Is compulsory attendance really needed in college?

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Sjn said: (Sep 23, 2017)  
Yes, Education should be the first and foremost important thing in a student's life. To achieve this thing one should attend the classes daily and a minimum percent attendance must be compulsory for all so as to ensure that a student doesn't bunk the classes. Students who don't attend the classes are either lazy to wake up early in the morning or are going to somewhere else instead of attending the classes. Laziness kills oneself. If a student concentrates in his/her classes then he/she wouldn't face any problem in understanding the concept of any subject. Moreover he can recollect very quickly when he/she is going though the notes.

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Moksh said: (Sep 17, 2017)  
@Shimail Qureshi.

I understood what you need to say but there is an option provided to students interested in sports and no compulsory attendance are made for them write a letter for same to your respective prof. Principal and let them know your intentions and on exams, their presence is required.

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Mahesh said: (Sep 17, 2017)  
Attendance should not be made compulsory in colleges. If students are interested in that subject they will attend. Also, our education system is not so good. Here we will study theoretical and practical aspects separately.

Instead of this system if we study theoretical and practical aspects of a subject we can get knowledge and students are interested in this thing.

Some students will attend classes because of the topic attendance it's no use if the student is present only physically but absent-minded. It is a waste of students time also lectures time. A Student can utilize that time for his interested field.

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Shivam Madhukar Sable said: (Sep 16, 2017)  
Hello, everyone.

I am Shivam Sable So firstly I will thank to you to give me platform how I will think about that, I will talk about positive side all are you know that "the man knows with his company".

So I think the compulsory attendance must be taken in the colleges all are you know that the college timing is not more than 7 hr, if we calculate the over all timing in day this are 24 hour if we (-)7 hour of college then that's is 17 hr, again we (-) 8hr as your sleep then there are extra 9 hr remain then what about that 9 hr your do any thing in that time, I am telling that because I am agree that must taken regularly attendance, student can regularly present he will not only 100 %grassfying but sometimes he will definitely graft, in their colleges other than study there are lots of activity are done such as, Seminar on competitive exam, how to face interview etc if student doesn't regular then he miss that chance to regain their self-confidence, how to interact with others. Compulsory attendance maintain self-confidence in student, professional life how interact with others, and main best things that updated knowledge, so that's why I am in fever of the compulsory attendance in college.

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Shimail Qureshi said: (Sep 14, 2017)  
Hello, everyone. I Shimail Qureshi.

According to me, attendance should not be compulsory because the time duration of any college in too long. And we are not able to do other things by our choice. Suppose if someone is the interesting sport they can not able to do practice. And regular attending college can be so boring. Because doing something by not your choice can be bored at some stage. I know if college do attendance mandatory then no one will come to attend classes. But forcing them to come is not good. If someone is really serious about their future they will definitely come and attend classes by their choice.

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Sarabjeet Kaur said: (Sep 10, 2017)  
As per opinion, attendance should be made compulsory because studies are not mattered of choices but one has to. I noticed everyone speaking in favor but can anyone tell losing interest in the study really act as a colorful picture of future or dark and gloomy picture with long lasting repercussions.

Yes, not attending college can act as a boon if you are indulged in doing something worthy.

Thank you.

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Piyush said: (Sep 8, 2017)  
According to me, attendance should mandatory in college. If the attendence is not made compulsory than 70-80% is the student will not attend the classes. They will just pass there time in sleeping, watching TV, playing mobile, movies etc. No knowledge would be gained by them. But the college should make sure that the classes should be more interactive. More practical knowledge should be given rather than theoretical. So that the student should not feel bored or stressed while attending lectures.

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Souvik Kumar Pal said: (Sep 7, 2017)  
Attendance is nothing but make a habit for the student that they come in the college almost everyday. It's not mandatory that students have to make a full attendance in college. It's just follow the rules and regulations for any institute.

Attendance should not be compulsory in any college. If any student get interest of teaching process of any subject then he automatically want to attend the class as much as possible to learn that subject. Students can't do any other thing apart from studies where he feel to interest due to forcefully come to college. They did't get enough time to spend in some his own choice-able area what he want to do if they have to spend a more boring time in college according to him.

Attendance need not to be made compulsory if the learning process of any institute be innovative by which a student can be attracted.

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Abhinay Singh said: (Aug 31, 2017)  
I do not want to have any attributes of the student, which is the actual talent that does not come in front of the person who does not want to be classed. Some other activists feel that they also have to sit in class while they do not feel like in class. The other class is also disturbed.

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Aditi said: (Aug 31, 2017)  
Hello everyone.

According to my point of view, compulsory attendance is a forced system where you force a student to attend college whether he/she want to attend or not.

If a person came just because of compulsory attendance then no mean of his attending the college because they are not mentally present there they are in college just for attendance.

It's true we are mature enough to make decisions what is right & what is wrong for us. In this case we need to understand the value of education not the concept of attendance.

Easy to call student with this typical keyword called " compulsory attendance " but my q is "are you sure that a person who attending the college for attendance means he is physically present in side the Class is he also present mentally inside the Class and grab knowledge? ".

I think no.

Better to create a system where attending college should be a student choice rather than a forced decision. Where students came for learning not just for attendance.

One more point I would like to highlight that it is observed that compulsory attendance create many problems in student life.

One of them is because of short attendance, students were not permitted for the final examination. In such type of case where compulsory attendance meant for good provide the wrong impact on student life.

So I just want to say rather than looking for attendance it good if we attend class with our choose and priority.


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Kavya said: (Aug 27, 2017)  
Hello everyone, according to my perspective, compulsory attendance is needed in colleges because although college students are matured enough to take decisions on their own they are not matured to properly decide what is right and what is wrong with them. If attendance is not made compulsory then most of them will tend to lose their attention towards studies and may indulge in some other activities and may spoil their career by themselves. So making attendance compulsory may help in avoiding this problem. However, for the one with perseverance, goal oriented, the one who has already decided about his future, the one who knows about his/her parent's sacrifices made to send them to college will not deviate from studies and all other factors will not matter them.

