Is compulsory attendance really needed in college?

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Darshan G said: (Mar 14, 2018)  
Hello everyone,

In my view, there is no need to have a compulsion about attaining the lectures. If it is about 70 to 60% that's okay. If you have the basic knowledge about subjects that fine. In college life, we must build our EQ by participating in extracurricular activities. As it helps to develop our personality Or along with these students can start his startups up to a small level.

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Bharti said: (Mar 13, 2018)  
Attendance should not be made compulsory because students should get chance to learn new things which is only possible when they will do some extra activities. And it should be made compulsory only in 1st and 2nd year because discipline is also an important thing. Minimum attendance should be 60%. Attending to college activities should be made compulsory rather than attendance because study and participation in extracurricular activities both are equal.

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Arshad said: (Mar 13, 2018)  
I think the attendance should be 60% mandatory in 3rd and 4th year.

In college first and the second year is the base for the student so the attendance would be 100%. After that student needs to work on this skill. So its required spam time. In day by day, the competition is tough. The Student also needs work on the skill. In college theory and practical performance is always needed. 60% in a 3rd and 4th year is good enough.

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Sakshi said: (Mar 12, 2018)  
I think compulsory attendance must be needed in college upto 2nd year students. Because till 2nd yr, students needs to understand their subjects conceptually because these subjects were the basic building block of their respective fields. But for this college must provides best faculties to students so, that students wants to attend the lectures. So, instead of taking daily theory classes, faculties should also try to make their lectures interesting and interactive. Because every students wants to use their theory knowledge by performing some practical work. By this students starts enjoying the learning process. But, from 3rd year to final year the attendance criteria must be reduce to 50%, because during this spam of time all the students were busy on improving their other skills along with their theory subjects. So, for this they need proper time to enhance their skills so that they can focus on their college placements or competitive exams.

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Arindam said: (Mar 11, 2018)  
In my opinion, 100% attendance should not be compulsory in college. College time is the time when a student learn practical knowledge with academic knowledge. 100% attendance compulsory means the student gets only theoretical knowledge like in school. The students will not get any opportunity to do any extra curricular activity. In most the college they do not have smart class. There is no difference between school and college in teaching learning process. It becomes very difficult to gain a practical concept by only attending lecture. So there should be some extra time to attend internship for students. Hence 60% attendance can be mandatory.

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Abdul Rasheed said: (Mar 8, 2018)  
I agree with the points of @Anjali.

What she said that exactly true, because most of the students need practical knowledge along with their studies, I think we can't get fulfil of practical knowledge in college environment we should go out from the college and should do a project like internships. 60% of attendance is enough.

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Santosh Kumar said: (Mar 3, 2018)  
From my point of view, attendance should not be needed compulsory. As, many of us need to focus on self study rather than listening to boring lectures. Although to some extent like upto 50% attendance could be done mandatory so that everyone would be comfortable enough. Daily attending the classes in college just for the sake of attendance is of no use. So, it is better to sit at home and study. In a nutshell, I would say attendance should not be made compulsory, as there is no point of that attendance until and unless we are not focused towards learning.

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Lokendra Singh said: (Feb 28, 2018)  
Hello Friends!

I think there is no necessary that you have to attend the classes on regular basis for completing just attendance.

We come to college for gaining knowledge and learning not for doing a formality.

By this restrictions, the student gets demotivated and not grow of their knowledge view.

They only in the prison that they don't want to live.

So if you think you educate a person forcefully then you are wrong.

At last, I can only say 50% attendance is much enough for doing college activities.

And other left time is grown for our knowledge.

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Shanky said: (Feb 26, 2018)  
Compulsory attendance should be mandatory up to a minimum decided limit which is necessary to get the basic knowledge of class study and to maintain a culture of college. After a minimum limit, there should be restricted freedom "after giving a proper reason of class drop" for students to explore their lives in other fields and to differentiate students on basis of their time management and regularity.

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Jyoti Singh said: (Feb 23, 2018)  
I think 100% attendance compulsion in college is not necessary because college is the only platform of our whole future professional and social life. So during college period we have opportunity to built our interest our hobby. But regular classes might be limits the mind of students they will not Abel to think out of classroom lecture and if they are listening the lecture forcefully there is no advantage, that is waste of time if they are not intended they can't adopt anything.

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K.Dinesh said: (Feb 20, 2018)  
I think students may not follow the class if he fails to attend the majority of his previous classes so it may lead to decrease in interest and marks.

But 100% attendance is not compulsory if a student attends to 80% of his classes it is enough.

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Hassic said: (Feb 20, 2018)  
I agree with your points @Anjali.

But compulsory attendance in college makes a student come regularly to college. And makes them improve time management.

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Anjali said: (Feb 17, 2018)  
Hello everyone!

In my point of view, compulsory attendance in college makes no sense. It shows that in college level too we are not getting practical knowledge. We are still fully focused on academics knowledge and not facing practicality.

Instead of compulsion in regular attendance, there should be an attendance criteria/limit which should be fulfilled by each and every student. In college time, every student has their different perspectives and goals so there should be some sort of freedom so that they can explore themselves. Many students start various internships, training and startups during college. So according to me, there should not be a compulsion of attendance in college.

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Manju said: (Feb 16, 2018)  
Hi all,

Attendance must be made compulsory because regularity brings the best results, where colleges are the most important roles in developing our career, we all need to be regular because HARD WORK AND REGULARITY BEATS TALENT IN EVERY POSSIBLE WAY.

