In our Indian country is like a family. Family means making lot of love with others. If love is there means there is no hardness. And also other country peoples are visiting our country because of in our country culture.

The main thing is that when we see the Indian map its look like a wonderful shape compare to other country. Like that inside also having lot of adjustment & lot of love everything include that. That's is our Indian soft nation.

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Arun said: (Wed, Feb 5, 2014 12:07:27 AM)    
Hello friends.

I am totally disagree with the fact that India is a soft nation, only on the basis of India is not taking stern steps against Pakistan and china. What type of steps we are talking about 'war', it is really a solution to any problem as we all know war can't bring peace to any nation. As we all know that Pakistan has nukes, if we try to fight with pak it can use that and in response we will use our arsenals, finally no Indian or Pakistani will remain to bitch each other. Is it a real solution ?

If it is very simple like that why their is increase crime rate in Iraq and Afghanistan after USA attack.

If we talk about corruption and it is not due to politician but due to people,

Because minister is corrupted just because bribing them, they have power just because we vote them, it is our responsibility to decide to whom I will vote.

We are still in the list of developing countries not only just because of faulty political system but because of us also and we should accept this and at the same time expecting from some one else try to do something for our nation also as a responsible citizen.

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Jhon said: (Wed, Jan 29, 2014 12:39:42 PM)    

1). 99% Bomb blasts/terrorism done by one community still our govt mum on them (before solving any problem you must recognize problem with that particular community).

2). Because we are divided by too many race/religion etc it is very easy to create turmoil in India so India very cautious about it (once we united it will change).

3). For grab FDI/Tech from developed countries India must project its soft image.

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Balwan Singh said: (Sun, Jan 5, 2014 04:15:03 PM)    
Hi friend.

In my opinion India is very soft nation because here no strict law and regulation against corruption, theft or any social evils. Many scam have been occurred but no example punishment had been given. In country like Saudi Arabia no one even can scare at the ladies here newspapers are filled with rape cases daily.

In china has given death penalty to a corrupt politician recently.

We have not taken any strict action against Pakistan after being faced so much terrorist activities and ceasefire in kashmir.

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Ap Singh said: (Tue, Nov 19, 2013 10:57:32 PM)    
I also support the statement "India is a soft country". As we know that rules and regulations are not followed strictly in INDIA. Actually we are also responsible for it. As the statement"do not split this place" is write anywhere but we do this and anyone do not oppose it. But in US a big punishment and penalty is taken by government. INDIA is a soft nation in nature but not in other matter. In my view, INDIA should not be polite in the matter of rules and regulation.

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Sairam said: (Tue, Nov 5, 2013 09:14:22 PM)    
Well no doubt India is a soft nation, as we can see that we are helping to our enemies like Pakistan during floods and helped them by sending money and we have soft corner on people came to us for their safety and if they take that as advantage then will certain pay for that. We are always saying peace because it will cause cause good things War will cause so many thins that we can expect.

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C.T.Selvan said: (Mon, Nov 4, 2013 09:44:36 PM)    
India can be a soft at the same time strong. In reality our nation seems soft at the same time sound weak.

No neighboring country including tiny nations respect or admire India. Pakistan attack, Chinese troops intrusions, though Sri Lanka made written agreement to give equal rights rights to tamils it is not ready to do so, US dismay to our respectable leaders in the name security check and so on.

INDIA SHOULD BE SOFT AND THE SAME TIME STRONG IN ALL MANNERS. Economic, social, self discipline, defense etc.

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Sumith said: (Sun, Oct 20, 2013 01:20:06 AM)    
I have been a supporter of Indian army and has been closely monitoring the country's development for over 10 -12 years. I am immensely proud if our country's armed forces. But very recently I have bent very disappointing with the Govt's attitude when it comes to Pakistan.

I am not an advocate of war because war causes death to innocent people of both countries. If a nation for example Israel, I s attacked across the border, Israel will retaliate. If their citizens are attacked, they make it their prmie motive to hit back. But when it comes to India, Pakistan has been isolating ceasefire for decades and India has kept silent. What is the point of having great military developments when you don't use them. I understand Pakistan is a nuclear nation. But does that mean we turn a blind eye for every time Pakistan troops fire across the border. India is 10 times capable but I think Pakistan knows India is a soft nation and they are taking maximum advantage of it.

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Zeeshan said: (Fri, Oct 18, 2013 06:40:30 PM)    
Hello !

Yes of course India is soft nation. This is positive point of our nation and we must proud on it. The father of nation Mahatma Gandhi teaches the world about soft and non-violence behavior. India has different religions and each religions say about soft behavior this also contribute in soft nation. Also we not show the aggressive step in any war. But last thing I want shear is that its OK our nation is soft nation but we must be aggressive against corruption and other countries attack and also against nagsalized.

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Chinmoy Nagarkar said: (Thu, Oct 10, 2013 10:04:52 PM)    
Hello Everyone,

The term "soft state" was coined in 1960s by Gunnar Myrdal, who was a Swedish Nobel Laureate economist, sociologist & politician. The term was used to describe a society which was incapable of imposing the right development policies and is unwilling to act against corruption at all levels. Today, this phrase befits country like India. Historically, India has always been a soft nation; otherwise it would not have been at the receiving end of foreign invaders and colonies for over many centuries. This situation transpired because of India's lack of unity amongst its princely states. Today's independent India is a sovereign, secular and democratic republic, thus it is duty of government to safeguard these pillars of constitution for goodwill of our country.

