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Vinayak said: (Mon, Mar 16, 2015 04:38:04 PM)    

I am a teenager and have bright plans. I have never cared about how much I score, but have certainly kept a check on my knowledge. These exams have crushed all my plans. I had to do some important research. But these exams poked in. Parents never allow me to touch the computer while in exam, even if they know I have done all the syllabus. They have taken away my research papers and have hidden them somewhere, I am hopeless now as I have only a few days and they think that I can do the thing for 10 days, and then get back to rigorous studies for class 10. Oh my! will someone tell them that it is not a piece of cake.

Next year I won't be able to do any research at all. Thanks to this genius system which will burden you of pointless theories and zero practicals. We all pay practical's fee! why shouldn't we be allowed to perform practicals everyday. In fact going to labs is still a luxury in some schools.

Education needs to be revised to meet today's requirements. We are still taught classical mechanics while the world is reading quantum mechanics. This education system praises those who stuff their mouths before exam and spill it out on the exam day. They don't even remember a word after that!

Guys lets do something! Its high time.

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Prashant said: (Thu, Mar 12, 2015 11:40:16 AM)    
Hello everyone.

As all of you described the good and bad things of this situation, most of them are true indeed but still I personally believe that examinations are a part of education system as it's main motive is to test the knowledge of the students but I do believe that the path being followed in specifically in our country India is old and in my opinion it needs to be changed or altered because as it is turning out our education system is becoming more theoretical and practicality is somehow losing it's significance, and we all know that practicality is the need of the hour for surviving in today's world.

In our country it has become a kind of passion to be on the top but most of them lacks of practical knowledge that's why our students are migrating to foreign country who lacks marks but have innovative ideas. And I don't think I need to state an example to you of Indians serving other countries instead of serving their own.

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E said: (Mon, Mar 2, 2015 03:37:35 PM)    
We Step into this education system at the age of 5 and completed at age 25. In this valuable period of time our childhood with wonderful imagination capabilities, and our teenage with innovative ideas and creative thoughts are gone. Because this system never give value for these in our education system.

In our school days they always said that you must memorize every thing and just write on paper that's enough, you will become topper. Then children thought that may this is the right
way, ultimately he forgot his capabilities of imagination.

Come to collage days or teenage, in this age students has innovative ideas and thoughts but here also the same thing happens, this competitive education system frightened you, that "your crazy ideas never give you the ranks, you must memorize formulas and make apply and calculate in your exam hall then only you will get job. Is this pattern really worth? What mean in memorizing formulas, student's must capable to create the formula's. This system put mark and judge all students to reach that, by this indirectly it makes a boundary to your thoughts
your capability.

"Education must lit your self consciousness and build your thinking capabilities ". But there is no foot prints of those qualities. "This zigzag education system can make knowledge dots
in your mind but your self consciousness only can link those dot's".


"There is no worth to knowledge without attitude". Through this racist education system,
student's are come out with evil qualities like envy, racism, meaning less competition. So many white collar fellows came out this education system indulges corruption, an IAS officer, a politician, more over chief justice of high court indulges corruption, and finally Shameful thing is a teacher harass a student.

"Education system must produce not only knowledge but also
morality in student's minds".


We proudly say that, oh ! Satya Nadella, our Indian become a CEO of Microsoft, oh! Our Tamil lady, Indra Nooyi become CEO of multinational company PepsiCo. Actually this is not matter of proud this is matter of shame. Because we can't able build a platform to them. May be in our
education system there is no certificate for the ideas and innovative thoughts. But in foreign countries ideas are more valuable than rankings. Mostly all certificate holders are work under idea's of crazy thinkers. Thinking capability is more valuable than knowledge. Thinkable man only survive happily in this obstacle world. For the change we must respect ideas along
with knowledge. "without thinking you are nothing".

We feel proud if we are employ of Microsoft. Just think once founder of that prestigious company was collage dropout, Bill Gates, but his creative thinking and entrepreneurial skills make him icon of this new enthusiastic generation. Unfortunately we don't even
heard of those things in our system. And also company Apple, founder of that also collage dropout, Steve Jobs. They are dropout but we feel proud when as a ranker to work under those school dropout thinkers.

We must agree one thing "Ultimately all Rankers work under
Thinkers". So we need to choose between them, be only a ranker or
be also a thinker.

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Alia Bhat said: (Thu, Feb 26, 2015 09:43:16 PM)    
Yes, that's right, examination has really killed the education. According to me more than our marks our discipline, courage, humanity and moral matters because I don't think getting 90% and more than it can help us earning good.

I hope that education system should understand this and take a good decision so that every person should get an opportunity to show that wet not less than others and more than the subject teachers should teach a child to be a good human before becoming a scholar.

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Gowthami said: (Thu, Feb 26, 2015 01:19:40 PM)    
Hello friends,

Yes, its true that examination is the only way to judge our own knowledge. But, this statement cannot be accepted because of our present education system, which mainly focuses on marks but not the knowledge that should be obtained, thus leading to the increased stress levels in students.

Moreover, the examinations should be practical rather than conducting them on theoretical basis. Therefore, examinations will surely kill education unless they are conducted in participation environment rather than authoritative environment.

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Sushant Suryawanshi said: (Mon, Feb 23, 2015 01:48:35 PM)    
Hello friends I am Sushant Suryawanshi from Kolhapur.

The examination deals with the only theory part. That's why most of the students are concentrate on the book part. That time the practical approach of the subject is missing by the students.

So, In the industry level practical point are useful so examination is really killed the education.

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Martha Pfeifer said: (Fri, Feb 6, 2015 07:56:56 AM)    
Hello fine students of India.

Examinations are a necessary component to many aspects of life. Test questions should be designed to test knowledge, and not memorization of the material.

Knowledge means you can apply the concept to other ideas other than the examples in the textbook.

Memorization means you can give the definition, but do not know what it means or how it applies to life. Somethings do require memorization such as spelling, math formulas. Most school only want the basics memorized. College Professors rarely test for memorization. They have gotten very good designing their examines to see if you understand the material.