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Karan said: (Feb 16, 2018)  
According to me, attendance should not be a compulsion for students in degree college. Though minimum criteria should be set so that they should at least attend few important lectures. Moreover, they should be motivated to get involved into extracurricular activities. This way they will be active plus won't go off track as they will be in the college vicinity only.

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Akshat said: (Feb 16, 2018)  
According to my point of view, there should not be any compulsion of attendance in college because college is a time where students should be involve in career oriented activities which need not to be done with regular college. It should be done compulsory in school because it is a time to inculcate discipline.

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Karuna said: (Feb 13, 2018)  
Friends in my point of view, Attendance is should not be compulsory in colleges. Because college stage is the time to know everything that is happening in around the individual. But nowadays colleges are running from MORNING to EVENING, than what is the difference between college and school. This condition leads to restricting to schools only, which knowing only a book knowledge, their they making a student's as a un-knowledgeable in general knowledge, which is results as unproved persons in several talented tests without coaching by paying an extra special fee. So, I'm suggesting that Please create a college by running a half session's or by giving weakly holidays along with Sunday in regular, at that time it uses a student's to learn whatever they interested. PLEASE DON'T CREATE A SITUATION TO ATTEND A COLLEGE, without INTERESTED. Thank you.

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Prajakta said: (Feb 9, 2018)  
Attendance in college need not to be compulsory, the reason behind this is that, when college declare the 100% attendance rule, students makes limits for themselves. They don't get involved in any extra curricular activities, sports, cultural events etc. Which is very necessary for their personality development. They only think that class should no be missed. They only do lecture for attendance. This looses their willing power of learning. They do lecture forcefully and get bored during lectures and pass the comments during lectures for their entertainment and this is loosing the quality of education. Students are loosing their interest in curricular subjects and they study only for getting marks. If this rule is not there then the students do the lectures according to their interest. If students are interested then the teachers will also efforts more for the teaching and there will be quality education.

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Prema Reddy said: (Feb 1, 2018)  
Compulsory attendance is not required because there are people who go for work and then come back to college or school instead of focusing more on attendance a quality education should be provided to the students which will improve their knowledge.

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Prakruthi B said: (Jan 29, 2018)  
It is not actually compulsory to have a rule of having 100% attendance. If a student attends 70% of class with concentration is more than enough.

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Shubhangi said: (Jan 25, 2018)  
I think attendance is compulsory because this is the only place where student interacts with their teacher. And through this interaction, they gained knowledge not only related to their subject but also about their career. Today, the use of the internet is increasing day by day, students are not socialized, so through this they also become socialized.

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Naveena D said: (Jan 23, 2018)  
Good Morning Friends,

In my opinion, attendance is not compulsory but 75% attendance is compulsory. Some students are willing to involving sports and other activities. Sometimes students have a critical situation they will take a leave. Unfortunately, this will happen.

So 100% attendance is not compulsory. Some other college is not to allow leave but many college students will be free for 25% attendance. It is not really needed one.

The student who has taken a leave strictly maintain their attendance percentage. We should maintain our attendance percentage.

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Naveena D said: (Jan 23, 2018)  
In my opinion, attendance is not complusory but 75% attendance is compulsory. Some students are willing to involving sports and other activities. Sometimes students have critical situation they will taken a leave. Unfortunately this will be happenend. So 100% attendance is not complusory. Some other college is not to allow leave but many college students will be free for 25% attendance. It is not really needed one.

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Vishesh Porwal said: (Jan 23, 2018)  
Hello friends,

In my opinion, the attendance should not really be needed in college because in every class some disturbing elements (persons) are there and they are sitting in class for only an attendance, not gaining a knowledge and these persons create an unusual environment for studying in class.

And in between us some students are interested in doing for sports and other cultural activities, so they are not attending a more lecture. And some students are special and they are doing self-study and not attends lectures. In that cases, students are deward and eligible for back examination.

So attendance are not compulsory in colleges.

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Pakhi said: (Jan 20, 2018)  
Definitely No! I do not think that there should be any compulsion for students to attend classes.

The reason after this is, we cannot force any kid to study, this is something that is supposed to be done on their own. Also, the college going student can be considered "Grown up"enough to know what is good for them. I mean, they know what they are doing. Cut them some slack.

The mere reason behind compulsory attendance would be the myth that if students attend classes regularly they would gain more knowledge and thus good grades. I myself being a sophomore at college could undoubtedly declare it a myth. Majority of the cases are where the student would have 75%+ attendance in class but would be just average at their academics. Again if the student really does not want to study or finds classes a waste of time, maybe due to several reasons like unqualified faculty or low level of education being imparted etc. Then there is no point in forcing each and every student to sit and waste their entire day everyday just for the sake of attendance. After all the students are here for knowledge and not ATTENDANCES.

In these cases, compulsion of attendance just creates a negativity in the heads of the masses under which no one would like to be in. In conclusion in the era of such advanced students, lets just not limit the students against their will.

On the contrary, if no compulsion is imposed onto the students, literally only the teachers would be seen in the classes during lectures. For this, I would advice that 50% attendance could be made compulsory rather than a solid 75%. This would not only give some relief to the students involved in extra co-curricular activities or the students who does part-time jobs etc, but would also create a healthier environment for both the faculty and the students.

At the end of the day, college is supposed to be fun and not a jail.

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Madhu said: (Jan 18, 2018)  
Good morning.

Today my topic is attendance is compulsory or not in colleges.

In my view, attendance is not mandatory. Because.

1. ) Students who are interested in other activities like sports, NCC etc they are not supposed to attend the classes regularly. In that case they lose their career.