In the recent past there have been innumerable instances where India has failed to give a fitting response on international issues. India's policy with Pakistan has been very embarrassing especially when it comes to persecution of 26/11 perpetrators, border infiltration, extra-judicial killing of Indian prisoners etc. We also witnessed another embarrassing moment when there was 20 km Chinese incursion into Indian territory with impunity, and brazenness to the extent of installing bivouacs and claiming it as their own land. Least one could do was to engage in a military skirmish that would have given very strong signal. Also Sri Lanka in down south continues to threaten our innocent fishermen by detaining them without any trial and we also saw how our government initially had gone soft on two Italian naval guards who were responsible death of our fishermen (mistaking them as pirates), later backtracked because of wide scale media & public furore. These instances are detrimental to sovereignty of our country.

I fail to fathom out our government's stand with international affairs despite the credential that India possesses. India is the world's 7th largest country by size, 3rd largest army, 4th largest GDP and the 2nd most populous country. Yet India plays a negligible role in international affairs. Countries far smaller to India in size, population and economy exert a much larger influence on international affairs. The reason for this aforementioned crisis is leadership paralysis and lacunae in decision making. The super-powers of the world exert tremendous amount of powers essentially because they have strong leaders that hold tremendous decision making ability. We need a very strong and a decisive leadership that adheres to English idiom "when going gets tough, tough gets going", a leadership which uses its clout to exert powers and give out a very strong signal to the world that we are going stay silent over atrocities being committed upon our citizens. Thus I feel now the time has come to shed this image of "soft nation" because if this kind of inaction continues in spite of prevailing hostilities and enmity around our neighbourhood we'll soon be caught between rock and a hard place.

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Shweta said: (Wed, Oct 2, 2013 10:19:56 PM)    
Yes, India is a soft nation. And it is not really a negative point at all. Our freedom was successful only because of non violent path which Mahatma Gandhi lead. And the fluent running of the most diverse country is only because of this softness. We should keep this in mind that India is capable of dealing with any tension on the border with the help of its defence forces yet the path chosen is softness in every respect because it will be the most mature way to deal with problems which can affect our future generations.

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Veer said: (Tue, Sep 24, 2013 03:22:55 PM)    
I think India is a soft nation. Being soft is not bad we just follow our great legacy.

Our history tells us that whatever be the matter 'peace at any cost' is remained our last stand. Indians are soft it does not mean we will remain calm in any situation if enemy will try to destroy our culture, to hurt our sovereignty we will protest it, if needed we can die for it.

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Harry said: (Sat, Sep 21, 2013 09:30:01 PM)    
HI friends!

In my point of view, India is a Soft Nation. It has been shown recently on the "Delhi gang rape". The criminals who are involved in death of the brave heart, they are getting punished, just one week before. This is what we expect from our Nation. Our government will be Hang the four persons. The punishment is not enough for them. They should be punished immediately where the brave heart dead. But they are lived 8 months till the Incident. Such the way our Nation is treating them.

The punishment is appreciable. But it would given to the court immediately.

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Ankush said: (Sat, Sep 14, 2013 10:50:20 PM)    
YES I truly believe that we are soft nation because we avoid the violence in every possible way. We always try to find a peaceful solution for everything. That is the legacy Mahatma Gandhi has left for us but I believe time has for being soft.

Hard action is necessary to set up the example. In our nation Criminals do not get punishment because of our twisted laws and softness of constitution.

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Madhu said: (Thu, Sep 12, 2013 10:07:55 AM)    
According to me India is not soft nation. It may be misunderstood by many of them that it is a soft nation and violence is going on all over the country and there are many incidents supporting this. When many good officers who want to develop our nation are being blamed by political leaders then we cannot imagine the situation of ordinary people. Politics in our country is not in a secure way because it is being used for selfish needs.

Many good leaders like APJ Abdul Kalam are required for our country to make it as a soft nation. India is pretending to be a soft nation which is really not true. If we take an example of Delhi incident no one can imagine her condition.

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Mathan said: (Thu, Sep 5, 2013 11:36:01 PM)    
Hi, I am Mathan.

India is a soft nation, why because it is the only country that avoid violence as much as possible. We might heard upon Hiroshima, Nagasaki bomb blast. It is an unnecessary blast. While comparing our country with them we may not be at the top regarding technology, but regarding peacefulness we are better and best.

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Sudher said: (Thu, Sep 5, 2013 11:15:10 PM)    
In my opinion India is a soft nation because of diversity in the field of religion, culture and population. And also Indian foreign policy is softer in nature. It never invaded any other country, it respects UNO It can even withstand against any developed nations.

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Saurabh said: (Mon, Sep 2, 2013 09:32:41 AM)    
India is a soft a nation the reason behind this is:

1. There is a different religions in India.

2. Political system is so soft any body can enter.

3. The people thoughts and Indian law is soft.

And we are so soft that's why the dollar increase up to 66Rs.

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Prateek Sharma said: (Fri, Aug 23, 2013 08:27:02 PM)    
From my point of view India is a soft nation. Softness is good for any country but sometime India get more soft towards terrorist & some other corruption. Soft is in the the way that different-2 religion people are live together with peace. And India also invites.