Knowledge is power it will open many doors, people will respect you, and seek you out for advice. When we learn to obtain knowledge, we are sharpening are critical thinking skills. This is what the employer of today wants and the market demands. Most corporations will train you for specific tasks, but the critical thinking aspect is what they want you to bring to the table. Critical thinking allows a person to assess a situation and ask yourself is this reasonable? why or why not? Decide what should happen next; what is the most important task I need to do in order to fix a situation. Then what should I do, and so on. Lastly assess if the problem is resolved; are the steps you took a permanent or temporary situation? Should this be reported? why or why not? To who? Every situation will have different steps. There is no manual to refer to. Often these are the times quick decisions need to be made, so you can not ask anyone else what to do. In your personal life you will be able to defend you position on a issue with out saying, "Because" or "I read it somewhere" If you tell someone a fact make you you can explain it. If you advise somebody, you must be able to articulate why. The response, "Because I said so" is no longer acceptable.

Memorization lasts for a very short time. It will do very little for your future.

The very best way to learn new material is to teach it to someone else. Once you can do that, you have that knowledge. As knowledge builds critical thinking becomes easier. As critical thinking skills increase your life becomes easier.

Communication skills are still essential, even in a technical suave world. Make sure you have the skills to speak in groups or individually. Emails and text are not acceptable 100% of the time.

Good luck to all in their future endeavors.

Sincerely Martha Pfeifer USA.

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Adithya Varma said: (Thu, Feb 5, 2015 09:23:58 PM)    
Hello one and all,

I will definitely say that examinations are not killing the education but the people who are teaching and those who are conducting exams in this manner does that killing, now a days we being students are in a dilemma that "are we writing exams to test what we have learnt or are we learning something only because we need to write exams". There is no fault in the concept of examination but the fault is present in the manner that we are conducting it.

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Ankit said: (Thu, Feb 5, 2015 09:03:43 PM)    

No, I don't think so examinations doesn't kill education in fact it's a system where individual is tested. In examinations they won't ask students to write new things, we learn about existing things always written by great people. Through examinations our skills, way representation and vocabulary etc.

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Deepika said: (Sat, Jan 24, 2015 09:55:51 PM)    
Hi friends,

Yes really examination have killed education. I don't know one thing why people give importance to marks. If a person is good at marks are treated as clever and the people with less marks are treated as duller. Student feels much pressure to get good marks because of their parents and examination.

Even Bill Gates quote is best example for this "I failed in examination while I was in school but my friend passed in all examinations. Now he is an employee in Microsoft and I am the owner of Microsoft".

By seeing in this we can understand that all depends on our talent and our skills. Marks are like water vapour which evaporates before talent and skills.

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Mohammad Aamir said: (Sat, Jan 24, 2015 01:44:05 AM)    
Hello Friends.

Due to respect all views. My name is Aamir according to me examinations has killed the education exactly.

Because we all here know that mostly the student only concentrate on his result for some kind of reputation and he can get good marks.

But a middle level student are try to learn the book before one month of exam for obtain the passing marks and all year or semester he waste his time for doing something which is not related to the education etc.

If the exam may not be conducted by the college or school than every student try to gain her knowledge with respect to his career not marks. Than may be all student regularly try to learn something new.

But may many student don't want to learn because the exam is not conducted then after sometimes he realize that what is right or what is wrong. And he can choose according his interest.

So exam should not be conducted by the college. If conducted than all the book and notes are allow in the examination room. And all the question in the question paper is new due to research or anything. Then he is not trying to learn for mark he try to learn for knowledge.

Thank you.

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Uma Sri Vani said: (Fri, Jan 23, 2015 11:03:40 PM)    
Hai friends,

According to my knowledge, In our education system the persons good score + without knowledge are recognized and awarded them, but the persons without score + with good knowledge not recognized.

Education purpose is gathering knowledge, but that educated persons are not recognizable. So that I strongly believe that exams KILL the education purpose.

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Divya said: (Wed, Jan 21, 2015 10:34:03 AM)    
Exams are conducted for marks only. Marks will not decide the knowledge. One who got more marks he/she is not is said be a knowledgeable person. Only few person has knowledge who got more marks.

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Ankit said: (Sun, Jan 18, 2015 03:14:38 PM)    
Hi friends,

Examination are as important as a teacher in education, Exams play the same role as a 'failure test' conducted on a beam if you avoid this test then we do not get to know whether the structure is going to survive the load or not, similarly exam test the strength and knowledge of the students and how are they implementing it.

Exams not only help students but also teacher/professors are get to know their students which helps them to decide different teaching methodology applied for various student based on their performance (e.g he/she can pay more attention toward a weak student).

Hence exams are very important part of education system it showcase student's talent, strength and weakness among other students.

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Kashish Goyal said: (Tue, Jan 13, 2015 12:28:44 PM)    
Exams are the ways to test your knowledge. I hardly think that exams have killed education because by giving exams a person know how much he have understood by his studies. Exams have been always seen as a burden by students but they don't know it is necessity for them. If we are not going to give the exams then it will be a problem for us because we will keep going forward without knowing what we actually know.

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Preeta said: (Thu, Jan 8, 2015 10:04:20 PM)    
Examination just can't judge a students talent; also this is giving stress to students, most of them have even attempted suicide just because of it. It is definite that there must be change in this system.

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Sandhiya.M said: (Thu, Jan 8, 2015 09:25:24 PM)    
Hi friends I am Sandhiya,

I agree with the point, that examination kill the education because now a days everyone should try to get more marks not to get knowledge because the student who have scored more marks are praised even though they mug up, but not the students who have right capability or knowledge but not able to express it in words.

I accept that everyone should not able to mug up its a special quality but if we have any special quality means we need to use that quality in a good way, by doing a thing we should gain something like knowledge or an experience but by mug upping the question we got good marks and may be a reputed college but my point is that if we understand atleast a single concept rather by mug upping a full book gives more knowledge.

So we can prove our self in that particular concept so you became a master in that concept. The person who have better mug upping quality can prove their talent by mug upping Tirukkural etc. So everyone should praised their talent and he/she can became a role model of anyone. I think that this is a right way of expressing their talent no need to prove their mug upping talent in examination there we need to develop our learning skill not a memory capacity.

Thank You Friend I hope that everyone should accept this.

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Sumana Yadav said: (Fri, Dec 26, 2014 09:12:07 PM)    
Examinations are just to test how far a student learned the subject. I don't like just a exam paper deciding the talent and position of a student. Students who get average marks feel themselves lower and try to get good marks in next test by any way, wrong or right.

Some students copy by saying that they never read but they are writing exams, some in fear of their reputation, parents and teachers. Toppers will also copy in fear of protecting their ranks. So if every one copy then what's the use of exams, marks, etc.

