Examinations - has it killed education

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Kohan said: (Aug 23, 2016)  
I think examination motivate the student to be ready, however, it also makes stress or nightmare in some of the students. Most exams are taken according to on teachers interest, not students and this way destroys student creativity.

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Irine H Varghese said: (Aug 22, 2016)  
No, Examinations are needed. It checks whether we are aware of that particular subject. Also, it checks our ability to face problems. If there is no exam, then there will be no competition between students. Maybe they won't study at all.

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Richa said: (Aug 20, 2016)  
Our education system gives more focus on theory rather than practical knowledge but if you say examination kills education than its wrong because the exam is a thing by which you come to know that where you are among others but yes it is a little bit wrong when you are judged by your theory results.

Education and Examinations should a base more on practical knowledge or real world knowledge rather than only focus on books. To make students practically involved in studies.

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Sahil Jindal said: (Aug 19, 2016)  
The examination deals with the only theory part. That's why most of the students are concentrate on the book part. That time the practical approach of the subject is missing by the students.

So, In the industry level practical point are useful so examination is really killed the education.

The examination is not better than practical.

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Khushbu Bharti said: (Aug 19, 2016)  
Hello friends,

According to me, Examination little bit spoiling our education system but we can't say it's killed our education. Suppose if you think it's not happening in our life then some student losses our education, I agree that exam should not be criteria to judge the ability of students. Some student can get good marks by mugging even if they don't know anything related to that subject but we can't be repealed that system it's affected education. And even that here no matter that how much secure a mark in examination due to this examination sometime whenever we are going to start a self-study of our examination subject we gain lots of knowledge about this particular subject.

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V.Jameer said: (Aug 18, 2016)  
The examination is a must in any education system transcending the drawbacks of rote learning one must know how to learn with understanding and also relate it to an entity in the physical world.

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Guddu said: (Aug 15, 2016)  
Yes, I do think. From my view education clearly, means learning new things and having knowledge not mugging up due to the pressure of examination for getting good marks. I would like to elaborate by giving an example parents are pressurising their children to have good academic performance and because of that child are not learning they are mugging up.

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Diya said: (Aug 7, 2016)  
Examination have killed education because nowadays student are more interested in getting marks than to understand it. In today's worlds there is a huge syllabus and to overcome it, student usually learn by their heart. Students those who don't have the learning up power they usually commit suicide.

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Liza said: (Aug 6, 2016)  
I think that examinations are important in some case.

If a student study everything in a practical way then he doesn't need to give exam and if he gives exam also then he will get nice marks.

He will win all the race in life.

But if he gave the exam by not understanding anything then he will fail in his life even though he would have secured highest marks in class.

So through examination one can't say who is intelligent.

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Deviyank Sharma said: (Aug 5, 2016)  
I totally disagree with it because all your preparations, knowledge and dedication is worthless If you don't know where you are standing. Regarding marks, Well it depends on the mentality of an individual whether he counts himself or herself on the score or the knowledge. Weakness and Strengths both are important aspects of any battleground stepping into it.

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Shubham said: (Aug 3, 2016)  
Yes, I agree with it. Students are only learning those parts which will be asked in the examination. They think that having good marks in the examination means they are talented. Also who don't care about marks and try to learn by their heart and if they got fewer marks than those whose studied for 4 days before exam then it creates wrong thinkings in those students.

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Heena Gupta said: (Jul 30, 2016)  
Yes, I do agree examinations have killed education because children are much more focused on grabbing marks rather than knowledge. They don't have their basics clear. All they study is to get marks.

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Nightingale said: (Jul 28, 2016)  
The government has reduced the standard of education by giving compulsory pass category till eighth. Nowadays almost all exams are blue print oriented in that where there is a way to judge the ability of the children. All renowned scientists were not good scorers in their exams. Learning overnight and mere vomiting isn't education. Our system has to be modified to practical applications in day to day life, not in mere writing. We are almost dead in the field of education when compared to other nations. So there is nothing more to kill again. Men turned drunkards, women turned TV meds, of course, students educated ill literates. Hats off to our government.

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Foram said: (Jul 27, 2016)  
Hello friends,

The examination has not killed the education but they can saw you that what you have archiving or understood the before exam and now what you have learn more. Exams are testing you or judging you. Exam through you can judge yourself. And the exam is like your turning point if you clear the exam then you can reach your goal. Or you can not clear the exam not be upset you have more understand and clear about your concepts. And then again try the exam and definitely you clear your all exams. Exams are the best way to shows your concept.

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Varun Singh said: (Jul 27, 2016)  
Actually no. Because it mainly depends on how an individual prepares and presents himself/herself for and/or for an exam. Mainly people study to pass the exams. The same people if talks any think about knowledge. One has read rather trying to remember what he/she reads.

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Rohit Saini said: (Jul 22, 2016)  
Hi, friends. I am Rohit.

It is true that education is killing the inspirations of those students who are interested in learning what they want to learn and the competitive exam system has crushed they're dreamed and make them a thing which only feeds those words written in those books without any desire to do so.

It is very bad as in the childhood of man (when he is in 11 or 12 standard) , time when he sees the world in his way this dirty system make him know what it wants them to copy in their heads and later on make most of them it's servant and apply for labour job instead and don't let him rise high on its own.

So, friends, it's important that in this ugly system that we emphasize on learning more & not on just copying things in your mind.

Like Albert Einstein never liked this system, he was against this and left the school and the competitive system and started living and learning in His own way and believed that no one is less than anyone but everyone is unique in his own way.

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Rupanjana Saha said: (Jul 16, 2016)  
Hi! I am Rupanjana Saha from India. I think exam gives us a lot of pressure and nowadays, the students who read in class 6 are reading about class 8 studies and thus creating a pressure. We can improve this system by reporting this to the to the head of the system!