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Priya said: (Aug 26, 2017)  
No, I don't think that attendance should be compulsory in a college because students are mature enough to understand what is good for them and what is not. If they are not interested in the subject then we can't force them as they will just come into the class but will not study. At the same time, they are wasting their time which can be had been utilized somewhere else. Also, it is the responsibility of the teachers to make class interesting so that students come to class themselves without any compulsion.

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Pratiksha Datir said: (Aug 25, 2017)  
I think attendance should be mandatory in college but there will be one condition that college must have to provide teachers staff with great experience and lots of knowledge so that it is helpful for students. And teachers have to take more practicals and teach each and every thing more practically so that it helps to develop the analytical skills of students. Also, teachers should be made their lectures interactive so that students do not get bored. Attendance is mandatory because all students are not always present in college and wasting their parent's money. This misbehavior harms their future.

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Adrash said: (Aug 25, 2017)  
Hi, sir, today topic is compulsory attendance really needed in college.

According to me, compulsory attendance is not required because in foreign developed countries are focusing on projects and assignment. Which is need of the student development, Our countries colleges are focusing on compulsory attendance which is not helpful for full development in our country many.

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Akash said: (Aug 24, 2017)  
According to me, attendance should be made compulsory in college but it should be done only in one condition that college can provide enough good and experienced teachers for teaching, It should be the case that teachers are just coming for formality. Why students would come if the teachers are not good enough to teach, even you made attendance then, what's the point of making it a compulsion college do not have enough teachers and resources.

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Rafael Nadal said: (Aug 24, 2017)  
In My point of view, compulsory attendance is not required. In foreign countries, importance is given on projects and assignments. But in India people give more importance to attendance than learning. They also put a huge amount of fine for not having proper attendance. In my point of view, attendance is a burden on students and many use it as a money making business.

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Sangam Rathaur said: (Aug 23, 2017)  
According to me, attendance should not compulsory in colleges. If the subject you are teaching a subject is of my interest, of course, I will attend the lecture. But if I am not interested in whatever you are teaching then obviously I would not concentrate, then what is the purpose of attending that lecture.

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Arham said: (Aug 22, 2017)  

Compulsory attendance is definitely needed because of this an awarenesses is created through the hearts of students the actual thing is it's about an interest of the student in a particular subject which makes them to attend the class and also in another hand they will get attendance this all about student interest makes them to attend thank you.

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Akira said: (Aug 19, 2017)  
If the teachers in engineering colleges are good then the students would attend college happily. But since the teachers themselves are not competent enough, they don't teach well or make the subject interesting, why would a student want to attend college even. The subjects are so interesting isn't it the duty of the teacher too to make their subject interesting. It is not the fault of only the students for not attending.

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Gowthaman said: (Aug 16, 2017)  
According to me, compulsory attendance is important because it makes a student to get familiar with the subjects and also he may get various matters that are talked in class. Sometimes he may get ideas from his fellow classmates or professors about his future career.

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Nikhil said: (Aug 14, 2017)  
Hello friends,

According to me, attendance should not be compulsory in colleges & why it's so because there are many subjects which are less interesting to study by students; so forcing to be in class for that uninteresting subject leads to unfocus on your interesting subjects.

And may stop from achieving your future goal.

So I leave you with a thought "heard from all but do what you think!".

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Saurav Kumar said: (Aug 12, 2017)  
Yes, Attendance should be made compulsory in college because if attendance is not taken in the class, there are so many students would not attend class regularly and it directly affects on the student's studies. For attending class there are lot of stuffs to learn as time management, discipline, punctuality, skill development, listening and speaking power. Most of the collegiate students prefer to sit back in the hostel instead of going in the classroom because they believe in own self studies and class is not too much interesting according to them means teachers are not able to teach everything in simple way sometimes class becomes too boring for students. And it is one of the main reason not to attend the class. Sometimes professor comes for formality to taking attendance and nothing to teach. Their only motive to attend class anyhow. According to me I think if professors are too much good and interesting in teaching why students wouldn't not attend the class. At last I only want to say that if you made attendance is compulsory you should have to recruit better professor in every field if it happens there is no any issue about the attendance.

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Akash said: (Aug 7, 2017)  

By my point of view, attendance should be maintained, but it should be up to the mark, not force full declaration to the students must attend class without their interest, As I wish if lecturer is at interesting way of teaching the student to sit then it makes some meaning, otherwise with bored teaching leads to student thinks others, simply time wasting and get demotivate on that subject.

For sake of know little bit of computational world, leadership and knowledge about their subject he/she should maintain minimum attendance.

Over view, the thinking capacity of person will increase be learned through by some tutorials, and by own, it makes to think and innovate something new to the world.

Thank you.

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Krishna Kumar said: (Aug 4, 2017)  
Hi guys,

I think it is not required. If students are not interested to sit in the class, then attending the classes for the sake of attendance that doesn't make sense. Before this, the lecturers should understand the psychology of the students whether they are interested or not. Because different students have a different perception. Some students like self-study, some students like group study, some students like to sit in the class and hear the voice of lecturers.

In private colleges, they make compulsory attendance. If students are not attended the classes at the time of examination, they will charge a penalty to sit in the exam.

Finally, every student does have some skills but they have to find it, then only they can reach their goal.

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Chandradeep Anand said: (Aug 3, 2017)  
Hi everyone,

This is Chandradeep.

According to me, compulsory attendance is needed in college because college is an institution which has some disciplines and attendance is one of them. Mainly the attendance is being done for the purpose of checking whether the student is on time (i.e present) or not and to start lectures without interruption.

If the attendance process will not be there then the student will be a bit casual towards their study, it will also be difficult for any institution to manage and to direct the whole organization in a direction.

At the end, I would like to share a quote "Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment" i.e. by following some simple discipline like taking attendance, being on time etc will help to reach the goal.

Thank You.

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Sandy said: (Aug 2, 2017)  
Yes, it is important in student life. With out attendance, the students cannot come to the college properly And they cannot learn. When the students come to the college they learn something about the subjects or current affairs.

I read that students are interested the lecturer class then they were sitting in a class room otherwise they went outside.