Now presently exams are the reason for emergence of dishonesty and jealousy in current generation at tender age in schools. Some students who are differentiated due to their marks or effected by teachers, exams become resisted to normality and say that they never opened the book nor heard the class but they got that many marks and feel great of themselves. They even discourage honest students. Teachers also sometimes support dishonesty. They also judge in dishonest way (not all).

My opinion for teachers is don't disclose marks publicly but give suggestions to students to improve their skills and intellectualize. Please don't create differences among students. Every one has their own talent. Students run behind moral values not behind marks and dishonesty.


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Aditya said: (Tue, Dec 23, 2014 06:56:10 PM)    
According to my opinion examination should be held it does not kill our education but the pattern of examination kills it the pattern must be changed. Most of the students copy the answers in the exams. They study only the day before the exams. So the exams must be held more in the form of practical, group discussion, viva etc. and less in written form.

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Bolera said: (Fri, Dec 19, 2014 03:51:10 PM)    
Examinations have their own importance. They must be held. Because that improves the stress management. But the ways. Both they held and the way students take them must be changed. There should not discrimination like pass or fail. They must decide the cadre of promotion but not the stage of promotion.

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Surprise said: (Thu, Dec 18, 2014 06:25:20 PM)    
Hi friends.

I really agree to the statement "exams kills education" because some students just study the next day of the exam. Some students make plan that they will deal (copy) each other and the teachers don't realize that. Although I am a ranker I don't like exam as it causes stress and some of my friends are now my enemies.


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Jumaila said: (Wed, Dec 17, 2014 09:18:02 PM)    
Hello everyone. I personally think that the written examination pattern has literally killed the present education system. This is because the present written pattern examination has literally become a source of fear for the students. Students may be given lengthy question papers with limited time.

There are students who have the sufficient knowledge and are good in practical sense but cannot reproduce their knowledge as words for the examination paper. So, the marks awarded if low could hamper the confidence of bright students who are not good at giving written tests. It is also seen as a practice during examination time wherein the students are forced to mug up just for the sake of getting marks for the exam.

So the students who have the caliber of writing well and have good handwriting have the chances of scoring good marks but in reality when this happens the legitimacy of the education system is being questioned. So, in short with present examination pattern prevailing, marks are given higher priority than having proper knowledge.

But still, there should be some methodology to test the knowledge and skills of students. I would suggest some frequent oral tests and practical exams which would actually help both the teacher and student himself or herself analyse and keep track of his/her level of knowledge and skills.

I think this is better than the written examination paper which are most likely to go to dust bin after correction as most of the students would not even bother to go through the mistakes.

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Bidyut said: (Thu, Dec 11, 2014 02:09:20 AM)    
Yes I support the point:

1. Examination is all about remembering the things and putted down in the papers. It is not about learning.

2. According to recent survey that 70% of the Hr said that they wanted to pick their employees on the basis soft skills they possess so examination has totally disrupted their chance of getting selected.

3. Today 80% of the Indian youth unemployable according to times of India survey as because they don't have the basic knowledge of subject. Memories totally erases capacity of learning.

4. Examination totally lose out creativity out new breed of students makes them machine.

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Vicky Sonker said: (Sat, Dec 6, 2014 01:13:30 PM)    
Hi dear friends I want share my view of point examination is not kill the student exam is the path which you can improve your learning skill it is measuring your knowledge where are you stand this is a way which type of knowledge you have to be improve in future.

So you can prefect in future after completing you study if you have good knowledge you will get which type of job you want if your are not give the exam how can justified where are you stand exam is play very good roll in you life growth.

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Azarudeen.B said: (Fri, Dec 5, 2014 09:48:53 AM)    
Hai Friends. I am Azar,

Examination is just the practice to outcome our knowledge what we have studied in that field. But in now a days exam is the only way to decide the person is brilliant or not.

Thomas Alva Edison said that "Tomorrow is my exam but I am not worry about that because a single paper doesn't decide my talent".

Writing the exam and getting higher mark is not the only way to prove you are a knowledge person. Express your thoughts and idea to a real practice to show your talent.

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Vamsi said: (Tue, Dec 2, 2014 07:48:55 PM)    
Hi friends.

Exams are meant to judge ones own knowledge. But coming to reality this is unfair because it is curtailing the creativity of the student. The worst part of today's education system is that it is resulting in bookish knowledge which is of no use. Though the number of educated is increasing, quality is declining. Because of exams students are just sticking to their academic books and not showing any interest in widening their knowledge.

In this contest I would like to say that Particularly India's education system is a failure as "closed book system" exists here and the students go on mugging up the answers. Where as in foreign countries "open book system" exists which is of more advantageous as the student goes through each and every line of text several times.

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Khurana Kool said: (Mon, Nov 17, 2014 08:41:18 AM)    
According to me is examination means to test or examine a person but we all know that examinations from school level to college level have group examinations where everyone has a prone to cheating or discussing this gives a wrong analysis report of the particular person.

So I do feel that the examinations are to be conducted in a different patterns. To know what is the exact knowledge gained by the person and to know how will be the future of India. In an analytical manner. :)

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Anonymous said: (Mon, Nov 17, 2014 04:42:37 AM)    
What examination has done to us? we study one day before the exam (most of us). This is not the real test/performance of the student. The Real test is when you do a journal/patent in a subject, where you can contribute something to the education. Just learning the subjects for namesake purposes without interest is worthless and you will hate it all the time.

Life is short, do what you love. The aim of education is to make a human come out with new ideas and help the society or mankind. Testing one's knowledge is meaningless because, if he has the knowledge he will come out with new ideas. SO ITS ONLY SKILL THATS REQUIRED. Examinations or marks don't carry any meaning.

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Nilutpaul said: (Sat, Nov 15, 2014 12:38:57 AM)    
Education is needed from where we can gain knowledge but the process to have examination in education is not good as education is only of gaining knowledge and knowledge can only gain if we are having our willingness to have it and having the curiosity to know more and work on it like tenacious persons.

As marks will not give us the bread and butter in future but with the knowledge we can earn bread and butter remember company are hiring employee who are having great knowledge and who create and innovate things we all need to explore from the mains books.

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Ajith said: (Fri, Oct 31, 2014 11:18:32 AM)    
I my point of view, examination is a good way of testing our knowledge. It is one of the experience through we can learn our mistakes.

We have to thank HENRY MISHEL who first introduced examination.