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Vijay said: (Jul 14, 2016)  
Actually, it's true fact that examination has killed the education because the thinking of our parents is that "if my child studies better so he can get a better job in the future" but it's really happened? NO. Are you know what is the problem of our society, they think that if our child could not secure his future so "WHAT THE PEOPLE SAY" that's the reason that students cannot show their skills in any other profession.

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Arunesh Kumar said: (Jul 13, 2016)  
Hello, myself Aruneshkumar.

I am sure to agree that examination has killed education. In present days the students have a much lengthy syllabus. And every student wants to prove them in the exam. So they used to route learning. Cause of lengthy syllabus they can not cover it properly by practically.

So they have not practically experience in any sub. They make as bookworms.

In other countries like America, they give practical knowledge.

So, l believe, practically knowledge is more than theoretical knowledge.

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Pawan Kumar Mahawar said: (Jul 1, 2016)  
Good morning to all, myself Pawan Mahwar.

I have read views of all my friend. Most of the views were on against the examination. My supporting points towards examination are:.

First of all, how will you determine the capability of the student? For this, you will have to take part in exams like oral examination, written examination & practical examination. If you are selected for an interview. For that interview, you have shown that you are capable for this job. If you take an interview, he asks what is the favourite subject. Then he asks only that things.

And examination takes only 7-10 day per semester. It doesn't mean that you don't have time for your creativity, your sports. You can also see a student having the good pointer, he shows good performance in all things. Whatever he does.

As our friends said, a theoretical knowledge is not necessary. It is just a memory. Sir if you are doing practically. You can't understand, what is happening why it is happening.

In engineering college, if you do the project in any branch. Professor will definitely say that first, you do literature survey, then you start. Prof may also take an oral exam, ppt on that literature survey what you have done for the project. This exam will show your capabilities.

So finally, I conclude my opinion. An examination is not a devil. It is just a criteria to check your capabilities.

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Lavanya said: (Jun 27, 2016)  
Of Course, exams are spoiling our education. Education should be built step by step. It should not be pushed. Talent and knowledge keep our life to move forward. I like to give you one example: In Higher, secondary everyone forced to get top marks but now we can't found that person, who got the first mark and just for others satisfaction. We can found some persons who discontinue their current studies and moving again to their interest ones. Like that Making waste of time in examinations. We can plan some interesting in their studies not to be a bookworm. We can provide practicals in every study. Which help them life long to remember their studies.

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Ajeet Kumar Singh said: (Jun 26, 2016)  
Yes, Examinations has killed the education, because if we talk about the present scenario, students are being sent to school forcibly by their parents so that they could pass the examinations as their expectations and could get a job to secure their future. In all this, they are lacking the knowledge. Students are learning which matters the examinations only. For instance: there are many of my relatives and neighbors, they frankly say that somehow their child could get a job, and their work has been done.

There might be a solution according to me after teaching some compulsory subjects till their primary grades (till class 5th), they should be allowed only one subject to be focused and should be asked to take the examination of the same subject. They should not be forced for the exams of another subject. In this way, a student will select a subject of his choice and will give his 100% to that subject surely.

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Chameli said: (Jun 21, 2016)  

I am in fewer of the examination system.

As some of my friends have discussed the negative aspects of exams, I don't completely deny this thing but I would like to highlight some points which show the importance of examinations.

The situation about which many of the guys are talking is the ideal one according to which each and every student is fond of studies and curious about learning new things. But if see the reality then we can understand that around 80-85% of the students of todays generation do not study before exams, now if we think about them then it seems that they would not study anything if exams will not be there and what will be their future then.

So we can say that exams are the most important tool that helps in maintaining an appropriate level of knowledge among the students.

At last, I would like to say that examinations also includes practicals, viva voice, and other internal assessments in order to the practical knowledge of the students.


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Samara said: (Jun 17, 2016)  
Examinations are necessary to evaluate the performance of a student. That is why Indian universities have made it to the list of world's top 100 engineering institutes. There is no criterion other than exams which can rate the performance of a student. If there are no exams, then no one will bother to study and on what basis can they be given admit to the universities.

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Priyanka Nair said: (Jun 10, 2016)  
I do not feel examinations are necessary for proper education. While examinations help us test our knowledge, over the years they have become more of a memory test. Marks have become more important than knowledge, they have become part of one's identity. One is often judged by the marks scored by him or her in an examination. The pressure and stress faced by students due to these tests have led to them losing interest in studies. Some might say without exams, students will not study. I say students will not study if they lack interest in the subject and what they study with interest will be the right education (for them). Thus, I feel exams should not be the trigger for them to study, their passion to explore and find out should be their trigger.

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Preeti said: (Jun 1, 2016)  
Hello, everyone.

I would like to speak everything about exams today. I have been really frustrated by these exams. I hate exams. No matter how much I study how much I understand I always score average. Because I don't mug up things. I try and understand everything properly. Read everything in detail. So that I gain more knowledge about the subject.

But then in exams, I have never been able to complete my paper. Because I apply my mind and write sensible answers but people who mug up things complete their paper easily and some people even write stupid things by just reading the meaning of the topic. Elaborate the answer and even they score marks.

So what's the difference then? Also, I think marks depends on other circumstances like sometimes a student knows everything but then due to hesitation, lack of time, out of course questions, inability to write stupid things elaborating one line into 100 lines. Etc. Also illness. But then that student even if he or she can explain every topic if you ask. Scores less and others score more even if they don't know much. Marks marks marks everywhere.

The students who are capable of doing great things are left behind doing nothing because of this system. I am not saying every student who scores well knows nothing and every student who scores less is intelligent. But the only thing is this system of marks has let down many students because of stupid judgments everyone makes.