Foreigner and it doesn't think more what the other countries has done, it welcome every country people with open heart. But India has to get little harder towards his enemy, for e. pakistan attacked on India no of time but India always forgive this. But doesn't forget about ajmal kasab what India do with him, if India is soft then it doesn't mean it can't be hard. (India is country of loving heart people. :).

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Bindu said: (Wed, Aug 21, 2013 10:04:13 PM)    
There is misconception between soft nation and soft people. Yes India is a nation with kind hearted soft people but when the matter is of the nation, India is a tough country with patriotic children. We don't mind giving our lives for our nation when we get a chance to save our country. India is advancing in all the means and challenging many countries in many ways. Therefore Indians are soft only in their words and action but not in terms of development and attitude.

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Abhisek,Kolkata said: (Sat, Aug 17, 2013 12:32:05 AM)    
In my opinion India is a soft nation because of the following reasons:-

1. After independence India have only retaliated 5 times to it's enemies though they have harmed India a thousand times. Though India have a strong defence, a proper lesson to it's enemy was never taught.

2. America came from 15,000 kms away & killed the world's deadliest terrorist within 10 years in a foreign continent while India couldn't capture or kill many underworld dons for 20 years though they are hiding in India's neighbouring countries within it's own continent.

3. If the history of India is seen for 2500 years, India have hardly successfully repulsed any foreign invasion & have always fallen dependent to foreign powers.

" Freedom is true religion, dependency is sin. Weakness is sin". (Swami Vivekananda).

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Ch V G Padma Jyothi said: (Fri, Aug 16, 2013 07:43:34 PM)    
Hello, I feel INDIA is not a soft country. The country itself reflects people in INDIA so what I mean to say is people in INDIA are not soft all the time. The behaviour of youth, politicians, common man everything is changed. Wherever and whatever the situation violence is playing a main role. Due to entertaining media (movies) youth is stepping into wrong way.

So friends we must be soft enough to situations that we handle and be make our country soft.

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Princy Samuel(Evil) said: (Wed, Jul 31, 2013 12:22:48 PM)    
Is India a soft nation?

I being a citizen of INDIA proudly say that my country is undoubtedly a SOFT nation.

1). We can answer the brick with a stone.

2). Politicians reflect only what we are.

3). We have reservation system to bring out backward classes out of their misery.

4). It brings JUSTICE to underprivileged society.

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Swathi said: (Thu, Jul 25, 2013 05:30:57 PM)    
I agree that India is a soft nation. But in one aspect our country is not soft. The case is giving capital punishment such as death sentence. Our constitution was borrowed from British constitution. Once there was death sentence in constitution of Britain. But they have eradicated it now. I like to say that India must be soft in this aspect. Because a person who haven't committed the offense may be punished. But our country should not be soft to people who were involved in corruption, abuse of power etc. They must be punished severely.

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Chandana said: (Fri, Jul 19, 2013 07:42:34 PM)    
I don't think India is a soft nation in every situation as it is having lot of criminal rates, corruption etc., but when compared to other countries we can say India is somewhat soft.

The softness of a nation resembles peace, women welfare, economy growth etc., even we can make our country soft by changing ourselves nothing but the way of thinking of youth or our people should be changed. After coming to certain age we should not blame others as it was the age we can think what is right and what is not so we can live with morality and make our country the best.

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Partha Rudra said: (Thu, Jul 4, 2013 04:33:58 PM)    
Hello everybody, according to me INDIA is a soft as well as patient country. Here are the reasons.

We do not invade any country for the zeal of territory. We always welcome other countries heartily, no matter major or minor, poor or rich. When our country is tried to harm (Mumbai terror attack) by other countries we didn't lose our patient rather we tried to solve it by informing Pakistan to take action on them, though we could answer the brick with a stone.

Now if we see the internal side of the country there are some factors like corruption, crime against women, murder etc which are violating the softness of our country. So in order to put an end to all these, it is not wise to always blame the politicians because politicians only reflects those what we are. We have to change our mentality, we have to change the way we observe things if we want a better INDIA in future, a INDIA bearing the title "soft".

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Suresh Mallesh said: (Sat, Jun 29, 2013 01:24:03 PM)    
India is a Soft nation but this does not limit it to be also known has a strong emerging nation.

We Indians believe in love, harmony and sacrifice which makes us naturally softer in our approach.

Time and again we have proved to the world when it come to protecting our integrity and our motherland we are the strongest of all.

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Shalu said: (Thu, Jun 27, 2013 08:09:15 PM)    

I don't think that INDIA is a soft nation as if we all consider current situations. Crime rate and corruption is increasing day by day the reason is humanity is reducing this is the main reason why INDIA is not considering as a soft nation.

If INDIA mainly concentrate on this points then definitely INDIA will become a soft nation to every INDIAN. By considering other countries opinion we just can't say as our country is Soft Nation, we know what or country is right. So, try develop humanity in people for our better future.

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Deepak Singh said: (Wed, Jun 26, 2013 10:25:12 AM)    
India originally name belongs to brave king who is soft by nation, who play with lion but do not kill him and this is nation which is also soft by nature and being soft is good thing and which is worth to the country.

I am fully agree with statement that India is soft nation.

1st-Whether it is talk (line of control) or it is border. India is also fighting with corruption, unemployment and disease like poverty also with perseverance.

It can be seen in many ways that India behave in soft manner.

2nd-In India are so many religion but all these cast or religion that they are Indian in last.

So I say proud India is great and soft nation.