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Pragati said: (Thu, Oct 30, 2014 01:04:26 PM)    
Examination is a best way to identify the students who are lagging behind. The students scoring bad in exams should be taken care of. Understanding the problems faced by him rather than discriminating them. While in our country it is completely opposite.

The strong students are always praised and separate section is created for weak student (though it was for betterment, but actually it goes other way round).

Such discrimination provoke the weak students in copying using unfair means in examination.

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Simran said: (Sun, Oct 26, 2014 11:59:31 PM)    
Education is what? A process through which we gain knowledge about our surroundings. About rights and wrongs. Examination can be a good aspect on testing how well a person knows about his or her surroundings. Can be a bad aspect as it creates a social pressure on students to gain good marks. And the marks have created a caste system like students getting good marks are good and those scoring less are not. So it should not be taken in this way. The pressure should be reduced then only the purpose of examination can be fulfilled.

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Kowsy said: (Wed, Oct 15, 2014 04:09:27 PM)    
Hi my dear friends, the topic is very effective and sensitive. In my perspective examination is not killing the education. One could get good time management skills and presentation skills only through examination.

This is very much useful when the attend competitive examination or when they attend the interview. So examination is very much need for the education system.

Thank you my dear fellow mates.

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Swapnil Sanap said: (Mon, Oct 13, 2014 11:39:23 PM)    
Now a days Students just think about imp questions they don't know the purpose of chapters objectives of chapter they just depend on marks making show off, they didn't know about how these things works I think that exams really not killed but slowly slowly killing education as well as students its main purpose is to increase the pressure.

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Ravi said: (Sun, Oct 12, 2014 12:11:01 AM)    
Hello friends,

Examination is a test of knowledge we gain through education.

Examinations conducted in right way are always good for education. The trend of conducting examinations now a days seriously hamper the education or knowledge growth.

More interactive and practical examinations have to be conducted rather than by hard and write kind of examinations of present days.

Examinations are the only means that help us and others in arriving at conclusion about our knowledge.

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Punith Apaj said: (Thu, Oct 9, 2014 04:14:14 PM)    
Hi friends,

I agree this statement examinations kill the education and also the knowledge of the people, as we know that some students are have scored good marks in exams but their practical knowledge about the subject is very poor but some students score less marks in exams but the practical knowledge about the subject is very well this shows that exams are creating pressure to the students mind and don't let him to understand the subject correctly as I say in above paragraph that the students who score good marks is really not by his good knowledge but he is having good bi-hating the subject due to the exam pressures.

We conclude finally that examinations kill education.

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Vishal said: (Sun, Sep 28, 2014 10:17:36 PM)    
Apart from studies, co-curricular activities are also important. But students are mainly made to focus on getting good marks rather than actually getting knowledge from what they study. They are much concerned about what can be asked in examination and they prepare themselves in same manner.

So how can we say that examinations are actually testing one's knowledge when they are not getting full knowledge on a particular topic as they study only to get marks.

True knowledge includes inculcating good habits, manners which is a part of education and one must focus on these things rather than only focusing on getting marks. So the examinations are not exactly helping to increase knowledge but making practical minds to work as dumb ass.

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Aparna said: (Wed, Sep 24, 2014 11:35:56 PM)    

I think examinations are important part of an educational system, but it does not let you know a true performance of a student. Main think to focus about is the knowledge that we take, concepts that we learn. When a student get to know the concepts well he/she can succeed in any examination, therefore, examinations are important to a level.

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Haresh said: (Sun, Sep 21, 2014 09:48:59 PM)    
Exams work fine anywhere else in the world. I think the main problem is India is that learning is geared to teach students to memorise petty facts rather that understand essential concepts. The educators are unable to separate the essence of a subject from its accidents. Why would someone memorise key words rather than understand core principles. For example knowing the moment of inertia of certain bodies is not as important as understanding that it is the rotational analog of mass. Knowing the name of a of a grammar term is not as important as knowing how to follow it. The problem is that students who become teachers also growing up also believing that learning is fact based rather than concept based. Memorising useless facts appears to give one bragging rights.

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Vijay said: (Tue, Sep 16, 2014 05:10:10 PM)    
Hello Friends,

Exams are not killed the education, it is such foolish assumption of people according to me exam is a medium of checking or justifying our knowledge and what we learn suppose we are doing such task in which we have give to the output of that work and we done it without justifying what we do and after some time we lost the way,

I mean to say that, if we give exam then we go right way and choose right goal in our life.


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Pankaj said: (Mon, Sep 15, 2014 12:54:59 PM)    
Examination should be conducted and should be more focused on practical knowledge than theory. Practical knowledge is longlast knowledge and by learning theory we would remember up to maximum 2 days.

Because, In today's world practical knowledge is more essential in any field. Theory exams should be there but, should have a limit and more and papers should focus on practical knowledge bit.

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A Lover Of Truth said: (Fri, Sep 12, 2014 11:06:54 PM)    
Purpose of education is not getting jobs, or a greater life, but a greater world. Though, it must be admitted that exams allow a check in progress, however the present trend of education supports exam learning, rather than actual learning, this is wrong and is the cause of dilution of education. Learning to use rather to write should be encouraged, exams should not be given much importance. The purpose of exams should be change rather than chance.

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Aadil said: (Wed, Sep 10, 2014 01:34:15 PM)    
Hello friends. We are Aadil Saifi & Nazim Tyagi.

Exams are very essential part of education which test our knowledge, thinking ability, memory and sharpness of mind.

Exam determines that how much we got learn about the particular subject within particular duration.

It also tells about our rate of learning and understanding.

Exam does not kill the education because they improve our knowledge, talent and ability.

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Sakshi Agarwal said: (Tue, Sep 9, 2014 10:32:08 PM)    
Education is not about exams. It is about practical knowledge. So one must learn the things practically not theoretically. It will help us a lot as by learning things practically one can understand the things well and will not going to forget it in future. But if someone learn the things just theoretically he or she will surely forget it after sometime.

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Krishna Gole said: (Wed, Aug 27, 2014 10:11:15 AM)    
I think exam is very important and also mandatory part of. Education system. Exam helps student the known its knowledge level and when results come students known their level and then they improve themselves but when their is no exam no one can study because they all are known we can't have to pass any exam for appearing in next class or higher education. In that we can't decide that who are educated person because all are achieving higher degree because their no exam.

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Paramananda Swain said: (Sun, Aug 24, 2014 01:12:19 AM)    
In my point of view education is best for person. But that does not mean if some one will get maximum marks, we can not say. He is educated. Some of the student are mugging up notes/books and write in exam, he will get maximum marks. Those students are struggling in company group discussion and some of the entrance examination like net, get.