It is not like a movie if you interest sits in hall otherwise go outside.

This classroom is students future.

After completion of the study, we cannot sit in the classroom.

So from my point view attendance is very important it decides the attitude & the character of the student.

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Arun Kumar said: (Jul 27, 2017)  
I think No, Because if any student interested in any teacher lecture then he automatically attend his lecture, there is no need to force for attend the lecture, and if any student doesn't able to understand any teacher lecture then he can read its content from other places like as from video lecture, and he/she refer any book for this, why he wastes his time in lecture when he/she not able to understand teacher lecture, and there is another thing if attendance became compulsory then student will not give the attention in other activity and I think which is compulsory for everyone because after college everyone meets to industries where they will work, and if they busy only in the theory classes during their college life then they feel boring in industries life.

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Ruchika Agarwal said: (Jul 26, 2017)  
According to me, physical presence will not work. At this stage of life, students are mature enough to take decision to go or not to go collage. At the time of Orientation that should clear the whole scenario.

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Gaurav Singh said: (Jul 26, 2017)  
Hello, friend, this is Gaurav.

According to me, regular attendance should be compulsory in colleges because any student goes to class daily then he can understand every subject in the class and gets good marks in the exam and after finishing the college everyone will apply for the corporate job where check our talent and regularity.

Thank you.

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Shamshed Vali said: (Jul 22, 2017)  
Hello friends, this is Vali.

Well according to my point of view, the regular attendance is necessary to maintain for every student in their college life because as college is not only a place just to get a degree but it also a place where every student will be trained in all aspects. Generally after completion of their graduation most of them recruited in corporate world where attitude and discipline plays a vital role and they have to habituate to that corporate world this will only possible if the student is regular to class where they will trained on this aspects too.

As we know that technology has developed a lot by which we can easily study from anywhere by online tutorials but it takes more time to you if you get any doubt in that video on the other hand if you are in class room your doubts will be cleared easily by discussing with your friends and lecturers.

So that I conclude that regular attendance should be needed to everyone in his college life.

Thank you.

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A.Aggarwal said: (Jul 22, 2017)  
Yes, compulsory attendance really needed not only school but colleges also there are many facts as below.

1. To place in good company because most of the company required above 80% attendance because it shows punctuality.
2. Regular attendance improves over confidence level in the class.
3. Through it, we can know about the punctuality of the teacher.
4. Through it, we can judge about over classmate.
5. Through it, we can learn cooperation leadership team work which is very important for a student.

At last but not least regular attendance is very important in colleges.


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D Sathish Reddy said: (Jul 20, 2017)  
Hi friends.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity.

Maintaining attendance in the colleges are considered to be some cases it will give Good results. And some cases it will give Bad results.

First, we will discuss the importance of the positive results. If you are regular to the classes it will give the confidence levels is generated and the thinking capacity increases, it is the easy way of reaching success.

Some of the demerits are also included in the maintaining of compulsory attendance not possible in daily life because all the students have not come with the same background. If they are also leading their family in similar of continuation of their studies is maintaining of attendance is not possible.

These are the basic good and bad results in the maintaining of attendance in colleges.

Thank you

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Ram Kishore Singh said: (Jul 20, 2017)  
Yes, I agree with compulsory attendance really needed in college. In my point of view if anyone attends the lecture of that basic subject and this basic concept gets clear. Attendance is very must because we got a regularity and discipline characters that we do not have so much. After college life, everyone has to go for recruitment in various companies. There, they have to show our talents and there must be required discipline and punctuality. If in college if a lecture is going in a good manner then we have to attend in very conscious manner. Every one have to appear for the competitive exam and various government Jobs. Only we clear that exam when we have to command on that particular subject. So in my point of view attendance is very really needed in college.

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Deepak said: (Jul 14, 2017)  
If I say yes, then lectures should be intersting.

So, that one can enjoy the learning process.

But if not them I think attendance should not be compulsary in colleges.

Because it will be boredom.

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Preeti Pragyan Mohanty said: (Jul 13, 2017)  
No, in my opinion, compulsory attendance is not needed in college. If a student finds the lectures interesting, he will automatically come to the class for lectures. If a student doesn't find the lecture interesting, then there is no need of wasting the time. He/she can read and understand those subjects better from the video tutorials. Also, sitting in the class and not understanding anything doesn't make sense. Rather the student must explore and develop himself and his knowledge by learning new things. And for these things, everyone needs time. A student should explore in which he is the best and live his life rather than being forced to attend classes because of attendance. Moreover, lectures should be uploaded to the web so that the students can review the lectures whenever they want, also during exams as in IIT's. Getting good marks is only not enough, there should be overall development of someone too.

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Kapil said: (Jul 11, 2017)  
Yes, I agree with this statement. If there would be no attendance issue many of the students would rarely come to class or could be absent during whole semester. Due to this lazy peoples will surely spoil their life by just sleeping in their rooms. If they attend class even if the professor is not teaching well but somehow they will come to know that what to study and learn so that in the exam time they would not face any difficulties.

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Teju said: (Jul 11, 2017)  
Yes, attendance must be needed. Because if attendance is not taken into consideration, students take it as an advantage. Only interested students will attend the classes. Most of the students attend the classes for attendance. Students mentality should be in such a way that if he miss a class, he is going to miss something so important lecture. So, it's a teacher responsibility to give their lectures in an interesting way, so that every student attend the classes with great interest, concentration. So, teacher's must Interact with the students to induce curiosity, motivate, and provoke thinking, imagination and application of the concept taught.

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Mansi P said: (Jul 10, 2017)  

In my opinion, a certain minimum criteria for attendance is a must. Being realistic, we cannot assume that all students will make optimum use of their time if attendance isn't compulsory.
Even 50% attendance will ensure that the students remain aware of the syllabus and get a rough understanding of the subject. At the same time, the quality of education needs to be maintained specially if a minimum percentage criteria is being imposed on the students.

After all, a college is like a temple. But not the kind of temple that students should enter only during their exam season expecting a miracle.