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Sayandeep said: (Sat, Jun 15, 2013 11:27:28 PM)    
Hello everyone!

India is a tolerant nation for ages. It has given shelter to many, not invaded any other land in spite of having an envious armed force. And, at the same time, it has always shown resilience under precarious situation, when other nations tried to invade it. But, it's a fact that India is still a bit too considerate to corrupt people. It's a shame to admit that a majority of our politicians is known to have involved in several scams in their political career. Our constitution is lenient to dangerous criminals.

Even a rapist who tortures a woman to a possible moral demise, who fiddles with a woman's dignity and leaves her agonizing in intolerable pain- physical as well as mental, can easily do away with an exemplary capital punishment, save a very few exceptional cases. These result in an increasing crime and corruption within the country. If we cherish a true independent free nation, we should ensure freedom in every respect. In our case, freedom from crime and corruption is the need of the hour.

From this viewpoint, the attribute 'soft' for our nation, which appears to be so true, is indeed derogatory to the toughness of the nation called India.

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Alisha said: (Sat, Jun 15, 2013 01:12:50 PM)    
Hi, everyone. I think India is not so called 'soft nation' because from the very past it has been giving residence to many religions and caste and making their laws in a manner so that everyone can get the same right and freedom. Also, it has 3rd strongest army even, empowered with nuclear weapons though it has not invade into the other country's freedom. But in the same thing when Pakistan did in Kargil fight it fought for owning the land of Kashmir. So, from this perception India can be seen as an independent, tough and tolerant country.

On the other hand when it comes to the case of terrorism and corruption it has always shown some lackadaisical strategies. In our Parliament above 50% of the members are infested with corruption. And there is a big gap of power between poor and the rich people which actuates the corruption. If the criminals are rich or empowered by the politicians they are not properly punished with respect to the crime they have committed. So, first of all we should remove the corruption among the politicians.

So, finally I want to say that India is not 'soft' but towards terrorism and corruption it should make stringent laws where all citizens will be treated in a same manner.

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Minakshi Kumari said: (Fri, Jun 14, 2013 08:46:06 AM)    
I appreciate above discussed opinions and I agree to it that India is a soft nation due to the forgiveness nature of Indian people and soft Indian laws towards criminals. In Indian culture life has a great importance, that's why a very few hanging punishment is given here. Jail as the punishment to the criminals is given so that under rules and regulations they can become the good persons.

But the criminals are misusing this policy of India. Once their punishment period overs they again commits the crime to be fearless. For example rape crimes are increasing at rapid rate due to soft punishment policy for rapers.

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Shubham Wahi said: (Wed, May 22, 2013 03:31:34 PM)    
Hi friends,

India is not a soft nation. It is one of the tough countries. In this country all the religions are living together with love and unity this shows that how much India is diverse but still have unity and unity is always powerful. Our country wants peace not fighting, It always bow down in front of everyone it doesn't mean it has fear but it doesn't understand anyone less than itself and give everyone respect. From the independence till now India has grown very fast and has become one of the strongest nation of the world. It has faced many wars and has defeated with its force. Not only this India has third powerful armed force in the world and it has also made missiles like AGNI, BRAHMASTRA and PRITHVI. It never let criminal go without punishment and has also defeated terrorists like Afzal Guru and Kasab.

India gives the reply of brick with stone. Whether it is the talk of LOC or it is border. India is also fighting with corruption, unemployment and diseases like poverty also with perseverance. Against black money also It is fighting and not only this India has given scientist like Sunita Williams, APJ Abdul Kalam, CV Raman etc. If anyone will raise the voice against India I don't think we are going to leave him free not only outsider but also if insider would do something illegal would be strictly punished.

Even today also we Indians have hot blood like Subhas Chandra Bose, Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel and Bhagat Singh. So we would never tolerate any kind of wrong task.

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Deepika said: (Wed, May 15, 2013 11:32:33 AM)    
Yes, India a soft nation but as we all know it is a over soft nation. It is because in other countries criminals are treated very badly but in India they are treated very softly specially if anyone is related to some political background. In these days many rape cases are coming over and their criminals are also caught but literally no actions are taken instead of giving them lifetime imprison. Their should very tough action have to be taken so any other person can't do such type of nonsense thing.

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Sudheer Kumar Kalyanam said: (Tue, May 14, 2013 03:14:12 PM)    
India is not at all a soft nation. Indians fought against the British all from over the country and achieved freedom which has develop true nationalism and helped to form a largest democratic country. In 1962 India fought with China for border disputes even after knowing that China is more powerful country than India. In 1999 India fought against Pakistan during Kargil War and taught them a lesson. India has developed an army which is the 4th toughest army in the world.

It has also got 7th toughest naval force and 4th toughest Air Force in the world. But India supports peace does not Quarrel or disturbs other countries freedom as it has adverse effects on our economy such as high Inflation, decrease in GDP, increase in poverty. Courts impose severe punishments to terrorists like KASAB of Mumbai blasts who disturb national integrity. Corruption and politics might have made India look somewhat softer. Indian strategies are one of the finest strategies in the world. Indians are fighting against corruption too. Incredible growth in the field of Media is also a good sign. So do not think India is a soft nation.

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Pushkar said: (Thu, May 9, 2013 01:18:01 PM)    
Hi, this is pushkar. Yes I agree that India is soft nation. Because India also supporting nation for other country. 'soft nature' is birth quality of India as well as great weapon of India. I think India is soft nation and its fact. India is not weak country. It can accept any challenge. These days might be India has shown softness on the issues like Mumbai attack. And I am also love my country.