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Haritha said: (May 25, 2016)  
Guys. In my point of we never think to break our thoughts or to think outside of the box because we don't know how to do that. This is not our mistake. This is because of our education SYSTEM. We are born with creativity but this gotten suppressed in a later stage. How? when the time we start to learn in schools that Is the starting stage. When a person scores high marks in the exam All the teachers and student calling him our genius. Is he really a genius? a big no, the purpose of EXAMS are conducted is to test to our memory power. BUT WHAT IS THE USE OF IT anyhow we going to forget it after a period. Till now we are giving important which is non-essential one.

Guys remind your school day. Science project is will be conducted. But how many will participate in that? Out of 38, not more than 6 people from each class will participate in that, why? we all learn science subject from our small classes. If we can't even invent something newly then what we are going to do later. Even though we are good at studies and score high marks in exam, if we can not do anything from what we learn. Then what is the point of scoring high marks in exams and learning? It is totally utter waste at the end.

Our teacher only knows to teach what is in the book. That we can also do it isn't it. Then what is the use of teachers? Really I don't understand it. Do you know? think deeply. Guys everyone knows that education system should change but no one is taking a step regarding that. Do you know what is the reason behind it? if we commenting on this what is going to happen. Do you think it will bring changes nothing will change. Do you know something even though we know which is the right path but we will never go and fight for that how amazing isn't it? We just took this issue as a topic to discuss.

Do you know because of this education system we have not gain anything for a long time but we have lots more which you can't even think. How much will it be? if you all thinking that we should stop this anyhow means. What are you going to do? What will happen if this same issue going to affect the next generation? Do you have any idea about that? So that only to avoid some tragic I am doing research on it. I am psychologist student of the 1st year. To become my research successful one I need your supports and help.

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Samata Nayak said: (May 20, 2016)  
I am not against the examination system, but there need some changes in our system. We are forced to give the exam according to the university syllabus, sometimes we are not good at the particular subject and we get fewer marks.

And further in future we are judged or face rejections according to that mark. So I think it needs some changes in the examination system.

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Cherie said: (May 2, 2016)  
I think the present examination system is not helping the students creativity. It just tests his retaining power not his intelligence or understanding of any particular subject.

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Kainat Manzoor said: (Apr 28, 2016)  
I hate exams because they spoiled my days and night, I don't know what to do with these horrible exams, they are disgusting. I am not at all satisfied with the examination system it puts a lot of pressure on us we can't even sleep properly and have dark circles around our eyes and I think it's really bad.

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Gaurav Walia said: (Apr 23, 2016)  
Hello, friend, I am Gaurav.

I am somewhat in favour of examination, you are saying that. The student just cramps and vomit their answers on answer-sheet. I am a hostler and I have noticed that about 85% of students are not interested in the study. They even don't open their books before the exam.

NOW just think over it, if there is no examination system. So, when do they study and what will be the future of the world.

An at-least student came to know what are their topics about which they are going to study.

I agree that practical knowledge is the must for everyone, but at least for showing off they study and grab some knowledge.

And something is far better than nothing. So examination system should not be stopped but it should be updated.

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Kunal Mehta said: (Apr 17, 2016)  
I'm Kunal, I think examinations are killing the education. By "examinations" I refer to the prevailing conditiion of exams. The exams where students are expected to mug up answers. Students, all they talk about is marks, grades but they lack curiosity about what they study.

Exams put immense pressure on the student because failure in performance would cause them consequences. The pressure of peers, career is all based on that one test.

The student doesn't get time for extracurricular activities. I think exams, along with education, are killing the student too. We need to change the exam conduct pattern. There is so much competition around the world today.

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Vivek L.Prajapati said: (Apr 13, 2016)  

I am Vivek,

We can never judge any students by taking their exam only because students prepare their selves only for exams and after some time they forget all things. Exam gives students pressure and at the time of exam, students keep in their mind fear of exam and only try to get more and more marks as possible. So from exam, one can not judge that who is better.

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Krishna Vamsi said: (Mar 14, 2016)  
I think, it doesn't make sense that exams kill creativity or exam result in talented outcome. CREATIVITY is far more important than CAPABILITY. So just the simple logic is that the way, in which the questions are asked must be changed. The topics like aptitude and reasoning must be included in every national level examination irrespective of the department or profession. By this we can extract the people who not just only are capable of studying a large content, but also can tackle with different situations.

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Braj Mohan Shaw said: (Mar 9, 2016)  
Examination system is an integral part of the Education system but not the examination system which we have adopted, wherein we are just testing memory of the children(students) and killing their creativity. To evolve a healthy education system where every available talent can be nurtured, we have to divide our curriculum in such a way that every child can use their natural talent and excel in the field in which they want to go, not a standard pattern what today we have irrespective of whether child understands or not just mug-up and vomit. Learning is much beyond this marks system and let us advise to our government to get away from these old system, at least sooner is the better Board examination should be abolished once for all to make our future generation stress free and save their inherent talent.

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Samarpita said: (Mar 4, 2016)  
According to me, school exams have killed students inner potential. Students mug up the whole syllable for a particular exam and after sometime they forget what they have learnt whole year. Whereas knowledge means the talent that stays with us for our whole life. Students should understand the subject and stop mugging up.

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S Lakshmi said: (Feb 7, 2016)  
Hello friends!

From my view examination is the process to know how the students understands the topics well not only about the syllabi.

Students should convert the knowledge into practical manner then only they can invent something to the world. But also examination is the not only the thing to valuate the students skills. Board can implement other practices to evaluate the knowledge.