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Uttara Deb said: (Jul 9, 2017)  
Hello. For me, attendants should not be made compulsory in schools or colleges cause being educated is a self-choice. Education can not be entrusted. Many students find it easier and more helpful studying at home rather than attending classes. There is a good penetration of distance education in western countries and those people also thrive in their lives. If a student attends class regularly and not doing the homework then the very purpose is not solved. Moreover, govt needs to understand why students find lectures monotonous and bunk the classes. Even many a time even students attend classes they are not properly attentive. Studies should be made interactive and more participatory rather than one-way lectures so that instead of making attendants compulsory students themselves will attend the classes for their own interest. Thank you.

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Rajasekaran said: (Jul 8, 2017)  
There is a need attendance in college. We are learning more knowledge in short time. We are learning more ideas and more questions are arising from college days or life days.

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Anu said: (Jul 8, 2017)  
According to my point of view, Complete attendance is necessary for college. It is a good habit to attend our classes regularly. Students taking leave on prior reason are accepted. But taking leave for unnecessary reason is not permitted. This kind of activities of not attending college makes the student lazy. And the student also follows this kind of activities on the job also. Parents worked hard to pay our college fees. So students must attend the classes and read their lessons regularly. If students miss their classes they might not get any interest in studies and also it results in a lack of concentration. So parents must guide their children in a proper way. And also they must see to that children studies must not affect in anyways. Because education is most important to everyone. Thank you.

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Jay Mistry said: (Jul 6, 2017)  
I totally agree with attendance because due to the same student will get the exact idea about subjective knowledge.

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Mohit Aneja said: (Jul 5, 2017)  
I don't think there is a need for compulsory attendance. It is just the case that most of the students happen to dislike the courses of their field just because of some earlier compulsion, which was from their parents or their society. Most students take up streams according to the marks which they score in their board exams, with most of the toppers opting for medical and engineering. I think there would be no longer need of compulsory attendance once every student takes up the field of his/her interest.

Moreover, compulsory attendance sometimes leads to the death of creativity, according to me. The lectures are ought to be listened to with full attention, jotting down the important points. This, in turn, promotes rote learning as students who have already spent so much time on the subject in the lecture halls prefers to mug up the things on the notes during the examinations rather than going through the text, which again, would be time-consuming.

Furthermore, studying the subject on their own would lead to increase in the number of group discussions among the students themselves because the students would seek help from their peers to clear their doubts.

If at all the student happens to waste his time when he was supposed to be learning the subject, he would ultimately perform poor in his exam. At least, he would be sure enough that the poor marks were due to his negligence and not because the teacher could not make him understand the subject.

If this no-compulsory-attendance system is to work, there need to be certain changes in the current system. First and the most important, transparency in the course structure and syllabus. Teachers or the institution should state clearly, beforehand, the syllabus to be covered for the subject. This would decrease the dependency of students on the lecture notes. Secondly, there should be a doubt clearing portal wherein the teacher is available for clearing the doubts which the students are not able to clear even after discussing among themselves. Lastly, the students and teachers need to change their mind that the subject matter can only be learned or taught through spoon feeding. All this would lead to an effective education system in a country.


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Shreenath Bhosale said: (Jul 3, 2017)  
I think there is no need of compulsory attendence in college. It is because now we are studying such a things which used in industry 20 years ago and there is a college for all about 9 hours of a day. Means we are actually wasted 9 hours of a day in studying those things which are not in existence. Due to this attendence we all are not able to learn new things, new technologies and we indirectly lagging in competition. We are putting more efforts to learn all outdated technology and studies hard to be topper in class but it is really not useful. In IIT, BITS PILLANI there is no compulsion of attendence and because of this reason only they are able to crack interviews of google, microsoft company. It is because company needs candidates who know about existing and widely used technology. So to learn all this existing and widely used technology we need extra time because our syllabus doesn't contain existing and widely technology. Thus we need some more time to learn all those thing and to be expert in those. It makes easier way for us to sustain in a competition.

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Shivani said: (Jun 23, 2017)  
In my opinion, a minimum amount of attendance is necessary to make the students aware of the syllabus and knowledge about the subjects. But our educational system should include such courses which will influence the students not only academically, but also creatively and morally.

The courses should be made more interactive and which will create an urge among the students to attend college regularly. The role of teachers plays a major role in shaping the overall development of students. The amount of attendance in colleges should be reduced to 50% instead of keeping it 75% and above. Out of 100%, 45-50% attendance should be made necessary to cover up the required syllabus, 25% should be given to students to make use of good opportunities in the real world so that they get used to the professional world before actually entering it. And the rest 25 % should be given to students for self-study and relaxation.

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Anamika said: (Jun 21, 2017)  
Hello, everyone.

According to me. Compulsory attendance is needed and viable for schools only. Compulsory attendance in college doesn't make any sense to me. Even in my college and many other colleges compulsory attendance was there. But less was strictly it was being followed. And in other colleges, it was being found that some students going for private tuitions of their class teachers were awarded attendance which was undue and the others not going to their tuitions had to suffer. And if their attendance is below the required attendance, they had to pay money to get their attendance increased. The students fro rich families can do so. But what about the poor ones? However, in schools, they were debarred from sitting in the exams, which doesn't happen in most of the colleges. So what I think of an attendance system in colleges are that it is totally a money making a concept. Thank you.

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Deenbandhu said: (Jun 17, 2017)  
Attendance in college should be compulsory but upto a moderate level that do not cause harm to creative student and studious student. Because compulsory attendance help in to be punctual and discipline. Focus is the main reason and source of success. So maintain focus on study, compulsory attendance is required but there should be room for other voluntary activities that student want to pursue to develop their acedamic and personal skills.

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Shashi said: (Jun 17, 2017)  
Definately NO.

Insted of making attendence compulsory collage should try to improve quality of education they providing so that student will automatically attend the lectures without any compulsion.

Also some students are trying to do some new experiments in other fields also such as business so if clg is compulsory they will not get time for that.

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Dev said: (Jun 15, 2017)  
Compulsory attendence means we are forcing student to come college. If college have capable to provide to better education & other co-curricular activity then undoubtedly students will come college because some student think college is wastage of time and some have different goal & to achieve it they need time and after college they don't have enough time to fullfill it some so instead of mandatory we can decide minimum attendence.