2. Some students have the capability of studying their own. In that case no need to go for lectures.

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Abdul Rasheed said: (Jan 17, 2018)  
Hi everyone, in my sight, there should be no rule for attendance in colleges because in India most of the people are from the poor family background. Like that people they don't have enough money for doing anything, at that time they would like to do jobs means part-time jobs, sometimes it'ii turns into a full-day then assume that what happened, they can't reach to college. So automatically their percentage of attendance will be reduced. What I'm saying is the most talented persons on this planet like Newton, Einstein, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg etc. , they also didn't go to colleges/schools properly, but they became as successful people. REMEMBER THAT. Thank you.

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Shivani said: (Jan 12, 2018)  
Hi guys!

In my opinion, there should not be any rule of compulsory attendance in college, yes up to school it's okay!

It is so because there are many more students like me whose mind can concentrate more at night. So they can also study at night time through video lectures and all. The only thing is that our mind is able to accept or understand what you are reading doesn't matter whether it's day or night. Coming to college daily and just sleeping in the class. And getting nothing is just a waste of time and nothing else.

Thank you!

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Meena said: (Jan 10, 2018)  
Good morning everyone.

According to me, Attendance is very must because we got a regularity and discipline characters that we do not have so much. Sometimes he may get ideas from his fellow classmates or professors about his future career.

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Joydev Patra said: (Jan 7, 2018)  
Hi friend.

If we talk about college their have two elementary parts, student, and teacher. So how can we consider a college without students along with it college is not the only place for bookish study but also a part of social sites where they can shear their thought from various custom and minded I mean communicate about society and culture, in some case it take part of social working.

But also some resplendent students who don't require to go to attend classes, some students busy with a competitive exam like a bank, SSC, CGL etc and one thing some teacher s are so sicky that students couldn't want to attend for wasting their time, actually, that's the fact of education system.

So must go to college but attendance percentage should be a precious low limited.

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Bhakti said: (Jan 5, 2018)  
The sole purpose of making attendance compulsory in any college will be because the students should attend classes regularly which will intern help them to perform well in their exams and get good grades. Yes, students do benefit from regular attendance but this isn't true always.

I personally feel that there shouldn't be any compulsion put on the attendance of the student.

I have myself seen students with more than 90% attendance in a particular subject but failing in that subject for the exam. So, tell me what's the point of that 90% attendance now. Yes, after the results it seems useless right!

There are many reasons why a student won't like to attend classes regularly, I have listed few below:

The student is extremely intelligent and he/she feels it's useless to attend classes so instead he/she uses that time for some other productive work.

The student wants to learn and attend classes but is unable to understand what the teacher is explaining despite of paying a lot of attention in the class (here the student may be a slow learner or needs a different way of learning apart from classes).

The teacher might not be very good at explaining the concepts or conveying properly, which makes the student feel disinterested in the subject as well as attending classes and also, they develop the attitude of saying that the classes are boring.

Co-curricular activities if the student has to participate.

The student completely not interested in studies won't attend classes (these are always a minority in number).

So, we have seen various reasons for the students not attending classes regularly and yes some of the reasons are genuine. But because of compulsory attendance, these different types of students unwillingly need to attend classes just for the sake of attendance. But what if there wasn't this attendance compulsion?

Any career-oriented student will obviously know the importance of learning as their future dreams are dependent on that. If they aren't getting the quality learning in the classroom it's obvious that students will find other ways like bunking classes and be learning with friends (group studies) or by making use of internet like online tutorials or personally taking coaching in that subject. But when the question of keeping the attendance arises the students are helpless and need to compulsorily attend classes whether they gain something or no instead of using their time effectively.

So instead of putting compulsion on attendance, there should be more focus in building quality learning for students and improving the teaching level in colleges which doesn't force students to attend unwillingly but to make them develop interest towards the subject. Finally, learning shouldn't be a forced process but a gradual process where the students willingly feel interested towards the subject.

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Mini said: (Jan 3, 2018)  
No, the title itself emphasize that it is a COMPULSION, anything done without interest is just a waste of money, energy etc. Those who are really interested in pursuing knowledge will find it useful.

There is no use to compel people to sit for 8 hrs in a lecture hall or in the class room.

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Nikita Mahesh Shikhare said: (Jan 3, 2018)  
No, it's not necessary because our study has been completed in our home also if our understanding is clear so regular college is not needed.

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Shalini Tomar said: (Jan 1, 2018)  
In my point of view, compulsory attendance really needed in college, as student teacher interaction is very important, it cannot be replaced by online resources. Gaining knowledge from teachers is more time consuming than getting notes and preparing during the exam time.

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Shalini Tomar said: (Jan 1, 2018)  
In my opinion, attendance should be compulsory in college because most of the students think that studying one hour before the exams is enough to get pass but attending classes increases the knowledge, communication skills, we get plenty of examples of topics covered. Attending college is better than watching movies, playing games and continuously chatting with friends.

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Gauravi said: (Dec 28, 2017)  
No its all about what we gain the knowledge.

If we concentrate on lessons at least when we attend the college is actually enough for success. And me I'm a student like that who has got 493/500 and I have not attended the most classes. If you could compensate it. It's all up to you.

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Havj said: (Dec 24, 2017)  
Hi everyone,

According to me, compulsory attendance really need in college, I'm not accept this topic. Because college is used to improve our knowledge skills not at improve our attendance percentage. Nowadays maximum students are listening and watching the movies and studies in online. So they are expecting protected class but most of the college learn the subject with chalk piece and blackboard. So students are getting bored in class hour and doesn't give the attendance regularly. So first we are changing the teaching method and teaching with a smart class for an animation and graphics videos & lectures. This method is most interact to students and teachers.