First you understand your concept. Some of the topics are practically very good to understand. Those things we have to do in a particular way. Examination questions should be conceptual not theoretical. That suggestion wii arrive a person in particular platform. Lastly I want to say manner is very important thing for a person.

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Aditya Jha said: (Wed, Aug 20, 2014 10:13:23 PM)    
I think exams are not that important all we need is little bit of knowledge see some cricketers like Sachin, Dhoni, Virat and others they did not did too much studies but also they achieved something great so my friends exams are not all we need.

Rate this:   +13   -16

Amitha Lal said: (Wed, Aug 20, 2014 08:01:13 PM)    
Naturally every things had it's own merits and demerits if I'm standing in the part of merit ya exam help the student to grow his knowledge and to improve themselves. If there is no xam then of course there is no use of edu. And if I'm standing in the place of demerit ya I also agree with it without knowing the basic of anything they are just byhearting the given topic n sometimes by malpractice they are earning the good marks.

Rate this:   +8   -4

Chitra said: (Thu, Aug 14, 2014 09:01:15 PM)    
Hai friends, In my point of view examination is killing the education because they are mugging up the book only for marks and they are also getting good marks but after their studies they are struggling in companies without knowing the basics of their fields.

Rate this:   +21   -9

Sandeep Sahu said: (Thu, Aug 7, 2014 11:27:08 PM)    
Hello friends,

Exams are one of the parameters to measure one's education. But if a person can write 2-3 pages that doesn't mean that he/she is well educated. We call someone educated if he/she knows the concepts and has good manners.

So, from exams point of view, to judge a student, conceptual questions must be asked in the exams. But if the questions are theoretical then its equal to killing of education.

Rate this:   +22   -4

Aasim said: (Wed, Aug 6, 2014 05:37:28 PM)    
I think examination is the most important thing in this world and it does not kill education.

Rate this:   +3   -33

Shubhangi said: (Wed, Jul 30, 2014 07:41:31 AM)    
Hi friends.

As per I think, examinations is the best way for students to test their knowledge. Every student gets same knowledge from their teachers but it is also important for both to check how much is captured by that student, for this examinations becomes helpful. Also because of exams one can get information about the competition in today's world. So that he may try at his best to gain more and more knowledge.

As we know that every coin has two sides, in the same way sometimes students gets pressurized because of exams also. So pattern of examinations should be comfortable for students.

Rate this:   +31   -2

Darshan said: (Sat, Jul 19, 2014 06:55:38 PM)    

No, examination hasn't killed education, in fact, education helps the students in judging the time, it makes us realize how time is important in everyone's life. But, nowadays students want to get rid of the examinations which is not a good sign for their development. No doubt, education gives us the values but examination gives us the understanding of it, but students nowadays mug up all the answers instead of understanding the logic behind it, that's the reason, why the students feel pressurized mostly during the examination time and curse the examination and their study pattern.

Students firstly has to change the way of their self study pattern, instead of mugging it up all at once, learn to understand the logic behind it and I want the education department to change the study pattern a bit and make it more reliable and a bit stress-free so that students don't get into mugging up habits again.

Rate this:   +48   -3

Akash said: (Fri, Jul 18, 2014 04:37:37 PM)    
According to me examination is something that encourages us with knowledge. But now a days student's aims are high, so to reach their aim student read very much and mug up everything and vomit in the examination sheet. By this the capability of the student can be understood but the student knowledge cannot be understood.

Parents also encourages student to read in this pattern. But according to me a student read by understanding the subjects, not by mugging up. So I want to conclude by saying that the education pattern must be changed, there should be more activities in which the student will need their own talent to do the work.


Rate this:   +9   -0

Reshmi said: (Tue, Jul 15, 2014 02:51:02 PM)    
Examination plays an important role in today's world. Of course, examination is necessary to assess the knowledge of students. But nowadays examination is just getting marks for both students and parents and getting 100% success for educational institutions. Parents force their children to mug up the topics in textbooks and they will omit the same thing in answer paper. Is this the way to assess the knowledge ? In my view, today's education system is mainly for assessing student's mug up capability. So, first education system has to change.

Rate this:   +25   -1

Meera said: (Sun, Jul 13, 2014 11:36:22 AM)    
In my point of view nowadays education is based on our marks. All students are studying for marks only nowadays. Because our parents point of view my girl or boy get good marks in that subject. They are proudly say to society. They like it. For that the parents compulsion only the students are studying and vomiting all the things in exam. They did not study for our knowledge improvement. In education system also we need some alternations.

Rate this:   +6   -2

Ayantika Saha said: (Tue, Jun 17, 2014 01:17:50 AM)    
My point of view is if I am not interested in a subject, say maths then why should I read it till class 10 ? why I should study it if I can't build any concentration power in it. I am fond of singing. Let it be a co-curricular subject doesn't matter. The thing that matter is to choose my willingness to sing and I might study about singing according to my choice. Why the teachers will decide my aim ?

Rate this:   +13   -20

Shivangi said: (Sun, Jun 15, 2014 10:49:49 AM)    

In my point of view, education is very important part of our life because it teach us discipline, work hard, make us responsible to finish work on time.

It's also true that practical knowledge is more important but exam giving a lot of experience to the student.

Rate this:   +10   -7

Santosh Singh said: (Mon, May 26, 2014 02:21:29 AM)    
Examination is very good things to examine yourself and checking the knowledge about the particular. It should be must in education life because it develops pressure handling capacity of student. If examination is not held then it is like playing with career of students.

Now a day for any reputed job examination is taken by the their respective firm so if the students are feared for examination they could not got a better placement.

So it is completely wrong to say that examinations has killed the education.

To crack any exam people must be educated for being a competent.

Rate this:   +10   -11

Vujjini Sushma said: (Wed, May 7, 2014 08:35:39 PM)    
NO no. Examination have no at all killed education.

Infact education in a person is tested by conducting an examination. Examinations helps a student find his strenght and weakness in a particular subject. Examinations let a student work hard and gain more knowledge.

Examination helps a student find his path to success.

SO nowhere in history would examination be a suspect for killing education. !

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Ginny said: (Sat, May 3, 2014 03:34:36 PM)    
Exams have always been the part of education. Exam shows where a student stands in his class and how much more he need to work hard. They can be burden on students but actually this burden is for good. Exams make us responsible and able to finish the work within deadline.