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Ashmita said: (Feb 4, 2016)  
Hello my dear friend,

My opinion about this sensitive topic is that YES Examination has killed students. It has given lots of mental and physical pressure to us. Mental Pressure is there from two sides one is of too much and lengthy syllabus and the other from our parents. From our parents means they are thinking that getting good marks in EXAM means that we are good in studies and will be successful in future and getting bad marks in EXAM means that we are bad in studies and will be not successful in future and will not have a great career.

So, our parents force us to get good marks in EXAM anyhow. They didn't understand that by learning the basic things of the matter for lifetime and to get minimum marks is better to memorize the things for a short period of time and to omit it in the paper and to get full marks. They always run behind marks instead of giving sufficient time to their child.

And physical pressure because they think that by giving us in many tutions we can get more knowledge but we are getting the same knowledge by reading in one tuition only. And the students can't bear all this pressure.

Thank you.

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Ashu said: (Jan 30, 2016)  
My friends education means what you have learned. Actually exams are the test process to check the ability of a candidate for his gained knowledge. But we have made it division wise like first division, second division. Exam has not killed our education, but we have made it at fault. We have made it only marking status. If a candidate gets good marks for his examination is good. If failed, he may feel it is bad. To make it a good for education, we should not make it result oriented. We should make it excellence oriented. It will be good if we follow the dialogue of Three idiot movie 'Don't Go For Success Go For Excellence'.

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Abhi said: (Jan 21, 2016)  
According to me exam is platform to test our knowledge. But we considers as a race, every student wants to get more score. But in such way we are not gaining our knowledge, but we are getting temporary satisfaction.

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Shivam Singh Bhadouriya said: (Jan 6, 2016)  
I would like to speak on the topic that students should choose their own subjects to study rather than university which try to impose as many as they can, with this system neither university will get good results nor we, students must have idea of practical use of their education otherwise they wouldn't be able to use it, on which they spends years.

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Tri said: (Jan 5, 2016)  
Exam is the way to test our knowledge. But why our knowledge is tested? I have knowledge. I gain it not to show everyone, I gain it to do it theoretically. Education system is totally killed by this examination. Now a days education is not about gaining knowledge its all about a race and everyone is running to touch the rope, they can not see that there 1000 miles to go to complete the race.

Thank you.

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Piyush Jain said: (Dec 11, 2015)  
Education and Exam are two mutually parallel aspects first comes education, it is the most important thing in our life a person must get education and must focus on learning various thing in life and on practical knowledge Rather then scoring in exams or doing race for good grades.

It doesn't matters that you got good grades or not matters only what good qualities and experiences you have and how to overcome from the worst situation.

Practical knowledge matters a lot rather than good grades.

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Sathya said: (Dec 9, 2015)  
Exams are the means of education through which one can improve one's educational qualifications step by step. But I think today exams are not as much important. Because getting job nowadays is talent based but not merit based.

The main aim of our educational system is to earn money and knowledge. It is the worldly knowledge and experience in life that gives us knowledge. The pattern of exams are corrupted now a days because many universities are offering Malpractices. Like this we can only get a degree which is not useful and that type of candidates are filtered in off campus interviews. Through education we should get knowledge and there is no end to this knowledge. The knowledge we gained should improve our mannerism. And good manners are the sowing seeds of good character. Today many gems of extraordinary intelligence are misusing their knowledge.

Our examination pattern should be not of bi-heart type it should give us some practical knowledge in our life. Exams are not the end of learning and gaining knowledge. The exams are threatening today youth because of threatenings of their parents and society. If one develops a positive attitude and take the exams as challenge he becomes a great person. The competition between the youth should be a healthy one. If it is not healthy there is a chance of collapsing. Exams are necessary remark our knowledge that we have gained in the academic year. But so many people who are not educated are serving as great persons not only in India but also in foreign. So it is not the academic achievement that enhances a persons knowledge but it is the worldly knowledge and experience in his life.

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Akash Sinha said: (Nov 28, 2015)  
Education is for knowledge, in my view knowledge of a person can not be determined by just 2, or 3 exams. Due to this system of examination students are pressurized to read the syllabus and get good score. The system never let the student free to read the things they are interested in because they have very less time for extracurricular activity.

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Aakarsh said: (Nov 25, 2015)  
Hello friends,

Examinations and knowledge are 2 main aspects of life but according to present, examinations are not only building up pressure & stress on the students life and also kill their creativity power.

Examinations should be knowledge oriented not marks and grade oriented. Education should also have it's prime focus on employment not on the reputation of the institution and universities.

Also, the meaning of education is not mugging something and omit it on the paper for short period of time for heaven feeling of self.

In present generation schools unnecessarily pressurizing everyone including kids to get 90% above. Here are so many exams annually like weekly, half-yearly, etc. So student have barely any time for extra curricular activities.

Also, examinations are killing the actual meaning of education as it's very obvious that nowadays students are only mugging up the portion of syllabus that's all which will not fetch them much rather just a dull future.

Education does not mean scoring good marks as if we take the example of Mr. Bill Gates was a dropper. But if we see him how he is one of the richest man in world.

Thanks for reading.

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Pradeep Kumar said: (Nov 5, 2015)  
Hello Friends,

Examination and Knowledge are two most important aspect of student life.

But according to present situation examination are not only building pressure & stress on the student life and also kill their creativity power.

Examination should be knowledge oriented not marks and grade oriented. Education should also have it's prime focus on employment not on the reputation of the institutions and university.

So overall our examination patter should reform or review. It is need of hour.

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Deepak said: (Nov 4, 2015)  
Students scoring 90<above are also be intelligent on the other hand, they may be bookworms. Examinations are only for studies, but not for life. Students who are weak will be having more intelligence & common-sense.

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Anish Singh said: (Oct 20, 2015)  
The meaning of education is not mug up something and omit it on paper for short time for heaven feeling of self, teacher and parents, it's meaning related to what is your impact on surrounding by whatever you learnt from education. If you go through deeply then you become donor of knowledge.