Let's give me an example : we are consider about two students. First student has attending the class regularly and get good attendance percentage. Then second student has not attending the class regularly.

Then come to the point : the first student has a some struggle and fear, because he doesn't participate any competition and extra curricular activities. So he is not any experience about skills. Why I am say like this? If the student regularly attend the class, so he doesn't concentrate our skills.

But the lsecond student doesn't go to the college but he improve our knowledge as well as broken to the fearness. So attendance only see the college reports not our skills. It my opinion. So finally I'm say to coins has a two face one is a head and another one is a tail. At the same meaning for a attendance. Two types of students are there in our world. One student is give a attendance correctly and another student doesn't give a attendance that's difference. So it's depends upon our interest. It can't be change.

Thanks to all.

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Sunakshi said: (Dec 23, 2017)  
According to me, compulsory attendance is a must for students I know there are many things except studying but if there will be no compulsory att. I m sure nobody wants to go college. And this will affect students only because they will lack college experience, socializing as well as teacher-student interactions. And also we deposit fees for learning, no just to get degree from that college.

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Diksha said: (Dec 18, 2017)  
Attendance in classes has been considered as an integral part of college curriculum. Should attendance in classes be compulsory? In my humble opinion, it should not be.

1) There are many students who need to prepare for competitive exams like banking, SSC etc. along with their academic course. They need extra time to cope up with the two. In such a case, compulsory attendance becomes a fact to worry.

2) There are students who have a good command on basics and have the ability to study themselves, and to levels deeper than what are witnessed in classes. Such students may study even without a teacher.

3) In some colleges, teachers do not teach well; attending classes holds no special significance.

Thus, I feel that compulsory attendance is not needed in college level. Those who feel that they require external instruction must be allowed to take, while those who think they can do well by studying at home, should not be forced for regular attendance. Such students may be permitted to attend classes corresponding to a topic they did not understand at home. I feel that there must be such provisions.

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Doruu said: (Dec 14, 2017)  
Good morning all.

I just read your all opinions and you all are correct but according to me attendance is not compulsory because students attend the lectures and practicals for sake of attendance so they will not concentrate on studies or whatever the things going on. And sometime they has to gain knowledge from outside also from site and other things if attendance compulsory then they start ignoring that one and just attend the college as a option.

And sometime they bored by attending college whole day and then they want to break from it so they wish to celebrate and enjoy the life but then there comes attendance in between them so they get disturbed and came for college for attendance.

So at somewhere it has to stop so according to me compulsion of attendance has to stop.

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Rammyashrre said: (Dec 13, 2017)  
Yes, Attending classes is compulsory because coming to college and attending class is not only for learning it also enhance our communication skills. Interacting with friends and faculty makes us move freely with strangers. In this competitive world interacting with people is important.

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Jabija said: (Dec 12, 2017)  
I suppose compulsory attendance is not needed.

In my point of view, the attendance is not compulsory in colleges because everyone have their own talent which means someone talent in playing, talking, singing so they should have to spend more time for their interested area not lazy, if the attendance is a compulsory one then they are not able to spend time for his/her interested areas, but most of the students are think very proud to bunk classrooms.

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Saba said: (Nov 29, 2017)  
According to me, compulsory attendance really needed in college. It is due to attendance that many students come to college. Change is important. So when new student comes to college they explore many things, learn, think. They get a new environment. They get a chance to interact with new people, share their views, to work in groups and many more. If there were no compulsory attendances then students would not come to college regularly and they might miss a lot of things as mentioned above. So according to me, compulsory attendance really needed in college.

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Sai Prudhvi Raj said: (Nov 27, 2017)  
Hello everyone.

According to me, attendance is compulsory in colleges but it should be in favor of the students. Now in our country moreover the attendance limit is 75% it is satisfactory. No student is interested to come college regularly but many of students like me coming for attendance sake and we have to identify coming regularly to college will provide special bonding with friend and faculty which make one to share happiness and emotions with fellow friends it will make us to fell the college life in my point view attendance should be compulsory but limit should be within the student limits like 65%.

Thank you.

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Rakesh said: (Nov 16, 2017)  
I suppose compulsory attendance is not needed as students also have other stuffs to do apart from just studies.

It should be students' decision whether to attend classes or not. If students are interested in particular subject or field then they can attend and they should not be forced. Moreover boring lectures are the causes of bunking classes, so teachers should find proper ways to keep students interested and more practical classes should happen instead of boring theory classes.

And most important thing, knowledge should not be decided on the basis of attendance as I myself attend classes just to have required attendance to sit in exams and I can finish off complete course myself through internet and YouTube and obviously there are hell lot of study apps available who teaches us far better than our teachers do.

But instead of changing teaching style or making lectures interesting they induct surprise tests and class tests to make sure students attend classes regularly.

Hats off to our education system.

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Vinothkanna R said: (Nov 15, 2017)  
Hello everyone!

Attendance can be mandatory only to a certain. No one can give cent percent even if he think to give. This may happen due to health issues. If it is mandatory, people who are interested are not going to listen to the lecturer. They are not child to force them and teacher can't do. Even they do so, they start to act. If it is not made mandatory fully then students will become lazy. They won't learn punctuality and certain manner. So it should be mandatory only to a certain extent.

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Sidharth Das said: (Nov 12, 2017)  
I think attendance is not really needed in colleges. When a student is passing his/her major hours in the class attending lectures, it is better to utilize the time in developing the field of interest in which the student is interested in. Ya truly there should be a margin or limitations in that but it should be flexible till some boundaries.