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Abhishek Rai said: (Sun, May 5, 2013 09:02:27 PM)    
Good morning to all,

As it asked about the softness of India then yes, India is a soft nation and I am proud to be a citizen of such a soft and great country, but at some point India shows excess softness. We all know pakistan always create big problems for India. India always got enough evidence of Pakistan hand in inhuman activity like terrorism and India has always took first step for the good relationship with Pakistan but pakistan always betrayed the India so now it is enough and it's time to take some tough decision against Pakistan.

India is not soft towards pakistan but towards other country also, India always ready to help other country in their tough time like India helped sri lanka in fight against LITTE and also helped after TSUNAMI. Recently china entered in Indian territory but India showing softness towards china. India is a soft nation but at some point it should take some tough decision.

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Abinash Kumar said: (Mon, Apr 29, 2013 12:10:29 PM)    
Yes, I am totally agree with that India is a soft country. You can see it in many ways.

First of all, in India there is no contradiction between any religion while there is majority of Hindu (80% of total population) and there is full opportunity to the people from any religion to become MP, CM, PM, President of India. In India, we also provide reserve seats in any area to other backward class to bring them above bpl (below poverty line).

In other way, now days we are looking & listening. Many women rapes even with child are happening at various places in this country. But no one is giving a hard punishment to rapist. This is shame for our country. So time has come to became hard in the law of this country.

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Aji said: (Sat, Apr 20, 2013 12:35:15 PM)    
Ya India is a soft nation, I loved my nation, Different Culture of people living in india, We are brothers And Sisters, India is a Agricultural Country.

India always in silent, Lot Of countries thinking about India s in silent, But India having A lot of weapon, It can beat with others, Some Country Occupied our places and killed our People. Still Now India in Silent.

Because India thinking we go to Friendship relation with others, that's only India in silent, Don't get be angry, Finally you will Affect.

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Kp Jena said: (Fri, Apr 12, 2013 10:50:13 AM)    
Yes I am fully agree with Jigyasa but still nobody goes to the micro part of the politics. I think and I believe to get the good nation is not directly from the politicians. But if we need to improve the nation, we must let the Indian citizen to know his basic duties and privileges. However the privileges and duties can not be told to somebody to practice by heart.

1. The person has to be literate. (min graduate).

So that he can take his own decision power and the so called neta's of our country are not only criminals but also they are not well educated rather than few. And they are prone to get the votes in any way. So I think that there should be an exam like the IAS officers clear. So they will understand the exact situation of the country and they will not try to rob us.

But we are far away from the point of discussion.

Yes India is a soft nation and I salute for that.

We must take any decision after thinking a lot.

I think India is not soft. It takes decision after many discussins.

I think this is better and good for the future of the country.

I love my India.

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Jigyasa said: (Sun, Mar 31, 2013 12:16:54 PM)    
No I do not think so. India actually lacks great decisive power and most importantly it lacks good, well educated leaders. When leaders are themselves involved in criminal activities, then how they will punish to other criminals. That is why they have to think twice or thrice before they decide any think for criminals who have allot of similarities with our very own POLITICIANS.

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Priyanka said: (Fri, Mar 15, 2013 01:19:44 PM)    
Yes I agree with it because there lots of aspects in our country, the Delhi bomb blast, Delhi case, and hired by terrorist aircraft which stay in India by half an hour didn't take any action to save passenger its also the example to show the India is soft nation country.

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None said: (Tue, Mar 12, 2013 09:23:42 PM)    
India Originally Bharat name belong to brave king who is soft by nature, who play with lion but don't kill him and this is nation which is also soft by nature and being soft is good thing and which is worth to the country.

We have more than 80% population Hindu in country but we are secular one and that why we have unity in diversity. We had situation that when our president was Muslim (Abdul kalam) , prime minister (Manmohan singh) , leader of biggest political party in India (Sonia gandhi) and no one belong to majority though country rest in peace. We have reservation system to bring out backward classes out of their misery and we have many languages and culture and though we are united. Softness is good things it brings justice to underprivileged society. But now days becoming blunt they hesitate take action against the terrorist, corrupt and wealthy people and people having a power manipulating country so we need to be the hard against this evils to bring stability to the country and to sustain as soft power.

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Amas said: (Sun, Mar 10, 2013 07:48:29 PM)    
Hi guys,

I am completely agree with statement that"India is soft nation".

It can be see in many ways that India behave in soft manner.

1st - in India there are so many religion but all these cast or religion follow one religion that they are Indian in last. So this is great thing that there is no contradiction b/t the people. This makes India as a great nation.

2nd - softness of India in political way make India weak at some points. Pak attacks on India regularly but there is no reaction toward them.

So both way shows that India is a soft nation.

That's all.

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Yadav said: (Sat, Mar 9, 2013 11:03:00 AM)    
And I will say all the Indians and politicians are easily made fool by other politicians of other countries. Talking a lot about India when they are in visit to India. But from their countries we are totally dominated. Because they know we will not take any actions we will just keep blaming each other.

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Devirani.R said: (Tue, Feb 26, 2013 10:48:17 AM)    
Hi friends,

Yes, India is very soft nation because here various types of religion people join to live together no fight with others. Compare to other country in our country having good culture.