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Ankur said: (Oct 19, 2015)  
I agree education is most important in our life but I want to ask you all about current education. I think true education helps us in future. What about current education it is for future or competitive exams. I don't understand what's going on. Even in small posts just like clerk and peon government there are exams. Why?

Indian government is not believing in there own education which they are giving to us?

All degrees B.Com, M.Com, MBA, bba, BCA, MCA, MSC. It and many more are depending on competitive exams. I am not saying that we can't get jobs after this education.

We get it in private sector. But what's the meaning of this competition?

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Namrata Shownkeen said: (Oct 8, 2015)  
Here are many exams annually like daily, weekly and monthly tests. So, students barely have any time for extra curricular activities.

In present generation schools and colleges unnecessarily pressuring everyone including kids to get above 90%.

Most of the private colleges are not conducting practicals, they are just focusing on theoretical subjects to make their students toppers so that their college can become famous. By this students are not knowing the applicability of subjects.

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Tanvi said: (Oct 2, 2015)  
My point of view education is best for person. But that does not mean if some one will get maximum marks, we can not say. He is educated. Some of the student are mugging up notes/books and write in exam, he will get maximum marks. Those students are struggling in company group discussion and some of the entrance examination like net, get first you understand your concept.

Some of the topics are practically very good to understand. Those things we have to do in a particular way. Examination questions should be conceptual not theoretical. That suggestion will arrive a person in particular platform. Lastly I want to say manner is very important thing for a person.

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Namrata Shownkeen said: (Oct 2, 2015)  
Hey friends,

According to me, testing is not running education it is killing the joy of learning for students by forcing their learning to be more focused on the product than the process. Frequently, students are not allowed to discover meaning, and consequently many of them become disengaged. In addition numerous, more creative ways to assess learning are overlooked.

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Namrata Shownkeen said: (Oct 2, 2015)  
Hey friends,

Nowadays exams are becoming a joke. Really a few of students take it seriously. The rest are playing unethical things such as paper chits, coping, leaking out exam paper. So where is the way to test each and every student's ability?

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Hina said: (Sep 28, 2015)  
Examination not kill the education of student, examinations, of course, help to examine students. They show students knowledge, abilities, and even characters.

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Namratavl Shownkeen said: (Sep 28, 2015)  
I will add that what is really hurting education is that the data that these tests bring in is not being used to DIFFERENTIATE instruction, and instead is being used as a sole method of measurement to either open or shut down schools. What this is bringing with it is that teachers are teaching to the test, the test comes and goes, and so does the school.

What needs to happen is that whatever assessment tool we already have should be used to determine what our students NEED nor where our students are. For that, we would need a Pre/Post testing for quantitative correlations. Since that is hardly the case, it would be safe to argue that standardized testing is definitely not being used correctly and eventually will end up killing education as you say.

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Reethya said: (Sep 27, 2015)  
Studies are very important in our life we should not exams for marks we need to write for knowledge nowadays if a student get 90% in B-Tech he is confident in interviews some people getting rejected in interviews because they have only bookish knowledge so please don't think exams are burden it's just for our knowledge.

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Hina said: (Sep 25, 2015)  
I think examination is a part of our life. Exams are the way to test our knowledge without conducting the exams and test students don't concentrate in their studies and learn their lessons properly. Some people may thought that exams are not necessary for school and college students, but this kind of attitude is wrong.

Without exams students will be tension free, they don't concentrate in their studies and lessons. Some students don't go to the school or college, if the examination system is cancelled from school/college.

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Gautami said: (Sep 25, 2015)  
Hello friends,

Exams are not killed the education, it is such foolish assumption of people according to me exam is a medium of checking or justifying our knowledge and what we learn suppose we are doing such task in which we have give to the output of that work and we done it without justifying what we do and after some time we lost the way.

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Hina said: (Sep 22, 2015)  
Hi friend,

Examination is a platform of a student to prove yourself & their skill its not important that you score 100% but you should to prove yourself. I think examination give's a lots of information to student its not important that people must be study only part of syllabus or the note of the teacher their are also a lots of material available out of a syllabus, student should be learn from interesting sources.

Thank you.

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Raajesh said: (Sep 21, 2015)  
I agree those who are saying that examination is not testing one's talent and performance in whole semester or year. And also it is making each student mugging up the subjects.

It is helping the students in by hearing the lessons just before the exams. In real, an examination is to be conducted to test the performance of the candidate in whole year. But it's not happening now-a-days. Each student is bargaining for marks after the exams. I think it's not fair.

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Shubham Verma said: (Sep 21, 2015)  

Examination didn't killed the education, but it is making it to come to an extinct. A person can achieve success only through education and examinations. The more you gain knowledge, more you can give exams at different levels. This increases a confidence level and make him more educated. Through these exams you can get the best job you've ever dreamed. This takes a man to two ways first, either success or failure.

Through cheats, person can do anything but he'll never gain knowledge. Students must take examinations as an opportunity rather than taking them a burden and over thinking. The best preparations will give them the best outputs. Nowadays so many ways have came to gain knowledge. The best is the e-commerce, online tutorials these all are the best ways to achieve success.

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Aniketk said: (Sep 20, 2015)  
Most of the exams pattern is not sufficient to evaluate the real capabilities of the student. Generally, there are some important questions which comes every year. So some students just heartening the answers for them like robots and getting good score even though they are not aware of the actual concept.

There are many exams annually like daily, weekly and monthly tests. So, students barely has any time for extra curricular activities. In present generation schools and colleges unnecessarily pressuring everyone including kids to get above 90%.

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Shubham Verma said: (Sep 20, 2015)  
Hello Everyone.