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Sasikumar said: (Nov 9, 2017)  
Hi I am Sasikumar,

In my point of view the attendance is not compulsory in colleges because everyone have their own talent which means someone talent in playing, talking, singing so they should have to spend more time for their interested area not lazy, if the attendance is a compulsory one then they are not able to spend time for his/her interested areas, but most of the students are think very proud to bunk classrooms.

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Twinkle said: (Nov 8, 2017)  
NO! The reason behind my answer I will tell you because the students who are studying sincerely they also need to bunk some classes for their own work at the end it decreases the attendance of that person also ! And at last he/she compulsory need to attend that classes which they don't want to attend !

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Ravi Teja Sai said: (Nov 6, 2017)  
It depends on the student perspective. If student is eager to learn he will attend the class without fail no one can stop him, but if a student is not interested he will not come to class and he will not study on his own. In order to change those students attendance is really needed so that they will come to college. One day or the other some what interest will be created automatically.

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Parag said: (Nov 3, 2017)  
Hello everyone. !

According to me, Yes attendance is compulsory because if students not attend colleges daily than they become lazy. And they forget their powers to do something, this laziness results in failure.

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Vijay said: (Nov 2, 2017)  
Yes, The college should be provided attendance for students, mainly, The students should be come to the college regularly are not.

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Amit Niphadkar said: (Nov 1, 2017)  
I think attendance should be made compulsory but up to certain extent. The uninterested students attend only for the sake of attendance they disturb those students who are genuinely interested in attending lectures.

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Keeley said: (Nov 1, 2017)  
I believe compulsory attendance is not necessary for college students. The number one reason being that the students pay for the education. They should be given freedom on how they use the service (college) that they are paying for. Secondly, the idea that attendance is necessary for every class and for every student is narrow minded. Each student learns differently and has different experiences, so the way that one would go about making a good grade could be significantly different from another person.

In regards to a students learning preference, one student may gain more from reading and self study while another students learns from listening. For the one who learns from reading and self study, attending every class session could be a tremendous waste of time due to the fact that the student gains barely anything from listening to the teacher and will have to spend extra time outside of the class reading and studying the material. Other the other hand, the student who learns from listening just needs to show to class to learn. To them, attendance would be absolutely necessary.

On the matter of experience, one student may already he significantly experienced with the subject material, while another student has no experience. Each student must take the class. For the person who already knows the material, the only thing they need from the class is the grade which proves they know the material. They don't necessarily need the teacher's lectures or resources. On the other hand, the student with no experience will need to attend class.

My overall point is that how a student goes about receiving a good grade should be flexible enough to where the student can do well without wasting their time. If a student can make a great grade without attending a class, they should be allowed to miss.

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Ajay Jojare said: (Oct 31, 2017)  
Hi Friends.

As per my opinion attendance is required for increasing your knowledge regarding to the subject. If you attain the then you got many thinks that you never heard and you also Analyse ourself. If any Difficulties occurred during lecture you directly ask to teachers but difficulties occurred during self study then you waist lot of time to solve it.

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Anonymous said: (Oct 26, 2017)  
In my point of view, attendance should be made compulsory but up to a certain limit.

Obviously, the outside world looks fascinating and would tempt anyone to bunk the lectures and have fun around. Studying books sitting at home can never equate the overall development of a student that happens when he goes to college.

One gets to learn to respect the differences among people with different backgrounds, how to behave in a team, walk and talk, follow rules and regulations that one cannot expect to learn within a day when joins any corporate sector.

Bunking of college hinders the overall personality development and thus minimum criteria should be made mandatory.

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Arya said: (Oct 25, 2017)  

I think attendance should be compulsory because by attending the class daily student aware about the subject, the content of the subject. Student who do not attend the class daily even don't know what are the names of subjects in this semester. As a student, I experienced sometimes what happens, in the morning of our sessional day my classmates call me and ask " hi listen, tell me one thing which subject test is today?". Now we can estimate that what they will write in test paper. So I think attendance must be compulsory. By this the student who was not interested in studies at least they come to class and about the subject and the money spent by their parents on their study it will little worth.

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Rubal said: (Oct 24, 2017)  
I believe a better way to enforce this would be to keep criteria, like, students who have good academic performance relatively should be given the leverage from compulsory attendance. This would also motivate the students to perform well.

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Shivaang Rajput said: (Oct 21, 2017)  
Hi friends, I'm going to discuss '' Is compulsory attendance really needed in college?''.

Yes, I think it should be compulsory that attendance really needed in colleges. By doing so the students got some time To involved in the studies rather than wasting the same time in other unuseful activities. Also I think that A work should be done which literature Five us more satisfaction and bright future. As well As I want To say that compulsory attendance is not only the step but there should be some more thanks that can be done To enhance the curiosity of students in the respective studies.

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Puja said: (Oct 16, 2017)  
I think attendance is not needed many of the colleges does not have the rule to attend classes.

In India, many of the college does not provide standard teaching service to the students but make the attendance compulsory, rather than making attendance compulsory the college should more focus on the good teaching.

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Shan said: (Oct 16, 2017)  
Compulsory attendance really needed in college so I think it should be. Because by daily attendance we have learned different things related to the education as well as other activity. We can learn the punctuality, time management, discipline and so on. By the daily attendance we can easily focus on study and increase the educational skills as well as soft skills that play an important role in our life. We can maintain the daily routine of daily life and learn the leadership skills.

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P.Suresh said: (Oct 13, 2017)  
Hello everyone.

Attendance is not much important, but we need attendance to know who are interesting to learn educate daily as well as improve our Mindset day by day.