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Abhimanyu said: (Fri, Feb 8, 2013 05:48:54 PM)    
YES, India is a soft nation. India is very indifferent when we talk about laws, you all will be surprised to know that out of 545 (approx) members of parliament more than 233 politicians have criminal cases on them, crimes which include murder, theft, abduction, brutal killing and many more.

Not just this India is soft to only people who have money in their pocket.

In our country if a bureaucrat does a crime or and scam the case in court will go on for years and years but if I being a middle class man do even a theft of some food I will be beaten by police station brutally.

I am not saying being soft has no positive effects.

The only positive effect I can think of is that our country has more freedom than any other county.

But if we compare the positive effects and negative effects we can easily identify that there is need for bring a change in county, there is need to get a little tough and hard than being soft.

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Sindhu Reddy said: (Sun, Jan 20, 2013 11:20:40 AM)    
As per my knowledge concern, India is a soft nation in terms of treating the people and the way of responding to other people like foreigners and so on. As we all know that our India had a great history. We have great freedom fighters who sacrificed their life's for our country. We have great Indian culture which is respected by other nations. I am not saying that there is no negative things there are some even though the greatness of our culture and all remains unchanged. Mainly the relationships in India plays vital role. The affections between the people and relations among them are very strong. 80% of the people in India are very kind of others and they maintain a loving relationships.

So, India is a great country with many beautiful places related to histories and with kind people.

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Subashini said: (Mon, Dec 3, 2012 09:55:59 PM)    
India is soft, yes. Soft in hospitality. The best thing to say our "attack- while attacked "policy for enemy nations. Some gangs are prevailing to destroy the harmony, soft behaviour with us. Our culture and heritage been respected and treated high above by foreigners. We Indians dare soft for those who are not, although basically we are kind. At the time of emergency we unite as one that is amazing unity though varied among.

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Aditya Chakradeo said: (Fri, Nov 16, 2012 06:37:01 PM)    
Is India a soft nation ? There are a lot of contexts this question can be taken in.

On the positive hand softness of India is very much beneficial to the citizens. We have people of all religions residing in our country peacefully. India is not an extremist state promoting a single religion or caste or creed. Every person irrespective of caste is granted equal rights and the freedom to practice duties. Also, people of backward classes both economically and socially are provided with subsidies regarding education, medical facilities, food grains etc. India runs democracy and supports peaceful collection of people for a horizon of reasons. There are limited laws on the society level.

On the negative hand softness of India regarding corruption, terrorism and others have lowered the credibility of people over the ruling government. We say India is against corruption then who is the one doing it ? We have a large gap between the rich and the poor. Rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. Main culprit is the lack of transparency in the distribution system. Pakistan has been has been hostile to us since long time. But no matter what, we keep on showing our forgiving nature despite of absolute disregard from the other side. External terrorism has always been a threat. But its an international agenda and every country has faced it at some time. But naturalism is the internal problem of India. We have no permanent solution for it.

In all, Indian softness is what we also have to fight with and fight for.

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Sanjay said: (Fri, Oct 26, 2012 12:21:46 PM)    
Yes, India is soft enough to be an good country. It has long tradition of peace and helping nature. Our freedom fighter also show that but when person in front of us being active on considering us week than India is rough to fight against it.

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137852Rocker said: (Fri, Oct 12, 2012 10:19:51 AM)    
I wonder why everyone keeps saying that India is a soft Nation when everyone of us here are Indian citizens, well I think any country is as strong as people living in it so if we are saying that India is a soft nation then it simply means that people of India are also soft. It is easy to sit in our homes and comment on things as said by many in above articles and I agree with most of them but we should look at the positive side of our Nation also.

Our economy is growing at 7% second fastest in the world, we have the largest Army in the world, we have fought 5 major wars since Independence and we survived all of them, we have one of the best education systems in the world, even when there was economy breakdown all over the world in 2008 we were not affected.

Now some will say what about the negative points well I say this it is not easy to handle 1.2 Billion people, if you think you can do a better job then do it. I am not a big fan of Government or the way it has handled many issues like that of Kasab. I also believe that he should have been given punishment long time ago and there is a need to change some laws but as a whole I think we are lucky to live in a country like India.

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Praveen said: (Tue, Oct 9, 2012 02:17:40 PM)    
Yes I agree with that India is soft nation. But the soft nation country have so many negative point for our reputation in outside of world. The soft nation country are those country which deals with any problem in peacefully way is called soft nation. The our country India have many example to prof that India is soft country, like the Pakistan is treat with India as his biggest revival but India treat with Pakistan like a friend their are so many example like 26/11 case which has been prove that the Pakistan is behind that and so on.

This softness by India. India is become weakest country.

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Preeti Leos said: (Sun, Oct 7, 2012 04:09:37 PM)    

Yes India is a soft nation. Basically a soft power is a power to convince others, can be able to achieve something from others what you want by love, peace and not by coercion and payment. India deals with every issue very peacefully and patiently, at times it takes so much time to decide its verdict that this softness of our country turns to become our weakness for the outside world like the example of Kasab and Afzal guru that attacked India. Excess of everything may prove to be vicious for ourselves. Softness to some extend is fine, but showing softness to these terrorists who have committed heinous crimes may send a wrong message to the outside world.

In the absence of strong decision-making our softness may be wrongly interpreted as our weakness.

Thank You.