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San said: (Jun 9, 2017)  
Compulsory attendance is not really needed in college, but minimum attendance is necessary (65% as set by our college). Because at least one can have a brief idea of what the subjects are and what is the current topic being taught in the class and also an idea of how many topics he has missed. This way the student can at least plan which are the subjects that he/she should start reading early and which are the ones, the student thinks he can complete just one or two weeks before semester exam (at least if the student doesn't want any backlogs in those subjects). Attending the classes on time also teaches us how to be punctual, which is necessary. Because in future no matter where we work, whatever may the job, being punctual will be a plus point for us. Now the rest of the time while the student isn't studying or attending his regular classes that time can be given to the societies that he has joined or in doing something productive that will help him to achieve his goals in life. In this way he can at least maintain a decent CGPA, to sit for campus placement so that at least he can have a job to fall back upon if things don't work out according to his plans. Time management is necessary if you want to achieve something in life. But in the end I also want to add that whatever I have written is not to be related to those who waste their time by smoking weed and getting high all the time and just lying on their bed in hostel rooms just like drunkards and drug addicts, because for them neither attendance nor studies or even their goals in life (if they do have any!) matter as much as getting high or getting drunk.

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Smruti said: (Jun 5, 2017)  
I think compulsory attendance is needed in every college. But it should not be high. It should be minimum 50-55% because students may not like every lecture and they may need time for self-preparation for different examinations. But minimum attendance requirement should be their in every college otherwise if the student doesn't attend the class at all then he should better do a correspondence course. Also, the lecturers should teach in such a way that the students will be interested in attending the classes, they should not be forced to attend the class. And also if the student is self-disciplined and punctual than he will automatically attend the class and the students who are not interested will find different reasons not to attend the class. So that's why the attendance requirement should be minimum so that students will at least know what is going on in the college.

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Mirza Naved said: (Jun 5, 2017)  
I don't think it's necessary. I have really experienced it in my life if we go to the college they take our precious time from 8 to 9 hours and if attendance made compulsory then we have given our precious time to them, nowadays people today in education system is really uneducated and make system for us they really don't know what is good for us and what not. They can just think up to how much they have thinking power so I must say students should not be bounded by such rules and regulation. We should be given freedom of our time.

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Tinkoo Bansal said: (Jun 2, 2017)  
Hi, friends.

Nowadays in govt engineering colleges, 75% attendance is compulsory but in my opinion, this restriction should be relaxed because in lectures neither some lecturers nor some students are so interested to study. I think if any student is really curious and serious about his studies then, if bar is there or not, he will attend the class to learn and that is meaningful learning instead of that when student becomes last benchers and makes it sometimes difficult for curious or serious students to study by making noise or other types of disturbances.

Things don't end here some students bunk their classes and make pressure on regularly class attending students to their proxy which is directly making fun of rules and regulations and this makes them more confident to break rules further in their life.

So, on conclusion I want to say that restriction on attendance should be lowered to 50-60% instead of 75%.

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Adi said: (May 31, 2017)  
Attendance is quite essential as it engraves punctuality in an individual. He becomes more serious and hence could develop some potential skills. However attendance as long as it is not forced and the individual is deliberately made to attend lecture could develop some serious undesirable issues. The individual may become good theorist but shall eventually lack the practical skills.

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Vinit said: (May 22, 2017)  
Hi friends.

It is one of the main problems of the engineering student Attendance!. I am against this, because most of the student during the lectures are not attentive they are not interested in that, they are only wasting their time to attend the lectures only to get an attendance. If they are free from this attendance system, if they have interested they.

Definitely, attend it. Otherwise, they can utilise this time in that task that they like. If you are a college student you can understand this, that we study by our self for exams not by our lectures. Finally, In my view, compulsory attendance shouldn't be in college.

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Riya said: (May 17, 2017)  
Well, talking about attendance in colleges is compulsory or not is an important topic, if the college teaching techniques are well enough to make the student attentive to attend a regular class. Then it seems to be very important for them but if not then attendance is not compulsory so, At last, I would like to say that if the environment of college is happier or like or feels like a collegian attendance of every student automatically becomes a regular student. And then this problem of attendance or short attendance will not occur.

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Prasanth said: (May 16, 2017)  
Hi friends, attendance is important for college students but the professors are not teaching well to tell about the subject. So they are not interested to listening class carefully. Students don't have any knowledge about the subject and waste of their time. Suppose professors try to tell a good subject to the students, they are automatically attend their classes with good interest.

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Ravi said: (May 13, 2017)  
Good morning every one.

I think that compulsory attendance in college has both advantages and disadvantages, coming on to advantages I would like to say that as for daily attendance we are creating a good habbit of waking early for college, and if we are attending a class of prop who is sound in his knowledge and able to express.

And coming on to disadvantages is many colleges having bad prop qualaity they don't have good knowlege of the subject they are taking and forcing student to have attendance of 75% or otherwise giving threat of backlog or calling parents etc.

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Rai said: (May 13, 2017)  
From my point of view, attendance should not be compulsory in school. There is a many reasons behind it. Some of which is as follows:

(1) Students are forced to join lectures even they are not interested in attending that lectures.
(2) Most of the lectures are boring.
(3) If the student will do self-study during that period then he will learn more things.
(4) Generally, college students are of the age 18+ so they are mature enough to decide what is wrong and what is right so they are not forced to do so.

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Vanshika said: (May 12, 2017)  
Yeah, it's true that attendance is needed Bt college students means the students with hectic life and they choose a place where they get more efficient knowledge for their respective study. This needs it totally fulfil by most of the private institutes. So the importance of college get neglected & college is not providing them efficient knowledge. So attendance is low. So attendance must not be compulsory.

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Tamal said: (May 11, 2017)  
Hello, friends I just want to say a simple thing that the attendance within any institution depends on various factors such as teaching procedures, lab equipment etc. As we are all living in a generation where the demand for smart teaching is really very high.