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Pavan said: (Oct 8, 2017)  

I think Attendance is not important our education has to remove this system because the people who ware interested they only come to CLG if we keep attendance system the uninterested people come they disturb entire class.

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Gopal said: (Oct 7, 2017)  
It is very important in every student life because attendance says the consistency of students regarding attend the classes and also help for provides any benefits by govt (i.e; fee reimbursement, scholarships etc,). From that view, attendance is compulsory needed in college.

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Alok Panday said: (Oct 6, 2017)  
Hi, everyone.

I would ask you "why do everyone go to college ?" for study or attendance.

It's also depends on a student what do you want to do, if they realize that attendance is compulsory for their study, they also join the class. Attendance is not loaded over student by college attendance is simply a record of presence in a class, it's not a certificate of your intelligence. You can not judge any one by their records. Everyone would join the class if the education system as well;.

Thank you.

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Mahesj said: (Oct 5, 2017)  

I think attendance is quite necessary for college. As if attendance is not considered in one's academics in college, then the individual always deviates to other peculiar activities which leads to severe damage to their life.

Yes, Education should be the first and foremost important thing in a student's life. To achieve this thing one should attend the classes daily.

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Krishna Vivek said: (Oct 3, 2017)  

I think attendance is quite necessary for college. As if attendance is not considered in one's academics in college, then the individual always deviates to other peculiar activities which leads to severe damage to their life.

But sometimes it should not be mandatory if one wants to achieve a particular goal in their life, then college people should give permission for those kinds of people.

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Sreedevi said: (Oct 3, 2017)  
Being a college student myself, even if I hate the concept of "Attendance", I still think it must be COMPULSORY. Because the majority of the students go to college due to this attendance. Even though we can still be against it by saying only those who wanted to really learn and those who realize the importance of their studies will come to college without being compelled, Even such students will lose their motivation and interest to come to college eventually.

And about the majority, at least they will learn some bits here and there if they attend the classes. Instead, if they start to bunk classes, they will completely go out of track. Thinking about the nation as a whole, the youth should be the lead on the right path, even if they don't feel like it.

And also classes could be made more interesting and interactive for the students, without causing them too much stress and mental pressure. This is the major reason students fail to attend college.

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Urm said: (Oct 2, 2017)  
No, The colleges who demand compulsory attendance must make the education status accordingly. If the classes are interesting. Than compulsion to attend classes is not required at all. And all students in colleges are adults. So they can take the decision whether to attend a class or not.

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Yash Mudaliar said: (Sep 24, 2017)  
I would say no, the colleges who demand regular attendance should firstly make their education status like that so that the students also gets interested to attend the classes regularly. I don't think that there is really a need of regular attendance if the student doesn't want, because the main goal should be the education. If the student is still performing up to the marks.

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Ameya said: (Sep 24, 2017)  
I think attendance should not be compulsory. It is just a waste of time if you attend the college just because of attendance.

If a student has a real interest in a subject, he will definitely attend.

No doubt it will increase the laziness if a student is sitting home, not doing anything. But for this making, an attendance compulsion is not a solution.

Those who want to prepare their study by sitting at home, attendance is a major factor which is wasting their time.

So I think attendance must not be mandatory.

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Sjn said: (Sep 23, 2017)  
Yes, Education should be the first and foremost important thing in a student's life. To achieve this thing one should attend the classes daily and a minimum percent attendance must be compulsory for all so as to ensure that a student doesn't bunk the classes. Students who don't attend the classes are either lazy to wake up early in the morning or are going to somewhere else instead of attending the classes. Laziness kills oneself. If a student concentrates in his/her classes then he/she wouldn't face any problem in understanding the concept of any subject. Moreover he can recollect very quickly when he/she is going though the notes.

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Moksh said: (Sep 17, 2017)  
@Shimail Qureshi.

I understood what you need to say but there is an option provided to students interested in sports and no compulsory attendance are made for them write a letter for same to your respective prof. Principal and let them know your intentions and on exams, their presence is required.

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Mahesh said: (Sep 17, 2017)  
Attendance should not be made compulsory in colleges. If students are interested in that subject they will attend. Also, our education system is not so good. Here we will study theoretical and practical aspects separately.

Instead of this system if we study theoretical and practical aspects of a subject we can get knowledge and students are interested in this thing.

Some students will attend classes because of the topic attendance it's no use if the student is present only physically but absent-minded. It is a waste of students time also lectures time. A Student can utilize that time for his interested field.

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Shivam Madhukar Sable said: (Sep 16, 2017)  
Hello, everyone.

I am Shivam Sable So firstly I will thank to you to give me platform how I will think about that, I will talk about positive side all are you know that "the man knows with his company".

So I think the compulsory attendance must be taken in the colleges all are you know that the college timing is not more than 7 hr, if we calculate the over all timing in day this are 24 hour if we (-)7 hour of college then that's is 17 hr, again we (-) 8hr as your sleep then there are extra 9 hr remain then what about that 9 hr your do any thing in that time, I am telling that because I am agree that must taken regularly attendance, student can regularly present he will not only 100 %grassfying but sometimes he will definitely graft, in their colleges other than study there are lots of activity are done such as, Seminar on competitive exam, how to face interview etc if student doesn't regular then he miss that chance to regain their self-confidence, how to interact with others. Compulsory attendance maintain self-confidence in student, professional life how interact with others, and main best things that updated knowledge, so that's why I am in fever of the compulsory attendance in college.

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Shimail Qureshi said: (Sep 14, 2017)  
Hello, everyone. I Shimail Qureshi.