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Swarnendu Samanta said: (Mon, Oct 1, 2012 03:40:10 PM)    
Hello friends,

Regarding this topic I want to share my opinion that Our Beloved India is a SOFT nation. I agree that India shows it politeness and softness to all the neighbor country & Western country also. There are so many examples demonstrate this like Keep KASAB free from any punishment till now, taking no action against seditious those who cause destruction and try to spread violence all over the India. But India is obeying the words of eminent person like Gandhiji of Non- violence. India thinks that they will enrich their soul that is why they are given opportunity to leave the dirty way.

Sometimes these are explained as the revolt against the government But I think this can not be the proper way to protest. Discussion of any problem gives the better result of it.

We can not loose my another eye to revenge against them who have destroy our one eye so it is the better policy to handle each problem being soften.

In our India there is softness in everywhere like in thinking, in speaking, in living, in lifestyle, in religious point of view, in justice, in education, in political, in sports, in business & so on. Our constitution is very soft.

We welcomes foreigner from our heart that is why Visa of the foreigner has been approved in a soft way. They can also can travel each and every corner of the country as our countrymen.

We are about to sign with Bangladesh about Teesta Water Sharing.

But I must say some people are misusing this softness policy for their profit. This is a very bad practice that is why Indian government Takes some hard steps against them to maintain the total improvement of India.

Thank you all a lot.

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Chetan Gupta said: (Mon, Sep 17, 2012 01:45:26 AM)    
Undoubtedly India is a soft nation. Examples set for this ....
1. Recently PMO's reaction over Time magazine stamping Manmohan Singh as "underachiever" that too nearly one month later.
2. No reaction on Oxford and some other atlas restricting India's territory to being widely accepted by world as well as India.
3. Kasab being given crores of security....reason obscure!
4. Desire for VETO and Security Council seat.
Though it is now always as when India recently put up its ponits in G-20 summit which were appreciative worldwide. Some times being soft on decisions is also good as it prevents from being engaged in controversy as happened with Sri-lanka and Iraq recently.
It is not only that dictatorship can bolt out this softness from international relations but good leadership from cabinet can also do the same to change perspective of India to world outside.

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Amit Kumar Rai said: (Fri, Aug 24, 2012 11:20:51 PM)    
India's foreign policy, its reaction towards captured terrorists and tackling problems of illegal migrants all together point out to one obvious fact our country is a soft country. There are certain issues on which our foreign policy is influenced by our vested interests which for the country's sake is totally justified but as a result we might seem lost on the matter. This might depict India as a soft nation to outsiders. Our response towards terrorism is not so fearsome as is the case with United states of America. I believe that terrorists like Kasab should be hanged in public to teach a lesson to militant organization not to ever throw an evil eye towards our country. We fail at this front. Take example of Kasab and Afzal.

Recent misfortune events of riots in Assam point to our flawed policy of immigrant checking at Bangladeshi border. If we have been strict since the independence of Bangladesh in the matter of immigration these migrants wouldn't have crossed our border so easily and this riot would never have taken place in the first place. All these points confirm the softness of our country.

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Nitin Sagar said: (Thu, Aug 16, 2012 10:24:42 PM)    
Hello everyone, as we all know that India is a very soft nation but I would like to bring something in the attention of all the people that we have to take some strict measures against pakistan because it is not happening as our bureaucrats were trying to do by acting very soft to them, first they have to hang those terrorist until death who killed the innocent on the name of jihad and whtevr they call, second thing is that they should deny all the peace talks with them because no result was concluded uptil now and the last thing I will say that this all is happening due to the divide rule policy of britishers who made two parts of our beautiful country by making India and pakistan.

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Tamanna Kochar said: (Wed, Aug 1, 2012 11:38:16 PM)    
No doubt corruption and terrorist attacks by outsiders has grabbed our country but I still want to that its so so soft nation. Its having a lot of love for every religion;every custom dance forms n practices. Globalization and modernization is accepted very easily. From last 100000 years our country didn't invade any country. So proud to be the citizen of such a soft cozy lap of mother India.

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Ashish said: (Tue, Jul 24, 2012 09:57:09 PM)    
Yes, India is a soft nation. There are several reasons to it.

1. India provides more freedom to its citizens than any other country. Indians can easily practice different religion, have different opinions on various issues and still live peacefully. People respect others with different opinions, and don't involve violence for resolving issues.

2. On the political front, we have most rising politicians from the ground level, who understand the local problems. Hence it is most easy in India to peacefully protest against something.

3. Death Sentences are very rare in India, as we provide second chances to most people.

Hence India is a very Soft Nation.

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Laxmi Sahu said: (Sat, Jul 21, 2012 10:45:10 PM)    
India is country of love and pride. Were people are facing problems and joy together.

There are many legends like mahatma gandhi and bhagat singh both have same goal but is violence and other is non - violence to gain freedom. But now a days politics come in face by which term corruption. But still India is increasingly develop in field of agriculture and banking sector. Even nowadays deals with other countries with good relationship. As our national flag consist of three color the Indian have million of colors in their life.

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Somase M said: (Sat, Jun 30, 2012 07:26:10 PM)    
Hello friend's.

The country which has one great name "gandhi" The mahatma Gandhi. Who has very well known in the world for nonviolence. So it's easy to say where the leader goes public will follow them. But today our country has a such soft and time wasted rules which has nothing to gate result. For example just you can see recently the case of Afjhal guru and kasab. These are the inside examples of country, if you will see outside the country our neighboring country Pakistan and china has attack many times and we have threat to attack from those country's every time. But our nation's leader and there foreign policy always in favor of maintain friendly environment.