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Mgkinthebuilding said: (May 11, 2017)  
When it comes to college, it is filled with students who are pre-adult viz. 18 to 25 years old so basically they recently had a load or thought of responsibility and more importantly its life, the adult independent life which gets sucked by attendance.

It's time to make a right decision and a college student can make their own so attendance just seems like a forceful law that sucks our independent.

And it's not the attendance that matter it's the students head and skills which they can develop through any means, so literally we are here for that fucking degree we always dreamt of and we have paid authority more than enough for that piece of paper so just leave us on our own.

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Vb said: (May 10, 2017)  
I don't think that attendance for a college student should be necessary. Because there is no use of attendance, as students use proxy. Moreover if a student has interest in lectures of a professor then he/she would attend the lecture on his/her own. Besides If a student is good at sports or something else then he /she would go for those classes, then she/he will have to bunk the classes. That's why I think there is no need of attendance.

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Mustafa said: (May 7, 2017)  
Attendance is really important for students since childhood. As it does not record the presence of any particular children but it all signifies that a particular child has learnt something new today.

But as the child becomes responsible there no need of compulsory attendance, because learning is not only what we get from books. Other sports and creative activities must also be included, these two must go hand in hand.

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Nikhitha said: (May 5, 2017)  
Hello everyone!

According to me, compulsory attendance is needed because if compulsory attendance is not there students are not interested to come to college. This will have an effect on students academic performance. So attendance is needed but college administration can reduce the limit of attendance percentage like it can be 50% instead of 75% or 80%.

Thank you.

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Anaonymous said: (May 1, 2017)  
Hello, everyone. I think compulsory attendance is not actually needed in college as like school. Most students bunk the classes because of boring lecturers.

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Akansha Nigam said: (Apr 30, 2017)  

I understand that in College student don't feel like to go regularly as because they feel that they are mature enough to understand and guide themselves, but I still believe that if you are a regular student in college you can change many things on you. I also agree that the changes can't just come through by the student regular attendance of the student but also with the Prof. And the institution involvement with the students. Institution became very selfish these days and they are making money by the student and professor are not paying good attention on them as they feel that they are responsible of it and also as because they are not paid enough to get enthusiasm to teach student properly. If Professor are intelligent enough and give their motivation and devotion I must believe that all the student will respect them and give India a great future. It's very important to make a student learn and understand everything as it would be a great help for the students. Students are still naive in many things. They need support and guidance. Forcing student to come to College in the name of 70% percentage is not at all a good thing because if someone doesn't like to come then force can make them sit to the classrooms nothing more than that.

I believe that if a Professors are pretty enough to influence students they'll definitely follow them. I understand going to college is always a fun feeling for the Students but that doesn't mean that students are not aware about their career. If a professor is intelligent and tell them the need and necessity of education I'm sure students will definitely follow that Professor.

I wanted to say that Teacher, Professor they are the great people who can influence a child in such a way by which a child can design his path and get success in Career. Teachers are motivator and a great influencer. They have to be strong enough to understand a student perception and also help them to achieve their goal.

I also believe that college must be a place where should be many events and occasion organized where student can highly involve and recognized; by which student will not feel bore to come. As being just in classes and studying makes anyone feel annoying. So it's should be a place where every student feel to come.

I also feel that this is last phase of a student life after that they can be anything or anyone but sure not a student so it's a institution responsibility that student must be enjoying their college days and college life. Any institution should be encouraging and motivating them to involve in every event happening their which helps a student to grow their another skill and they could understand what are the other thing they are good in.

Involvement of a student in College is necessary for their growth and they should be encouraged not to be forced to come to College in the name of attendance and it can only be done by the education department and by the good professor.


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Pravalika said: (Apr 21, 2017)  
Hi guys,

I don't know how many feel it's correct but in the present colleges they are saying its compulsory but ya if it is there at least for that sake will come to the college and we may know many things apart from classes and subjects if by chance there are any co-circular activities we can go participate in it. But as per classes is concerned it's not necessary of attendance.

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Sarang said: (Apr 20, 2017)  
No, not necessary because if we make Attendance compulsory students will come for the sake of attendance not to gain knowledge. So to know whether students are coming to learn or for attendance.

I think attendance is not required and also learning or gaining knowledge is More important than attendance.

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Meghana said: (Apr 17, 2017)  
Compulsory attendance is really needed in this contemporary world.

Students of present generation are getting easily diverted from the current aims and goals. They are anxious to know new things and wanted to explore more. But this can be done by focusing on education too. The balance between Entertainment and Education is not properly handled by students. So compulsory attendance is necessary in colleges so that parents can guide their children and even teachers can help them out at work if they attend less no of classes.

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Neeraj said: (Apr 16, 2017)  
Hi Guys,

There are many things to consider before taking this decision that "Is compulsory attendance really needed in college or not" ?

First I'd like to say that there are two kinds of colleges 1. Government Colleges 2. Private Colleges.
And both of colleges having two different kinds of programme 1. Regular classes 2. Distance learning programme. When we pay a handsome fee for any particular course so we have to attend all the classes because there we face a particular stander of management in which we get a lot of knowledge from a higher stander faculties. In other hand, when we pay a nominal fee so it is obvious that we would not get a good knowledge because there would not be enough fund to manage its management for better knowledge to the students. Actually, compulsory attendance is not really needed but needed as per our opted course of mood.

Finally, I say that there is no problem of taking compulsory attendance for adult students if they face a higher stander of management because fixed management gives all those things through which students can visualise their better future dreams before those classes in the college.


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Arun Kumar said: (Apr 15, 2017)  
According to my opinion, yes, it is needed. Because it is lectures, where we learn a lot. If we gain only 10 % of the total lecture it is sufficient rather then to not attending the lectures. Yes, there is some things which is needed to be mandatory in the lectures, their need to be more focus on the practical knowledge rather then giving theoretically.

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Raghavendra S said: (Apr 15, 2017)  
No, because nowadays most of the students are attending class because for sake of attendance they are not at all interested in class suppose if they are nt interested in a few class they can bunk and do what they interested rather than sitting blindly for an hour without interest.

In my opinion, attendance should not be compulsory thank you.