According to me, attendance should not be compulsory because the time duration of any college in too long. And we are not able to do other things by our choice. Suppose if someone is the interesting sport they can not able to do practice. And regular attending college can be so boring. Because doing something by not your choice can be bored at some stage. I know if college do attendance mandatory then no one will come to attend classes. But forcing them to come is not good. If someone is really serious about their future they will definitely come and attend classes by their choice.

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Sarabjeet Kaur said: (Sep 10, 2017)  
As per opinion, attendance should be made compulsory because studies are not mattered of choices but one has to. I noticed everyone speaking in favor but can anyone tell losing interest in the study really act as a colorful picture of future or dark and gloomy picture with long lasting repercussions.

Yes, not attending college can act as a boon if you are indulged in doing something worthy.

Thank you.

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Piyush said: (Sep 8, 2017)  
According to me, attendance should mandatory in college. If the attendence is not made compulsory than 70-80% is the student will not attend the classes. They will just pass there time in sleeping, watching TV, playing mobile, movies etc. No knowledge would be gained by them. But the college should make sure that the classes should be more interactive. More practical knowledge should be given rather than theoretical. So that the student should not feel bored or stressed while attending lectures.

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Souvik Kumar Pal said: (Sep 7, 2017)  
Attendance is nothing but make a habit for the student that they come in the college almost everyday. It's not mandatory that students have to make a full attendance in college. It's just follow the rules and regulations for any institute.

Attendance should not be compulsory in any college. If any student get interest of teaching process of any subject then he automatically want to attend the class as much as possible to learn that subject. Students can't do any other thing apart from studies where he feel to interest due to forcefully come to college. They did't get enough time to spend in some his own choice-able area what he want to do if they have to spend a more boring time in college according to him.

Attendance need not to be made compulsory if the learning process of any institute be innovative by which a student can be attracted.

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Abhinay Singh said: (Aug 31, 2017)  
I do not want to have any attributes of the student, which is the actual talent that does not come in front of the person who does not want to be classed. Some other activists feel that they also have to sit in class while they do not feel like in class. The other class is also disturbed.

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Aditi said: (Aug 31, 2017)  
Hello everyone.

According to my point of view, compulsory attendance is a forced system where you force a student to attend college whether he/she want to attend or not.

If a person came just because of compulsory attendance then no mean of his attending the college because they are not mentally present there they are in college just for attendance.

It's true we are mature enough to make decisions what is right & what is wrong for us. In this case we need to understand the value of education not the concept of attendance.

Easy to call student with this typical keyword called " compulsory attendance " but my q is "are you sure that a person who attending the college for attendance means he is physically present in side the Class is he also present mentally inside the Class and grab knowledge? ".

I think no.

Better to create a system where attending college should be a student choice rather than a forced decision. Where students came for learning not just for attendance.

One more point I would like to highlight that it is observed that compulsory attendance create many problems in student life.

One of them is because of short attendance, students were not permitted for the final examination. In such type of case where compulsory attendance meant for good provide the wrong impact on student life.

So I just want to say rather than looking for attendance it good if we attend class with our choose and priority.


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Kavya said: (Aug 27, 2017)  
Hello everyone, according to my perspective, compulsory attendance is needed in colleges because although college students are matured enough to take decisions on their own they are not matured to properly decide what is right and what is wrong with them. If attendance is not made compulsory then most of them will tend to lose their attention towards studies and may indulge in some other activities and may spoil their career by themselves. So making attendance compulsory may help in avoiding this problem. However, for the one with perseverance, goal oriented, the one who has already decided about his future, the one who knows about his/her parent's sacrifices made to send them to college will not deviate from studies and all other factors will not matter them.

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Priya said: (Aug 26, 2017)  
No, I don't think that attendance should be compulsory in a college because students are mature enough to understand what is good for them and what is not. If they are not interested in the subject then we can't force them as they will just come into the class but will not study. At the same time, they are wasting their time which can be had been utilized somewhere else. Also, it is the responsibility of the teachers to make class interesting so that students come to class themselves without any compulsion.

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Pratiksha Datir said: (Aug 25, 2017)  
I think attendance should be mandatory in college but there will be one condition that college must have to provide teachers staff with great experience and lots of knowledge so that it is helpful for students. And teachers have to take more practicals and teach each and every thing more practically so that it helps to develop the analytical skills of students. Also, teachers should be made their lectures interactive so that students do not get bored. Attendance is mandatory because all students are not always present in college and wasting their parent's money. This misbehavior harms their future.

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Adrash said: (Aug 25, 2017)  
Hi, sir, today topic is compulsory attendance really needed in college.

According to me, compulsory attendance is not required because in foreign developed countries are focusing on projects and assignment. Which is need of the student development, Our countries colleges are focusing on compulsory attendance which is not helpful for full development in our country many.

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Akash said: (Aug 24, 2017)  
According to me, attendance should be made compulsory in college but it should be done only in one condition that college can provide enough good and experienced teachers for teaching, It should be the case that teachers are just coming for formality. Why students would come if the teachers are not good enough to teach, even you made attendance then, what's the point of making it a compulsion college do not have enough teachers and resources.

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Rafael Nadal said: (Aug 24, 2017)  
In My point of view, compulsory attendance is not required. In foreign countries, importance is given on projects and assignments. But in India people give more importance to attendance than learning. They also put a huge amount of fine for not having proper attendance. In my point of view, attendance is a burden on students and many use it as a money making business.