Exams teach us patience which is most important thing in our life, business and everything too. From exams we get inspired to move ahead with more dedication and devotion.

Rate this:   +9   -10

Tulika said: (Thu, May 1, 2014 04:08:42 PM)    
Good Afternoon,

No examination have not killed the students, but yeah at same time its has been overburden them. Exam is a very logical approach to assess one's knowledge because it is very to know whether the students has grabbed the knowledge or not at that level and then only he or she can proceed further with further education. If we see we can just systematise the exam in a such a way that exam has happens after completing small small portion and eventually grade up them together.

Rate this:   +7   -11

Ruscha said: (Sun, Apr 27, 2014 09:22:05 PM)    
Exams are definitely focused on the theoretical aspect of intelligence, with the other half, practical intelligence, being thrown out the window. For sure a major downfall. If students focus on getting top marks in exams alone, they'll just become a regurgitating computer of information copied out of a book. No individuality, no creation, no changes or improvement to ideas.

Saying that, unless the educative system dramatically changes, it's going to have to be up to your own self to go out there and gain practical knowledge, create your own new ideas from experience, because I don't see exams changing anytime soon. Exams only kill creativity and knowledge if you let it.

Rate this:   +26   -3

Rajashekhar said: (Sat, Apr 26, 2014 08:32:03 PM)    
I am asking each and every one should mind that 'no one of our scientists was passed in all subjects like today's students but no one of today's students has become scientists like earlier'. But even we are studying experiments of our scientists. Now tell me is education must or only for general knowledge.

Rate this:   +11   -3

Rizwan Askari said: (Sat, Apr 26, 2014 01:39:21 AM)    
Dear Friends.

For those who consider examinations as a boon for education, I want you all to consider a student who has prepared hard and studied all nights long just to excel in examinations but on the day of exam he meets an accident and not able to appear for exams. This shows rather than preparing for such exams we must pray hard for our good luck. Then out of these for which we must prepare ourselves?

Rate this:   +8   -12

Gowtham said: (Thu, Apr 10, 2014 05:24:17 PM)    
Marks are not the index to determine a person's talent or intelligence. Hence, examinations are utterly useless. It just determines a person's memory power and not his thinking capability. So, basically, Exams have killed education. The mindset of Indians has been so biased by this dumb system, that there is literally no point of mending the damage that has been already done.

Rate this:   +53   -5

Prince Kumar said: (Mon, Mar 10, 2014 09:03:07 PM)    
It is true that examination killed the education system. Today's education is not a true education but only a part of giving money to school, colleges and institutions.

Their was a time when only a matrix pass person can get the job easily but in today's time higher qualification person are unemployed.

Rate this:   +35   -6

Raghavendar said: (Tue, Feb 25, 2014 05:14:04 PM)    
It would take it with a pinch of salt. It is not the examinations that are killing education, but their method of evaluation. Exams must be a parameter to measure the knowledge of a student and how he/she is able to present it. Present day examinations demand repeating the content in the book as it is. This is memorizing, not learning.

Rate this:   +70   -6

J.Yogesh said: (Tue, Feb 25, 2014 03:46:35 PM)    
Writing exams and getting good marks will not show a person's talent. It will gives you only the mug-upping capability of that particular student. Rather than writing exams we can apply it as practical knowledge on what we studied till now. Writing exams can helps to get good marks but not to shine in future. Only practical knowledge is important. So for me exams not only killing Education. It also wasting our time.

Rate this:   +39   -7

Muskan Singh said: (Sun, Feb 23, 2014 09:39:52 AM)    
Hey friends. Me myself Muskan.

In my point of views I think examination has not killed the education. Examination are just the results what we had learned overall. It shows the position of student. It reminds the faults of student and give a chance to correct it. Examination are one of the most important part in student's life. We should not get frustrated by exams. I agree that exams give lot of tension and pressure to students. But a student should not take it as a big burden. It give lots of benefits to students and prepare them for their future.

Rate this:   +19   -19

Shiv said: (Wed, Feb 19, 2014 12:23:09 AM)    
Over examination really kills education. No teaching only exams learning nothing only wasting time and getting tension and pressure of exam. If you don't have empty time than how can you think different from the link. I think over exams really kills the creativity of a students. He just think about the exams nothing else.

Rate this:   +15   -8

Mallika said: (Tue, Feb 18, 2014 10:55:25 AM)    
Examinations were also important in the system of education. But they were given more preference. We can not evaluate a person's capability by the marks in the examination. Because he/she may be excellent in other topic but the topic appeared may be different. Examinations should be there to examine the student's quality but they should not decide the student's capability.

Rate this:   +55   -4

Madhavilatha said: (Mon, Feb 10, 2014 03:12:25 PM)    
Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, determined effort and skilled execution. Like this for skillful execution of learned things, first we have to learn them through education, in this manner examinations creates a keen interest in any topic and raise the spirit in us.

But, like conducting exam, giving marks, pointing out mistakes should not create red emotions to students, it should go in a friendly manner.

Facing every exam gives a lot of experience to students.

After exam lectures should clarify doubts and have to encourage them to do better.

Finally exams play a key role in everyone's life, but it should connected to hearts in a positive manner.

Rate this:   +24   -6

Saurabh Kr. Gupta said: (Sun, Feb 9, 2014 02:06:31 AM)    
I don't think that examination is killing the education. Actually, the pattern of examination is ruining the mindsets of students. The sole aim of education should not only be getting marks rather it should teach the art of living. There should be perfect composition of theoretical and practical knowledge. Only mugging up things and fetching good marks won't work in the long run.

I conclude that change in education (especially examination) system is the need of hour.

Rate this:   +16   -4

Pratik said: (Tue, Feb 4, 2014 08:28:42 PM)    
Exams must be there but way of that must be changed. The way is such as by my opinion: Exams includes some part of writing work and some of practical i.e. there must be focused on students practical knowledge. Students must be forced for practical knowledge.

Rate this:   +12   -3

Radhika said: (Thu, Jan 30, 2014 06:15:32 PM)    
Round the World examinations are conceived as the most effective method of evaluating performance not only in the field of education but almost in every other field nevertheless they come with their own pros and cons. They might be a motivation to some but may scare off others. Some pass them with flying colors while for others they bring bouts of uneasiness. They may have attracted varied reactions but in no way are they killing education. In fact they are the best possible means available to ascertain the impact of education and to calculate how well the education has been received.