A positive point about examination towards education is that the complexity has been increased a bit. Nowadays, In the college or the schools the students have to give several different types of tests in rounds Like board practicals, vivas and several tests. Its made strict, in order to test the knowledge, skills of the students.

The reason behind this complexity is to increase the confidence levels in the students so that they can apply for an interview in a good company. This is also made applicable while applying for a interview. Several rounds are made i.e. Group discussion, tests, presentations so that person can face the difficulties and increase the confidence with an experience.

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Minal said: (Sep 20, 2015)  
Hi friends, I think education is not only scoring a good marks but it is all about how much practical knowledge we are having about our field. So, examination pattern should the change by including some practical things like Presentations, assignments. No one can judge any student by taking 2 or 3 hours exams.

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Minal said: (Sep 19, 2015)  
Hi friends, I think, education is not only scoring good marks but it is all about how much practical knowledge we are having about our field. So, examination pattern should be change by including some practical things like presentations and assignments. No one can judge any student by taking 2 or 3 exams.

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Shubham Verma said: (Sep 19, 2015)  
Hello Everyone.

Today, The education has become a business. The whole education system has became corrupt. The reason behind this is that the knowledge of today's youth is just becoming dead. Due to poor teaching, Improper conduction of exams. As you can see, I will not reveal the name of state, In a state the students were climbing the floors to tell the answers to the students in the hall. This example indicates the current condition of the youths.

The students are copying publicly question papers are being sold in black. Is this is the meaning of examination?Knowledge couldn't be achieved just it would become a black watermark on those Indians who dreamed of making India a Hi tech country. If this education system continued to run in this way, the education system will come to an extinct.

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Rahul Sarkar said: (Sep 17, 2015)  
Examination is a way to government services and any other sectors. So, it is an important matter. But many other persons who are excellent in other activities, they are facing problems. So, government should make enough choices to choose carrier as one's wish.

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Swetanjali said: (Sep 12, 2015)  
Hi friends,

According to me too some extent examinations are killing the actual meaning of education as its very obvious that nowadays students are only munging up the portion of syllabus that's all which will not fetch them much rather just a dull future.

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Shahbaj said: (Sep 9, 2015)  
Hello friends myself Shahbaj.

Here I would like to say that institutions are already taking practical examination as well as oral exams according to different subjects so that is also a kind of examination. Also as the population of India has reached upto that level that it is quite difficult to assess each and every student separately so examination give them easy way to assess them.

Also teaching and examination are two different things changing in teaching method doesn't mean that we should not exam them, if a student is well taught then also he would be able score well in exams.

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Sanu Mathew said: (Sep 7, 2015)  
Hi guys,

I think examination is killing education because most of the students are mug up the topics and write the exam to get more marks. Education means gaining knowledge by practical knowledge.

Thank you.

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Meadhvi said: (Sep 5, 2015)  
I agree that education does not mean scoring good marks as if we take example of Mr.Bill gates was a dropper. But if we see him now he is the richest man in world.

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Nivetha said: (Sep 3, 2015)  
Hi friends,

I am Nivetha, I agree the examination is essential to education system. But many students are evaluated by their examination mark not by original talent. Because of this activity of the people students are change their method in education. Most of the students are mug up and vomiting in their examination to make their self as bright students. By these factors the education will be killed.

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Abcd said: (Sep 2, 2015)  
I think examination is not killing the education. Because the actual meaning of examination is students examine their self by understanding the lessons and observe the lessons. Nowadays students are evaluating by their marks. It is totally wrong. To maintain our self as bright student, they mug up the lessons and writing at the exams. By this activity of the students and society, the examination will kill the education.

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Shivani Singhal said: (Sep 1, 2015)  
The main moto of education is to gain knowledge and exams are the best way to show what to you got but now a days the name of examination is exchanged with marks. Students focus more on gaining the marks rather than understanding the real meaning.

If teachers start to focus on the practical terms than on a theoretical terms then the fear of examination will automatically be vanished off. Education system has killed the real meaning of examination, otherwise examinations is the best criteria to get into anything and show your worth.

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M.Pravin said: (Aug 23, 2015)  
Hi I'm Pravin.

I would like to give some examples, nowadays getting state first ranks become a usual thing for 10th and 12th students. About 100 getting 1st marks, 200 getting 2nd marks and 400 getting 3rd marks in SSLC exams! How is it happening students are torched by parents and teachers to get good mark, so they started to mug up everything whatever they see not even knowing what is given in books.

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S. Indira said: (Aug 10, 2015)  
Education means gaining of knowledge by the practical knowledge. Exams are very important for every knowledge expressing way. We think I know every thing, but we will know that when we write an exam then only we will know whether it is true or not.

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Parveen Firdose said: (Aug 9, 2015)  
Hi friends,

Examinations are not killed system is killing students because system are targeting to marks they are not understanding what is the purpose of exam nowadays students are frustrated of exams in fact they involving in malpractice. So we want to try to change the system.

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Krunal said: (Aug 5, 2015)  
Hi friends,

We all know why the examinations are taken? Yes for testing the knowledge of the student. But what you all things is this a correct way to jug the student. No according to me only by taking the 3 hour test we can't test the knowledge of a student.

Yes examination is killing the main motto of education. The main purpose that the education means i.e. the knowledge and these knowledge is gained by the practical things. So I think we should equal weight ages to the exam & practicals.

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Suji said: (Aug 4, 2015)  
In my point of view, exams are important to check his/her capability but only in his own talents. For example fish has talent in swimming. If we orders to climb on a tree even though it spends its whole life to climb its impossible and at the same time there is no happiness and satisfaction in its life. So what I mean is one should check his own skills.