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Sangam Rathaur said: (Aug 23, 2017)  
According to me, attendance should not compulsory in colleges. If the subject you are teaching a subject is of my interest, of course, I will attend the lecture. But if I am not interested in whatever you are teaching then obviously I would not concentrate, then what is the purpose of attending that lecture.

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Arham said: (Aug 22, 2017)  

Compulsory attendance is definitely needed because of this an awarenesses is created through the hearts of students the actual thing is it's about an interest of the student in a particular subject which makes them to attend the class and also in another hand they will get attendance this all about student interest makes them to attend thank you.

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Akira said: (Aug 19, 2017)  
If the teachers in engineering colleges are good then the students would attend college happily. But since the teachers themselves are not competent enough, they don't teach well or make the subject interesting, why would a student want to attend college even. The subjects are so interesting isn't it the duty of the teacher too to make their subject interesting. It is not the fault of only the students for not attending.

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Gowthaman said: (Aug 16, 2017)  
According to me, compulsory attendance is important because it makes a student to get familiar with the subjects and also he may get various matters that are talked in class. Sometimes he may get ideas from his fellow classmates or professors about his future career.

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Nikhil said: (Aug 14, 2017)  
Hello friends,

According to me, attendance should not be compulsory in colleges & why it's so because there are many subjects which are less interesting to study by students; so forcing to be in class for that uninteresting subject leads to unfocus on your interesting subjects.

And may stop from achieving your future goal.

So I leave you with a thought "heard from all but do what you think!".

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Saurav Kumar said: (Aug 12, 2017)  
Yes, Attendance should be made compulsory in college because if attendance is not taken in the class, there are so many students would not attend class regularly and it directly affects on the student's studies. For attending class there are lot of stuffs to learn as time management, discipline, punctuality, skill development, listening and speaking power. Most of the collegiate students prefer to sit back in the hostel instead of going in the classroom because they believe in own self studies and class is not too much interesting according to them means teachers are not able to teach everything in simple way sometimes class becomes too boring for students. And it is one of the main reason not to attend the class. Sometimes professor comes for formality to taking attendance and nothing to teach. Their only motive to attend class anyhow. According to me I think if professors are too much good and interesting in teaching why students wouldn't not attend the class. At last I only want to say that if you made attendance is compulsory you should have to recruit better professor in every field if it happens there is no any issue about the attendance.

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Akash said: (Aug 7, 2017)  

By my point of view, attendance should be maintained, but it should be up to the mark, not force full declaration to the students must attend class without their interest, As I wish if lecturer is at interesting way of teaching the student to sit then it makes some meaning, otherwise with bored teaching leads to student thinks others, simply time wasting and get demotivate on that subject.

For sake of know little bit of computational world, leadership and knowledge about their subject he/she should maintain minimum attendance.

Over view, the thinking capacity of person will increase be learned through by some tutorials, and by own, it makes to think and innovate something new to the world.

Thank you.

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Krishna Kumar said: (Aug 4, 2017)  
Hi guys,

I think it is not required. If students are not interested to sit in the class, then attending the classes for the sake of attendance that doesn't make sense. Before this, the lecturers should understand the psychology of the students whether they are interested or not. Because different students have a different perception. Some students like self-study, some students like group study, some students like to sit in the class and hear the voice of lecturers.

In private colleges, they make compulsory attendance. If students are not attended the classes at the time of examination, they will charge a penalty to sit in the exam.

Finally, every student does have some skills but they have to find it, then only they can reach their goal.

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Chandradeep Anand said: (Aug 3, 2017)  
Hi everyone,

This is Chandradeep.

According to me, compulsory attendance is needed in college because college is an institution which has some disciplines and attendance is one of them. Mainly the attendance is being done for the purpose of checking whether the student is on time (i.e present) or not and to start lectures without interruption.

If the attendance process will not be there then the student will be a bit casual towards their study, it will also be difficult for any institution to manage and to direct the whole organization in a direction.

At the end, I would like to share a quote "Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment" i.e. by following some simple discipline like taking attendance, being on time etc will help to reach the goal.

Thank You.

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Sandy said: (Aug 2, 2017)  
Yes, it is important in student life. With out attendance, the students cannot come to the college properly And they cannot learn. When the students come to the college they learn something about the subjects or current affairs.

I read that students are interested the lecturer class then they were sitting in a class room otherwise they went outside.

It is not like a movie if you interest sits in hall otherwise go outside.

This classroom is students future.

After completion of the study, we cannot sit in the classroom.

So from my point view attendance is very important it decides the attitude & the character of the student.

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Arun Kumar said: (Jul 27, 2017)  
I think No, Because if any student interested in any teacher lecture then he automatically attend his lecture, there is no need to force for attend the lecture, and if any student doesn't able to understand any teacher lecture then he can read its content from other places like as from video lecture, and he/she refer any book for this, why he wastes his time in lecture when he/she not able to understand teacher lecture, and there is another thing if attendance became compulsory then student will not give the attention in other activity and I think which is compulsory for everyone because after college everyone meets to industries where they will work, and if they busy only in the theory classes during their college life then they feel boring in industries life.

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Ruchika Agarwal said: (Jul 26, 2017)  
According to me, physical presence will not work. At this stage of life, students are mature enough to take decision to go or not to go collage. At the time of Orientation that should clear the whole scenario.

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Gaurav Singh said: (Jul 26, 2017)  
Hello, friend, this is Gaurav.

According to me, regular attendance should be compulsory in colleges because any student goes to class daily then he can understand every subject in the class and gets good marks in the exam and after finishing the college everyone will apply for the corporate job where check our talent and regularity.

Thank you.

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Is compulsory attendance really needed in college?

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