Rate this:   +7   -3

Sravanthi said: (Wed, Jan 29, 2014 11:30:28 AM)    
As a initiator,

In my view it's true. We already know that Education is the manifestation of perfection already in man. But now_a_days the education is meaningless and the parents and teachers are enforcing the students to get marks but not to gain knowledge. Education mean that gaining knowledge but not getting marks. Now the actual meaning of education is degrading the values of it.

Rate this:   +12   -4

Rekha said: (Fri, Jan 24, 2014 02:25:46 PM)    
Hai friends.

In my view exams are essential for a student to know about his capability that how expressively he can answer to a problem. One can estimate one's handling capability with these exams. And he can find about his memory power. Exam is a key thing to analyse their capability and worth towards any work. Exams will increase problem solving skills.

But now students getting fear when they heard EXAMS so the way of system must be changed in a way that they must not be afraid of exams, they must know the importance of exams. The system must make the students realize on exams that examination is not a matter of getting MARKS but its a matter of rectification of our FAULTS.

Rate this:   +21   -4

Trush said: (Thu, Jan 23, 2014 07:50:46 PM)    
I think examination is not killed education. But the system which is applied for the exams is wrong and the students getting bored out of this. Make a proper system for the exams. So the students feel stress out And don't take the exams as burden. I don't think that examination is killed education but the system of taking exams is definitely killed education.

Rate this:   +9   -6

Saranya said: (Tue, Jan 21, 2014 07:35:36 PM)    

In my point of view examination have killed the education, I say it because during my schooling teachers told or even strictly ordered us to study only the important questions and the previous year questions and not anything else. So it made us to be through only in those questions and we did not really understand the other topics.

And we were not allowed play even at our 11th. So exam is really wasting of time and it is of no use.

Rate this:   +9   -9

Raj said: (Tue, Jan 7, 2014 04:42:39 PM)    
Hi friends I am Raj. I will disagree this topic. I think that nowadays exams is not need of one suppose we are writing to pass any other exam after that when we are entering the job, the government or private company consider based on money. Because of my sister had passed a exam, she was also entered the job but that company asks only money gives 7 lakhs so exam is waste of one its my point of view. Thank you.

Rate this:   +5   -27

Aryan Dhar said: (Tue, Dec 31, 2013 09:13:08 PM)    
Examinations are solemnly a method used to judge your knowledge, what would be the point of attaining a position in the world's top college if the candidate is not even capable. Without an examination we would not be able distinguish a failing candidate and successful one. Take a moment or two reinforcing on the fact if there were no examinations the whole world would easily attain an honorable profession such as doctors, nuclear physicists etc. Now imagine a doctor diagnosing who doesn't even know ABC of medical theories. If such was the case all nuclear physicists would end our civilization would come to drastic end due hell of explosions in nuclear reactors.

Thus examinations are needed for the advancement of the world and marking the position of knowledge each individual has attained.

I hope I've able to convey my point through these words, please respond on what you feel about my statement but REMEMBER:


Rate this:   +53   -10

Abhimanyu Kumar said: (Tue, Dec 31, 2013 10:47:51 AM)    
Hello friends.

From my side education has not killed the education system. Because examination is the only way or path through which student can analyse their knowledge, what they actually think whether it is correct or not. They also test their memory power. What they had learned entire years. Those who think that teacher focus on only those student who got good score in the examination. I think, it is wrong up to some extent. Because Teacher focus on that student who got good score in exams. But teacher also focus on those students who don't get good score. I think teacher make pressure on those weak student to do well in next exam. We also know that student can't do well until they get help from teacher.

I'm not agree with that people who say that education system should be focused on practical instead of theoretical. Because if the base of theoretical knowledge is weak then how they can concentrate on practical knowledge. So I think that combination of theoretical and practical knowledge should be applied in education.

Suppose we have to crack the IIT exam. Is it possible to crack IIT EXAM by study deep and deep in each subject. Or we can crack the exam if we study only those topic which are included in IIT Syllabus. So I think during exam period we should study only those topic which are to be asked in next coming exam. I 'm not saying that we should not study deep. We should study deeply only after the exam so that it doesn't effect our exam.

Rate this:   +9   -13

Bidhu Prabha said: (Fri, Dec 27, 2013 11:59:57 PM)    
Examination is the reflection of student mind or we can say it is the battle where the soldier has to play its role bravely and more sincerely. This is the crucial or the climax part of the whole studying year. Passing the moment of examination wisely and smartly gives us the excellence and asks us to cross the gate of difficulty with most enthusiastically and happily.

Though some people have in view that examination has killing effect on the students but I say this three hours of sitting more concentrated than ever help you to reach the peak of success. Those student can only see the beautiful part of the life. I feel this is totally justified because the success should be given to only those person who deserve it and who know the pain behind it.

Rate this:   +10   -3

Jay said: (Sat, Dec 21, 2013 11:43:57 PM)    
Hello friends.

Yes I think examination has it killed education because we are learning only for passing examination but we don't care what knowledge behind the subject and that need us. Everywhere parent force the child to go on beta you need to score more in 10 or 12th examination but they don't care about our child perfect in sports, painting or other activity. And one more reason why parents force the student to study hard is that they think if our kid will get good percentage in examination then our reputation in society would be increase automatically. This is happening because our society require that type of student.

If we teach student according to practical knowledge of particular subject then every student will be perfect about his own int-restful subject.

Rate this:   +23   -9

Anurag Kanodia said: (Tue, Dec 17, 2013 11:27:44 AM)    
Good morning friends,

In my opinion, examinations were introduced with the sole purpose to let us know how much we know about a particular subject. So, in short, it is a test of our knowledge, thinking ability and how we can present what we know.

But the Indian examination pattern is such that it has compel the students to think that without mugging up you cannot score well which is a major setback for us. Due to this the graduating students have only the good grades but not the deep knowledge of a subject. Hence, they only know the theoretical aspect of a particular subject instead of its practical aspect and hence found it difficult to survive in the competitive industrial environment.

Our examination pattern should be such that students should focus on learning the subject not on mugging up the subject only then the Indian students will be able to achieve excellence in whatever field they want to make their careers. Teaching the students to learn the application of a subject is necessary because then only will they be able to handle the examinations that life will put them into.

Thank You.