That's why I am in favor of India has very soft nation.

Thank you.

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Baba said: (Fri, Jun 8, 2012 04:52:19 PM)    
I think India is a soft Nation Country because I seens last some years that one case Afjal Guru attacks Indian Parliament in 2001 but our nation is not given to hard punished, another case of of kasab every know this person name, Kasab is attack Taj Hotel at 26/11 and that attacks so many innocent people are death but our nation not given to hang but they spend crore rupees for her security. But as compare to other country like as america fights to baghdad and sadham hussain hang till to be death thats know sadham is live behind the jail their lots of money spend for his protection. In India Thousand of fast Tracks court but crimes do not decreses because of curruption one case run 10-10 years how crimes control.

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Mamta said: (Fri, Jun 8, 2012 03:02:57 AM)    
Is India a Soft Nation? My answer is definitely YES because there are many reasons some of them I am writing
1) It has many politicians who are involved in scandals even though there are allowed to enter in Parliament and still they can rule because our country beliefs in "failure is the pillar of success" and every time they learn from their mistakes and they will try to improve next time.
2) Our country belief in secularism that is why India has terrorists of different religion, community and cast examples- Maoist, Naxalite, Bajrag dal, ulpha, lashkar-e-taiba and many more.
3) According to our culture "Atithi Devo Bhavah" means "The guest is God" and we are really following it by serving guest Kasab for 3 years.

But in a real sense we can be soft or best nation in the world if each and every Indian will understand there responsibility towards country and government start following all the rules regulation according to our constitution which is the one of the best constitution in the word then no one can stop us to be a citizen of a DEVELOPED country with being soft nation because whole world know that we have followed non violence path to get independence.

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Aloyna said: (Sat, Apr 28, 2012 10:57:21 PM)    
Itis one of the fundamental roles of governments toensure safety, security, peace and order. We must help our neighbors in their economic, political and social development, and wemust ensure that our neighbors are able to adopt democracy, good policies and move in right directions. There must be focus on security, peace, brotherhood, but at the same time, we must have asound system of administration, and we must clearlylay down our rules and regulations. We must be assertive, bold and straight forward in our foreign policy.

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Tamil said: (Sat, Mar 31, 2012 07:35:10 PM)    
Hi friends, India is not a soft nation why because many and many of the problems yet not geted the solution. For example we can take anna hasarai as a old man he did his job but he can't get solution easily. If government didn't accept the lok sabha means we can't predict future illegal activities of people. Many of the terrorists coming India easily why because we are careless in our nation improvement. We can see many of the problems arising in tamil nadu itself. People are taking many revenge for kundankulam problem no use still they are not getting solution peoples are not convince with their thoughts. Opposing each other and making problem more and more. Government are not taking right desicion for the problem. Take srilanka problem no more words to tell about that. Government are not taking end for that innocent people are laking their life every day. Gandhiji got freedom in1947 but today 2012 India is not in freedom now. But as a Indian I would like to say a good thing which are in India many of the forigners are visiting India and it is becoming a developing country. "as a young generation we have to make soft India".

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Tanutanu said: (Sun, Mar 25, 2012 12:16:28 AM)    
India is indeed a soft nation as rightly pointed out by others. There are a number of examples to prove this. We are so vulnerable to the US pressure which can be seen by our voting against sri lanka in the recent UNHRC resolution, we supported the sanctions against iran.

Internally also, there are so many acts, policies which exist but these are not implemented properly. We are not able to take quick stern actions against the perpetrators can be gauged from our handling of the kasab's case. We witness so many crimes in our cities but no major initiatives are taken to curb them. All these highlight our softer side which is one of the reasons for our backwardness.

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Abhinav said: (Mon, Mar 5, 2012 04:51:22 PM)    
Yes, I think so, because the 26/11 terror attacks In Mumbai shook India and stunned the world, revealing huge chinks in the country's anti-terror armour. A year later, the sole surviving terrorist captured by authorities, Mohammad Ajmal Kasab, has not been convicted, the masterminds of the deadly assault are free, and the country harbouring the terrorists, Pakistan, is probably laughing at our weakness, dismissing us as a state whose outrage is easily calmed by tokenism. Our leaders say war is not the only way to assert one's strength, dialogue with Pakistan is the best recourse given the volatile situation in the country.

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Shweta said: (Mon, Feb 27, 2012 04:11:38 PM)    
Rather saying soft i would say we relentlessly lack decisive powers. Spending long long time in jails Kasab has enjoyed a better life style than any BPL family in INDIA. Why don't we hang them , how can we even think of transforming a mass murderer by an enjoyable imprisonment . In fact they are in safer conditions than crores of our population who is alarmed , harassed by the terror activities every now and then . Is this the patronage we are offering to our martyrs who saved the parlimentarians . Remember "Softness should not account to Cowardness in global Prospective when it comes to dignity of nation"

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Abdul Razak said: (Tue, Feb 21, 2012 12:56:05 PM)    
Hai. Of course I also accept that India is a SOFT NATION a long ago while before we got independence. But I can't accept the same statement because Now a days we are facing lot of problems like misuse of Law & Order, corruption, Misuse of political influence, etc. , Everybody wants to become a milliners in a short period, that what we are going to do wrong things for the right ways.

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