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Manoj said: (Apr 14, 2017)  
Yes, attendance must be needed in colleges because of the regular classes to attend to get a knowledge about our field and the future to go for a job this regular minatory method to followed them its self. So, attendance should be needed for colleges.

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Vijaidimpi said: (Apr 10, 2017)  
Hi friends.

My opinion in this issue is that compulsory attendance is not needed to college but it is needed.

If in the college where Professor and lectures are available with good staff. The faculty is modern then to attend college and faculty for knowledge is a must.

If these are not and adequate staff and lack of faculty then to attend the college is not need.

Most of the proper students do part time job and run their family.

During college, students cross the age of 18 and the became mature. They are well aware of their future than college admin.

Thanks sir.

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Gowtham said: (Apr 10, 2017)  
Yes, attendance is compulsory in college why because college staff should have to know whether student comes to class or not, it is compulsory for only once in college or school at morning, some colleges they are taking attendance every to every period it is too much actually.

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Prasant said: (Apr 9, 2017)  
Hi guys,

Every private college follows own rules for presenting the student in class. If the students have not present in class, there are different kinds of warning given to the student.

According to my opinion, it is important to attending the college not only for the attendence but gaining some knowledge. It is necessary to self-study of cracking entrance exam but it is also important to attending the class.


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Aarthy said: (Apr 9, 2017)  
Yes, there must be compulsory attendance in the College. Bcos if it is not, they may become irregular and some of the student May choose the course and the College in their parents compulsion. If there is no compulsory attendance they May cheat the parents and bunk the class.

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Souvik Kumar Pal said: (Apr 9, 2017)  
No, It's really not be needed. If it compulsory in any college. Then a lot of students will fail to show their own talent like someone has a talent of singing. But for compulsory attendance, he/she might not be able to explore his/her talent. Although she don't like to go every day to college but for the mandatory present in all class, she has to go. So this is a bad influence on us. But those who really interested to attend the class only they can go. It should not be pressurised to do that.

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Rahul Rana said: (Apr 8, 2017)  
In my point of view, attendance is not compulsory for the growth n development of students personality. Since childhood, we learn about time management, punctuality, discipline. College is for developing the personality of the students with the knowledge and some of student's conditions are not economically well at all they do some part time job to run their family needs. So according to me, attendance is not compulsory at all.


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Rahul Rana said: (Apr 8, 2017)  
In my point of view, attendance is not compulsory for the growth n development of students personality. Since, the childhood we learn about time management, punctuality, discipline. College is for developing the personality of the students with the knowledge and some of the students conditions are not economically well at all they do some part time job to run their family needs. So according to me, attendance is not compulsory at all.


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Ajeeth Kumar said: (Apr 4, 2017)  
Hi guys,

It is compulsory to need attendance the college there is a strictly attend the rule must the attendance % may be highly at the weekly students.

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Nikita Kumawat said: (Mar 29, 2017)  
If college is providing good faculties with enough knowledge of subjects and with proper lecture management without wasting the time of students then students must attend colleges and attendance should be compulsory. But if college is not having good staff with enough knowledge of subject and equipment in laboratories, no proper management of daily schedule then they should not keep attendance compulsory because it is only wasting time of students instead of attending those classes uselessly where teachers are teaching wrong concepts students should stay at home and utilise that time by studying on their own from books or internet tutorials or at any coaching institute. So, it depends on where attendance should be kept compulsory and where not.

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Sakshi said: (Mar 25, 2017)  
Hi guys.

According to me, there should be no compulsion on attendance. Because in college not all but most of the students are mature and they do their studies well without attending their classes. And with the help of proxy they at least get 40% attendance. And this is enough. As I am engineer I din't think attendance is compulsory.

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Bharat Poojara said: (Mar 23, 2017)  
Hello everyone,

I have some advantages and disadvantages for this question.

Advantages: teach-does- Due today attendance student will regular in the class so that he will know something new from the faculty and other best persons.

Due to attendance, we improve our regularity in future for our field.

Disadvantages:teach does not well teach in the class so that at that time don't attendance compulsory. At that time we can go in the library and read someone new for our interesting field.

I conclude that attendance is important when the students learn something new otherwise not.

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Varun Aggarwal said: (Mar 20, 2017)  
I am gonna list both merits and demerits.


1. It helps you to form a habit of getting up early in morning and to go College. Why this habit is necessary? Often after college students start to do a job in a company and he/she finds it very difficult to get up and reach workplace at proper time. College enforces these habits in you from the starting day.

2. In college often during lectures, you need to be attentive and if you are doing this exercise kind of every day for 4 years it really increases your focus.

This point doesn't hold for each and every college in India (Except for IIT's, NIT's and some top private Institute like BITs, Shiv Nader University, Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology, Thapar University, etc).

3. If you got really good professors or mentors who are master at their craft then your four years would be no less than heaven on earth. You will learn a lot, work or study with amazing people who know what they are doing.


1. As most of the institute in India are poorly funded they often do not employee good professor who are aware of current market trends and are incapable in teaching necessary skills to students.

2. Students who are doing good academically, submitting all the assignments should never be bothered by college management for attendance related issues because as a student he/she is doing everything which he/she is expected of doing.

3. If he/she wants to do anything else that is apart from his normal studies then college should fully support him/her.

At last, I want to say that continuous blackmailing by college management for maintaining 75% attendance is absurd and has no logical background.

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Shallu said: (Mar 18, 2017)  
Yes, because attendance is must be student verification for the college level. In this current situation, few students are gone out of the classroom, so we really need attendance compulsory. Because a student gone out of the classroom create some bad incident and also spoiled him/her studies. That all.

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Avijeet said: (Mar 16, 2017)  
Hello friends,

Why we are focusing on attendance just to enhance the knowledge of students but along with it we should focus on the quality of teaching of a prof. So if they found a prof bad in teaching then they should replace prof with another if possible otherwise allow the students for self-study.

Moreover, everyone has his own way of study and comfortable level if a person is doing good without attending classes then the administration should allow him to study wherever he wants instead of forcing him to attend classes this will affect badly his performance and mentally too.