Rate this:   +15   -0

Sangavi said: (Mon, Dec 16, 2013 08:45:55 PM)    

Ya surely it kills the education why because, 10th 12th rank holder done exams in good manner but they don't know the meaning of what they wrote. They memorize the text book and vomit in the exam paper. All are learning in exam point of view and they didn't studying to get knowledge they studying to get marks in exams.


Rate this:   +9   -3

Whit_Rice said: (Wed, Nov 27, 2013 09:06:40 PM)    
Hi, I am a grade 12 student going to school in eastern Canada. I am only able to speak of the system that I am involved in, and the way that our system works is examinations are in the teachers discretion. We can have a mid term exam, or a final exam, or both. How they work is if we have a mid term, it will cover all of the material up to that point, and the same with the final, but if we have both the final is everything after the mid term. The exams vary on worth depending on the coarse and teacher. Generally they're worth something like 20-25%. I personally really like this system we have and I find it fair.

Rate this:   +4   -5

Sizwe Maseko said: (Sat, Nov 23, 2013 11:23:21 PM)    

Examinations are very important to every student, because there is no other way you can test your memory and your level of thinking but to write examination!

The power of applying knowledge in the examination is in our minds, so all the negative thoughts should be vanished in our mind.

In other words examination hasn't killed education system.

Rate this:   +7   -15

Om Puri Gosain said: (Thu, Oct 10, 2013 04:23:07 PM)    
Ya I think the examination system has killed the education system.

Though examination is the mirror of student, it can be succeeded by mugging-up the syllabus.

The written examinations at the last of session make the student focused only on marks and not the knowledge, which is the actual purpose of study.

The marking of the student should be done on the basis of his performance throughout the year and not according to only one day test.

Rate this:   +65   -7

Sirisha said: (Sun, Oct 6, 2013 03:11:15 PM)    
Hello friends, in my opinion examinations are necessary to improve our knowledge and know the talent of us. But, there should be a limit of exams and practically examinations are very better to students to gain more knowledge. As all you know if there is a practical work we can easily grasp the points and can remember very well.

In some schools only examinations play main role there is a loss through that there should be an extra curricular activities too.

Rate this:   +16   -13

Sravankumar said: (Fri, Sep 20, 2013 06:43:15 PM)    

I agree with all of you. But in my view examinations should be compulsory because we do get lazy and don't concentrate on the studies well. But the education system could be changed like teacher should correct in such a way that the student is able to think or not practically.

Thank you.

Rate this:   +9   -10

Devi said: (Thu, Sep 19, 2013 02:49:32 PM)    
Hi friends,

I am supporting examinations Because those are helpful to analyze our knowledge. The problem is with our examination pattern. The exams pattern should be in a way such that it should check how practically students are thinking, how much extent they are able to apply that.

Rate this:   +36   -2

Shashank said: (Fri, Sep 13, 2013 10:22:12 PM)    
Examination is the mirror of what students have learnt or what they have understood.

The students can consider it in 2 ways. One is that they are able to improve by the result of their examinations and they may be still discouraged with their results, which may lead to fear of exams. Students should always attend examinations in order to know their stand. "examination-killing education" is never going to happen.

Rate this:   +12   -5

Deeksha said: (Thu, Sep 12, 2013 06:33:13 PM)    
I wanna ask "what is examination?".

Examination is basically a state through which you get to know how much you have learned and what remains. And it also tells whether you have learned is correct or not.

It just a test of your knowledge.
So it can never kill the education.

BUT now a days our students run after only marks. They don't wanna get knowledge, they just wanna scored good marks in any how and therefore the real meaning of examination is getting disappear and it is going to become the source of getting marks. And that's why it is killing the knowledge.

Rate this:   +53   -5

Chris Gayle said: (Thu, Sep 5, 2013 12:51:58 AM)    
My opinion is examination is killed education;because the students only focus on the exam related studies and thought the maximum mark got in the examination. When the students got highest mark in the exam teacher is focus only these students and more train and other students become poor;and the students are fail in the higher secondary examination then students are trying to other things.

And the examination systems our board is bad and the practical exam is more than the theoretical exam so the students got the new idea. And now a days parents are comparison to other students result and to angry & heat the students for more marks. When the students fail in the exam some parents are not support for the further studies. And teacher also knowledge of the sports, politics, current affairs etc.

Rate this:   +20   -12

Biswashree Yogamaya said: (Mon, Sep 2, 2013 12:33:59 AM)    
Friends In my opinion exams play a key role in our life. If there is no exam we will not put any effort to learn & educate. It is a method to test us that how well we are learning from teachers delivered in the class & how successful are in conveying their knowledge. Because of exam we understood that where is our fault. So exam is not killing education it helps to make us educate.

But in other exam is killing education. Because anyone can pass by cheating & learning. If a student is cheating in exam I think this is not the fault of student because he want high percentages for getting admission in high reputed colleges. But there is one solution to solve this problem, I think the exam should be set in such a way that it cannot be passed by simply mugging up like aptitude test which cannot be crammed.


Rate this:   +15   -3

Mythri said: (Thu, Aug 22, 2013 06:31:26 PM)    
In my view no exam in the world could correctly judge the skills of the person. Actually examinations are introduced to check the knowledge of the person but unfortunately in the present system students are just preparing for exams, to get ranks etc thats it. They just focussed on getting admitted to further studies but not of possessing the required knowledge. Because of which students who are interested in acquiring knowledge have given up to the system prevailing. Many coaching institutes took birth because to this worse system of examination. Even the teachers who guide the students are focusing on the pattern of examination rather than the information given to them.

I hope at least in future people give importance on quality of education rather than examinations.

Rate this:   +24   -5

Faisal said: (Sun, Aug 18, 2013 09:23:36 PM)    
Exams are very important. Exams help a teacher to know students and then a teacher gives more and more knowledge to students. If a student is weak at studies its only exams which helps a teacher to catch other way in order to make a student better at studies. There are other ways also but by those ways students cheat their teachers. Its only exam a student can't cheat but yes examinations need a lots of improvement or its a way by which education is getting destroyed.

Rate this:   +10   -5

Sandesh Thakur said: (Mon, Aug 5, 2013 09:36:24 PM)    
Examination is the only parameter of education by which we can measure the level of intelligence. As all of you know that in every class there are students of different IQ levels. But how a teacher will come to know this exactly. These are the marks which stratify the whole class and by this teacher can focus more on the poor students.

Students can keep their parents in dark about studies but by examination parents would be able to keep a check over their children.

Education has not killed the students but there is a need to change the examination system.

Rate this:   +38   -8

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