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Falak Shah said: (Jul 30, 2015)  
Today education is a mess of just gulping the notes and vomiting it on to a paper for 2 or 3 hours. It has become a business. Education system can be fatherly called exams. If this sale of exams continue practicals will be a history.

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Gowthami said: (Jul 29, 2015)  
Hello friends.

My objective of examination is to test student knowledge on particular subject and their related knowledge. If we didn't have exam then we cannot estimate the capability so exams are necessary but our corporate education system changes the main moto of exams their are trying to get highest marks to represent their schools are best.

Cooperate schools encourage students to mugged the subject not to learn the subject if the system changes then the education system changes. We hope that exam pattern will change.

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Abhay Awasthi said: (Jul 22, 2015)  
Dear friends,

Exams have really killed the education. The main purpose of education is to provide a student, the knowledge and the 'exams' were introduced with a aim that it would help in testing the potential. But there is a big but, Today exams are not thane as 'exams' but students by heart the subjects before giving their exams. This would no way help to test a student's real ability within a test of couple of hours. We need to pay more heed towards the practical knowledge than the bookish knowledge.

Today exams have became the mirror that shows the ability of a student but my dear friends can it really show the real ability of student?No! not at all, exams are not the parameters of a students excellence. I was quite interested as I was busy in one my practicals and was writing the observation in a paper then suddenly my mom stepped in and took away all my papers and strictly told me to do study as you are going to face your boards exams this year.

Guys this this is the education! We all give practical fee to our schools but still we are not allowed to do the practicals. WHY? This way exams have killed the zits of education and yes they prevent us from practical knowledge.

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Satyam Singh said: (Jul 12, 2015)  
Yes examinations has killed our educations system.

According to me, exam should not be a criteria to judge ability of students. Some student can get good marks by mugging even if they don't know anything related to that subject and the one who has knowledge is consider as dumb why? Because he was unable to secure good marks. You can not evaluate any student by a 2 or 3 hours exam.

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Devashish said: (Jul 12, 2015)  
Education means learning the way of living from our elders but present day education has become just a mess. The only thing we ignore that whatever we are learning is right or not. For instance grade 12 maths is not applicable for science as well as commerce. Students cannot express what they know in 3 hours and on a examination paper.

There should equal weight age given practicals and theory. If possible more focus should provided on practicals. This will really gonna help those who have potential and clear picture for the ones who mug up the things and top the boards.

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Devashish said: (Jul 8, 2015)  
Hi myself Devashish.

The reason why I am presenting my co-opinion. Exam are good to give but that does not rally mean that our liberty to do other things that too are very important for us. Not every be an allrouder some can do better in academics other in sports or any other art. Exams are not the parameters why.

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Tisha said: (Jul 3, 2015)  
Yes examinations has killed our educations system. According to me exam should not be a criteria to judge ability of students. Some student can get good marks by mugging even if they don't know anything related to that subject and the one who has knowledge is consider as dumb why? Because he was unable to secure good marks. You can not evaluate any student by a 2 or 3 hours exam.

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Sneha said: (Jun 16, 2015)  
Hello everyone,

According to me, education is there for increasing the knowledge of the student. It is normally said to be that examination is the mirror of the student. But I think one examination can't evaluate the capability of a student. It may happen that a particular student who has really good knowledge, is not able to get good marks because of illness or some mental pressure.

So, I would prefer day to day evaluation than a single examination. It not only able us to find out the actually talented student but also there will be no pressure on the students. Because solving the last 10 years questions before one month of examination or taking some short cut to get good marks in the examination does't enrich our knowledge.

Rate this: +48 -3

Harshvardhan said: (Jun 11, 2015)  
I think teachers and Parents must keenly observe a particular student and find out their special talent and based on their talent they should help them in that field only. Otherwise anyhow after PUC or degree or masters its gonna end up like a disaster because it will run the future of the student, kill the parent's hope and put a bad remark on the institution.

So, my advice is mainly focus on talent of every student to grow them and help them in weak subjects to pass their examination this way we can eliminate the problems happening in the society.

Rate this: +12 -9

N.Renusree said: (Jun 9, 2015)  
Hello every one this is Renusree.

I agree with all because now a day's education system became a race in this race some one are wining and some one are loosing. The winner may get good marks but they won't have sufficient knowledge. The whole education system is having many drawbacks. I hope there will be any change. Do you people agree with me?

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Pari said: (Jun 3, 2015)  

I totally agree that " examination killing education" because the main objective of exam is to test a students knowledge but many students appearing for the exam focus on various methods of scoring higher grades rather than gaining knowledge.

Hence these students end up having only theoretical but no practical knowledge, which is actually required. I would also like to mention that as students focus more on grades many of them try scoring by bad means like cheating.

Rate this: +19 -2

Pavankumar said: (Jun 1, 2015)  
Hi guys,

I want to ask the guys suggest some to change except practical knowledge etc, other than that say 5 ways to improve the education system if you can't give 5 changes that can be done don't talk as you like about Indian education system who do you think you are if you can't give suggestions you are unfit for talking.

Rate this: +4 -14

Ramyakavi said: (May 26, 2015)  
Hi friends,

In my point of view examination is necessary for students. But nowadays most of the student aims to get good marks, not a knowledge. Then schools and colleges are providing sheets for good mark students but some student have good knowledge but not having marks.

So, I suggest that examination should be conducted in such a way students should enhance their practical knowledge.

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Bowya Manjhari said: (May 14, 2015)  
I agree that examination is good. But at present, our educational system is not fair because students mostly focus on marks, they never gain knowledge about the study they just learn their books. They even doesn't care what they are learning about. So they are just bookworms.

Rate this: +13 -4

Lavika said: (Apr 14, 2015)  
Hi I'm Lavika.