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Javed said: (Mar 14, 2017)  
Attendance is not necessary to college because the student reaches in college until they become 18 years old it's a maturity stage.

They have aggressive to own future thus attendance is not necessary for college.

Some students are escaped classes they are going in bad habits due to this big impact on their future thus.

Attendance is necessary for college.

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Dhruv Pandey said: (Mar 8, 2017)  
I think attendance should be compulsory in COLLEGES.

1- First of all, if we have opted for regular degree course, why there should be leniency to the attendance. It should be there i.e.min. Of 60% to 75% of total college days. If someone really doesn't want to attend regular college, he/she should opt for distance learning college program.

2- Marks should not be assigned to the attendance as students just go to college for those 5-10 marks and don't take classes seriously. They watch videos or play games on mobile in classes. It is mere waste of resources.

3- Alternative should be that there should be a continuous evaluation of student attending the classes and mark should be given on basis of how active they are in class activities and studies. This will increase the quality as well as attendance in colleges.

4- Many students gives excuses that they are preparing for a particular competitive exam like CAT, GATE, UPSC etc. These excuses cannot be taken seriously. First of all, when we take admission in college we know that we are interested in a subject and we really want to purse it. If someone wants to prepare he should prepare for these exams in free time or manage things as possible. But not attending college can't be the excuse, as it was our choice at the beginning to do.

Again I want to give the people the alternative that is distance learning program.

5- Working for a college project or course project can be left out from the compulsion of attendance. But in that case also, evaluation project should be done properly by the college authorities.

Last but not the least curriculum of college should be improved so that student really want to attend classes. Evaluation of teacher should be there i.e. whether they are teaching properly or just passing time. There should be anonymous review of teacher through students through rating or be reviewing.

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Bipuljee said: (Mar 7, 2017)  
Compulsory attendance in college is not at all needed. College students are above 18, they are more concerned about future then college administrator. All of us are very much aware with the quality of teaching availed in colleges. Compulsion must be made on the basis of % scored in exam. Compulsory attendance does not play any role in students live it rather hamper their creativity and talent.

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Sonali Singh said: (Mar 7, 2017)  
Hi friends, according to me attendance in college is need but not compulsory. Some student comes college only for attendance because they know that base of attendance they got a good national Mark's so they got good percentage. I think student comes college not only for attendance but they come college for gain knowledge, learn that how to present yourself in front of the world. So my point of view attendance is necessary but not compulsory. We all know the respected "APJ Abdul Kalam" and their attendance in college is not so much I don't state that they never go to college they go to college but only gain knowledge, not for only attendance.

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Abi said: (Mar 5, 2017)  
Hi friends!

The attendance system has both advantage and disadvantage.

Attendance not only reflects the punctual of the students but also their behavior. Some of the students will escape from classes and involve in lot of bad activities if it s not maintained.


Some of the students do part time work along with his students and few will do some interested courses. In these cases, definitely the system will not support them.

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Gaurav said: (Mar 3, 2017)  
According to me, the requirements of minimum attendance has both merit and demerit. Some students are really passionate about doing various activities and some maybe working on some projects or have joined a course of their interest and will be requiring more time and can not attend college. On the other hand, the student may use the same reasons to escape classes but get engaged in bad activities.

So I think compulsory attendance should be made optional to those with good academic performance so even if the student doesn't attend classes, they are capable enough to study by themselves.

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Shashank said: (Mar 3, 2017)  
Yes, it must be compulsory but only when the faculty of that institute is serious about students, now a days what is happens in most of the colleges whether it may be government or private the faculties were not doing their work properly they came only for earning money anyhow some of them were serious so if an institute want compulsory attendance that institute must have to take feedback from students about there teaching experience. In most cases, some students were studying as well as doing jobs because of their financial problem so it may be a kind of huge task from them to do both. So as my views attendance is directly proportional to teaching staff it means if staff is good attendance must be compulsory in that particular college.

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Anonymous said: (Mar 2, 2017)  
Hello everyone according to my point of view, YES attendance should be compulsory. No1 is perfect here I can agree that we can study ourselves we can understand the things without attending the classes BUT the thing is making understand ourselves and get understand by someone else different. We can google the things we can understand by watching videos but if those are there means what is the necessary of colleges because those are optional as we are all having facilities of that so we can learn ourselves then what about the rural people? City people can bunk and they can read. Whoever having that facility they only can do things as I said. If attendance is not compulsory what is the use of our teachers. If we don't want attendance we can do correspondence course, right? Certain things can be known by lectures only, We are telling we don't want attendance just because of that at end they used to struggle us that's why. If we think about our future we need sufficient knowledge. Because while we going class we don't understand when we came out from the college and will find out the importance. Being regular to class shows out discipline, dedication and patience. If they make compulsory only we can regular or else we can't learn things what we don't know.

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Haveela said: (Mar 2, 2017)  
Hi guys.

I think it is compulsory but not at all. Because as a student everyone should have their own rights to enjoy their life. We can enjoy our life as a student only. If it is restricted 75% attendance is compulsory, many poor students were not able to attend. Due to their family problems, they are unable to attend. But no one can reach their goals without attending to college. So don't neglect this. As an alternate 60% should enough for engineering life. Not only for engineering but also for every field. I mainly focused on engineering why because I'm an engineering student.

Have an average attendance. It's enough for our life re.

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Shubham said: (Mar 2, 2017)  
I think it is a very bad idea of attendance is compulsory in the colleges this will make a college as a jail.

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Albin Mathew said: (Feb 28, 2017)  
According to my point of view, compulsory attendance is not need for class because some of over students are poor and some others are average and some of them reach the poor student are not able to attend the class because they are going for job because of the attendance they can not attend class in colleges attendance is not most important thing their skills and talents and knowledge is most important.

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Akash Nigam said: (Feb 21, 2017)  
Hi guys,

I am Akash and yes it has to be compulsory to attend the college. This way we can be regular and consistent toward our day schedule which helps us to focus for long, learn new stuff, help us had an experience of tackling a different kind of people and always push us toward hard work. So yes it has to be compulsory attendance in college.

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Is compulsory attendance really needed in college?

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