I just want to say that there are both the advantage and disadvantage of education in life. The advantage is that the student performance shows on the result that how much the student have studied throughout the year.

And the disadvantage is that the school forces the student to study. I mean it should be but not forcefully it gives a type of pressure because the students have to work a lot as from institution and school homework. So it should be done in a limit.

Rate this: +20 -12

Kundan Saw said: (Apr 13, 2015)  
My opinion is, Yes examination has killed education system, just because students not threat or fair for studies, he only threat for results, that what will be if I didn't get good marks in higher education than I won't get good college for admission and all.

So, he always fair from the beginning ever after he his at good at study and as we all know that lot of suicide case of students are happening just because of the that.

Rate this: +22 -9

Bhushan said: (Mar 30, 2015)  
Hi I'm Bhushan.

My view on exam is that, exams are must because it shows that whatever we learn on for future or for our-self, we understood and it also tells that institution from where we are learning is able to do their job properly and main purpose of educating people has been successful. This should happen but in our education system people give exam only to pass the subject I personally don't understand for whom they give the exam and what it signifies, it neither educates you nor it make any improvement in your profile that you studied this and that subject very well.

Today almost 95% students read the portion a week before the exam, this is totally wrong. Teachers should teach in such a way that students will develop their interest and students also should read daily which is been taught in class or school then no exam will kill the education.

Exams are basically for us only they don't give any credit to school. So main thing is we must change our attitude towards exam and this will be very helpful for improving our education system its my humble request to all to change our thinking so that system will have to change.

Rate this: +30 -5

Vinayak said: (Mar 16, 2015)  

I am a teenager and have bright plans. I have never cared about how much I score, but have certainly kept a check on my knowledge. These exams have crushed all my plans. I had to do some important research. But these exams poked in. Parents never allow me to touch the computer while in exam, even if they know I have done all the syllabus. They have taken away my research papers and have hidden them somewhere, I am hopeless now as I have only a few days and they think that I can do the thing for 10 days, and then get back to rigorous studies for class 10. Oh my! will someone tell them that it is not a piece of cake.

Next year I won't be able to do any research at all. Thanks to this genius system which will burden you of pointless theories and zero practicals. We all pay practical's fee! why shouldn't we be allowed to perform practicals everyday. In fact going to labs is still a luxury in some schools.

Education needs to be revised to meet today's requirements. We are still taught classical mechanics while the world is reading quantum mechanics. This education system praises those who stuff their mouths before exam and spill it out on the exam day. They don't even remember a word after that!

Guys lets do something! Its high time.

Rate this: +43 -7

Prashant said: (Mar 12, 2015)  
Hello everyone.

As all of you described the good and bad things of this situation, most of them are true indeed but still I personally believe that examinations are a part of education system as it's main motive is to test the knowledge of the students but I do believe that the path being followed in specifically in our country India is old and in my opinion it needs to be changed or altered because as it is turning out our education system is becoming more theoretical and practicality is somehow losing it's significance, and we all know that practicality is the need of the hour for surviving in today's world.

In our country it has become a kind of passion to be on the top but most of them lacks of practical knowledge that's why our students are migrating to foreign country who lacks marks but have innovative ideas. And I don't think I need to state an example to you of Indians serving other countries instead of serving their own.

Rate this: +11 -7

E said: (Mar 2, 2015)  
We Step into this education system at the age of 5 and completed at age 25. In this valuable period of time our childhood with wonderful imagination capabilities, and our teenage with innovative ideas and creative thoughts are gone. Because this system never give value for these in our education system.

In our school days they always said that you must memorize every thing and just write on paper that's enough, you will become topper. Then children thought that may this is the right
way, ultimately he forgot his capabilities of imagination.

Come to collage days or teenage, in this age students has innovative ideas and thoughts but here also the same thing happens, this competitive education system frightened you, that "your crazy ideas never give you the ranks, you must memorize formulas and make apply and calculate in your exam hall then only you will get job. Is this pattern really worth? What mean in memorizing formulas, student's must capable to create the formula's. This system put mark and judge all students to reach that, by this indirectly it makes a boundary to your thoughts
your capability.

"Education must lit your self consciousness and build your thinking capabilities ". But there is no foot prints of those qualities. "This zigzag education system can make knowledge dots
in your mind but your self consciousness only can link those dot's".


"There is no worth to knowledge without attitude". Through this racist education system,
student's are come out with evil qualities like envy, racism, meaning less competition. So many white collar fellows came out this education system indulges corruption, an IAS officer, a politician, more over chief justice of high court indulges corruption, and finally Shameful thing is a teacher harass a student.

"Education system must produce not only knowledge but also
morality in student's minds".


We proudly say that, oh ! Satya Nadella, our Indian become a CEO of Microsoft, oh! Our Tamil lady, Indra Nooyi become CEO of multinational company PepsiCo. Actually this is not matter of proud this is matter of shame. Because we can't able build a platform to them. May be in our
education system there is no certificate for the ideas and innovative thoughts. But in foreign countries ideas are more valuable than rankings. Mostly all certificate holders are work under idea's of crazy thinkers. Thinking capability is more valuable than knowledge. Thinkable man only survive happily in this obstacle world. For the change we must respect ideas along
with knowledge. "without thinking you are nothing".

We feel proud if we are employ of Microsoft. Just think once founder of that prestigious company was collage dropout, Bill Gates, but his creative thinking and entrepreneurial skills make him icon of this new enthusiastic generation. Unfortunately we don't even
heard of those things in our system. And also company Apple, founder of that also collage dropout, Steve Jobs. They are dropout but we feel proud when as a ranker to work under those school dropout thinkers.

We must agree one thing "Ultimately all Rankers work under
Thinkers". So we need to choose between them, be only a ranker or
be also a thinker.

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Examinations - has it killed education

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